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Chat log from R14 of 2023: Brisbane vs Sydney

Chat log for Brisbane vs Sydney, R14 of 2023

sc_god: good evening lads, how are we all?
wadaramus: It’s Ashes time!
Olij: Struggling to think of who to captain bont or Taranto and vc dunkley tonight, this will be a good game of footy
Legix: g?day all. Hope it?s a good game
navy_blues: no bjddy no heeney how far bris is the ?
Gotigres: Hi everybody. Just noticed that currently I have 12 on field next round.
navy_blues: buddy
Pavs: Neale looks on tonight. Go you good thing
Gotigres: And I have a pelican in my team.
sc_god: @Olij same but thinking Bont is the better choice against nth
Wends: Evening all. Did so many swaps that I double E’d fwd line… hopefully Sheldrick doesn’t go uuuge
sc_god: how good is it that Aaron Hall is omitted lol
TheFlagger: how does Lloyd only get 3 points for that passage?
TheFlagger: woops nevermind 11 not bad
navy_blues: muppet papley
Legix: Is dunks asleep on the bench or what
BigChief: Did muppet BT just call Ashcroft Fletcher?
Balladeer: amarteys availability makes a difference for the swans with his presence
pcaman2003: Got the VC on Dunks. Sorry all!
pcaman2003: As a warning , I have the C on Taranto.
BigChief: And now BT thinks Lester and McInerney on the same tea,m
Gotigres: I’m sure BT has alzheimers
BigChief: He needs to be sacked useless twat BT is.
Wends: Oh Buckenara pca (as Social would say)
TimT14: BT really needs to learn players names.
sc_god: the bristle needs to retire
pcaman2003: Wends. Just don’t follow my bad example. Lol!
Pav300: Sheldrick looks a player
BigChief: Thanks for the warning pcaman. Changed C to Bont from TT
Roksta: Dunkley 13 points 1 tackle
Wends: Exactly! Where was the pre-lockout PSA? Maybe we need to change that from PSA to pca lol
Pavs: Big push out there
Raspel31: It was a very good tackle Roksta.
frenzy: last week I need Wilmot and…,.
Roksta: Must have been raspel lol
TheFlagger: sheldrick was a gun junior outperformed JHF in the SANFL finals series that made JHF the top prospect
Wends: If a player with E doesn’t play (McAndrew) does their zero on the bench count as a lower score?
Roksta: No wends
lana2146: Neale 140+ tonight
original: Wish I brought in sheldrick
Wends: Thx Roksta – have E on Sheldrick & forgot to take it off McAndrew
BigChief: Seagull brought his own footy tonight.
Soups07: i dont think that high was against dunkley
Soups07: barley touched him if it was
Wends: what a goal 😮
Pavs: Pure kick from Campbell
Balladeer: Swans been terrific around the stoppages. Pressure and decision making both. Trainings paying off.
thommoae: Beautiful kick. How is it that lefties always LOOK better than orthodox kickers?
TheFlagger: Lloyd has been outstanding – not a winger horse 🙂
Vultures: google why thommo
TheFlagger: This is why Lloyd should take kickouts
navy_blues: ouch florent
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Oliver Florent just ran into a Rayner woodchipper.
Vultures: There was tackle for that to be dtb
Vultures: no*
BigChief: Payne not looking healthy. If out that will hurt Bris
AlsoGmax: Is Buller crook in the men’s room?
Balladeer: In soccer the left footers are generally less ambidextrous so they tend to have a special left foot
Pavs: I think the umpires are confusedabout how to umpire.
Doggie Doo: swans are able to win this
TheFlagger: causing him a bit of payne ay
pcaman2003: Gulden’s disposal still isn’t improving. Sigh!
Balladeer: could be a simiar thing here as well thommoae
Vultures: And that was holding the ball against Devon
Pavs: Hipwood hold the tackle. To easy
thommoae: Enlightening, Balladeer. Sounds plausible.
ausgooner: everyone gets punished for bad disposal but somehow dunkley’s immune
TimT14: This is a terrible game to watch
BigChief: Wicks enjoy your holiday.
original: lets go melican
pcaman2003: enjoy the holiday champ!
