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Chat log from R5 of 2023: Essendon vs Melbourne

Chat log for Essendon vs Melbourne, R5 of 2023

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Moona: Carn the Bombers – hoping for a good showing today
bushranger: VC Oliver , do me proud
frenzy: turn my shower weekend around
Raspel31: Hard to pick so far.
Cottees: My anxiety on not having Oliver is damn high. Need him to stay lowish
Wends: Afternoon all, took Wilmot’s 57 over McVee. Hoping Setters keeps Oliver to under 110 (grimace emoji)
Pavs: Excuse me Setters had a handball c’mon CD
Raspel31: He did indeed Pavs.
Pavs: CD must be broken
Wends: Also have Grundy (double grimace)
Raspel31: Game over!
navy_blues: cmon oliver get going!
Baldfrog: Glad Chandler got 4 pints sitting on the bench
Wends: Damn, quarters go quick in SA
MrWalrus: Wends with the high stakes on this one
pcaman2003: Baldy. He’ll be pretty pissed soon drinking 4 pints on the bench
Wends: Too early to be biting fingernails down to the quick Walrus?
pcaman2003: Need Grundy high and Oliver low. Might need Voodoo doll this game.
Wends: Join my ceremony PCA, welcome.
Pavs: Opposite this game pcaman. Stay low Grundy
pcaman2003: Need Setters low also.
Raspel31: Opposite for me pcaman so maybe invert the doll.
pcaman2003: Thank you Wends. I may just do that
bhg26: Stringers never afraid to have a shot
pcaman2003: Sorry Pavs,but my priorities differ.
Baldfrog: Footy is becoming soccer
navy_blues: agree pavs
pcaman2003: How about I invert you Raspel? Would be an interesting look
RuffLeader: Fritsch loves a dive
Baldfrog: Thought you did that last year pcaman?
Raspel31: I look the same both ways pcaman- back to the footy.
DrSeuss: Of course this is the week that none of my opponents have Clarry
pcaman2003: Rapel. Lol! Such uniqueness.
Ooost: The Bummers
MrWalrus: Call Rasp Glenelg, bit of SA gatheround humour for you all.
frenzy: like a sister raspel
saintzzz: clarry will come back no doubt
pcaman2003: Did what Baldy?
Baldfrog: Invert Raspel pcaman
Wends: Chandler hopefully repeating slow start, fast finish from last week.
pcaman2003: Baldy Lol!
Baldfrog: Not Raspels fault the muscles arnt as tight as they used to be
pcaman2003: Voodoo doll on Clarry and working beautifully so far.Go Grundy and kick alps.
frenzy: Lol bald
RooBoyStu: Like the movie Oliver, people want more lol
Wends: Trick is don’t say it out loud pca!
RooBoyStu: Magnifying 🔎 Oliver
DrSeuss: Looks like this will be McGrath’s one big game of the year
pcaman2003: No trick to this Wends. Opponent has Ollie C so Voodoo doll better work.
Pavs: Setters GTF on the ground
Baldfrog: Finally Setters off the bench
DrSeuss: Great work Chandler – certainly have earnt that 2nd stint on the bench
Ooost: LOL Shitterfield = trap
navy_blues: draper killin grundy
lana2146: Kosi Pickett paid $5.25 to kick 3 goals today when I got on him,,,2 to go
Wends: Someone’s working their magic on Setters
wadaramus: Will Setterfield do something?
BigChief: Draper dominating Grundy so far
biggs2dujj: Ol Clarry can’t win his own ball. Tragic
pcaman2003: Opponent has Ollie,Setters and Chandler. Happy so far.
RooBoyStu: Remember when Hind was SC relevant
MrWalrus: pca, you seem to have a genuine ability to influence SC scoring. Use it for good.
RooBoyStu: Clarry must’ve had too many West Ends 🍺 last night lol
navy_blues: dees look like they are avoiding ollie
Fromage: Grundy?
