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Chat log from R13 of 2023: Fremantle vs Richmond

Chat log for Fremantle vs Richmond, R13 of 2023

Pavs: C’mon Fyfie who else went silly or is it just me?
Pav300: of course we would brother Pav
Pavs: Nice work Brother 🙂
Loggy17: haha, nice opening comments lol
Sillybugga: got ryan instead of yeo might be kicking myself
PigeonPies: basil is back
PigeonPies: my goat
Gotigres: Go big Johnson
FoopyTime: bit ov pav on pav action
Pavs: The respect is real Foopy. Get on board
Loggy17: haha exactly foopy
Pav300: lol Go Fyfey = lets hope this is Baz’s last game for a long long while. The Mayor not loved like StateDaddy here in WA
FoopyTime: god optus stadium has to be the next best outside of the mcg
FoopyTime: looks amazing
DiggaDogga: Woudn’t it be great to see the Dockers go all the way and Fyfe to grab a flag? Great for all I reckon.
Sillybugga: Basil in the box prob highlight of purple anchors year
hmmmm: fyfey looking up and about, i smell a roll of the dice on him next week
Pav300: Long Shot but would love to see it Digga
thommoae: I can think of a few greater things, Digga. About 734 of ’em.
PigeonPies: ive got johnson serong and brayshaw in this one… lol
Sillybugga: Freo without any A graders always suprise well played
hmmmm: can the rest of australia also not stand basil or is it just WA?
Gotigres: Vlaustuin has a tattoo of an alien smoking a joint. Probably explains why we have dropped off
DiggaDogga: On ya Thommo – that’s the spirit… Hoping your mob having a crack isn’t one of them? Dockers hard team to dislike.
FoopyTime: only thing i dont like about fred is they dumped the anchor design and colours
PigeonPies: facts foopy, bring it back
DiggaDogga: Haha! Reckon a tatt like that is def a sign of having peaked.
FoopyTime: dreo directional arrows just doesnt hit like dockers does
thommoae: They always do, digga. That’s the first 730, just quietly. 🙂
Sillybugga: Post Ross Freo such a breath of fresh air, all they need is A grade talent anywhere on the ground…
PigeonPies: is basil watching on a delay? hes like 5 seconds behind
FoopyTime: @silly you dont rate brayshaw or serong?
Bulky: Gee, Basil loves the sound of his own voice doesn’t he?
Sillybugga: rate them as players just not match winners losing to north is unacceptable
Sillybugga: A graders are match winners
FoopyTime: same could be said about dunkley and neill since they lost to hawthorn
Hughsy: how many times can he say short in a minute???
sc_god: basil worse than underwood fair dinkum
FoopyTime: both of those are match winners plus freo duo are very young
Pavs: Tipping a report for Dusty tonight so he can go on holidays with De Goey to Bali.
PigeonPies: wow taranto is having an insane year
Sillybugga: very true @foopyTime i dont know how to put it into words but dont see Lions going deep this year
FoopyTime: lions haev the issue of not being able to play below the qld nsw border
TimT14: Tigers last 10 mins pressure huge
hmmmm: kamdyn mcintosh only being 29 and not 57 is the most shocking information ive heard lately
Sillybugga: Different definitions of match winners
PigeonPies: now that i have brayshaw, his defensive efforts are non existent
PigeonPies: watching him closer
Pav300: lmao hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmm
DrSeuss: He certainly tackles a lot less than he used to Pigeon
Pav300: Always think of that great song hmmmm
Pav300: when u r int the chat
hmmmm: what song pav
Sillybugga: these two teams looking dead even
DiggaDogga: Crash Test Dummies Pav? Some young bloods on here won’t get that.
Pav300: thats it Digga – a classic
Closer: is Johnson injured?
DiggaDogga: Dead set ripper
DrSeuss: Not looking good for the teams coming off byes this week
PigeonPies: that was a fun passage of play
Troglodyte: Johnson will come good
PigeonPies: also johnson has a lot of potential
Pavs: Like the umpires letting it go. Keep that up
pcaman2003: Very happy with Timmy, Serong and Ryan. Finally, a decent week so far.
PigeonPies: amiss the next pavlich
Pav300: cracker game
Grimes Jr: Some real arrogance about this amiss myth
Vultures: sette down pigeon lol
PigeonPies: ive got tim, serong brayshaw and johnson, looking solid so far
hmmmm: there will be no next pavlich
Sillybugga: close the roof !!