Pavs: Plenty of weeks there.
TheFlagger: what a flog
TimT14: That should be 3+ weeks, not these tackles
Vultures: 2 weeks
casey22: 3 weeks
BigChief: If Mansell gets 3 that must be 4+
Vultures: If Lester fails a concussion test then 4 weeks
TimT14: The concussion impact could be delayed so that shouldn’t be the consideration.
Ash777: no HIA it was a jaw hit
pcaman2003: Wonder how CD projected Gulden to get 138 after 3 consecutive sub tons?
megawatts: how is that a suspension? just a high contact not even bump
Vultures: The intent wasn’t there either..
BigChief: megawatts so you can elbow someone in the head now can you?
Cottees: jesus umps are loving lions tonight
Ash777: I see lions have extras on the field
sc_god: megawatts welcome to 2023
megawatts: no u cant elbow, thats why it’s a free kick for high. not a suspension
Vultures: It’s high, Wicks is gone
TheFlagger: undisciplined swannies
Pavs: Your in the wrong decade megawatts this isn”t ‘
BigChief: Wicks left the ground and raised his elbow. Suspension every day of the week
DrSeuss: Finally Eric. Also that is a suspension – Elbow to the head – jumped off the ground – not sure you can defend the action
Gotigres: Keep going Pelican
sc_god: pca last time gulden played at the gabba he scored 139, its based off history too
TheFlagger: good week to get neale in
Doggie Doo: England 1 for 47
Legix: What a great goal. Good on him
megawatts: it was an accidental bump, he carried too much momentum
BigChief: Wrong chat Doggie. This is AFL
DrSeuss: Great goal young fella
GuldenBoy: umps have been massive in this game
TheFlagger: thats a ripper first goal
slydon: pull ya head in meggawatts its a suspension all day in 2023
sc_god: everyone has channel 9 mate
slydon: have you not been paying attention for the last 14 weeks?
Vultures: mega.. duty of care rules the nowadays
Pavs: We will wait and see mega.
megawatts: new rules are bs, matter of time before the class action fails and we r back to old rules
DANGERous: cmon dev rob save my sc
bhg26: Brilliant from ?Gielden?
TheFlagger: ffs anti pod gulden
slydon: im in the group that think if mansell gets 3 for that hit this is at least 4
megawatts: u cant ban something in the AFL thats commonplace every week in suburban/country footy
pcaman2003: Nice Errol, nice! Keep going VC Dunks.
Ash777: gulden on track for his prediction it seems
slydon: even if the class action fails, the afl will still lean towards the wellbeing of players after their playing life
TheFlagger: lucky bastard
slydon: “its normal in country footy so it must be normal everywhere else”
Pavs: Think we have covered this already mega.
slydon: theres a reason people have the oppinion yo folk from the country are backwards and slow
slydon: sorry i shall chill now.
hmmmm: drinking a block of export before a game is also normal in country footy, not sure what your point is
BigChief: Is mega related to a certain Nth fan?
Vultures: no trial by video in the country lol
TheFlagger: shouldve been 50
Pavs: haha Slydon self regulating now.
Vultures: might be one and the same chief lol
navy_blues: omg BT get it right!
megawatts: whats wrong with players being injured? gives them time off work
TheFlagger: what is wrong with horse? Sheldrick 61% TOG. Horse’s brain needs to be studied something is off with this guy
BigChief: haha Vultures could be right. And navy that is an impossibility
megawatts: cant wait to knock a bloke out cold next wk in country footy, might go for 3
TheFlagger: nothing a few nose beers at half time cant fix
Pavs: Great quarter Dunks, Gulden & Neale. Very bad day for BT no clue at all.
Vultures: BT can do no wrong !!
BigChief: day or century @Pavs? He has never been a good commentator.
sc_god: lol mega you couldnt bust a grape in a fruit fight
Pavs: Typing error Vultures that was mean’t to say “no right” I think. lol
Vultures: you fink wrong Pavs lol
BigChief: I think Fox Footy just played last weeks Sportsbet ad
hmmmm: BT is the goat, sorry you guys dont like having fun lol
BigChief: BT is a Rex Hunt wannabe and fails every time. Bring back Rex.
