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Chat log from R14 of 2023: Richmond vs St Kilda

Chat log for Richmond vs St Kilda, R14 of 2023

Doggie Doo: Who wins tonight?
pcaman2003: Taranto, Owens and Marshall in this. Big game please fellas.
Doggie Doo: Who wins tonight?
TheFlagger: windhager better hold his spot next week
navy_blues: go saints!
Legix: Gonna be a good game
Pavs: Marshall & Steele pods took an absolute caning in that last game.
Raspel31: Me too Pavs- relying on a goodie from Taranto.
frenzy: it hurt Pavs, shocking
m0nty: some new icons
Hazza09: Need Sinclair to have a decent game
original: go large nank
original: and yes sinclair big game plz
navy_blues: cmon saint spoil the party
DrSeuss: Grabbed Sinclair this week – some form of impact would be great
soup: nwm cooked?
Gravyy: I think Saints @Doggie Doo
soup: rack up the cheapies sinc
BigChief: Rich the game has started.
original: go sinclair
Hazza09: Need Sinclair to make up for Fyfe and Johnson combined
original: liiift nanky
TheFlagger: boo
Stu7: Come on Wilkie
Raspel31: Sinclair getting a nice holiday- fine by me.
pcaman2003: Lift Owens.Make your move
TheFlagger: great team goal
TheFlagger: or not lol
original: flower off dusty dont score more than 80
pcaman2003: Seems Tiger supporters need Specsavers to help them see properly. Touched, not a goal!
Legix: Absolute giant kick
sc_god: nanks jumper was held in the sqauare tho
navy_blues: he dont do that often these days original goes missing a lot
Doggie Doo: Max kick it
beerent11: Zero alcohol beers have come a long way
original: thats a high free AGAINST king
Raspel31: Finished the cask yet Doggie?
sc_god: lol, king. i would have decked him
BigChief: Why wasn’t that a free against King for high on Balta?
LuvIt74: @Raspel… What did Sinclair do mate to get a holiday
Pavs: Say it isn’t true beer.
TheFlagger: what a soft cunt
beerent11: Fraid so pavs. Given up the grog for a while.
Loggy17: 0beerent
BigChief: No beer for beer?
Doggie Doo: Still awake so cask is fine
wadaramus: Back from an excellent Saturday nigh dinner, primed for Ashes day 2!
beerent11: No beer
Raspel31: Interesting litebeerent11
pcaman2003: Get involved Owens. You’re scaring me.
beerent11: Rasp, your neighbouroony was just on screen.
TheFlagger: tiges gonna win this
Cottees: just give short the ball at 50-60 every time tigers lol
navy_blues: so its ent11?
Zee94: Short’s awesome, did the same last week too
Raspel31: Ah- he’s back litebeer?
wadaramus: Gee whiz Short can go long!
Doggie Doo: Is Jack Steele a spud?
beerent11: This year maybe doggie doo.
beerent11: That?s what she said wada
wadaramus: Nice Q1 Sinclair 🙂
hmmmm: was tempted by steele this week. Thank god I went sinclair lol
original: went nank vc over sinclair in draft ffs
Pavs: A quarter of 2 halves.
Raspel31: Atta boy Taranto- careful about the Ashes wada or we punished- but yep.
Loggy17: Steele was always playing overs the past few years I reckon
pcaman2003: That score hurts Owens. Get into the game and find the ball.
beerent11: One eighth
beerent11: Or two eighths
Pavs: 2- one eigths then 🙂
wadaramus: One quarter?
Olij: Surely Sinclair gets a 150 to top off my night
Stu7: Come on Wilkie lift
beerent11: Uh oh. Cloud cover at edgebaston?
Stu7: Nice work Wilkie atta boy
TheFlagger: fucking hell windhager
Stu7: What?s up Flagger?
original: sinclair missing some points?
Hazza09: Make up for Fyfe / Johns, Sinclair
TheFlagger: rage traded him in because i had 18 with johnson and fyfe
Stu7: Damn Flagger
beerent11: That?s hilarious
Stu7: I did the same with Buckley to Wilkie
Hazza09: Who you trade for Windhager Flagger?
bhg26: Oops i forgot the game was on and left windhager in. Shower
pcaman2003: How did you get 116 last week Owens? This is a horrible game.
