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Chat log from R5 of 2023: Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs, R5 of 2023

Ash777: I hope the stage collapses
wadaramus: Reverse seared Hanger Steak was fucking amazing, would recommend.
J.Worrall: I’ve only got an eye fillet, still, I expect it to be delicious!
BigChief: Ham and cheese toasties devoured.
wadaramus: Wifey had eye fillet, she was jealous of my hanger steak, if you can get some, definetey try it!
J.Worrall: Go doggies. I got a daschund – they said get along little doggie!!
wadaramus: BC, it’s Saturday Night, surely something more gourmet than H&C toasties are in order?!
J.Worrall: Thx wada – where did you find that?
wadaramus: I lucked out at the local butcher shop.
wadaramus: There was a cryo pack begging for me to buy.
BigChief: wada not on my budget mate. Toasties are top of the food chain for us.
beerent11: Libba 200! Love the man.
wadaramus: Well, if ham and cheese are the base ingredients, how about some carbonara pasta?!
beerent11: How many stayed from the earlier game.
J.Worrall: Aldi?
BigChief: Pasta is tomorrow night. 🙂
BigChief: Aldi not here. We have Woolies, Coles and IGA
wadaramus: Giddy up BC, you’re structured like we are 🙂
J.Worrall: So where did the hanger steak come from?
wadaramus: Fuck Aldi.
J.Worrall: I’ve never tried it – need to keep an eye out!
BigChief: Big question is do I risk Clarry’s score for English?
Social: Ragu was divine. Alright what do we have here.
J.Worrall: You said you lucked out at the local butcher …?
wadaramus: I’ve learned today that Hanger Steak is a Buthers favourite, a rarely available! cut from the lower ribcage area.
J.Worrall: I’d be tempted, BC, but I have Neale locked away.
wadaramus: So at the bitcher today, I was eyeing off wagyu porterhouse and black onyx ribeye, then saw a cryovax pack.
J.Worrall: I was just looking it up. It seems to be from below the belly. This is muscle that apparently does NO work.!
wadaramus: Exactly J.Worrall, perfect for the gorillar!
J.Worrall: So, only one belly per beast makes this steak 1/2 as common as nearly any other cut!
J.Worrall: I always bbq my steaks.
wadaramus: So I indirectly slow cooked it for 1.5 hours and then slammed it on the hot grill for 10mins, amazing.
frenzy: chaps
J.Worrall: Nice one, waa!
Social: I’m dribbling on my keyboard
J.Worrall: *wada
wadaramus: I’m lucky to have an excellent butcher shop that has dry aged shit all over the place.
BigChief: Get away Daniel, that was Tim’s mark.
wadaramus: Totally excellent beef selection.
wadaramus: Saturday nights are beef night down the ‘Dinge.
pcaman2003: English to tear Lycett a new one.Might have to invoke Voodoo doll.
DrSeuss: Meanwhile Lycett has all 4 hitouts. English might need to win some taps
Legix: get off the pine Rozee
NickyD: JHF booed, everyone does it.
wadaramus: Why are there so many vacant seats at AO, thought it was a sellout?
BigChief: Scared of getting wet wada?
Baldfrog: Port fans scared of rain
J.Worrall: You are certainly fortunate, wad.a
wadaramus: I never underestimate my good fortune.
J.Worrall: English a free in the goal square – you beauty!
BigChief: Great free and goal Tim
wadaramus: I’m a simple man from the southern suburbs of adelaide that lives a pretty goode life 🙂
ajconodie: Are O’Brien, Jones and Baker triplets?
beerent11: We all got the c or vc on English?
Pavs: Nice English carry on with the points
BigChief: He is my C @beer
Raspel31: Might bring in English for English- good work lad!
beerent11: Love wet weather footy
J.Worrall: Nah beer, Neale locked away!
pcaman2003: beer. I took the 135 from Laird. Played it safe
J.Worrall: Oh, what a luky man he was!
beerent11: Nice worall
Social: Port fans are scared of Michael Hutchence’s ghost
J.Worrall: *lucky
Troglodyte: My dirty kids gave me covid so I couldn’t make it to the game
wadaramus: Anyone ever heard of Max Q by Michael Hutchence?