Pavs: hmmm it is like cracking a code listening to him. lol
beerent11: Sorry hmmmm, this is Fanfooty where all commentators, umpires and coaches are idiots.
hmmmm: people just dont understand geniuses while they are alive, same thing with isaac newton
Pavs: He will go down in history hmmm
BigChief: BT a genius? Best joke I have heard in a very long time.
bhg26: I don?t think BT even knows his own name based on tonight?s commentary
pcaman2003: Just bring back Dennis C and everything will be right.
Vultures: magnificent transportation of the air conveyance in the reciprocation of the m c geee.. Rex was the goat
BigChief: Still is Vultures
wadaramus: Spinning, spinning, spinning back into play.
beerent11: Bt is good on the wireless.
Vultures: Sam Newman & Don Scott have a podcast where Rex comes on sometimes
wadaramus: Missy Higgins, King Island O’Bree, Sylvia’s Mother.
beerent11: Baz ball is off to a good start
hmmmm: very poor areas from us early beer
wadaramus: It’s a complete 8 lane highway beer, England so concerned with scoring fast they delivered a road.
beerent11: Looks a little better now
Raspel31: Pope just gone- drat.
hmmmm: lyon kicks one lace out through the big ones
navy_blues: no grass at all they playing in india?
Pavs: Wilmot playing so much better after I traded him
DrSeuss: Sheldrick the new Will Brodie?
beerent11: Trying to recreate the Pakistan pitches I reckon.
beerent11: Back on the footy before we get in trouble
TheFlagger: swans thrown this game away
navy_blues: go dunks go
beerent11: Let?s go captain dunks
BigChief: Robertson started this 1/4 well.
Raspel31: Let’s go VC Dunks.
Pavs: Dunks on fire
BettsMagic: Sheldrick might as well be subbed at this rate
Ash777: thought this would be a decent game but swans gotta sink
TheFlagger: pcaman curse has ended it seems
bhg26: Onya Gus
Pavs: Errol changed his boots. Don’t recognize him
pcaman2003: The flagger. Finished the curse last week with Laird. Yay!
TheFlagger: 57% tog what the fuck longmire
BigChief: Well timed comment BettsMagic LOL
Yelse: all i need i cameron 2 goals ffs whats wrong with him today
pcaman2003: Keep that score ticking over Errol.
BettsMagic: Exactly! Gave Horse that rocket
BigChief: Yelse 9 goals in 8 games v Swans says it all
BettsMagic: Sheldrick no neck
wadaramus: Bloody hell Sheldrick on fire.
bhg26: Hayward absolutely hopeless
m0nty: Sheldrick > Jezza
Ash777: game back on phew sheldrick got them back
hmmmm: man, moment of silence for anyone who didnt get sheldrick in
DrSeuss: Sheldrick is a solid little unit
Wends: OMG hope Sheldrick’s E on my bench will count gah! And Betts bodyshaming Sheldrick is not going to make him play poorly
bhg26: Stats don?t lie m0nty
BettsMagic: Aint body shaming, ’tis pure facts
BettsMagic: No neck like that dude who played for Freo
Gotigres: I needed a defender more than a mid/fwd of course. Still, I’m happy with Melican so far. Maybe Sheldrick next round
Vultures: How does he turn his head without a neck ? ASking for a friend
Hawkthornz: looks like swans have found one in sheldrick
Raspel31: Ditto Gotigres.
BettsMagic: Like Batman swivels his body, Vultures
Wends: Rook superpowers Vultures lol
Vultures: OK I’ll run with the super powers lol
hmmmm: aaaand sheldrick back on the pine
BigChief: Ouch Lizard. That’s courage
Pavs: Sheldrick back on the bench. wow
Hughsy: i assume most people have Dunkley as vc
BigChief: OMG that is not dangerous.
slydon: huge hit on the post lizards fine
BettsMagic: Reported?! Hahaha Hayward swung in the tackle
bhg26: Fucking hell hayward
DrSeuss: Sheldrick got over 60% TOG – can’t have that
Wends: Hmm what will Dunks have to get to keep his VC score?
