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Chat log from R7 of 2023: Essendon vs Geelong

Chat log for Essendon vs Geelong, R7 of 2023

J.Worrall: Go Bombers
MrWalrus: Yes, I do like seeing the bombers competitive after so long sucking
Manowar: nah, they still suck!
Cottees: says the Cartlton supporter 😉
Cottees: – me the Hawks supporter lol
slydon: up the dons
Raspel31: Indeed J. Worrall- although, having said that Setterfield to Danger.
Manowar: Game over!
MrWalrus: I wish Dangerfield would stop trying to get a run in my team.
MrWalrus: Setterfield, you may have just outstayed your welcome, if id had one extra trade this week…
Cottees: Walrus, I know the feeling. Injuries made me keep Setters 🙁
Raspel31: Would help if Danger wasn’t a bench warmer now.
Hazza09: Setterfield to Oliver next week, over this
Troglodyte: Go Fat Tippa
Raspel31: Oh yep Hazza- it was time.
pcaman2003: Settled on -1 after 3 clangers is a good score.:)
cmperrfect: This will be a trouncing.
pluggerpig: im going with a few more weeks of cash cow downgrades before going for premos
Cottees: deserves to be -10 pca
lana2146: Stewart was gone were was the penalty umps
pcaman2003: Cottees. I agree! Lucky to be -1
MrWalrus: Arguably holding the man lana, never really had it, good call I reckon
slydon: these umps are on the drinks already what a joke
Crave: geelong throwers lol this gonna be a thumping though
Grimes Jr: what a shocjk the dons are getting thumped. an average club at best
MrWalrus: I’ve got soo many cows ready to milk plugger I’m going now
Zee94: we’re shit but when the ball bounces outside the fucking circle how is not a recall ball
MrWalrus: Hawkins has been at his best over the last few years, big fwds peak in their 30’s
Manowar: how did Geelong get such a soft draw? bit of AFL love!
bhg26: Do something ridley
lana2146: All week was hearing how Zerk-Thatchers gonna shut down Tomma n Cams hahaaa delusional peeps out there
BigChief: And yet they are still better than Richmond Grimes.
pcaman2003: Stewart suffering frost bite at the other end.
PowerBug: Dixon and Tex Walker to add to that list Walrus
suns4ever: Can Essendon get it forward I need Stewart to be near the ball
MrWalrus: Can we just take a moment to appreciate how good Dangerfield is?
Raspel31: Dons still in this-all according to game plan. Still, happy Setter to Danger.
Bazza2023: witches hats for the peptides
pcaman2003: Hawkins will ton up by 1st qtr. Lol!
Harambe: Hawkins in gorilla mode
sheezel420: Norf might only be the 3rd biggest loss this week :’)
lana2146: All week I heard these knobs saying Zerk Thatcher would shut Tomma n Cams down yep hahaaa
pluggerpig: old man strength in a key forward walrus
pluggerpig: margaret thatcher would have a better chance lana
Cottees: Hawkins to get 10+ goals
Manowar: soft free! umpires feeling sad for the injectors
bhg26: Hawkins 300 incoming
Bazza2023: bowes cooked
BigChief: Bowes subbed
DANGERous: Tanner Time
MrWalrus: Absolutely PB & PP, pretty much every elite power fwd ever got better after 30, reckon Lynch will be another.
slydon: for heavens sake redman can you use those mitts of yours and grab the ball when it comes to you what are you doing
MrWalrus: Nic Martin is a seriously good footy player, how come he ended up a rookie pick?
MrWalrus: Also remember a couple of weeks ago when commentators had all written off Hawkins?
Hazza09: Can?t wait for 9pm tonight to trade Phillipou & Setterfield
Raspel31: And yet bring him in at your peril MrWalrus.
Grimes Jr: Dawson v laird skippa
thommoae: I’m ‘imperilled. So far so good.
Cottees: My choice for Captain is Dawson, Laird or Daicos and I know the 2 I don’t pick will destroy who I pick lol
MrWalrus: Already got Cameron Hazza, one key cat is enough for me
Raspel31: Lol thommoae- can’t argue with that.
MrWalrus: Taranto Grimes, are you sure Laird will even play?
pluggerpig: i reckon this will be jezzas quarter now. both will be on 4 goals at HT
MrWalrus: Agree plugger except maybe even 5 each
Grimes Jr: That?s what I?m worried about walrus. But can Tim really be trusted
navy_blues: no way id risk C on a player that could be a late out or not 100%
Hazza09: It?s between Dawson and Daicos for the C
Raspel31: Tough Grimes- had so many over 150 but vcapped English. Naicos for me?