TheFlagger: all wouldnt have fuckin happened if that peanut chris scott played knevitt on thursday
TheFlagger: was originally going maric and just banking extra cash anyway. jvr out
Stu7: Keep going Taranto
navy_blues: if but and maybes lol
Hazza09: Missed out on Dev Robbo and Sheldrick, went with Fyfe instead, another wasted trade
Doggie Doo: wow Owens wtf
beerent11: Ah well not all bad flagger, it might get you an extra 20 points maybe. Worth it.
Pavs: Only 1 week Hazza why the panic
pcaman2003: DoggieDoo. Exactly.! Of all weeks to take a vacation. Woeful and now on bench.
Stu7: Sh1t Wilkie
Hazza09: Original trade would have banked 100k Pavs and a 91
bhg26: Windhager 2 points for a tackle. Nice
original: is a kick still efective and positive points if its touched by oppo first?
Pavs: Get off the bench Steele. Wow I have issues
Pavs: Understand Hazza.
beerent11: Only if Bont kicks it original
pcaman2003: Pavs. Me too! I need a therapist urgently.
mattmac24: Not sure what the appeal of Dev Rob was.. 0 and a -1. Yeah he got an 84 but every chance to score low again
LuvIt74: i took a hit this week and didn’t think trading was worth it as all the top players have there buy this week & next week
Pavs: Monty won’t let you say Therap*st pcaman
LuvIt74: so many brought in fyfe, Melican & Thomas who has jis buy next week
pcaman2003: How does therapist come out as therowboat? Lol!
LuvIt74: if your gonna do shit like that trade out your good premo’s for other premos
clay007: luvit bye, not buy
Hughsy: i have about 18 roos rookies… not looking forward to next week
TheFlagger: lol pcaman
beerent11: You gotta stop speaking so much sense luvit74. That?s not welcome here.
DrSeuss: That is why you let Sinclair take the kick-ins – not NWM
Pavs: Fyfe doesn’t have a bye next week Luvit
navy_blues: wow saints turnovers everywhere
pcaman2003: ThyeFlagger. Totally weird we can’t use an everyday word.
slydon: lol looks like cotchin is taking tarantos midfield time hahahahaha f for everyone
Pavs: Muppet coming
vaficarra: Who kicked the first goal? Sorry if someone has already asked
LuvIt74: @beer – think itsime for a beer
beerent11: Cheers
sc_god: this lead is worth double in these conditons now
Pavs: Gresham first goal
clay007: gresham
vaficarra: Thanks
BigChief: Steele has gone backwards since shoulder injury
Loggy17: Steele is lacking a sidebottom
beerent11: Too tough for his own good bc. Obviously not right.
TheFlagger: dealing with a knee issue reported during the week chief
Pavs: Didn’t realise that I needed a re-build year in supercoach this year
beerent11: Broad gets his bunny
TheFlagger: fark windhager not bad
Bwad: Shoulder doesn’t help, but I called Steele a trap from R1. Reminded me of Cripps when he lost heaps of size.
Loggy17: carp
Loggy17: crap too
Hughsy: couple seagulls out
pcaman2003: FFS Owens! You’ll have to work harder for more than 2 possies a half.
Stu7: Come on Wilkie ffs
Bwad: Why Steele would slim down in his role, I’ll never know. I hate sports “scientists”
original: really need a roof on mcg
LuvIt74: Saints = pretenders
DrSeuss: Howard and Wilike trying to out-muppet each other
original: ruck contests really are a joke these days. 80% of the time thats a free against marshall
Raspel31: Tarant0- not good enough lad.
clay007: Labuschagne can go back to sleep, short stay at crease
slydon: surely in this sort of weather fantasy scoring is gonna go down the gutter
Raspel31: Broad- great stuff!
BigChief: 2 shit shots once again.
Loggy17: poms got the weather machine working unlike the mcc
beerent11: He?s a star rasp.
beerent11: Still 3300 points no matter the weather slydon
hmmmm: witches hat for marnus, wtf was that shot…
beerent11: Even as an Aussie I?m gonna miss broad and Anderson
Raspel31: Anderson 40 now beer?
beerent11: Not easy first pill hmmmm
BigChief: Anderson will play until he is 50
navy_blues: think its time to find a new opener for aus
beerent11: Yep 41 later this year rasp
clay007: We need Ooh Ahh Glenn McGrath to make a comeback. That will fix Baz ball
Ash777: what is the bluey icon?
beerent11: Bring back d.k.
beerent11: Jack Steele ash
Ash777: ahh lol
Vultures: scroll down for icon explained sheeesh
navy_blues: ryan subbed
Ash777: the icon scroll does not work for me
Badgerbadg: Ball slipperier than soap in the shower
Vultures: ryan ssubbed ? really ? sheesh
wadaramus: Seriously, Harry Brook first change?
