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Chat log from R13 of 2023: North Melbourne vs Western Sydney

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Western Sydney, R13 of 2023

frenzy: we sitting 2 games clear in second last, GWS by 6 goals
JohnHoward: carnn norrff, the coaching stuff looks set for a big tone today, corr to make such an impact as the sub
pcaman2003: Have 4 North players in this.
Wends: Afternoon… brought in the briggs, ditched the zieb, + got a few assorted cheezels and non-cheezels
TimT14: Terrible decision
pcaman2003: Afternoon Wends. Brought in Briggs too.
pcaman2003: Also have Ziebell. Sheezel, Phillips and Ford
Wends: Who did you ditch for him PCA?
Wends: I ditched my non-DPP Gawn… pretty much trying to deal with byes
pcaman2003: Grundy. Sick of him letting me down,so rage traded him.:)
Wends: But knew it’d be tricky playing Goldy this week
Wends: I had Grundy too… couldn’t deal with the frustration any longer
bc__: Baggers for the win tonight
Dredd: Brought Thomas at 290k.. helped get Dawson.. could be a handy bench emergency
TheFlagger: ziebell good boy
Cottees: Go Wardlaw!!!
hmmmm: few little chippies today please ziebs
JohnHoward: what a difference thomas makes to this team, wow
Wends: Canny pick Dredd
hmmmm: wardlaw could possibly be my first pick next year
DANGERous: lift himmel
pcaman2003: hmmm. Make that an upgrade to lots of chippies
Dredd: Reckon he’ll be most brought in next week if he scores another 80+
bhg26: Good stuff fahey
pcaman2003: Time to get back on Briggs
Wends: Have a bye rounds scoring qu.:
nbartos: why was Thomas on the nose?
Wends: If yr fielding 22 & scoring well, is there merit to fielding a couple of rooks likely to score low?
EvilMonk: Wardlaw looks like a seasoned pro
TheFlagger: who cursed briggs?
Dredd: pcaman did flagger. he always does this
Cottees: Wow – Wardlaw is elite ooof
Cottees: So happy to have kept Phillips the whole year. looking great
hmmmm: if anyone doesn’t have wardlaw by this point, i dont know what to tell ya
pcaman2003: The FLagger. The coach by keeping him on the bench too long.
pcaman2003: Dredd. With special mention to Wends who brought him in.
Wends: PCAman naming names lol
TimT14: Geez this game is boring
pcaman2003: Wends. I refuse to cop sole blame. 🙂
Dredd: But you are a notorious player killer pcaman.. got no idea how you do it
TheFlagger: boo sheezel boo
TheLegend6: Our Phillips pre-season selection finally coming good
pcaman2003: Dredd. Thing is , I don’t even have to try. It’s just natural.Lol!is
DrSeuss: Can we trust the coach to keep Himmelberg in defense?
Wends: Come to think of it, I don’t recall you sending out a Briggs trade warning PSA, pca
TheLegend6: Harry goes forward when Taylor and Davis come back
nbartos: great qtr Greene
pcaman2003: Seuss. You should know better than to trust any coach.
TheFlagger: sheezel looks lost
Dredd: Thomas big start.. shold’ve C’d him at this rate lol
mattmac24: WPhillips has been a great pick this season
slydon: its early but im glad i used sheezel for his money this week
slydon: swapping him for sincs has been a god send for my week
pcaman2003: Yep! Phillips great pick up. Hoping Ford, Sheezel and Briggs fire up now
sc_god: good start cogs, you’re due
DrSeuss: True pca – forget fantasy scores – he just impacts the game so much more in defense
Raspel31: True story- as an actor had to audition for an ad this week as a BJ surrogate. Tired after 15 seconds. And I’m far too h
pcaman2003: I agree Seuss. Played defense extremely well.
hmmmm: wardlaw actually dominating
Wends: Raspel there’s kids on this chat, gracious
pcaman2003: Nice mark and goal Eddie. Some more please.
Raspel31: All got Ford but missed the Wardlaw gravy train–dang.
Wends: Took Wardlaw off for Johnson’s 93… ouch
Cottees: Wends – unfortunately taking Johnson is correct. Just unfortunate
Raspel31: Looking good either way Wends.
