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Chat log from R15 of 2023: Collingwood vs Adelaide

Chat log for Collingwood vs Adelaide, R15 of 2023

Troglodyte: Afternoon lads. Is there a potential Cox on Butts matchup on the cards today?
Pavs: Afternoon all like it Trog good start. lol
Yelse: do i tae dunkley or C laird?
Pavs: You will understand me not giving advice Yelse 🙂
Troglodyte: Your considering picking a Crow against your mob? Bold move
Yelse: i still think we will destroy the crows even if laird 30 +
Pavs: I think Laird will score more but I am taking Dunks score to win my match. Bum on fence stuff
Pavs: Was going to trade in Cameron but I am holding. Dumb stuff
Yelse: sticking with dunks safer incase laird bums out and i lose my games
All Reds: Which crows we getting today
bushranger: The inaccurate Crows
bushranger: Good afternoon all
Yelse: not many ppl on today?
bushranger: Still on their way home from church Yelse
Cottees: Yelse – they’re keen to get ready for Hawks to get absolutely destroyed lol
PigeonPies: thats a fair grab from thilthorpe
RooBoyStu: Nothing wrong with Church on a Sunday, come on Crows, get the trifecta Aussies Ashes, Maroons all in a week.
Yelse: is there a breeze to one side?
Troglodyte: Can’t all be heathens like us few
lana2146: Don?t see the mags destroying crows rather I see a very close game with crows win
Vultures: swirling wind is the call
Troglodyte: Johnson doing some work on Butts. lol
OffaStep: “The extension of Cox.” Lol.
RooBoyStu: Yelse a breeze from the Collingwood Cheer Squad end from their meals last night of baked beans
Cottees: Damn got the wrong Daicos in our team
Hazza09: Get in the ground Dcam ffs
frenzy: nup Cottees, I got both
lana2146: Is keas tagging daicos?
sc_god: yes he is
Cottees: damn frenzy, well done, I was too scared to get him lol
loginpaul: rooboystu, you are very correct. from loginpaul
Troglodyte: took 15 rounds but finally got Laird in. from logintrog
Social: Reminds me of the ’06 GF OffaStep… ‘big Cox goes straight down Chick’s throat’
OffaStep: Yeah, church on Sunday pretty safe. The vestry after Friday night altar boy training on the other hand…
OffaStep: Classic, Social. Lol.
Social: credit to Spider Everitt for that one
wadaramus: Another masterclass in goal kicking from the Crows.
bc__: Magic noodle hair McCreery in our pocket. God help the crows
frenzy: Thilthy on the bench alot
Troglodyte: All the hack kicks are killing the crows
m0nty: hands off Butts you nasty boys
Hazza09: Get moving Laird
Bwad: Elliott does not pass the eye test for a 68 thus far… WTF
Troglodyte: Butts a bit sore m0nty
Bwad: mOnty, is there a reason all the news icons are broken for me all weekend? Just shows the news icon for everyone. Help?
PigeonPies: only does that on dark mode bwad
Bwad: Ahhh right you are PP. Light mode hurts my peepers though, dark mode forevs 🙁
navy_blues: buckley so bias in commentary why he allowed to do pies games?
beerent11: 69, nice
Bwad: Niiiice
PigeonPies: yeah im dark mode too bwad hahaha oh well
Pavs: Huddo commentating Daicos’s is like Bruce and Cyril.
DrSeuss: Might need to put Keays back on the ball – no impact this qtr
Vultures: nothing wrong with bias
navy_blues: vultures are you eddie maguire? lol
beerent11: Great to see Howe did he do that back.
Bwad: I miss Eddie in the box, bloke actually commentated Carlton really well
ajconodie: Isn’t Huddo a Geelong supporter?
navy_blues: yes aj
Bwad: Huddo is a Huddo supporter by the sounds of him…
Bwad: Great week to bring Dawson in….
wadaramus: Pathetic gameplan Nicks. Kicking it down the line fails every time.
a1trader: Crisp has been quiet today
Pavs: Yes Huddo is a Geelong supporter
beerent11: Huddo is by far the best going around at the moment
DrSeuss: Dawson is such a gun – not sure how teams don’t but effort into him – just loose every week
wadaramus: Dawson marks left of centre, kicks it backwards, Scholl then kicks down the line from half back.
wadaramus: Just dumb footy.
beerent11: All the highly owned are killing it. Everyone happy for a change.
beerent11: Cept wada
Troglodyte: Can’t be happy going into a game with a dumb game plan then making dumb plays
BettsMagic: What are the icons next to Keays and Jones?
Bwad: Daicos bros, Macedonian Flag?
BettsMagic: Oh Greek Macedonian flag. Looks nothing like it haha! Looks like Iron Man’s arc reactor in his chest.
wadaramus: Whoa, a tackle at half time for Dawson 🙂
Bwad: Yeah, there’s some weird ones… Like the Egypt one or Pumba (never heard anyone call him that) for Charlie Curnow
McLeod_23: dawson carrying us today. disposal has looked terrible by the whole team
McLeod_23: star of vergina
Troglodyte: speaking of vergina, these crows really stink right now
BettsMagic: Charlie’s brothers called him that as a youngster, due to being chubby I imagine. Isn’t a footy nickname though.