J.Worrall: All kids are dirty!
H A MM E R: Got that feeling that the Adelaide teams are going to clean sweep this week
Raspel31: Nice Worrall. Too nice for my liking.
Hazza09: Rozee with another Saturday night special on the cards
J.Worrall: I got lucky, Raspel.
BigChief: get your arse off the pine Tim.
Raspel31: Stuck with English after Clarry- but I am English!
pcaman2003: Chief. Leave him be. He’s happy ditting down.
Social: Was that in dogs in space wada?
beerent11: Thought as much raspel
DrSeuss: These dogs need to stop sharking English’s marks in space
BigChief: He can sit down on the plane home pcaman LOL
LuvIt74: Very sloppy game
Social: that’s what she said
pcaman2003: Chief. I’d prefer now. My opponent has the C on him.
PigeonPies: surely the bont doesnt fall off like the last 2 weeks? please
Dredd: Looking like a good weekend from my big 4 mids.. Laird, Neale, Oliver and now Bont.. Miller next week for Setterfield
Baldfrog: Big cleanout at the seasons end for the dogs look rubbish
beerent11: Taking over the world dredd
BigChief: pvaman my oppo had the C on Dawson so I need to cover that 🙂
slydon: its always gonna be a sloppy game in this weather luvit74
PigeonPies: whats with rozee tog?
Social: Mr Whippy done nothing so far
Raspel31: Thanks so very much for sharing Dred
slydon: setterfield only had a quiet game coz he shut out clarry from having an impact @dredd
Pavs: I think it is fair to say that Caleb Daniel plays taller than he is.
Baldfrog: Wasnt very good after 1/2 time Slydon
slydon: daniels is the definition of the team he plays for, a little flowering bulldog
beerent11: Unfortunately had to go Witts to English this week
pcaman2003: Pavs. He does well for a 4 footer.
Dredd: Yeah very true.. annoying they used him on Oliver but it worked for most of the night
DrSeuss: English needs to win some hit outs – doing very little in the ruck so far
LuvIt74: @slydon no mate, just a lack of skill from predominantly the dogs
DrSeuss: Great around the ground, but missing some taps
beerent11: Setterfield scored 91. Pretty good for a mid pricer
Troglodyte: What are these flog Vic commentators waffling on about
Raspel31: English never does much in the ruck- but a great midfielder.
beerent11: English is dean cox
Pavs: Like that boundray umpire. He has English in his sc team
Social: not a touch from the ice cream man
frenzy: hitouts are useless
Baldfrog: That Vic invented the english language Trog. Richo must have had tooo many head knocks
DrSeuss: Admittedly doesn’t help that Lycett is holding him in every ruck contest – but happy with marks and kicks
DrSeuss: Hitouts to advantage aren’t useless though; little harder in this weather though
Napper: Liam Jones spoil missed?
pcaman2003: Do your job Lycett and nobble English by any means. Thanks in advance.
Pavs: Dont like the interchange bench it really slows some players down when they get back on.
frenzy: so why are they not reported Dr
Social: who’s doing the commentating?
BigChief: I will take 43 every qtr all day long. Better than 10 with more hitouts and useless around the ground
Baldfrog: Richo, Dracula (Nicholson) and gils brother I think
Hazza09: Absolute joke Rozee
Raspel31: My point exactly BigChief- now, where was I?
frenzy: correct Chief
pcaman2003: Lycett will gift English a massive score.
Social: So a Tasmanian, a South Australian and whoever dracula is
TheFlagger: English double ton
Social: They might be flogs but they’re not Vics
Baldfrog: Dunno where that Nicholson bloke came from..Richo is 100% vicco lol
pcaman2003: Those with C on English will score 400 plus.
Baldfrog: All based in wanktoria Social
BigChief: Baldy wrong Richo is a 2 headed Tasmanian.
bhg26: As a Darcy owner I am quite content, but not having English sucks
Social: That’s a conscious choice on their part I suppose
DANGERous: earth to rozee
Troglodyte: Well said Baldy
PigeonPies: i like nicholson, his voice is slightly annoying but he doesnt mess around
Raspel31: English rage traded next week- not enough hit outs.