PigeonPies: hahah im just having a laugh
DANGERous: anyone bring in Johnson this week?
Troglodyte: He’s definitely on the rise
Sillybugga: yeah got Johnson is vc loop
PigeonPies: johnson tog for that score is amazing
Vultures: Well Amiss has reached his average
PigeonPies: time to bring him in vultures
PigeonPies: taranto is a beast this year, he took corne’s comments personally
Hughsy: Every week i dont make taranto captain. every week i ask myself why
Vultures: Green or Zerrett Capt ?
thommoae: Had him for several weeks now. His TOG to pts ratio caught my attention when he was sub, Pigeon.
Pavs: Timmy T I really am appreciating your efforts but my opp has you as Captain.
PigeonPies: same thomm, got him after his sub game
PigeonPies: on the bubble
Sillybugga: @vultures ur really scraping the bottom but Zerrett obv
pcaman2003: Pavs. Who’s your C again?
Raspel31: Happy to say I didn’t cap Taranto- no mere follower of fashion- sigh.
Vultures: Green can be a real pig & it is norf under the roof
Pavs: Love it when you tee it up for me. My Captain was Dunks. Thanks pcaman.
thommoae: I’m big on fashion this week.
PigeonPies: big johnson
Sillybugga: ed curnow in the team to stop zerret rofl
thommoae: Dedicated, even.
Troglodyte: He only needs a touch or two Pigeon
Balladeer: tigers smashing the contests and the clangers. love the contrasting styles here.
Sillybugga: Silvagni out is a big boost for Carlton though could be interesting
sc_god: freo getting destroyed in contested footy
sc_god: clearances too, they have zero chance unless you win one of those
Raspel31: Kinky thommoae.
pcaman2003: Pavs. That’s good Pavs. I have Laird as m C now.. Rest of my team gone ballistic.
Pavs: Silvagni back in Silly
pcaman2003: By the way. What’s happenned to Brodie’s TOG?
DiggaDogga: Thommo with the sly Kinks reference there?
PigeonPies: johnson 4 efforts in 20 seconds
Pavs: Having a pretty good week myself and thought I had my opp covered but Timmy T is in beast mode.
Raspel31: Well- was really me Digga- but picked up on.
Sillybugga: @Pavs that is great news for Essendon
Gotigres: Martin 13 possies for 15sc lol
Troglodyte: He just keeps driving forward
DiggaDogga: Yeah saw that just after Rasp – nice.
m0nty: Treacy playing well since the cyclone
PigeonPies: good game of footy
thommoae: You in polka dots or stripes tonight, Raspel?
Pavs: Devasting m0nty.
Raspel31: Stripes thommoae- lol.
Sillybugga: Freo performance this year really doesnt show alot
Pavs: Devastating m0nty. Try that again
Balladeer: I actually feel like they pushing above their weight with the current personnel
Balladeer: Such an unbalanced side freo. Decent backline but lacking everything from size to firepower near goal
J.Worrall: Don’t piss it up against the wall like the Darwin money!
slydon: cam mooney still recovering from that knockout from big bell chambers judging by his half time chat
sc_god: when you’re getting lit up by Cotch you know its not really your day
Pavs: Who is this Balladeer with their smart inciteful comments? Putting me and others to shame. Well done and Welcome
TimT14: Why didn’t I VC Taranto!
Raspel31: We’ll beat Balladeer down over time Pavs.
Vultures: Taranto would have been nice but I have the VC on English
DiggaDogga: Insight and smarts has no place here – Monty, see Balladeer out please.
Sillybugga: Balladeer serong and brayshaw should win game though right?
Loggy17: Cricket!
Balladeer: Cheers Pavs! They show all the footy on cable here in Bangladesh so thankfully I get to follow my players!
Pavs: Hope so Rasp. A bit embarrasing
J.Worrall: There use to be fantasy cricket here …
Pavs: Bang the dish huge welcome. Is there anyone called Walrus over there? Asking for a friend.
Raspel31: Bangladesh Balladeer? If it helps I have very noisy Indian chefs above me who set fire to the apartment block last week.
Loggy17: Congratulate Tex for his 10 please J.Worrall
Pavs: Only your apartment Rasp. Tell the truth.
J.Worrall: Did that in the relevant chat, Loggy.