Wends: I see what you did there wada 🙂
biggs2dujj: Amazing thing about Oliver…he’s not even tagged. Free as a bird
Baldfrog: I would to Navy that haircut is shocking
MrWalrus: Ooost, as an owner using him as a stepping stone I can confirm that you are 100% incorrect on setters
saintzzz: this is olivers worst qtr of his life
Ooost: Oliver and Setterfield are on strike
biggs2dujj: @saintzzz Would have to be. 1 touch and got lucky with a tackle that wasn’t there
MrWalrus: Both Oliver & setterfield to ton from here. It is the way.
navy_blues: if some1 said ollie will only have 2 poss in 1st qtr u would think they were high as a kite
navy_blues: loving dark mode m0nty wont change back now
lana2146: 20% of peeps had the C on Oliver,,,sweating bullets
MrWalrus: Oh yeah, I’m with navy, dark mode with the links to purple is eye porn for me, great stuff m0nty
Wends: Where can you see those stats lana? (in AFLF)
lana2146: Hahaaa kick it a bit higher next time Jones
Baldfrog: setters only 2 points for a cm and kick cmon CD
pcaman2003: Go Grundy you good thing.
lana2146: @wends not sure mate that?s SuperCoach of the app
bhg26: Van Rooyen turns into a ragdoll in ruck contests and gets frees
Wends: Thx – will see if anything similar on AFLF app
pcaman2003: Opponent has Ollie as C , Setters and Chandler. Hahaha! Go Brodie!
Davo27: Cmon Oliver, lift you ranga shithead
DrSeuss: Paid the soft ruck free to VanRoo then nearly didnt pay a free for Pickett almost losing his head
Davo27: Who would’ve thought Van rooyen is doing better than Oliver, Setters and Chandler?
MrWalrus: Seems setters following Oliver, it’s the SC realistic worst case on display.
Wends: Not crowing about Oliver yet – has a way of catching up v quickly when you don’t own him…
Social: I feel sick
pcaman2003: I can hear my opponent crying. Lol!
TheFlagger: clarry is gonna be cheap as chips
DrSeuss: The mark Clarry has been paid wasn’t a mark either – Ump called not 15
pcaman2003: This new and improved Voodoo doll is the best yet. Suffer the unbelievers.
Baldfrog: Clarry will magically gain 50 pints at some stage stop pannicking
navy_blues: least he isnt my C
pcaman2003: Baldy. No he won’t.
MrWalrus: Grundy being destroyed by dons rucks but still #1 dees SC
wadaramus: All of a sudden Setterfield just doesn’t know how to get involved.
navy_blues: at half time we should NTP ollies score lol
pcaman2003: Walrus. Grundy loving the absence of Gawn.
Migz: haha never seen anything so deliberate in my life thats gold
MrWalrus: I’m with Bald, Clarry will be fine.
RooBoyStu: No beers on flight home for Clarry
pcaman2003: This game will almost guarantee my win this round.
PigeonPies: clarry finally gonna be able to be traded in in a couple
bhg26: sc score aside Grundy has been very average
MrWalrus: Agree pca, also seems happy to not be a pie but he’s getting spanked though SC doesn’t show this
RooBoyStu: Can the fans touch the ball in the crowd? Remember that lady in Adelaide during covid lol
Ash777: All I have in this game is Chandler & Ridley
wadaramus: SC score is all that matters bhg 🙂
bhg26: Cant argue with that wada
PigeonPies: draper loves playing against grundy, always turns up
DrSeuss: Just stay on the bench Chandler – super helpful
wadaramus: Draper definitely playing the better footy though, 3 sausage rolls already.
navy_blues: no grundy to be seen near draper
Cottees: How to beat Melbourne. Tag and stop Oliver lol
pcaman2003: Walrus. Don’t agree he’s getting spanked. Take out the goals and Grundy doing very well.
DrSeuss: So you are allowed to hold the man – then get called for holding the ball – rightio
Malaka: pca, if you’ve given up 3 goals to your opponent, you’re getting spanked.
bhg26: Plus Grundy losing the hitout count
RooBoyStu: Grundy’s score us a joke
wadaramus: Is Setters running with Oliver now?
navy_blues: bs ump protect the player!
wadaramus: The Dons are wasting opportunities.
Migz: he ducked though. he brought that on him self
MrWalrus: Grundy has had 4-5 goals kicked on him to half time, he has been destroyed
pcaman2003: Yet Grundy has 13 touches to 2 ruckmen with the same combined. Hardly spanked!