Baldfrog: Bullshite has lived in Vic for over 30 years Chief did he move back to tassie when finished footy No
oc16: rozee spending A LOT of time on the bench
Baldfrog: Like saying is Buckley an SA lad lol he is 100% vicco now to
pcaman2003: DANGERous. Not sure if he’s right judgingg by low TOG. Unusual for him.
MrWalrus: Vald you’re talking silly, he’s a Tassie boy through and through.
Sheezus: Rozee having his minutes managed here. Not happy Ken!
DrSeuss: Yep third stint on the bench already OC.
chilipowdr: Rozee’s role tonight to sign autographs?
bhg26: I?d say flower off rozee but he?s doing that already
Raspel31: I thought I was alone in having Rozee- but go Macca !
MrWalrus: Also Buckley is from the NT isn’t he?
Social: So Kenny is SA now?
pcaman2003: Rozee will probably get subbed. Just have that feeling.
Baldfrog: Nope born at Henley Beach Walrus
Baldfrog: Ask power sups social
BRAZZERS: you had that same feeling about mckenna
TheFlagger: bont such a freak 9 clr
pcaman2003: Bont might get to 200 before English.
Hazza09: If Marshall has a mare tomorrow he becomes English
TheFlagger: Took 127 from Touk thinking it was enough lol
BigChief: On the pine again Tim? Get a bigger tank ffs.
pcaman2003: BRAZZERS. Hopefully I’m dead wrong.
Pavs: Thought this was a tackling night Libba hurry up little man
Baldfrog: Pavs thought this was Libbas weather to
MrWalrus: 127 is plenty flagger, if your other guy gets 150 you only lose 23
Raspel31: And therein lies the dilemna Flagger- 127 now not enough.
Bazza2023: go timmy
Pavs: Can never fault his effort Baldy. Started off well then went to the bench after 7 min. I just dont understand
bhg26: Power off English
Baldfrog: Me either Pavs
pcaman2003: Tag team of Lycett and Dixon useless and can’t make English accountable. Pi55 poor
Hazza09: English going 180
DrSeuss: Great comeback from Weightman and in limited game time
TheFlagger: English such a pig I love it. Even getting the cheapies
bhg26: 180 plus Hazza, Lycett is woeful
BigChief: Remember Lycett will always be a preiership player, no matter how much he sucks
pcaman2003: bhg26. Lycett then just waddled on bthe boundary and missed an easy ball get.
Baldfrog: Think even port fans will tell you Lycett is rubbish
Social: Rose-eye took a power pill
bhg26: Still better than Ladhams
Raspel31: Beware the boasting- the hubris- many of us have English. Shh!
DrSeuss: Missed a Rozee tackle in his little run as well
Baldfrog: Must be BHG they gave Ladams to you
Legix: good claw back Rozee
bhg26: It?s a miracle we win games when he?s our ruck. Flower I want de koning
Pavs: Hannan no good. lack of effort and awareness.
Bazza2023: my rucks doing ok, Timmy and Sean.
BigChief: Hahaha bhg. No way you get TDK
beerent11: Scott Lycett is an afl premiership player. Pretty sure none of us are.
Baldfrog: Rasp who’s first up tonight AV v New is it
Baldfrog: Afl wasnt a thing when i played
bhg26: i was never given the chance beer
bhg26: My lack of footballing ability didnt help though
pcaman2003: JUH scoring much the same as last year. 3rd season now,so will he improve?
Raspel31: Indeed Bald- on the money.
frenzy: Oskar might be first upgrade
Baldfrog: Pcaman taken Fog nearly 5 years to get good some take time
Social: QPR v Coventry
Baldfrog: Yeah Frenzy think so to
Baldfrog: Till Roy came back thought Palace would be playing Championship next year Social
frenzy: some value around too baldfrog
Raspel31: Cute Social- you’re straight to Coventry!
Social: We’ll get there, go you Rs
Pies20: Newcastle please go you tooons
Pies20: Went vc neale v English c flower me
Hazza09: Pull your finger out Rozee
Raspel31: Pies- this is a very happy dilemna- go Novocastrians.