Wends: With hindsight, could’ve taken Ashcroft off instead… But first world problems as you say Rasp
Wends: & Cottees
TheFlagger: brigadoon
naicosfan: Briggs is like Marshall and Darcy, he racks up points so quickly
naicosfan: I see a promising future for the bloke if he doesn?t have major injuries
bhg26: Flipped a coin to get rid of ziebs or sheezel, guess who i kept
TheFlagger: sheez better get moved to the midfield. hall has killed him
Dredd: How good am I getting Thomas.. 290k bargin!
Wends: bhg that call will be known as the great trade-out dilemma of ’23.
bhg26: I wouldnt wish injury on any player, so i hope hall retires at half time effective immediately
bhg26: Ill be getting him next week at the same price dredd
Hazza09: Hall has ruined Sheezel
DrSeuss: How Hall still gets games is unbelievable – just terrible in defense
EvilMonk: I have Sheez on my ground and Wardlaw on the bench this week LOL
TheFlagger: wow gws need to change something up. need a better target up forward. maybe someone who is a very accurate kick.
naicosfan: Sheezel to Thomas maybe
Raspel31: Both must go bhg- nobody should have a norff player at the pointy end? But why before the bye?
Napper: So Cogs gets no points for effective handball. Nice
bhg26: My exact thinking naicosfan
bhg26: Ziebs breakeven 170 raspel, if he had another shocker he would have lost 40-50k plus
Wends: Rookie roulette @Evil
Raspel31: Fair point bhg.
hmmmm: sheez lifting
Wends: Shiels still tagging Green?
bhg26: At least ive got wardlaw in fantasy…
pcaman2003: Sheezel flying b4 half time.
clay007: Geez, Sheez is the bees knees. What a qtr.
hmmmm: chippie time zieb… good boy good boy…
pcaman2003: Dredd. Still worried about Briggs now I have him? Lol!
sc_god: sheezel back lads!
TheFlagger: wow sheez huge
Doggie Doo: keep going wardlaw
TheFlagger: wardlaw is an absolute freak. so clean and explosive. really hope he gets a clean run, had shot hammies in jnrs
Cottees: to think Green is my problem for supercoach this game out of Wardlaw, Sheezel, Phillips, Briggs and Ford hahaha
lana2146: Himlberg Fyfe keays Yeo all cheapies that look like great buys exciting times
bhg26: Briggs making me consider selling darcy and having briggs be r2
TheLegend6: Yeo gonna be 400K
Loggy17: what time are the pies deeseams named?
DrSeuss: Similar Cottees – Ash and Green looking very average on field while Wardlaw sits on my bench
naicosfan: Ward looks good for 300k
TheFlagger: 6:20 i think
lana2146: Yes same bhg 26 I might sell English or marshal n keep briggs use 600k upgrade my mids
pcaman2003: Only 662 people have Thomas.That will change quickly
lana2146: Yep 400k Yeo but if he can keep scoring like a premo well worth it
sc_god: lol
lana2146: Im not a fan of thomas
Raspel31: lana- think a few contemplating that.
naicosfan: Buckley needs to have a big 2nd half
Wends: Great work Briggs – esp vs Goldy
sc_god: thomas straight swap for atkins i think
pcaman2003: Wends. Looks like we both got him in the nick of time.
Wends: Must’ve been the pca reverse voodoo 🙂
pcaman2003: Wends. Haha! I wish it worked more often.
naicosfan: Yes ward that?s ur projection! Only up from here!
Hazza09: Ffs green
Loggy17: pca, Thomas not a great option for consistency compared to Himmelberger
Wends: Green heading for quite the price drop, unless he can miraculously pick it up from here
Raspel31: Words to that effect Hazza!
Bwad: The “Briggs was a bad pick” folks have gone pretty quiet…
pcaman2003: Logg17. Aren’t they playing different roles? Like to see more Thomas games to compare.
Loggy17: fair point but Himmelberg can be picked as a forward
TheFlagger: himmelberg needs to get involved. sub off keeffe, swap him forward.
Bwad: Almost don’t want to pick up Thomas on principal. He’s as likely to continue this form as he would be to play hungover
pcaman2003: Loggy. So can Thomas.