MrWalrus: Taranto is about as safe as any of those, if we can finally get over our losing to the suns issues it’ll be because of h
lana2146: I have a feeling the Crows gonna win today
lana2146: I?m going Dawson Captain for 150+
MrWalrus: *him, also Naicos surely cops Keays and he doesn’t mess around
Cottees: Lana, please stop jinxing my tips and captain haha
lana2146: Every game at AO this season Dawson has went 110+
Raspel31: Valid point MrWalrus and have Dawson- hmm?
lana2146: @cottees I?m doing quite fine thank you sitting in top 500
Manowar: Laird out? hope so
navy_blues: hate sundays for sc something always go
Hazza09: How do we know the Keays tag is even going to work
MrWalrus: Dawson could be huge but surely the pies have a plan for him? He’s just been the crow’s slightly harder Naicos this seas
navy_blues: goes wrong
DANGERous: get off the bench Danger, thats enough rest
thommoae: Is Max Holmes Garry Hocking 2.0?
Raspel31: Danger really is seriously time managed now- hmm/
Hazza09: Every Sunday is carnage navy
MrWalrus: If Keays gets given a mission he follows it through, very underrated that bloke
Hazza09: Walrus who has Keays tagged this year other than Saad?
MrWalrus: 70% peak danger > 85% almost anyone else
MrWalrus: He’s shut down all the seagulls Hazza, it’s his current job
bhg26: Phillips a true ruckman
pcaman2003: Go Stewart you good thing. Keep it going all game now.
bhg26: Ridley do what stewarts doing
original: Mcgrath in my draft team what the actual flower
MrWalrus: Stewart is one of those blokes who’s SC score actually reflects real world performance more often than not
navy_blues: he went from 39 to 58 with 2 poss 1 was a intercept mark
MrWalrus: It’s a beautiful thing navy
davywap: This looks like a team that’s had 8 days off vs a team that’s had 4
davywap: 5 that is, not 4 lol
slydon: redman needs a good old fashioned spray from b2
pcaman2003: Stewart has been in my defence past few years. Mr dependable I call him.
sc_god: lol the hypocrisy is my favourite
davywap: Duncan if u could go right ahead and get a touch, that’d be great.
Legix: afternoon lads. Is Merret being tagged or just poo
MrWalrus: Who is “The hypocrisy” sc_god?
Raspel31: Poo.
MrWalrus: Not tagged Legix, not exactly poo either to be fair
Legix: just one of those days then
oc16: danger’s points per minute this year has been impressive
sc_god: ppl without Stewart would be complaining about his points, same story with Bont
Wo0lfeee: Star for Hawkins. Witches hats for Essendon
davywap: Something about Tomahawk’s head makes me dislike him
Hazza09: The week I needed Rat to do something he?s going to dish up a 40
thommoae: This Hawkins can play a bit, eh Raspel? Happy to have him aboard at this point. A midfield that serves it up.
mattmac24: Essendon aren’t playing that badly to be worth the witches Hat. Zerk-Thatcher maybe though..
naicosfan: I think he?s cross eyed Davy lol
Raspel31: You can never own a player who’s head annoys you davywrap- I only have handsome players.
davywap: Lol i didn’t notice but it’s not his eyes I don’t think
davywap: I own Toby Green quite often, worst head in footy
thommoae: But what a boot!
Raspel31: Well, Clarry no oil painting. But yes, his eyes are shifty.
MrWalrus: Remember Darcy Moore’s breakout down back? Saw it coming a mole off but couldn’t pick him because of his head
pluggerpig: joe daniher’s head bothers me the most. it’s the constant mouth breathing. cannot pick him.
MrWalrus: Clarry has a normal head.. for a ginger at least.
naicosfan: Tex walker and the whole west coast team for me lol
Spifflicat: Lynch has the most punchable head in footy
pluggerpig: id rather look at papley’s celebration face than daniher’s regular face
Nurfed: Nah walrus hes got a head like a kicked in bickie tin
davywap: Joe’s head is troublesome
Raspel31: Good call Spiff.
MrWalrus: Nurfed, my Missus says it’s like either a bucket of smashed crabs or a dropped pastie.
Raspel31: Laird my pin up boy- very small head so little to cricise.
Raspel31: Criticise.
davywap: A face like a spastic crab is a nice non-PC one I’ve heard
Spifflicat: A head that could make a funeral procession turn up a side street – B Connolly
Spifflicat: Or, a bulldog chewing wasp
Raspel31: I just googled that Spiff- or a bulldog licking the piss off a nettle. That’s Tex.
navy_blues: gee knevitt is a beanpole
Raspel31: Danger on for a minute and back on the pine?