J.Worrall: I took Neale VC very happily, ies20.
Pavs: I reckon it is worth kicking it straight into Charlie Dixons head when he is standing the mark
Pies20: Same worrall
J.Worrall: Oi larfs, Pavs, and when oi Larfs, I showers moiself!
Pies20: English on track to even it out 🙄
Pies20: Great grab and goal
bhg26: Gee should have left Bont captain
Baldfrog: Libba warming up Pavs
sfenda1: might have a double ton on our hands tonight
Hazza09: Had the C on Bont and took Darcy
Pavs: Moving up the leaderboard Baldy like it
Raspel31: I picked the doggies- early days yet- go lads
BigChief: Lycett subbed. Haha
Legix: Timmy about to break all sorts of records
Hazza09: Lycett subbed, English to go 200
beerent11: Uh oh. Let?s go Timmy boy!
beerent11: Bont will keep English from the 200
RooBoyStu: What’s happened to Horne-Francis? Mummy forgot to comb his hair?
J.Worrall: Big call, Hazza. Especially in the wet!
frenzy: Kenny’s seen enough
pcaman2003: Putting the Voodoo doll onto English. Hope it doesn’t crack under pressure 🙂
Pavs: If Dixon stays on the ball he will get reported. This could get interesting
bhg26: Got its work cut out pcaman
RooBoyStu: Aliir a real option in defence
pcaman2003: bhg26. Sure has a huge task,but may be up to it.
PigeonPies: rozee pushing
Hazza09: I think Ken had English as his VC
DrSeuss: English has actually slowed down since Lycett went off
Baldfrog: Why did Sydney get rid of Alir?
Troglodyte: Please shut up about stobie poles you flogs
Gotigres: I’m so happy I took the C off English and put it on Naicos
RooBoyStu: JHF doesn’t like his hair getting wet, mummy will need to get the hair dryer out
pluggerpig: the stobie pole’s touched the footy more than JHF
Baldfrog: Dogs getting some soft frees
Pies20: Was there last night go tiges heading there tomorrow hopefully for a better result
Raspel31: You are a true profesional Gotigres.
pcaman2003: An easy 9 pts for a free kick to adv. Pommy.
Pavs: JHF no good in the wet he wouldnt take an ice bath when he was at North
J.Worrall: wtf is a stobie pole?
Gotigres: Pies should win @Pies20
Baldfrog: Ask mummy Worral
Gotigres: Thanks Raspel. I’m very happy to be in the top 99.99% of Supercoaches.
Baldfrog: Im in that 0.01 percent
frenzy: telegraph pole worrall, termite proof
Pies20: Finger’s crossed tiges my daughter tiges fan was cheering for your mob
Raspel31: And we celebrate the majesty of Gotitgres.
J.Worrall: Does mummy know? How oyou know that?
BRAZZERS: big sc 1/4 for Jones
J.Worrall: *do you
clay007: Horne-Francis came with big wraps, he is useless.
oc16: Surely it’s time to give teakle a go
J.Worrall: Thx frenzy, I think I knew that, but the wiring didn’t work. Getting old!
BigChief: Okay Tim since Lycett sub you have scored 3 points. Pull ya finger out.
Pies20: Had syd fans around us 2 bimbos saying where’s my pappy all night flower me annoying much??
Baldfrog: It was the missing teeth pies20
clay007: Great comeback by Rozee.
beerent11: Trying to ignore the irony of a pies fan complaining about other fans
Baldfrog: Sydney fans were confused
Social: Rozetta you lil bewdy
Gotigres: Baker you lousy dog (apologies to my canine friends)
RooBoyStu: Icicle or Magnifying Glass surely for JHF
Bazza2023: dixon doing well in the ruck against Engrish
clay007: Didn’t Horne-Francis want to be the best player in the AFL? It starts with effort son.
Bazza2023: Bruce hurt
Hazza09: Will Macrae get M/F status?