Sillybugga: If anyone can beat the fun out of Balladeer its Raspel
Balladeer: Unless they pick up their tackling pressure individually, I see the tigers running away with this one sillybugs
J.Worrall: IIRC, I posted “Very ell done, Tex”
J.Worrall: The “w” may or may not have worked at the time.
J.Worrall: The “d” is also a problem.
Troglodyte: Johnon doing well in the wet conditions
Pavs: The d should never be a problem Worrall. Still trying to find this relevant chat that you are talking about.
Sillybugga: @balladeer i agree m8 conditions suit the Tigers tonight
Raspel31: Que Serong Que Serong- noice.
J_Herer: Do you think the Eagles can rebuild over 20 years?
Balladeer: They probably felt bad cus the rest of you were missing out on the constant whiff of curry that lingers in the corridor
Troglodyte: Que?
Cottees: literally has said “short man long goal” several times
DrSeuss: Freo should probably stop kicking it to Short on the 50m line
Pavs: Just need to be injury free Herer for us to judge imo
Pav300: Cmon Taz keep going
J.Worrall: The chat for the Aelaie game.
slydon: i have absolutely fucked my cap and vc this wekk fuck me
slydon: of all options i left my vc on timmy
slydon: was too busy to react in time to update it. i hope zerrett goes bonkers tomorrow night
J.Worrall: Frack, he scored 200+ SC
Raspel31: Having capped Walker tonight the world is my oyster- but out there Serong .
DrSeuss: You are really having isses with your d J.Worrall
RooBoyStu: Beware the toothless and wounded tiger, could be like Chris Scott took over from Thompson won flags
slydon: nah well beat you them again at dreamtime next year
Pavs: He might need a doctor Dr?
Sillybugga: Norf make the GF every year but never win it kek
RooBoyStu: Freo are like the yearly budget, promise so much and deliver zero
DrSeuss: Haha not my specialty though Pavs – sorry JW
Pav300: Unfortunatley you are right Rooboy we have fallen apart after the byes last few years
Raspel31: My dog just farted- back for 4th qtr.
Pavs: Who’s subbed not Fyfe please
frenzy: extract the digit Tim
RooBoyStu: Fat Lady singing
Sillybugga: dumping tackle wp afl hahaHA
pcaman2003: If ever Freo needed Fyfe to fire, now is the time.
TimT14: Hahaha the frees are a joke
DANGERous: get the yellow ball lukey ryan
Vultures: Fyfe has lost the bursting speed
bigpens: Why is Brodies TOG so low?
Grimes Jr: Poor umpiring tends to turn a game eventually
pcaman2003: Vultures. Unfortunately true.
slydon: does schultz get an assist for that falcon?
bhg26: Truly a mystery bigpens
Hughsy: brayshaw you beauty
DrSeuss: Cant build that momentum and then let that happen Freo
pcaman2003: C’mon Ryan! Where the heck are you?
Pavs: Nice Fyfe. Nice
slydon: look at that toothless WA crowd light up
PigeonPies: free kicks have single handedly turned this game around
dezlav: So glad Baker is S@#$ing the bed tonight
Pav300: turn it up Sly!
slydon: yeah these frees are…. yeah
PigeonPies: soft free
TimT14: Should bring a coach challenge into free kicks
slydon: you couldnt see my caps spam praising you literally 5 seconds before my previous comment i guess it doesnt allow full ca
slydon: I agree timt14 but the issue is it will slow the game down wayyyyy to much
lana2146: I?m really concerned with Ryan moving forward pca man
Vultures: Please no Tim.. The score review is ridiculous enough
Raspel31: Chill pill slydon.
pcaman2003: lana. Oh no! Say it aint so.
PigeonPies: wow, freo have never won from 19 pts down at 3QT? thats kinda pathetic
slydon: i have no friends raspel leave me alone
Sillybugga: Raspel coming in hot with his mind numbing old and boring contribution
frenzy: grabs the pop corn, Lol
slydon: thank god moons has gone to have a cte check
pcaman2003: Siilybugga. . Thems are fighting words.
Pav300: silly – well named
Sillybugga: honestly just a neutral observation
Balladeer: freo need a perfect quarter here. momentum can only get you so far without i50 efficiency.
m0nty: back on the game please
Pavs: Huge pass mark for Fyfe wasn’t expecting much.
thommoae: Neutral observation. fighting words lacking in kindness.
wadaramus: Fyfe in the middle is great to see.
