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Chat log from R7 of 2023: Richmond vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Richmond vs Gold Coast, R7 of 2023

navy_blues: richmond at marvel wow thats amazing
navy_blues: i do like cumberland think he has a great future
Bazza2023: really hoping for a suns win.
bhg26: Constable another 29 touches 11 marks and a goal in the VFL
MrWalrus: We get marvel a bit, Cumberland is real goal kicker, FU bazza.
MrWalrus: But seriously Bazz I reckon you’re a chance to get your wish, suns just beat tiges for some reason
oc16: pick it up ando
MrWalrus: Hey Urbs, can you get onto m0nty about getting my spud getting the yellow and black treatment?
MrWalrus: Hello Wends and the Mav Weller appreciation society also.
MrWalrus: Geez that was stiff on Balta, penalised for being too strong
Bazza2023: loving the start, go dewys delights
Urbs: Nothing wrong with a spud imo
Legix: Anderson is a pleasure to watch
MrWalrus: Agree Urbs, very proud owner but yellow and black in good times and bad
thesilentl: Surely keeps the spud until the worst player you’ve ever seen ash johnson gets delisted hey walrus
MrWalrus: Yes Anderson is OK but a Dusty don’t argue is truly a thing of beauty
bhg26: A lot of spud in this chat
ajconodie: RORY LAIRD Relief for many coaches with the popular midfielder confirmed to line up. Source : ABC S.A
TimT14: Watching the tigers is painful.. Balta is very similar to Rance in his early years
AuroraBore: what did walrus get a spud for?
MrWalrus: Nah, just lack of anything else bhg, I started pre game, Balta is better than Rance and only 23 this year
Raspel31: The signs are good Tim- rest easy.
MrWalrus: For suggesting Naicos is very good hut maybe not the best player ever Aurora, best not to ask…
navy_blues: naicos is not best player ever lol that absurd only 2nd season
Vultures: Wgat the Richmond ?
navy_blues: dusty runs a mile lol
navy_blues: good goal
Nurfed: didnt you get the spud for something about ash johnson
ajconodie: Rowell should be much higher. Yeah his DE is low, but 7 CPs.
MrWalrus: Samson may become a very handy player yet, only 22 last December and 206cm, set & forget rynglish from 2025
MrWalrus: Same game, Saying a Johnson floater goal was a bit lucky was the primer
navy_blues: cmon hopper extract the digit
MrWalrus: I remember it well because I wasn’t even drunk & also I still reckon correct.
oc16: Does Dew hate Fiorini?
MrWalrus: Where’s Grimes? Did ya go Taranto? He looks on!
BigChief: Why wasn’t that HTB against Bolton? He just dropped it.
Raspel31: Taranto and Marshall rage trades out next week.
navy_blues: grimes goes into hiding when tigers play
Crave: this game is horrendous
MrWalrus: That 50 was horrendous
navy_blues: why he did wrong thing
Vultures: Bring in a 19th team will fix it, Crave lol
MrWalrus: There was nothing he coy have done differently navy without psychic powers navy. Can’t you stand a mark anymore?
Bazza2023: Mabior! poke me in the bum!
navy_blues: was where he came from protected area but i dont like the rule either
Raspel31: Let’s be honest -GC are pretty ordinary. How the Tiggers have fallen. Should still win this.
bhg26: Both teams have employed our goal kicking technique
navy_blues: if u allow that means a player goes to play on and gets tackled straight away
MrWalrus: That’s the thing navy, was already there before he had the ball, the rule isn’t so bad as the application
Bazza2023: i see Tom Berenger is in great form, nice snipe there
MrWalrus: 2.9 to 4.2, should be winning Rasp, also Taranto is almost as useless as Marshall, gone!
navy_blues: hopper gone home?
m0nty: Humphrey been a bit quiet
Raspel31: Isn’t Brandon Ellis a Richmond player- confused.