BigChief: Does not work for me either Ash.
Badgerbadg: Real chest mark kind of game now
Raspel31: That’s more like it Taranto and Brook.
clay007: Me either Ash-only have about 5 options-sheesh
original: lift nank ffs
Vultures: lol sheeesh
BigChief: No shoulder strapping for TT now – sheeesh
Gotigres: Luckily Steele is making up for Sinclair
Ash777: might as well be playing water-polo
beerent11: Poms are taking the piss rasp
Pavs: It works for me Vultures sheeesh
original: nank would have to have his head taken off to get a ruck free
clay007: Can you give me a hooyah Vulture?
Badgerbadg: Who?s the bird dimma is sitting with? Doesn?t look like mrs Hardwick
clay007: Who is the fat bloke in pink with Finch?
BigChief: Why would it be Mrs Hardwick? They are no longer together.
PowerBug: I think you’ll find that Mrs Hardwick was delisted by Dimma during the covid period
sc_god: your mum
Ash777: phillipou clean in the wet
original: thats an ex richmond physio isnt it? or marketer
Spifflicat: Okeeffe
TheFlagger: never in doubt windhager
navy_blues: lol badger
Vultures: a wowee will have to do, clay007
clay007: Bt will be impressed Vulture!
PowerBug: A quick google search suggests that Dimma’s new partner is indeed the lady sitting next to him at the game
Gotigres: ok, there is proof that was high
bhg26: Windhager coming good for an accidental inclusion for me
Badgerbadg: I like dimma, really cares for his staff
Pavs: Goes the extra mile Badger
bhg26: Never in doubt flagger
Gotigres: -10 for Sinclair please
Stu7: Come on Wilkie squeeze out an 80
Ash777: vlastuin playing his own game
clay007: Don’t jinx players gotigres! lol
LuvIt74: Wilkie will be lucky to squeeze out a 60
Stu7: Lots predicted a tag on Taranto. But I still VC him happy about that
Gotigres: Sorry clay
clay007: It is only cos I have him Gotigres!
clay007: Taranto not going large Stu, so why so happy?
Gotigres: Thought so clay 🙂
Pavs: Remember when Gresham was SC relevant wonder what happened?
Raspel31: My thoughts exactly clay- fat happier with vc on Dunks.
Ash777: Razor loves wet footy
clay007: I took Dunks points Raspel, got very happy indeed
Gotigres: Tigers doing our usual capitulation
pcaman2003: Game on!
slydon: horrendous counditions out there
TheFlagger: here come the mighty sainters
slydon: probably a rough call on shai there as well
navy_blues: lol riewoldt
Gotigres: Laird is my captain
Raspel31: Tracca mine Gotigres.
Stu7: Nice work Gotigres
Vultures: VC Dunks but tempted to go C on English.. Gun on the up against an old Goldy.,.
Stu7: Stay Dunks Vultures money in the bank
TheFlagger: Goldys the hardest ruck to score against this year
slydon: old goldy is still a beast vultures, dont discount him
Vultures: Ooh I’m swayed.
frenzy: the Englishman usually has a day out against Goldy
Vultures: Ebbs & flows.. sheeesh
Raspel31: Still madness not to take Dunk’s score.
Stu7: Utter madness Raspa
frenzy: its in the bank Rasp
Spifflicat: What?s English going to do? Score 150, for a bonus 13th? Big whoop
Gotigres: Very happy with Steele’s game so far. Keep it up Steele
Vultures: good point spiff
Pavs: Spiff gone with Big whoop. Nice
beerent11: If you wanna do it vultures, do it. It?s your team.
Spifflicat: Thanks Pavs, I?m that old
Pavs: I was thinking Balderdash myself Spiff 🙂
clay007: How is Taranto going Stu?
Raspel31: Cods Wallop to me Pavs.
Hazza09: Ofcourse Windhager, just adds salt to the Fyfe trade
Gotigres: Hopefully steele can keep playing like this for the rest of the season and be nice and cheap next season
pcaman2003: Steele will be under $500k this week. Who would’ve thought.