Gotigres: Hopefully Luke will pull an unexpected move and Bevo Bont as the sub off
Legix: Rozee must’ve heard our abuse. Great quarter
Pies20: Was a good call from them he kicked 6 but flower me powered me off and they spilt beer on us Kent’s
Troglodyte: You got JHF Forever tattoo’d on your butt Stu? That why you so bitter?
pcaman2003: Good stuff Rozee. Keep coming down a bit further please Timmy boy.
Pies20: I was neutral last night beer wait for tomorrow
Social: Well Lobb my Dixon and Rioli it in Powell-Pepper Butters. Rozee is giving me the Horne-Francis
RooBoyStu: No mate, but he did have a pic of himself sleeping in a North guernsey, he’s a fl0g
BigChief: FU and your doll pcaman. LOL
Pies20: They had teethe bald and you would have had a crack 30years ago they were in there 40s 🤣🤣
Bazza2023: bet you were dancing when he went no.1 pick Stuboy, so fickle
beerent11: That would?ve taken a while to conceive social. Nice work.
Baldfrog: Lol Rooboy ur team is $hit you have Thomas causing problems everywhere and all you worry about is an ex player
LuvIt74: Rozee came back nicely…
RooBoyStu: Bazza no the Cheezel man is way better
Bazza2023: Social has his moments, unlike the spud.
Baldfrog: Internet a bit slow in Hackam west tonight Pies?
Raspel31: I am enormouslly politically correct- burp- so let’s stop bagging Horne- Franncis- just a kid.
clay007: Rozee a 52pt qtr and H-F 2 pts.
Bazza2023: i agree Stuboy on face value, its no comparison, but when the no.1 draft pick was called and it was JHF you wouldve rubb
RooBoyStu: I think there should be a question on draft papers saying are you prepared to relocate interstate
Bazza2023: ed one out!
Baldfrog: And rooboy stop tipping horses they all lose
RooBoyStu: If they say yes, minimum 5 years they stay
Bazza2023: im actually quite sure CD gets Bergman and JHF mixed up… i know i do at first glance
Troglodyte: Just don’t get their names tattoo’d on your butt and you’ll be fine
Baldfrog: But how would vic teams get players rooboy?
Pies20: Haha bald surprised the nursing home still allowing to stay up you must have been a good boy this week
dezlav: Can someone put a leash on Rozee, PLEASE!
RooBoyStu: Not all Baldfrog i work for punt123
Bazza2023: From TAssie Baldy
Baldfrog: Still $hit at banter pies20
Baldfrog: Think we took the last tassies bazza
Social: You been to the surf coast Baldy?
duckky: Horne-Francis you Gen-Z flog, get to your BE!
Raspel31: Baldfrog, dear chap, is allowed internet access till 10 pm. You have 7 minutes .
Bazza2023: The Barrel is getting a little empty down here
Pies20: You haven’t gotten any better mate same old shower bald
Baldfrog: Don’t blow it for me Rasp
BigChief: Good game from Tassie boy Jones tonight.
Pavs: Chayce jones looking alright at last Baldy
Pavs: A good Tassie boy
RooBoyStu: Weightman and Toby Greene seperated at birth, both annoying
Baldfrog: Our jones is from tassie isn’t he Chief or McHenry
beerent11: Bit nervous as an English owner to have Dixon in such close proximity so often
Baldfrog: Yeah pavs thought he might have been close to delisting last year
Dredd: Has never changed Roo.. pest as a junior and still a pest to this day
Social: McHenry is a Geelong boy
beerent11: English is dean Cox. Weight man is Nathan brown.
duckky: Good response JHF. Now where was that all night?
Baldfrog: Ok cheers Social
BigChief: Chayce is from Longford near Launceston
beerent11: Bont is Bont
Pies20: And baldy is a spud
RooBoyStu: JHF had ph call from his dad at 3qtr time complaining he had the C on him
Baldfrog: Love it pies20 when u get upset
duckky: I just want him to get to 40 Roo.
Baldfrog: Raspel thats 10pm SA time
BigChief: Always gets personal Baldy.
Bazza2023: scoring wise he is doping just as good as half the port side
clay007: Who came off for McLean?
Bazza2023: doping or doing, freudian slip
Social: Josh the Bruce
Pies20: Not upset bald just stating the facts chief only when he starts the banter mate
BigChief: Who is doping Bazza and can they share some?
beerent11: They call him bruce
clay007: Thanks Monty, just saw.