MrWalrus: Which they have been allowing (incorrectly) navy, lets just agree umpires are balls AIDS
BigChief: So is Chol Raspel
Raspel31: Lol BigChief and Walrus.
bhg26: At least he?s got a stat m0nty, unlike a certain doggies forward
frenzy: he a funny young fellow, that Humphrey
MrWalrus: Case in point, why wasn’t that 50 for Cotch then if we are applying the same rule?
bhg26: What a fucking shit half of footy
Raspel31: You still think Keays on Naicos MrWalrus? Hmm- him or Dawson.
MrWalrus: Frenzy with the obscure pantsless bears pun, very nice getting into all matter of strife!
Social: Neither wanted to play stinkfinger anymore
MrWalrus: Keays I reckon rather than the head to head seagull off.
Hazza09: First Setterfield and now Hopper
MrWalrus: But in today’s AFL where you just don’t bother manning up who can be sure?
Malaka: I see what you did there. m0nty.
Raspel31: Leaning that way MrWalrus- I have people who will find you if this doesn’t work out.
Vultures: someone call a wah wambulance
daniel87: is hopper injured 67 pervent game time ?
DaicosQB: A walrus possession isn’t real unless you buried yourself in a pack of 17 players and came out with it
daniel87: *percent
MrWalrus: No worries Rasp, if it goes pear shaped I’ll be sure to make it interesting for them
Raspel31: Danger got 64% game time and still 126.
MrWalrus: Hopper is fine, Danger is back & Daicos is speaking a different language.
navy_blues: no good enough by hopper atm 7 touches in a half isnt what he was recruited for
navy_blues: proj 115 long way off
_Wang_: This is a truly diabolical game haha
MrWalrus: Tiges to lift efficiency and win, switching to Crows pies now, should be game of the round
duckky: Good lord – 3 playes on negative scores at half time.
navy_blues: could be a sunny day
Bazza2023: finally the rats start running and get the wheel going! carn the coast!
PigeonPies: taranto becoming a c option
bhg26: Gee Humphrey had a blinder
Bazza2023: grimes, lmao
Bazza2023: first nail.
Gotigres: Not liking what I’m seeing
Cottees: Welp there goes my gauntlet. Thanks Richmond lol
suns4ever: FlagSuns
suns4ever: FlagDew
Bazza2023: my gauntlet went when sydney choked
ballbag: @bhg Humphrey was very quiet as mentioned earlier
BigChief: Happy I took the easy kill in gauntlet with Melb.
Raspel31: The worm has certainly turned.
Bazza2023: go suns
Bazza2023: so close to picking up fiorini now touk is out, more CBAs
bhg26: Hopper good lord
frenzy: cmon dimma, put soldo on the flowering park
duckky: Hoppers performance are more up and down than Charlie Sheen’s undies
sc_god: lol the feral giving the double bird
bhg26: Keep making me money samson
Raspel31: My neighbour Mr Hardwick will be putting the bins out angrily this week.
Bazza2023: You bring on the sun ah ah ah ah
Bazza2023: Yellow and Red!
Bazza2023: were the suns of old, were yellow and red, oh were from goldie town!
BigChief: Well done Timmy T.
Bazza2023: loving the timmy T
BigChief: Timmy T thinking why oh why did I leave GWS.
Bazza2023: wheres spudgina?
navy_blues: grimes wont show his face for a month after this lol
Bazza2023: he came for the cash Bigchief
Bazza2023: that’ll help him get through and sleep at night, in a very poor side
beerent11: Hop?s breakeven is 39. All good.
BigChief: Hey Raspel, is your neighbour going to blame having to play at Marvel?
Bazza2023: grimes is a spud too
Social: A little ray of sunshine has come into my life
navy_blues: wd suns!
navy_blues: lol chief
Raspel31: Above my pay grade BigChief- but he’s a nice chap.
Social: surely he makes the new bird drag the bins
Bazza2023: nice social , i went with london beats here comes the sun
Bazza2023: you bring on the sun
bhg26: Decent recovery from hopper
Bazza2023: or the beatles here comes the sun
BigChief: Richmond trying to get Harley Reid.
Social: do they still get to poke bums after a loss like this?
Bazza2023: they’ll invite chol into the rooms for a bum poke.
Social: now thats sportsmanship

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