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Chat log from R14 of 2023: Western Sydney vs Fremantle

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Fremantle, R14 of 2023

navy_blues: at last
Pavs: Afternoon all
soup: stay low brayshaw
navy_blues: gws lot of the ball early
pcaman2003: Afternoon. C’mon Serong! Nice start Briggs. Get cracking Ryan.
original: Please don?t be horrible this week cogs
Cottees: Good onya Green. Need Serong to get involved now please
Raspel31: Nice quick hands Green. Step up Serong.
Loggy17: Freo looking slow and very average
beerent11: Just tuned in. Himmel in defence?
Spifflicat: Giants pressure is elite. Freo getting mugged
pcaman2003: Loggy. A bit like my players and now all 3 on the bench.
Yelse: whitfield ffs get moving and get involved
soup: at this stage yes beer
original: For the love of god get Tom green off the field
nbartos: Jackson v Briggs interesting matchup
TheLegend6: Crazy numbers from Green this quarter so far
JohnHoward: not bad for a wog is riccardi
nbartos: haha pca ditto
bhg26: Wtf brayshaw
navy_blues: freo better wake up quick or game will be gone
beerent11: Freo will come good. Been doing this all year.
m0nty: Nev might never miss but sometimes he doesn’t make the distance
pcaman2003: nbartos. Enough to drive a man to drink more and more and more.
Legix: Get a grip Whitfield
pcaman2003: Damn Serong! Got him in last week. My fault again.
Raspel31: Not alone pcaman- early days though.
Cottees: pca – could you actually stop messing my players up please
pcaman2003: Cottees. Just pray that the curse will lift
sc_god: serong will be fine, he started slow before and tons easily
beerent11: It?s a beautiful thing seeing hh taking kick ins.
navy_blues: charity for whitfield
Cottees: Serong getting the ball fine but just cannot use it efficiently yet
soup: what a gift
Raspel31: Just under too much pressure Cottees.
pcaman2003: sc-god. He’ll certainly need to lift his DE and dispose of the ball much better. Very poor qtr that.
Cottees: Yeah Giants pressure is insane so far
sc_god: fyfe hit the wall
berniebern: Fyfe was life
mitchlewis: anyone else get in fyfe
Pavs: Got him last week. Only way is up
Legix: Sensational from Taylor
beerent11: I got him. He?ll be ok.
TheLegend6: Jackson is a gun, if Darcy moves to the Cats then Jackson will be my first SC selection
beerent11: Bought in hh too.
sc_god: lol
Pavs: Oh no Dermie is using words like parallax. Make him stop
Spifflicat: Fyfe was a good pick in 2019, never since
TheLegend6: I’m surprised so many jumped on HH and TT this week considering their byes next week
Cottees: Briggs gonna make me regret not trading English for midfield upgrades
beerent11: I?m so far down in rankings I?m just playing for leagues at this stage legend.
navy_blues: cant see freo winning this
Cottees: freo was never going to win this lmao
beerent11: They?ll win
original: Any gws players looking sore..get on angwin
pcaman2003: Who was saying Serong will come good? Lol! Not if I have him.
Pavs: There’s Fyfe found him. Yeah
BigChief: Oh FFS Serong and Johnson, stop playing like spuds.
Pav300: Can still take a hang brother Pav
pcaman2003: For Ryan owners,I have him too, so start crying.
Pavs: Need a few more from him brother Pav300
beerent11: Serong coming good
DrSeuss: Hate watching Brayshaw at times – runs into space – gets ignored – runs into space again – ignored again
Pav300: True Pavs – Whitfield making me want to trade him next week – get gooing lad
DrSeuss: He needs to get more contested ball like he used to – plays a bit too outside atm
mitchlewis: still think serong coming good
TheFlagger: johnson and fyfe gonna cost me a lot of ranks
original: How difficult is it for a ruck to score less than 80
Pavs: Not expecting miracles from Fyfe but a solid 70-80 would do
beerent11: Are they in Covid lockdown in Sydney?
original: 70 -80 from 18 just before HT would be a miracle
bhg26: Brayshaw got a touch!
Pav300: lol beer
TheFlagger: o’meara has killed fyfe
original: Luke Ryan +25 in the blink of an eye
Doggie Doo: I think toby needs one more goal to reach 300 goals
pcaman2003: original. Need Jeannie to blink +25 for Serong.
mitchlewis: wdym brayshaw got a touch serongs doin way worse
Cascadian: Yes Ryno very good comeback mate
pcaman2003: Noticing Cogs work rate far superior to Serong. Needs more intensity.
bhg26: I dont have serong, i do have brayshaw. Therefore i care more about what brayshaws doing compared to serong
wadaramus: Fyfe you double Brownlow hack!!!
original: Don?t have bray or serong. Nearly did but waiting
Pavs: Wada coming in guns ablaze. the triple !!!
wadaramus: Undeniably warranted Pavs 🙂
Doggie Doo: How big will Briggs go?