BettsMagic: It’s simply “Charles” – so having a crown next to his name like King Charlie would be more applicable. Thoughts m0nty.
BettsMagic: King Charles*
Malaka: Our shape isn’t right (translation: we’re playing sh!t).
frenzy: what about a showbag for Charlie
beerent11: Smokey is so good to watch when he?s on one
navy_blues: htb against crisp 4 sure
Valens: fucking dawson where was this when we needed it weeks ago.
beerent11: Oh shit. Just remembered if got dcam now. Rippa
bhg26: Cameron already past his breakeven
navy_blues: cmon crows lets go
Cottees: Crows got a good talking to at half ey
DrSeuss: Might be time for the Pies to put some attention into Dawson
Cottees: GIve Dawson +50 SC points for keeping Crows in thiss please
Yelse: wtf pies seriously lift so many little 5 m kicks useless
Troglodyte: Now we got a game
sc_god: Pies cooked
PigeonPies: game on
McLeod_23: What a kick from Fog
PigeonPies: im not really sure what we’re trying to do but hopefully we turn it around
beerent11: Crows pressure is immense yelse
Rebuild: Go crom
Cottees: Pigeon start by paying attention to Dawson, he literally destroying you by himself hahah
EvilMonk: We’ve gone home lol
sc_god: bucks gone quiet lol
lana2146: Crows for the win
PigeonPies: yeah cottees, unfortunately the only player we ever put attention to was dusty
beerent11: The fog has lifted. Nice huddo.
navy_blues: bobby hill lmao all he plays footy for is to try to take moty every game
AlbySmedtz: huddo should have the star 2day.
PigeonPies: agree navy he pisses me off
PigeonPies: he thinks hes 6’4
Czars: dawson killin em
sc_god: Hill is just a shit player playing is a good team, flat tracker
navy_blues: and half the time doesnt even touch the ball
ajconodie: McCreery needs to get on ASAP
DrSeuss: Dawson just running around getting free touches everywhere – Pies deserve the loss if you are just going to ignore him
PigeonPies: still not sure why mcreery was even dropped
LuvIt74: get laird off the pine
sc_god: the bench isnt actually made of pine
bhg26: Some intelligent people in that front row
LuvIt74: sc_god It used to be and its just a figure of speach see u eve knew what i meant
navy_blues: collingwood doing all right by umps look at free kick count
PigeonPies: surely we do something about dawson fly
PigeonPies: cmon navy our fans will still blame the umps
wadaramus: Wowee what a quarter.
navy_blues: 135 at 3/4 time pretty good lol
Yelse: please sub markov and surely we do our standard comebacks
McLeod_23: dawson 200 a chance
Cottees: Wada – Crows channeled their inner beast. THey played like premiers in the 3rd
Bwad: Good debut for Dawson in my side. I’m not complaining, but any Collingwood player want to go near him? Bizarre.
beerent11: May still be treated pine under that upholstery. Probably aluminium or pvc though.
wadaramus: DId not expect a burst like that Cottees, 2.8 to 9.9 is a good effort.
Cottees: Yeah pretty insane burst especially against the pies, Wada
sc_god: you wanted to sack the coach 30 minutes ago lol
wadaramus: All I said was his gameplan sucked sc_god, he changed his gameplan?
Bwad: To be fair, they stopped doing whar Wada identified was the issues… So.
Bwad: Cox will go nuts here if he slots this
Stu7: Dawson will surely go 200+
wadaramus: Thanks Bwad.
Stu7: Go Worrell
bhg26: Laird on the pine again
AlbySmedtz: Huddo: At one end it’s the Tex….at the other is Cox!
AlbySmedtz: are they talking about Butts again?
Pavs: Didn’t see where anyone was sacking the coach. Must be an embelishment. lol
frenzy: big Cox splits Butts down the middle
LuvIt74: Laird’s a$$ on the pie again
Yelse: geez what a game intense
Hazza09: Laird on the frikin bench again ffs over it
Troglodyte: Just sc_dog barking at nothing again
Bwad: I hate it when they get on the Pies midgame LuvIt
bhg26: Hes lost the goggles!
navy_blues: lol cox
beerent11: Big cox playing some last qtr
LuvIt74: @Hazza its absolute crazy
Manowar: Laird and Crom cooked!
PigeonPies: not sure about that keays
Social: wait what? I head out for an hour and now this!