Loggy17: lol bwad
Bwad: Bloke is a flatout tool, check out his social media… What a flog
TheFlagger: ffs ziebell
DrSeuss: Tom Green getting played forward as well – not ideal at all
sc_god: of course he’s a garbage human, but supercoach isnt based on personalities lol
sc_god: another clanger green
Cottees: jeez Green 2nd half has not ended well for me. Might seriously need tot trade him
TheLegend6: ffs Green
sc_god: delicious pick up in a few weeks should be under 520k then
pcaman2003: Green having a real mare by his standard .Big price drop incoming
Hazza09: Out of all weeks Green
Wends: Green set to lose so much cash – who knew he was the tradeout over JZ this week
Raspel31: Unpleasnant sc-god.
Bwad: If you haven’t had Tom Green to this point, I reckon you’ve missed out. Green owners aren’t worried about his price.
sc_god: green will be cheaper than he was in round 1, not worried either
pcaman2003: Bwad. But he’ll be a nice cheap pickup soon for those wanting him though.
Bwad: He was always a M7/8 and has averaged 108. It’s not win if you haven’t had his score LOL
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Ben McKay what were you doing, massive brain fade.
Bwad: He will be pcaman, has a great role and has been a good, season long selection
JohnHoward: unwarranted kermit
pcaman2003: Bwad. This will be his 4th score under a ton in 5 rounds. He’ll need to improve
Raspel31: Agreed Bwad- Shiels got his number this game but he’ll be back.
TheLegend6: Green good enough to go massive in the last but looks uninterested today
DrSeuss: Have started moving Green at times over recent weeks – certainly doesn’t help him fantasy wise
sc_god: 55 overall, im doing okay mate LOL
TheFlagger: well done sheez
Silz90: Team name sc_god?
Dredd: Nice steal Greene you dog
pcaman2003: sc god. We weren’t asking for your age.
wadaramus: The team ranked 55 already has Green?
pcaman2003: Dredd. How’s Briggs going?
Dredd: lol wada
Silz90: Exactly wada lol
Dredd: Thankfully pcaman.. it looks like your luck has change. must have started yesterday after that trash at the G
original: Flower off hall
sc_god: wardlaw ying yang, done nothing this 1/4
Raspel31: Good work wada- our man on the job..
Wends: PCA we are trying to keep our Briggs karma in the positive!
pcaman2003: Dredd. And you thought I’d jinxed him. Ye of little faith.
lana2146: Sc_god was that you on centre bounce podcast with big joe
Dredd: Thats what happens when you are a lions supporter pcaman.. trust issues and having little faith 🙁
naicosfan: Ffs Buckley everyone else is doing good but you
DrSeuss: I know the feeling Dredd 🙁
biggs2dujj: Warlord needs to be dropped after that quarter
Bwad: @sc_god, if you are the YouTube bloke, you’re in the 6500s. If that’s you, why say such an obvious lie?
TheFlagger: aaron hall haters quier
pcaman2003: Dredd. Your boys lost faith playing my lowly Hawks yesterday. Must have been deflating
Pavs: sc-god you said you were ranked 23 a few weeks ago and that side didn’t have Laird?
Bwad: u tube, no idea why thats censcored, but it’s funny
sc_god: no lana, gulden days
Dredd: Its a tough ride aye Seuss..
wadaramus: Not wanting to be disrespectful, but sc_god has a boastful air that can be irritable.
Bwad: If it’s the guy from u tube, he’s obviously and provably lying. How embarassing…
Raspel31: But seriously- I’m 33rd overall- in my league of 40.
Dredd: Think every lions supporter has lost faith in Fages tbh.. hes had 1 game where he has outcoached the opp (SF game)
DrSeuss: High highs and LOW lows Dredd.
TheLegend6: haha sc_god awfully quiet after that claim
wadaramus: That’s a rank to be proud of Raspel.
Dredd: in Fages*
Pavs: Can be cleared up with a team name though. Benefit of the doubt
Troglodyte: Ease up on sc-dog, he’s having a rough
naicosfan: Greene go 120+ ward and ziebell go 100+
sc_god: not from utube bro
Dredd: How tf does a coaches name turn into heroes
Wends: Ziebs a chance of 120 AF?