Hazza09: Absolute joke Fyfe
TheFlagger: fyfe you reek
DrSeuss: Freo defenders are terrible
pcaman2003: Wada. Telling it how it is. Feel sorry for his owners.
wadaramus: Not that I technically need his score, but to vindicate my coaching decision to bring him in 🙂
Pavs: Haha just working his way into the game Wada. lol
Raspel31: Think the joke is on we Serong owners.
navy_blues: think clark played for that
Pav300: ok – sell Whitty
NickyD: Weeks for Whitfield. No doubt. What a joke if true.
wadaramus: *My dopey decision to bring him in…
pcaman2003: Thanking Briggs for keeping me in this.Ryan doing better.
beerent11: Bloke?s allowed to have a bad game.
BigChief: That is a BS dangerous call. Clark caused that, not Whitfield.
wadaramus: You can’t spin and dump tackle like that anymore, but that’s just a free kick to make the point, no suspension IMO.
Hughsy: wtf are you doing serong
TheFlagger: fuckin changing my trade plans so i have an extra in this week. MJ, fyfe and brayshaw all flogging it up
sc_god: sure is, 5 of his 7 games have been bad tho lol
wadaramus: If Briggs goes massive )I have the E on him) should I trade English to get his score?!
Gotigres: Daicos4Brownlow on Fry?s Cash Cows ? Rd. 14: ?Forget Windhager. Fyfe is cheap and you can expect 80s’
pcaman2003: Hughsy. Nominated to be this weeks ball butcher.
navy_blues: clark has been watching lachie neale i think lol
beerent11: Talking about serong sc_god. If that even is your real name.
Pavs: Short term solution for a long term game Wada. By now I suppose Briggs is a lock in this side.
navy_blues: briggs bye next week wada
beerent11: Freo got em right where they want em
TheOnyas: onya greeny
wadaramus: Thanks for the reality check navy 🙂
navy_blues: yw
Cottees: wada – someone pointed out can go English to Cameron (Collingwood) as he as bye to get E Briggs score
wadaramus: Hmmmm, good food for thought Cottees!
Pavs: Thats why they call you Fifty shades Cottees. Nice solution
navy_blues: ill wait and see what briggs gets cos i could do same
Cottees: You’re welcome. Have to consider it and especially if you have Madden in forward to switch with Cameron when briggs back
Cottees: from bye
beerent11: Trading out English?
Cottees: yeah beer – risky trade but if Briggs showing this consistency can be worth to trade English for midfield premos
beerent11: Must have a lot of trades
BigChief: Where is megawatts now saying Wicks won’t get suspended? He got 2 week CHAMP.
bhg26: I traded out Darcy to Neale and fielded briggs but trading english is insane
Spifflicat: Deserved it too BC
bhg26: Even for me
wadaramus: But I have to trade BRiggs out to cash in on him, so why not trade English if they are scoring comparably?
Pavs: Oh Big Chief with the Capital CHAMP. Personally thought it should of been 3.
Vultures: they are not scoring comparably..
BigChief: I can’t see how Sicily’s tackle is 3 weeks and Wicks only 2. Which 1 looks worse?
bhg26: Because English is averaging 124 and has had only 3 sub 100 games. Hes the second best sc player this year
Cottees: Mate – BC don’t get me started on Sicily rigged suspension. Especially with Wicks only 2 weeks lol
pcaman2003: Big question now is will Serong get to 50.
Vultures: Sicicly will get off otherwise I’m leaving him on the field in protest
bhg26: the fact that the tribunal tried to stop the biomechanist from giving evidence is so shit
soup: thoughts on trading marshall to another premo so i can field briggs and english as my rucks?
BigChief: Serong might won’t make my top 18 this week.
wadaramus: English 123avg vs Briggs 113avg at 200K difference.
bhg26: No matter what evidence was brought up they would never have given a shower because mccluggage was concussed
TheFlagger: huge start to the q brayshaw
wadaramus: Careful soup, that knd of talk is frowned upon around here.
bhg26: English has done it all season, briggs has done it for 4.5 games
bhg26: It could work, but then english could average 135 for the rest of the season
Pavs: Umpires loving GWS today
wadaramus: Yeah but the cash you put into another player upgrade negates that possibility.
wadaramus: Anyway, it was just a half time topic to stop me from talking bout other sports.
bhg26: How many trades you got wada?