MrWalrus: How fat is tippa? Fattest player since Dew, love it!
sc_god: he’s been on the relton roberts diet
original: Danger TOG so low, killing me. Why?
DANGERous: youve just had a halftime danger, back on please
davywap: Tippa looking like Derek Kickett when went to Sydney after he left the Bombers and had a few months off
ajconodie: Tippa should have a turtle, not a burger.
Fromage: Cameron BE 110 he?s ripe to come in this week
ajconodie: Sorry for yelling.
RuffLeader: Nothing like a bit of casual racism ajconodie
Raspel31: Yep Ruff- well called.
ajconodie: @Ruff – Observational, not racism.
Vultures: Gotta luv those who see racism where there is none
RuffLeader: Would you suggest that someone not from the Tiwi Islands should eat a turtle?
ajconodie: Thanks @Vutlures – Tiwi Islanders eat turtles.
RuffLeader: Good to see the two saying it isn’t racism are Collingwood fans, very on brand
Spifflicat: Impressive Bombers!
ajconodie: @Ruff – virtue signal elsewhere.
pcaman2003: Nice ton Tom. Maybe should’ve put the C on you instead of Naicos.
Raspel31: Gotta luv those who think blatant racism is fine.
davywap: When did Duncan become so shit?
pluggerpig: Stringer’s got a rude head too. I wouldn’t tell him that, looks like he’d glass me.
ajconodie: Ruff – Let it go.
RuffLeader: ajconodie Nah
thommoae: Good head for kicking a bag, that guy.
davywap: Yes all Collingwood supporters are racists, because they label people based on one thing about them
ajconodie: Anyway, Tippa is fat.
Cottees: aj, continue being ignorant please
davywap: Lol plugger
Yelse: Umpires really gotta get their meters practiced ridic
sc_god: its comical you think calling an indiginous person fat is racist
ajconodie: Far out sooks. If it were Prestia that came back a little top heavy I would have said he needed a lasagne. You’re all
ajconodie: Over-reacting
RuffLeader: sc_god, definitely not the reason he is being called racist
davywap: I wonder what Clarko would ask Tippa to do if he came back from pre-season overweight
BigChief: Being fat is a race now? Damn I have a new race 🙂
dezlav: Took a punt putting the C on Danger. Nowhere 30 mins it might work out.
Raspel31: I think it was the turtle comment- let’s move on chaps. But on Ruff’s side.
Spifflicat: Seriously people, focus on footy
sheezel420: Also is it not a cultural thing they’re proud of? How is that racist?
pluggerpig: anyone know if Laird’s out or not? I got a donut if he is. 🙁
Vultures: Finally forwards are kicking bags of goals
ajconodie: @plugger – Couple of mids were held over from SANFL so probably giving it til the last minute.
davywap: Aj it’s like if out was an african-american was fat they should have the fried chicken emoji
pcaman2003: Speaking of footy. Stewart up against opponent’s Setters and Draper. Very happy chappy.
Yelse: regrets not getting stewart this week
BigChief: Nothing said yet Plugger
Raspel31: No centre cover plugger- whoops.
MrWalrus: Tippa is fat, nothing racist about that and I like it, weight can give an advantage if you can carry it
ajconodie: @MrWalrus – And it definitely doesn’t inhibit him. Still lightning quick.
pluggerpig: yeah i stuffed up and had Davey as my E. Not that philipoo wouldve helped much.
MrWalrus: Setters to danger I reckon, call it crop rotation…
DaicosQB: The people coming in half way through with 0 context are absolutely prime, just move on
duckky: Tippa left the Tiwi islands when he was 15 and he arranged to be adopted to facilitate this.
BigChief: Lockett was overweight and no one called him fat.
duckky: He has not been back to the Tiwi Islands since
davywap: I used to be pretty fat , one advantage I had playing is that if i got front position in a marking contest no one could
davywap: Spoil me if the ball was put in front of me
Raspel31: What I did this week MrWalrus. Danger of Danger is TOG of course.
duckky: He retired to try to get away from racism he encountered on field and to get a secondary school education.
bhg26: m0nty ?back on the game? incoming
duckky: I think he has had enough of the casual racism.
obbynl: is laird gonna play today?
davywap: Plenty called plugger fat, just not to his face
MrWalrus: Absolutely aj, fat Tuppa is a Boss, genuinely loving it, his elite tackling is literally damaging
Manowar: Laird is out!
MrWalrus: FU duckky, calling a bloke fat isn’t racist, especially when it comes from love
runners47: Get off the pine, Shiel, and rack up some stats to get as close to Parish as you can
BigChief: Source @Manowar?
duckky: The guy has had a real hard life MrWalrus. Some of the comments (and maybe not yours) were unacceptable.
pcaman2003: Chief. Who’d be brave enough to tell Plugger he’s fat? Lol!
duckky: Oh and Fullham United back at you 😉
MrWalrus: Danger TOG no issue, low TOG = Danger Prime which is elite.
beerent11: Might try to get setters to Merrett this week. Great value.