Stu7: Going along nicely clay
pcaman2003: And is Taranto’s heart still beating? Gone very quiet lately.
bhg26: Windhager this is sensational
clay007: Can someone holler a marshall, for flower sake?
slydon: can we talk about how similar mcwalter and dimma, in his first year, look?
Pavs: Never again list Gotigres. I have a few in my team going on that list.
Stu7: Only for my Fantasy team but not Suoercoach
TheFlagger: please dont blow this lead tigers
Pavs: No Slydon we can’t.
frenzy: could draw this
clay007: Nice manners Flagger, that might help.
LuvIt74: If Steele was $400k i still wouldn’t touch him, he’s hot and cold and been quenched far to often
Gotigres: Oh ok Pavs. Groovy
oc16: he is obviously playing injured Pavs
slydon: lame pavs
bhg26: Rather go mills when he comes back instead of steele
TheFlagger: I cussed out windhager and he came good so maybe i shouldnt have manners
Pavs: Yeah baby. Unhappy Slydon. hehe.
pcaman2003: Stop the clangers TT.
Raspel31: Oh Taranto-8 muppets and about to be benched.
OffaStep: Could well lose a key H2H bcos Briggs smashed a weak Marshall.
Yelse: i think its the role ross has given him
Raspel31: Smith gawn.
hmmmm: oh dear, smith caught htb
Stu7: Luvit74 are you there brother?
Pavs: oc16 I know mate but lots of young ones next year wont be dpp Rozee, Butters, Greene along with Laird, Oliver Bont etc
slydon: pavs i hope you stay down the bottom of the ladder this year
Stu7: LuvIt74: Wilkie will be lucky to squeeze out a 60
pcaman2003: Make that 9 Rasp. Bloody hopeless TT
bhg26: I swear there have been 2 or 3 windhager tackles not counted
Pavs: That is a no brainer Slydon I will be
Stu7: Nice work Taranto
pcaman2003: 3 consecutive muppetts Taranto you goose.
Raspel31: Make that 10 pcaman.
BigChief: Umps trying their best to get Saints a win.
TheFlagger: corrupt umpires
TheFlagger: ball dont lie missy higgins
bhg26: Saints will end this game with 60 frees
bhg26: Ball dont lie!
Gotigres: Love how Sinclair hasn’t got to 100 yet
TheFlagger: wicks esque
_Wang_: Thanks for saying it big chief
BigChief: Match sealer from TT. Very nice.
sc_god: umps trying hard to get saints over the line
Gotigres: Lovely goal Taranto
clay007: Well done Stu-Taranto came good
Raspel31: Okay- all taken back Taranto.
pcaman2003: Just imagine TT score without the muppets.
hmmmm: damn, what a weak to finally stop being stupid and C Timmy T
Hazza09: How did Steele get to 49
original: what a weak last 3 quarters sinclair
Stu7: He?s a beast Clay he?s scored 100+ in every game in Fantasy
Yelse: none of saints SC moved much this qrt
Vultures: Taranto leading the Brownlow now
Cottees: Taranto guaranteed to win brownlow with this form easily but na he only 151st best player
DrSeuss: Amazing how much Sinclair has been ignored by the Saints since half time
slydon: tbf theyve hardly had a clean touch of it yelse
clay007: True dat Stu! Was slow tonight, but came home like a champ. Marshall stopped.
BigChief: I doubt it Vultures.
clay007: Butters Vulture?
Social: yeah nah
beerent11: 9 rounds to go
Vultures: Butters had a slow start, clay
clay007: Cottees having a crack at Kane Cornes. lol
exatekk: meh Cotchins a dog
Stu7: Good comeback Wilkie
Cottees: Clay – yeah mate guys a tool lol
slydon: everyone should be having a crack at kane cornes, taranto may have some kicks that miss the target or go to space but
sc_god: Cotch the GOAT captain last 30 years. Numbers back it up
slydon: still a star
LuvIt74: Marshall can go and Briggs can stay
slydon: inspiwational
Social: coifered can’t
OffaStep: Sinclair and Marshall must have had 50 odd between them in the second half.
clay007: Cottees-you make the cordial that I like best
FlaggersXD: Salty Crows fans XD
OffaStep: T Young, on the other hand…
DaicosQB: Voss might want to have a word with you God
slydon: cotchins kid parker lookds like an absolute menace

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