BigChief: I would never trade English or RoMar to Briggs, but in wada’s case having all 3 is a waste. Should trade 1 of them.
Spifflicat: Frees and Freo are awful
wadaramus: Sweet FA (9) bhg, but I love to trade 🙂
navy_blues: have all 3 too
bhg26: Better than me wada, ive got 7 after this week
navy_blues: english and briggs byes next week so would help to trade
wadaramus: Ahh, the endless pursuit for full premo, so much fun 🙂
bhg26: Doesnt help when during the process Doc, Touk, Ridley, Oliver, Hopper and Darcy get injured
beerent11: Yep it?s meant to be fun wada. Worth remembering that.
bhg26: The touk injury hurt me deeply cause i got him in the week he got injured
BigChief: How long before Cadman gets subbed?
Cottees: Yeah full premo hard this year with injuries unfortunately. Got 9 trades and think I can get there without injuries
wadaramus: Spot on beer! Only stress over it if you get close to the top!!
Hazza09: Geez Fyfe looks terrible
wadaramus: Freo stinky today, as long as Brayshaw tons up I’m happy.
beerent11: Don?t have that issue this year wada.
Loggy17: Freo way to go (on an end of season footy trip early)
Pavs: With a break even of -3 Hazza I was hoping for some cash to get me closer to trading in Caleb Daniel.
BigChief: Is 30k close enough to top to stress? LOL
Cottees: BC – I was 50kish like 3 weeks ago, now 22k haha – Surely means you can do it!
beerent11: Shows how much I know about footy. Thought freo would go alright this season.
DANGERous: where u gone Himmelberg?
wadaramus: Every year we have fun having a crack, surely one of us can win it?!
original: I?m 5k from the top and have decided I?m too far off to bother
bhg26: haha dont be silly wada
BigChief: I jave a better chance in tipping. ranked approx 1500 on AFL site
Pavs: sc-god will win it this year I reckon 🙂
Raspel31: I’m only about 30,000 off wada- honong in.
wadaramus: No way original, wash your mouth out with soap, don’t roll over man!
beerent11: Haha goes to show how good dt is. Serong got 2 points for giving away that goal
BigChief: Yay Serong. Good 1/4. Just keep going.
beerent11: Seright!
Cottees: My tipping went so badly recently and lost like 15k-20k positions haha
TheFlagger: goal assist fyfe woopee
wadaramus: Me too Raspel, 36K and probably worst season in history, but still trying/having fun 🙂
soup: johnson subbed thats rough
bullet08: johnson subbed
Hazza09: Johnson subbed! Can?t get any worse
original: Please don?t put angwin on the field
original: Oh ffs Johnson subbed
BigChief: You muppet Longmuir.
Legix: Thought Johnson was alright today
original: Imagine the attention in media cadman would be getting if he was num1 pick for a melb club
Pavs: 14K Raspel does that make me twice as smart as you haha
bullet08: longmuir honestly has screws lose. how are o’driscoll and sturt on the field over johnson.
TheFlagger: oh piss off longmuir
bullet08: *loose
BigChief: Well Johnson wasn’t making top 18 anyway.
Spifflicat: Good point Original
bhg26: Now i have to trade tt or windhager in otherwise johnson is in my 18
bhg26: *trade in
Pavs: tt bye next week bhg
Yelse: there goes my multi f you whitfield needed 20 disposals
bhg26: I know pavs but windhager scores are pretty average, but ill probably have to bring him in
Loggy17: Justin Long-manure
BigChief: Owens over Windhager bhg?
original: Bhg only matters if you?re losing or in the top 2000
Pavs: Hold your trade I reckon.
Spifflicat: What?s everyone?s beverage this evening? I?m enjoying a Balcones single malt
wadaramus: Saturday night steak night, almost time to sear.
bhg26: Im about 3.5k. Aiming to jump up
Raspel31: Wise words Pavs- obviously very intelligent.
wadaramus: RIght now, having a Big Shed “Nectaron” Single Hop IPA 🙂
original: Trade will only give you +50
Spifflicat: Not too bitter Wada?
bhg26: I have to downgrade this week anyway incase sicily does get suspended so i can bring in ridley oliver and cameron
Pavs: Now I know you are taking the p*ss Rasp 🙂
wadaramus: Sweet like a NEIPA but not cloudy, delish!
Doggie Doo: Is it okay to drink a cask of wine?