RooBoyStu: The 4m The Quokka coming up at Ascot Amelia’s Jewel should win, but Shades of Rose best roughie.
RuffLeader: PCA, would you rather 13 touches or 5 goals?
colin wood: Grundy struggling with the 2-1 ruck combo that the Bombers have. His SC score is suprising.
Baldfrog: 2? draper has 7 touches
BRAZZERS: he’s been destroyed, they kicked 5 goals from ruckmen lmao
Baldfrog: OOps miss read ignore pca
BRAZZERS: its more the sc points nackers
TheFlagger: 53% efficiency very damaging 13 touches
DrSeuss: Grundy at 53% disposal as well.
navy_blues: so if your a coach and opp rucks has 5 goals at halftime you happy with that pca?
MrWalrus: Disclaimer: SC score does not necessarily reflect real world performance.
Baldfrog: Grundy runs around as tho he ia million dollar man
wadaramus: It’s supposed to be the smart scoring system MrWalrus, easy to write rules, hard to apply them correctly!
PigeonPies: happy birthday grundy
MrWalrus: Agree wada, SC is the best AFL fantasy sy
MrWalrus: System but it still fails often compared to real life
pcaman2003: I’m happy taking the 72 points Grundy on at half time. I think some people miss the important issues
wadaramus: As I did say to bhg earlier pca, the SC score is all that matters 🙂
pcaman2003: Besides, Grundy can’t mind 2 rucks at the same time, But don’t let facts get in the way.
Raspel31: Perhaps time to reconsider the Clarry cap?
Wends: Is setters back on Oliver?
wadaramus: Pity about the weather but can’t do much about that.
wadaramus: Raining down the ‘Dinge, raining in Radelaide.
Pavs: Unfortunately yes Wends
bc__: Just had a HT rest ffs. Get out there grundy
ajconodie: Stringer is a seagull.
Wends: Thx Pavs
BigChief: Hey pcaman can you me a favour and remove the doll please?
circle52: Do not forget Gontested possessions are worth 6 0r 8 points and Grundy has 8 so more than half his points for CPs
DrSeuss: Chandler – if you could do anything, that would be great
wadaramus: The rain has stopped, get back out there Grundy.
Wends: Grundy making two minute noodles on the sideline maybe
Social: cmon the bomboneiri
MrWalrus: I don’t understand how CPs are judged, Naicos gets them without being within 5m of an opponent
JockMcPie: if you genuinely think that Walrus, you don’t watch him close enough
MrWalrus: Others don’t get them despite having 5 blokes hanging off of them, seems very subjective
Wends: I’ve got one word for you Social.
Raspel31: Wallrus- that’s m0nty’s job. Chill lad.
BigChief: No Lever no Melbourne?
MrWalrus: And jock, I do watch & still don’t giit, I suspect you may be biased however.
pcaman2003: The Dees are fodder in this game
Cottees: BigChief, Clarry bad too, so Melbourne bad
Social: don’t leave me hanging Wends
wadaramus: No Gawn no Melbourne.
Baldfrog: Lever has refused to come to SA since he left lol
H A MM E R: Dons playing beautifully!
Hazza09: Chandler can go next week
Baldfrog: Every time Dees play in SA Lever gets a mysterious injury
BigChief: Cottees Setters has done a wonderful that’s for sure.
BigChief: Haha Baldy. Love that
Social: could it be chipolatas?
Pavs: Setters going to tackle his way to a ton
Wends: Ha Social, thought you were quoting the Kath n Kim line 🙂
Social: I know Clarry’s partial to a tiny breakfast sausage or two
wadaramus: Grundy out there can’t get close to it, Setters getting ripped off by CD.
Social: Noice
MrWalrus: Clarry and setters both picking it up this qiat
Wends: C’mon, initiate manbun power Brodie!
BigChief: Social was he Mummy’s apprentice?
ajconodie: It would nice to see Chandler on the field every now and then.
DANGERous: stay low Oliver
MrWalrus: Can’t stand Melksham but that free against him was ridiculous
Hazza09: Chandler has been a nightmare pick
Social: I’d like to see a Clarry v Mummy sausage off
LuvIt74: Are most of the games being played in Adelaide this week?