Bulky: Umpires ruining the game every week.
navy_blues: off the bench wends lol
Raspel31: He’ll have to get off the pine first Wends.
hmmmm: with taranto playing the saints, dunk prob has to get over 125
Hawkthornz: berry get off of that one surely
slydon: it looks like hayward tries to run through the tackle and trips over but refuses to protect himself
Hawkthornz: point post gets 3 weeks thhough
Ash777: not umpires fault they have to deem those dangerous
slydon: hope berry can get off that one
DrSeuss: I hate watching players get tackled, act as if their head hits the ground, then lay motionless
Hughsy: i was gonna say the same thing – hmmmm
DrSeuss: It is basically the new ‘ducking’ to get head high free kicks
frenzy: Lol navy
Balladeer: That report should be reported..unlucky there berry
Wends: Aye Rasp, he’s in danger of splinters at this point
Wends: Thanks hmmm, heard my ‘hmmms assemble!’ call obvs
ballbag: ohhh ffs sake do something lloyd
DrSeuss: Rowbottom gone to Dunks as well this quarter
bhg26: Don?t know what you?re expecting Hayward to do there Seuss
Olij: Wish I picked sheldrick instead I picked tarryn thomas. Sums up my SuperCoach season
Gotigres: Time to sub Sheldrick off now
Vultures: can’t see dunks getting 120
DrSeuss: Probably not pretend that he is ‘knocked out’ – not him specifically though – seeing it more each week recently
Gotigres: same Olij.
BettsMagic: Convinced that the umps earn a “commission” from the AFL for every time they report someone for a dangerous tackle
Hawkthornz: Sheldrick 55% time on ground!
Wends: Oh Gotigres, the fomo is palpable
GuldenBoy: No free or report, garbage call, but how can you blame Hayward lol
bhg26: He got up pretty quickly Seuss
Olij: Imagine if sheldrick on 80+ time on ground
Hawkthornz: come on Dunks!!
Vultures: Obviously easing Sheldrick into the big time, he’s an asset
biggs2dujj: Is there a worse team for managing interchanges than Sydney in the AFL?
beerent11: Only got a 20 litre tank
bhg26: Plus I also hate when players try to get other players suspended cough Neale cough
Gotigres: yes Wends
ballbag: @ollj sheldrick wouldnt last 80% TOG… its alot easier to play when youre told youll play 15 minutes a qtr
hmmmm: norf biggs
bhg26: North biggs?
DrSeuss: Agree bhg – Hayward wasn’t a bad one – more that it is becoming common as players know that umps are hyper aware of it
Olij: @Ballbag yeah that is true didn?t realise that – good effort though
biggs2dujj: Ahahaha not that Norf…playing time wise
DrSeuss: Yes bhg – Neale was probably one of the first to try it..hated it then too
beerent11: Bloody channel nine chucking ads in mid over.
Wends: Not an enjoyable feeling – one I’ve had many times this season Gotigres
Gotigres: Where was this McKenna when I had you?
bhg26: Unfortunately Seuss, players try to exploit frees and umps keep falling for it
Gotigres: What’s the score beer?
Wends: Poor old lizard really hit that goal post at speed
ballbag: @ollj oh for sure. he’s doing grab and grabbing the sack with both hands. done great
Gotigres: It seems to happen to me several times each season Wends
ballbag: *great
ballbag: get 130 dunks and ill take it
frenzy: cmon horse, put the kid back on
bhg26: At least he didnt do a tim broomhead injury wends
beerent11: m0nty censored my answer gotigres. Shouldn?t be discussing other sports.
Gotigres: Love those intercept marks Melican
hmmmm: crawley kicks one out on the full, australia go into qtr time 3 goals to the good
Raspel31: Me too beer- back to the footy. Carn Dunks.
DrSeuss: Payne – you muppet
slydon: thats a stupid 50 to give away, very dumb.
navy_blues: lol discuss other sports in here every week
wadaramus: Excellent interpretation hmmmm.