Ash777: that’s ultimate fyfe out there
Raspel31: Brought in Fyfe as cheap- and benched as cheap- but grand to see the lad back.
PigeonPies: fyfe is back
Gotigres: Here we go again
pcaman2003: Like I said earlier. Just need Fyfe to fire up.
PigeonPies: amiss has a great set shot routine
Gotigres: I feel a zombie is about to show
pcaman2003: Raspel. Braver than me Raspel. Couldn’ t imagine getting Fyfe again.
wadaramus: Wow, that’s a hit.
Pavs: Thought Fyfe was my and only 7000 others secret weapon.
Raspel31: But so cheap pcaman and helped upgrade and benched and aargh!
sc_god: whats the free for?
pluggerpig: Aish doesnt know where he is
PigeonPies: high contact? what do you think?
Sillybugga: bump on the shoulder omg wow
slydon: the free is for hitting someone with long hair sc god
Bwad: Zombie Fyfe imminent… what a pick up, copped stick for it too!
FoopyTime: good bump
wadaramus: Knocking his headband off.
sc_god: statiscally mids score more against the tigers in sc than any other team
pcaman2003: Hope he goes big for you Rasp.
wadaramus: Not a good bump.
TimT14: Tigers out of legs
Raspel31: Well no pcaman- I benched him- even in a bye- but thanks.
wadaramus: Shoulder vs head = concussion.
FoopyTime: just needs a tighter headband from what i saw that was shoulder on shoulder
Bwad: Makes me happy when the “experts” on YT get shown up, hope Fyfe keeps it up. Good to see a champ back.
Vultures: There’s that duty of care thing
Sillybugga: his hair could get frizzy im glad the AFL has stamped this out
StuL: I only got Fyfe because there were no rookies and I could still afford a premo with the other trade.
slydon: taranto been really quiet second half
Sillybugga: @StuL what premo if u dont mind me asking?
pcaman2003: Wow! Jus saw Fyfes price. That could be very tempting.
DrSeuss: Serong – twice in a row misses an open Brayshaw with and kicks it straight to Richmond
Bwad: Freekickmantle
Pavs: Mid/Fwd as well pcaman. Sucked me in.
pluggerpig: geez odriscoll is unco sometimes
Gotigres: The freo coach looks like he should be on Star Trek
Raspel31: Well, not a bad sucked in Pavs and pcaman at that price.
pcaman2003: Pavs and Rasp. I’d be happy to be sucked in on todays performance.
Balladeer: they should just keep feeding fyfe once hes back on. x factor fumes reeking off him at this point.
slydon: samson looks like a real talent, the kid just needs to stack on some kilos and get a bit of experience in an adult game
pcaman2003: Get back out there Ryan
Loggy17: terrible decision. pickett is a dirty, tough player
slydon: ywah not sure about that holding the ball he had only just picked it up
Bwad: Wowwwwww
Sillybugga: richmonds season on the line here
original: point for sure
sc_god: these commentators are retarded lol
_Wang_: Ryan spent like 7 mine on pine lol
Pavs: Timmy T on the bench still
Gotigres: Great game Johnson
Loggy17: bolton is a gun
original: some high point touches right now
DrSeuss: Damn Jordan Clark has terrible hands – fumbles everything
pluggerpig: brayshaw hasnt scored in about half an hour
sc_god: lol freo fans complaining about the lack of a free kick lmao
DrSeuss: Brayshaw has had a very quiet 4th while Bolton has been bringing Richmond home
Pav300: well deserved win Tigers – at least Freo made a game of it
Sillybugga: Freo playing better then expected
PigeonPies: freo mids did nothing last qt
Loggy17: Boloton is a serious gun
PigeonPies: bolton won tigers the came single handedly, 14 and a goal
Balladeer: nervy kicking out the back at the death has cost them the game. sth they good at usually.
TimT14: We had no right winning that
Tommy_C: Bolton huge last qtr
PigeonPies: good win for tiges
Sillybugga: could be a few players reach 40 with the new soft tackle rules
original: nank scaling down already wtf
slydon: bolton is an absolute star. good timing for richmond
slydon: hes really found his rythm as dusty finds the twilight of his career
slydon: good future tiges you just gotta pick a coach now
slydon: anyway night all see you tomorrow to bag on the baggers
Sillybugga: Voss is free

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