Wo0lfeee: @bigchief cant see anything on twitter or the AFL site yet..need him to play
bhg26: Well if lairds out I?m getting a donut
pcaman2003: Manowar. Is Laird out confirmed?
duckky: @pcaman – I believe our fullback did when I played for Redan and plugger played for Nth Ballarat. He probably kicked 16
MrWalrus: Beer, that’d be the sensible option but how can you go past one last fling with the dangerman?
BigChief: I am not that brave pcaman and wolfee I can’t find anything either.
MrWalrus: I hope Laird is out, banked on it, then I get Ashcroft’s score.
Wo0lfeee: SANFL game has started and Crouch + Schoenberg are not playing. Looks like a late out incoming
pcaman2003: duckky. Is he still living?
MrWalrus: Young plugger was fat, I recall a pig incident even, now the bloke is a Skellington
pcaman2003: If Laird out ,I’ll get Baker 69. Touch and go for a win unless Stewart can get 140+
Raspel31: Setters to Merrett is like selling a clapped out Holden to a used Volvo beer?
sheezel420: Wolfee, they were always gonna have the contingency for him not playing, them not in SANFL means nothing
BigChief: Crows expect him to play according to twitter.
Gotigres: When I field the Rat he averages 35, when I don’t field him he averages 80
Wo0lfeee: @sheezel just forwarding the info manowar likely read. Hope you’re right! Otherwise i get 55 from Johnson and lose H2H
pcaman2003: If Laird plays, hope he has decent TOG,or not subbed early. That’s my only concern.
dezlav: Off the bench please Danger
Raspel31: I lay awake worrying about this pcaman- and I don’t even have Laird.
bhg26: Manowar just dropped a potential bombshell and has not elaborated any further and flowered off
pcaman2003: You need therapy Rasp.
duckky: @pcaman – The fullback? He was lucky not to be killed by his teammates. Plugger just laughed. He was already annoited.
pcaman2003: Stewart no touches this qtr. C’mon Stewart.!
JayEm: Redman needs microscope icon too
pluggerpig: Laird is playing, according to Twitter
pluggerpig: corey norris on twitter
MrWalrus: Dez, at his age less is more with Danger, the low TOG is part of why I’m getting him in
pcaman2003: Thanks pluggerpig. Good to know. Hope he kills it now.
Hazza09: Leave it for Rat ffs Stewart
morgs640: Laird plays!
MrWalrus: He’ll play every game and go 115 @ 70% TOG as Danger prime
Hazza09: Cya Setterfield, officially gone at 9.20pm
bhg26: So Manowars source was wrong?
MrWalrus: Damnit but also yay if he beats Ashcroft
obbynl: gonna go setterfield to sicily probs
BigChief: Looks like Manowar spreading false news.
MrWalrus: Also not too sad missing Ashcroft because the replacement was Cincotta
BigChief: bhg he never gave his source.
bhg26: I know chief
Raspel31: I know for a fact Laird not playing in 2038.
bhg26: Ridley on the bench, unacceptable
bhg26: Source raspel?
JockMcPie: source: made it up
BigChief: Ya never know Raspel. He might find Brent Harvey’s youth pills
AuroraBore: apparently he’ll have to prove it in the final warmup
ajconodie: Cook and Macrae already named as subs so read into that what you will.
Raspel31: Caught me out there bhg.
ajconodie: RORY LAIRD Relief for many coaches with the popular midfielder confirmed to line up. Source : ABC S.A
BigChief: Schoenberg and Kelly actually subs
ajconodie: Yep just read Schoenberg and Kelly. Not sure why the other two were named.
frenzy: schoey and will kelly subs on afl webby
Rilian: Red Cross for Rohan, iced on bench for past 15mins.
Rilian: nvm..
Urbs: fwiw Laird is a late test after warm-up, Crouch on standby
Raspel31: Good work Urbs.
Bazza2023: have you heard?
Bazza2023: Has everyone heard?
Raspel31: Well, not the massacre I feared.
Bazza2023: That Bird is the word!
lana2146: Someone check Setterfields pulse is he alive?
Raspel31: You walk the walk you gotta talk the talk Bazza.
pcaman2003: lana. Setters and Draper choked out by the Voodoo doll.
Jaypa: I hope Setterfield gets up to piss tonight, and then wakes up and realises he was dreaming. USELESS.
saintzzz: if laird dosent get up i get a dougnut

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