Gotigres: Ok beer
TorturedSC: horse a chance to drop him next week
Wends: That was horrific bhg
Vultures: when the game is done and dusted tortured
Gotigres: Would love an 80 Pelican
bhg26: God i love luke parker
biggs2dujj: Still on the bench!
Wends: It’s the rare coach who’d hit the mark with every rook gotigres
Gotigres: Melican injured
Gotigres: true Wends.
Hawkthornz: Ashcroft or Sheezel Boys?
slydon: daniher deserves a fine for that flying knee.
Vultures: both
Olij: @Hawkthornz I think Ashcroft due to hall being dropped from north should give sheez a better shot of doing well
Olij: My bad I mean sheezel
bhg26: Fucking learn to tackle
Hawkthornz: Only thing stopping sheezel is Norths record
Wends: Willy Lohman up and about.
hmmmm: was hall dropped?? lets go its chippy time for the ziegull
Olij: Hawkthownz do u have any or both of them in your team?
Raspel31: Feel Gulden might fall a tad short of his predicted 145.
ballbag: can someone tell what the fuck is with lloyd?
Vultures: Blakey is a warrior
Wends: Moustache is wonky this week ballbag, it’s put him right out.
Hawkthornz: no free there.. crap call
bhg26: Hit him in the face hawk, thats usually a free
ballbag: @wends well his last few weeks have made me want to go upside the head
DrSeuss: Payne having a bit of nightmare tonight
Hawkthornz: soft.. After a great spoil
bhg26: He still hit him in the face
navy_blues: get back on dunks
Wends: First of all ballbag, you don’t slap a man!
sc_god: right foot sliding banana!
bhg26: Someone one to man up on Bailey?
BettsMagic: Chat broken?
bhg26: Or Robertson
frenzy: boys at CD have Joe Daniher
slydon: nah monty just on a power trip @betts
Social: One more kick Dunks and your V becomes a C
ballbag: 2 more possies dunks amd i’ll take your VC
pcaman2003: Nice Errol, nice!
bhg26: Gulden is a ridiculous kick for goal
elvundir: 1 more goal gulden and your vc becomes captain 😉
Balladeer: Daniher lives in NSW?!?!
Pavs: Nice Gulden c’mon Dunks finish off
DrSeuss: Back to the bench for you Sheldrick
Olij: 17 behinds Brisbane and still got 13 goals good effort
pcaman2003: C’mon Dunks and get another quick fire 15.
biggs2dujj: This swans bench is ridiculous
Social: Don’t make me come down there Dunkerton
bhg26: Parker has to be the most under appreciated footballer of the last decade
m0nty: this is going to end up being a convincing nine-point thrashing
sc_god: taking dunks score?
Raspel31: A tackle’s as good as a kick to a blind Pom.
Hawkthornz: got Neale in this week!! Dunkley Captain
biggs2dujj: Blue moon Big O
Social: yup sc
Wends: Lol m0nty… Ahh swannies, season over?
dezlav: To take Dunkley for VC loop or risk C on Tarranto. Thoughts?⁰
bhg26: Yep Wends
runners47: Same here Hawkthornz
pcaman2003: Hello Captain Dunks. Got that out of the way early.
Raspel31: Taking Dunks- good enough.
runners47: Taranto, dezlav
Hawkthornz: Take Dunkley For Sure
BettsMagic: You have to take Dunks’ VC in SC. 125 the minimum rule.
Social: Bank the Dunk dollars
runners47: Just one more score, Dunks
Vultures: SC dunks loophole.. DT English
Wends: Painful season bhg…
dezlav: @pcaman, Hawkthornz. Doing it
beerent11: 4 players 4 tons and captain dunks. All downhill from here.
bhg26: Swans have just given up wends. Shit to watch
Olij: Good game – Cant wait to watch Hipos SuperCoach reaction on this
dezlav: He has Neale VC loop but the rest of my squad beats his
pcaman2003: dezlav. Should be a pretty safe choice. Good score!
Social: Captain Dunk McDunkley
SadBlueBoi: Does that last Dunkley kick count as effective, if it doesn’t land before the siren?
Vultures: STK will put a heavy tag on Taranto

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