BRAZZERS: lol are you taking the piss mate?
BigChief: LuvIt 6 at Adel Oval, 2 at Norwood and 1 at Mt Barker.
Baldfrog: What made u think that Lovit?
wadaramus: Just take the fucking qtr off Grundy, no dramas mate.
Wends: Nice recovery Setters
Raspel31: Most games played in Tassie?
Baldfrog: God the rain is heavy atm here
BigChief: Raspel could play them at UTas, Belerieve, Devonport and West Park.
Baldfrog: Hope libba loves rain
Baldfrog: And none would have sunshine Chief
BigChief: Hey it was fine here last year once 😛
Social: Do SAFL teams play at Mt Barker?
MrWalrus: That would be the #Gathersomewheresle @chief
Baldfrog: No Social ground just opened
MrWalrus: Nah social, I think it’s a basically new oval
Baldfrog: Chief something like this would be goofor tassie
Raspel31: Sticking with Oliver as cap I think- a very solid 69.
Wends: Lol could hear the neighbour up the road cheering on Dees just then!
BigChief: Baldy it would be huge. WA, NSW and Qld would get it before Tas. Maybe in Tassie’s 1st year in AFL
Social: there’s a double entendre in there somewhere Rasp
Baldfrog: To be honest think it would be a waste in NSW or QLD
Raspel31: Always Social.
wadaramus: A very solid one Social 🙂
Wends: Damn, McVee will beat Willmot’s score, but cash gen is the consolation
RooBoyStu: QLD will be last to get it, they had Covid games for how long. Must be NSW or Vic next
Social: hehe
Vich: petty’s bandaid coz someone said a nasty word to him?
BigChief: Agreed Baldy, but AFL wouldn’t
pcaman2003: Okay Mr Grundy, move your score along.
chilipowdr: would be great to see it in TAS. Unfortunately I don’t think its lucrative enough for afl
RooBoyStu: Oliver and Setterfield ying yangs
Baldfrog: Rooboy NSW people wouldn’t turn up
RooBoyStu: Well baldy go over the ditch to NZ they used to play an Anzac match there
Spifflicat: Chand Lear will be on a shade under $280k after this week.
RooBoyStu: Oliver bin
BigChief: Not China though as all clubs would get covid 🙂
lana2146: Did chandler loose points or something
Baldfrog: SSHHH Chief port get upset when China is mentioned
pcaman2003: Not an opponent for Oliver. Just running free as a bird.
Social: spot on chili, revenue is priority 1 for AFL, equity way down the list
RooBoyStu: Big Cox wants Gather Round in the US with Uncle Sam lol
Wends: PCA you need to move your inverse grundy pins around…
BigChief: Now that would be interesting RooBoy
wadaramus: It’s always gonna be about patronage though?
wadaramus: Feel good factor doesn’t make money.
PigeonPies: clarry’s having a parish game
Baldfrog: Free gunshot wound with every ticket?
RooBoyStu: Biden already has attended a match
RooBoyStu: Trump pre match entertainment lol
Raspel31: Well I didn’t pick this one.
pcaman2003: Wends. Grundy still scoring,but just need more as I’m greedy.
PigeonPies: revenue is #1 in any business.. its just how it works
lana2146: I?m thinking of keeping setters for a few more weeks,,,I think he got a few good scores left in him
Baldfrog: Trump and the orange quartet
Wends: Me too PCA… my overall score going backwards badly.
DrSeuss: Give Setterfield and Oliver the Bin. Chandler if you could grab some junk that would be great
PigeonPies: setters loves a tackle aye
RooBoyStu: If USA got the Gather Round no pies available at grounds, only Hot Dogs lol
pcaman2003: How much has Ollie scored this half? Big comeback!
chilipowdr: surely too many sports in US already to attempt that lol
Baldfrog: Told ya pcaman he would but you said no he wont
Raspel31: Negative voodoo pcman?
PigeonPies: tmac getting dropped ahead of van rooyen? surely
RooBoyStu: AFL could do it, they want to showcase it to the world, have a week off bye for all teams after Gather Rd
RooBoyStu: Already an AFL League in US you would get crowds
PigeonPies: was hoping oliver had a stinker so i could grab him
pcaman2003: Baldy. He’s still over 30 points off his proj score.As long as Brodie going good ,I’m happy.