Troglodyte: Ease up on sc-dog, he’s having a RUFF day
Dredd: poor form fanfooty
pcaman2003: Rasp. We must be in the same league pal. I’m 32nd
Dredd: 100% seuss.. the gap between those is crazy bad
Wends: Good heart icon m0nty. Any chance of a green emoji this week only for Green lol
TheFlagger: bedford very classy
Hazza09: Will Curnow tag Merrett tonight?
Raspel31: Lol Trog and pcaman.
TheLegend6: scooped it up like a responsible dog owner hahahaha some commentary that
Bwad: Either way, you are absolutelt not ranked 55 sc_god. So please jog on…
naicosfan: Lol @TheLegend6 underwood could never
Cottees: if sc_god is rank 55, I am ranked 1
Bwad: Hazza, I reckon it’s mote likely Kennedy will do a partial run with role on him.
Troglodyte: Briggs. So graceful.
Wends: B Scott’s last month or so impressive
BigChief: @Dredd it’s the 1st 3 letters of your coasches name that the filter is picking up.
TheFlagger: why is that spud corr taking kick ins
Pavs: Cottees/ Fifty shades I could understand
EvilMonk: I really like Norf, the kids are exciting they play good footy a lot of the time.
pcaman2003: Whoever tags Zerrett will cop the wrath of Voodoo doll.
Cottees: Pavs – does kinda work haha
Dredd: Ah fair call chief.. thats a shocker.. will have to start calling him grandpa then
DrSeuss: Very good question Flagger
original: Keep going cogs
BigChief: Just call him Fajan @Dredd. Thats close LOL
Wends: Briggs already past Gawn’s score last round… what a relief
Bwad: Sheezel wet sail, Briggs just an excellent pick up, especially for those of us who went Ratugolea > KB
Cottees: Knew shoulda put Briggs on for English hehe lol
pcaman2003: Wends. And Grundy. I feel vindicated for my trade now.
pcaman2003: Will Preuss or Flynn come back in soon to affect Briggs scoring?
Raspel31: Briggs for English and 2 super upgrades starting to look interesting..
original: I?ll say it again. Flower off hall
Pavs: pcaman who did you captain this week I forgot?
TheFlagger: crack the ton ziegull
Dredd: ffs Green getting cheapies now.. rack iff
Dredd: off*
Wends: Heard a pregame interview on ABC radio PCA, seems the coaches love Briggs but also made it clear spot is up for grabs
pcaman2003: Pavs. Laird
Pavs: Thats right mate I had
pcaman2003: Wends. He’d be hard to displace with his performances I would of thought
Dredd: Come on Tarryn.. would love another 10 from you
TheFlagger: himmelberg fake premo
naicosfan: Crack the ton ffs ziebell
Dredd: omfg Green getting all these 1-2’s.. piss off
Wends: Poor old Hall, unwittingly the most hated person in fantasy, second only to De Boer?
TimT14: Need Tom Green most disposals for 4k go you good thing
TheFlagger: wtf is ziebell doing
TheLegend6: Reckon his done for the day TimT
BigChief: That’s it Ziebell. Get more disp than Tom Green.
Wends: pca sounded like coaches just trying to keep all rucks on their toes, but still cldn’t hide the obvs Briggs-love clear
TheFlagger: trade english on his bye keep brigadoon
TimT14: Noooo!! I’m not watching either shattered
naicosfan: Ton up ward!
Doggie Doo: briggs owners have made another $60000
lana2146: Ford keep making that cash
Wends: Is that a wall icon for Green – gahh!
Dredd: Thank you Thomas!! Massive points at the end
BigChief: Looks like a fuel guage Wends. I might be wrong though.
Dredd: +6 for contested mark, kick, goal?? rack off
wadaramus: Yep, he’s running on empty.
TheLegend6: Shut up Dredd
Raspel31: Running on empty? Eat your Greens.
Bwad: If Briggs continues this, I’m actually considering trading Witts or Marshall. What a pick up…
Wends: Thx Chief… did not want to see a wall
Dredd: Shut up for what?? 1 comment wonders from you legend.. lmfao
Gravyy: Next week is gonna be tough selection, I’ve got Marshall, Witts and Briggs… Good problem to have I guess
Bwad: How’s Ward’s voice, is that Darren Lockyer? They play the same too..
Bwad: Me and you Gravyy, either way it’s very nice.
Gravyy: Wish one of them had DPP Bwad

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