Spifflicat: NP DD do what ya gotta do
original: Doggie I don?t know what else you?d do with it
Loggy17: lol Doggie – yes if you wanna feel awesome tomorrow
J.Worrall: It’ OK, but I’ll settle for glass or to
beerent11: The natives are starting to get restless in the port city
original: 0.2 cogs ffs. Score would be so tasty with 2 goals
wadaramus: If you want to sink a whole cask go for it mate.
BigChief: Both rucks have played well today.
original: Please please leave angwin on the pine
Doggie Doo: Problem is you cant see how much you have drunk
Manowar: No trade Briggs now..keep
wadaramus: Use the scales DD.
Legix: Go Whitfield, get back on son
Raspel31: As long as it’s through a straw Doggie.
TheFlagger: trade english
Oddsy5: briggs been a godswnd. traded darcy for him
Loggy17: advice good manowar good
BigChief: Take the bladder out of box DD
Loggy17: Briggs 3 round ave 114 and English is 120
Cottees: jeez if Serong used the ball better and less clangers, would of been a good score
Doggie Doo: Briggs owners have just made about $45000
pcaman2003: Ton up Ryan and Serong.
beerent11: Caveman manowar
TheFlagger: fyfe snail
soup: derm is so painful to listen to
frenzy: haha beer
wadaramus: Put some music on or listen to the radio soup!
Loggy17: so true soup
clay007: You must be young soup, he was a great player and very knowledgeable.
BigChief: Derm, Underwood or BT? I will take Derm.
doons: who has fyfe
wadaramus: I never listen to TV commentary.
beerent11: Me
wadaramus: Me guilty doons.
Pavs: Ok just getting a little embarrassing now Fyfee
slydon: i do doons and im seriously regretting it
wadaramus: I thought Fyfe was just about to explode back to his Brownlow winning best.
Doggie Doo: The Italian cracks 100 again
pcaman2003: Chief. Not much of a selection. I’d rather none of them.
BigChief: Haynes subbed @original. Angwin on now.
beerent11: At least I got the 94 last week. Plenty would have bought him in this week.
Hazza09: Wada he is the biggest trap and he?s screwed me over again
Loggy17: derm is insightful but a slow talker
Pavs: Fielding 19 this week with Bodhi Uwlands he might just get past Fyfe’s score.
sc_god: sarcasm wada? half of fyfes scores coming into this game was below 27sc
wadaramus: Time to sear the 600gm king henry and enjoy a glass of Inkwell Grenache, cheers all.
The39Steps: Fyfe’s SC break even is -3. At least he’s making money.
Raspel31: Looped him in for Hobbs last week beer and then Hobbs got 105. Benched this week.
Doggie Doo: Good boy Brayshaw hits 100
wadaramus: Wishful thinking sc_god, it’s OK to take a punt.
Pavs: The umps been brytal on fyfe today though
Pavs: *brutal
TheFlagger: piss off jelly
Manowar: Hello, Fyfe is old and gets injured alot..this is not fake news to anyone
beerent11: Still reckon freo will win
beerent11: Hello
Hazza09: Surprised no snail icon for Fyfe
Pavs: Fyfe will ton up as well beer. I’m thinking positive
PigeonPies: lol i traded jelly to serong when he did his hammy… love supercoach
TheFlagger: oh fuck off kelly
beerent11: Plenty of time pavs? plenty of time.
pcaman2003: Get involved Ryan. Hasn’t done anything for ages.
TheFlagger: jelly is like the forbidden fruit
Loggy17: pigeon, reversed a potential trade with him today grrr
Hazza09: Flower off Kelly
Pavs: A song by Adele beer. Are we playing jeopardy 🙂
PigeonPies: unlucky loggy
pcaman2003: Serong almost hit a target then. I’m in amazement.
beerent11: Happy with serongs score after qtr 1
BigChief: Same beer. A late goal would help too.
Crave: briggs is very good how has he not been playing
Hazza09: Thanks for the dirty 47 Fyfe
LuvIt74: Briggs will reach $600k fast
LuvIt74: Briggs could very well end up being R1 on average by the time season is over
original: Angwin stuff as ffs
Loggy17: Dermie and the ornage team lady always do Giants games, makes them boring
Manowar: Bad luck Freo, maybe next week!
Loggy17: boring-er
LuvIt74: Why would anyone bring in Fyfe makes no sence to me
pcaman2003: Serong 2nd highest possession getter and 17 CP’S yet still makes 84. Terrible game!
Hughsy: serong at 43% efficiency ffs
LuvIt74: Briggs has an average of above 116 and in his 5 games thus far hasn’t scored below 102

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