Bwad: DCameron has been huge this qtr
Pavs: Keays will be fined for that. Good stuff though
beerent11: Smokey doing it all
Yelse: keys f off thats a medical reason for glasses fine for sure
sc_god: thats a goal maggots
LuvIt74: The AFL seriously need a much better system
LuvIt74: Otherwise just piss it off
Bwad: I think it’s a fair enough result, very hard to call and the ump would have gone point without the tech
beerent11: Nah. Touched.
navy_blues: cox started that so his fault id say
LuvIt74: Laird and Naicos are killing me on the bench for so long its just bs
Manowar: yeh right medical reasons! Cox just looking for attention it’s the American way
bhg26: Awesome game
Hazza09: Laird been on the bench for close to 10 minutes
shagga24: Laird has been off for ages
Cottees: imagine Dawson stats with Bont, easy 200 lol
Bwad: I wouldn’t have thought it’s cool to take someones medical aid, plenty of other stuff to do to a bloke
BettsMagic: Howe one sleeve? WTF
LuvIt74: about time
Rebuild: Laird comes on and goes bang
BettsMagic: Why is Howe wearing one sleeve? He got a broken arm not a full length burn.
LuvIt74: Laird went from 95 to 116 in a minute
Bwad: It’s for his arm BettsMagic, I wore one like that on my wrist for a season. Good to whack blokes with haha
Pavs: Hold on Betts I’ll ask him.
wadaramus: He might have a guard on the broken arm?
shagga24: Howe got a decent scar running down the arm, and nerve damage.
BettsMagic: What are the benefits though? Compression sleeve? Circulation?
Manowar: another fake medical aid
bhg26: Umps got Naicos in sc lol
Bwad: Nooooo, I needed a Mihocek goal
navy_blues: omg softcas umps
beerent11: Checkers not happy
Social: nice response umps
Troglodyte: lol Pavs. BM read the news mate and you’ll know as much as we do
Pavs: I can feel a Sheesh coming on 🙂
LuvIt74: Naicos & Laird on bench and come on and go bat ship crazy
beerent11: Just ask manowar. He knows everything about everything.
Yelse: his arm could have a lots of sensitivities so could keep it in check
Bwad: I reckon the benefits would be mostly mental, but also some structural support
naicosfan: Melb umps showing that they can do exactly what the Adelaide umps can do lol
Manowar: another great comeback from the Collingwood umpires
Troglodyte: Manowar is a troll-bot. Programmed only to supply rubbish comments
Cottees: naicos – mate you get its every week lol
McLeod_23: manowar made of steel not clay?
navy_blues: if nick is getting soft frees like that every week thats bs
beerent11: Easy to forget that naicos has only played 38 games.
MONEY TALK: yall biased
navy_blues: and i like nick daicos
PigeonPies: can tell who doesnt know the rules
Pavs: Please stop giving Manowar air time it gives him a chubby
Manowar: thanks for all of the positive feedback!
bhg26: I know nick daicos is good garry lyon you dont have to mention him in every sentence
naicosfan: Naicos running around Adelaide
bhg26: game in the balance, lets get dawson off…
Pavs: Agree bhg but he is pretty bloody good
Troglodyte: Speaking of Daicos haters, anyone seen Walrus?
Cottees: Dawson much better than Naicos today. But of course commentators will not mention that lmao
bhg26: That is true pavs
beerent11: Unbelievable naicosfan
lana2146: You beauty
PigeonPies: theyve literally been mentioning dawson all game, but hes only had like 5 touches in half an hour
OffaStep: It’s a good year to reassess your team allegiance, Manowank.
Bwad: Only thing about that BHG is that ha has it every second, they have to call his name haha
beerent11: What a cracking game
Pavs: Missing Walrus
bhg26: On one hand swans need collingwood to win to be a game out of the 8. On the other who doesnt love an upset?
wadaramus: Move it fast up the middle, not rocket surgery Nicks.
navy_blues: they do that with dusty all the time pigeon
beerent11: Rocket surgery? Or brain science?
wadaramus: Either will do beer 🙂
Pavs: That was funny Wada. Good pickup beer
naicosfan: Dawson full forward?
LuvIt74: longest minute in sports history… Great pressure footy
lana2146: Great game
navy_blues: great game better than watching floggings
Pavs: Umpires consistent didn’t pay anything.
beerent11: What a bloody rippa!
McLeod_23: not fair, they keep doing it
Troglodyte: gg. And guns firing in fantasy too, could have killed it with 4 extra players
McLeod_23: Where’s dawsons free
RuffLeader: So you are telling me that Collingwood won after Nick Daicos was gifted a goal for absolutely nothing. Standard AFL
wadaramus: 25 scoring shots to 22, kick straight, win footy.
Troglodyte: Daicos a lock for some gravy come awards season
PigeonPies: learn the rules ruff lol
Troglodyte: 50 mins between games? stuff you byes ff there over
beerent11: 4 players 4tons. Unusual for a Sunday arvo
Yelse: lost my voiceeee
Jolles: Can’t complain about interstate umpiring with that sort of umpiring Collingwood.
beerent11: Hahaha. Not fair.
shagga24: Dawson got hit but everyone was playing for the free kick
PigeonPies: jolles it helps when you know the rules, and it was widely agreed that you were getting rimmed in adelaide, cry more
Pavs: One comment wonders beer
Hughsy: I had Dawson as C
EvilMonk: We did it again, awesome stuff

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