BigChief: TMac more value than Brown surely.
Wends: Hopefully Grundy makes his BE
BRAZZERS: dissappoting dees, neeed you to win for my 17th leg of multi
PigeonPies: i dont think they like tmac chief, always in and out
pcaman2003: Oliver goes to 97 from 92 after a FA? LOL!
Social: clarry should still drop about 20k
Baldfrog: Tiges supporters losing everywhere knackers
Crave: he went down from 92 to 91 then got a contested handball to be fair
Bazza2023: evening peptides, i see they are working
PigeonPies: 1 contested ball and got 12 points nice
Raspel31: From this game we can all take a deep breath and say I believe. Or not.
BRAZZERS: rent free for 6 years, love it
RooBoyStu: Rooyen $
wadaramus: Well played the Dons.
Social: Would this be considered a ‘famous’ victory?
BigChief: I believe Ess won’t win a final
H A MM E R: Haha Bazza you must be butt hurt about the Squarks this yeah lol
PigeonPies: i miss when bowey was like 14-0
Zags32: Oooh that Merrett tackle will surely be looked at right?
Bazza2023: Zerrett a wekk for that last tackle, head hit the ground
pcaman2003: Did a few people earlier say Grundy getting smashed? Oh dear! I’m happy with a smashing then
Bazza2023: never butt hurt, but dont leave your needles lying arounf hammer
PigeonPies: if day g ot 2 zerrett has to get 1
Bazza2023: yeah zags, the round the neck was a free, but then he slammed him in the ground, 1 week
BRAZZERS: back sub 80 scores for grundy next week
pcaman2003: Nice win Dons. Way too good tonight.
Bazza2023: agreed pigeon, fox footy numpties just carried on and said nothing
beerent11: Haha, people in here can?t wait to give out weeks.
H A MM E R: Haha! Always a Squark support having to pull a peptide comment. Don’t forget you guys lead the way in injection programs
DrSeuss: Chandler any chance of a touch?
pcaman2003: BRAZZERS. I’ll take his last few games all the same.
BigChief: No way Merrett gets reported.
Social: Spell check before you hit enter you blokes, the grammar is appalling right now.
Ash777: the score review is killing the dees
PigeonPies: beer i’d rather not, day shouldve got off, but if he gets 2 zerrett has to get 1. i want both to get off tho
Baldfrog: Brazzers fanfooty’s resident expert
Bazza2023: blah blah blah peptides, blah blah
RooBoyStu: If Hind was Clarry he’d be 70
biggs2dujj: How Clarry raised the bat i will never know
H A MM E R: You brought it up lol
BRAZZERS: FF on the angry pills tonight, a few fired up
RooBoyStu: Brad Scott lol
Raspel31: Can Dons hold on?
BigChief: Damn 30 disp for Clarry in 2nd half
Spifflicat: 31 possessions in a half helps
PigeonPies: nothing touches from clarry
BigChief: Are you serious Biggs? Look at his stats.
Baldfrog: Just bring in the last touch rule
wadaramus: You guys are funny.
BRAZZERS: great comeback from clarry wow
wadaramus: I’m reverse searing a 350gm piece of Hanger Steak and partnering this with a 2015 NOON Eclipse.
beerent11: Don?t complain about. Pick him in your team if he scores so easily. Same reason we pick Bont
Bazza2023: good work scum
wadaramus: Catch you in the next game.
Zags32: Just gotta applaud Clarry, was hoping to snag him for cheap but not anymore
Social: ooh lovely Wada
beerent11: Burgers and coopers green here.
Social: just finishing off a rich osso busso ragu to go with to go with a nice terindah shiraz
PigeonPies: beer making an issue out of nothing lol its more people shocked he managed to bring it back so well, not that deep bud
wadaramus: Sounds delish Social 🙂
wadaramus: Anything with Coopers Pale Ale is top notch Beer 🙂
pcaman2003: Non of my opponents 3 players reached proj. Go Grundy you champion.
wadaramus: Where is Terindah from Social?

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