Napper: No points for Jones? At least 3 for his intercept mark
J.Worrall: Bruce came off.
beerent11: Like for like
RooBoyStu: Off course Liam Jones scores big after everyone gets rid of him
Bazza2023: `JHF doping
Baldfrog: Libba on bench again
pcaman2003: Have a long rest Timmy. You must be very tired by now.
BigChief: Oh he won’t share Bazza LOL
beerent11: 20 more timmo
BigChief: I blame pcaman and his damn doll for Tim’s score stopping.
Davo27: Horny has turned on the power
Bazza2023: go prison escapees
Hazza09: Did Rozee go home?
DrSeuss: Geez JHF just decided to start playing this qtr?
RooBoyStu: Blue moon Liam Jones
DrSeuss: Rozee is on the bench Hazza
Baldfrog: Chief you know it’s really a barbie doll
bc__: Me so Horny Francis
Pavs: This is no good Bont English Libba all stopped. JHF Rozee getting touches. No good
beerent11: This is why jhf is special.
clay007: Horne-Francis resurrected as Rozee.
Gotigres: Rozee gone to sleep again
Hazza09: What does this doll look like BigChief
Bazza2023: JHF on fire go, little fella
pcaman2003: The new Voodoo doll done its job okay last 40mins.
RooBoyStu: Hazza09 his used blow up doll lol
clay007: Dogs take English off at critical point in the game. Good move?
BigChief: Hazza it’s latex and full of air with holes in it I believe.
beerent11: Archer
Raspel31: Let us all remember that it’s not so much about the points you score but those you piss off. Carn Macrae.
Bazza2023: the prisoners rejoice from the much maligned JHF
beerent11: Rotations at
DrSeuss: English and Bont at the same time Clay – Port building momentum
Baldfrog: And no hair
beerent11: Rotations are rotations clay
Bazza2023: stop kicking it to the anti vaxxer
Social: how good from Richards under pressure
clay007: Beerent, the game is on the line, now Dogs are shot. I think you need to sense the moments.
Dredd: Bont still on the bench? Dogs want to lose?
BigChief: I didn’t know Djokovic played AFL Bazza 🙂
Napper: Jones underscored for last 2 intercept makes 5 points all up for 2 intercepts
RooBoyStu: Just like Aliir for defence, a huge watch on Barrass tomorrow, both could be must haves with defence chaos.
Davo27: Naughtiness you spud
Social: Legegd?
beerent11: I agree clay but the scientists don?t
Social: Legegedede
clay007: H-F 50 for the qtr, Rozee -7. That escalated.
pcaman2003: More clangers please Timmy boy.
clay007: I hate seeing this in Under 10 basketball, take the best players off at the most critical time. Equality.
Social: just give em all a sniff of cocaine eh clay
Bazza2023: butters and rozee waxxing it up
Baldfrog: Woot extension for Hinkley
clay007: Could be a good solution social.
RooBoyStu: JHF hardly ying yang, only a qtr not a half
Bazza2023: so alty, lol
Napper: Jones should be on 90 get no points for anything he does
Bazza2023: everyone loves butters
beerent11: Cheers Timmy
pcaman2003: English bonus points for tap out to Port Ad. Oh CD, you’ve done it again.
Social: buttery
clay007: He has got 86 Napper, I think he gets some points.
sfenda1: butters best on
Davo27: Almost O’Brien does it again lol
Baldfrog: Cant believe it’s not butters
beerent11: I can?t believe it?s not!
navy_blues: voodoo doll stuffed
RooBoyStu: Rioli needs icicle
Davo27: Nah pcaman, took them 2 mins to add the ho to adv from English to daniels
RooBoyStu: Put the voodoo doll on NDaicos tomorrow lol
pcaman2003: navy. No,but CD is.
clay007: Do you get any points for a spoil in SC?
DrSeuss: Bont has hardly touched it since his stint on the bench
beerent11: CD slows down in the last qtr every game. Patience is a virtue
BigChief: About time pcaman. Tim was losing points for no reason earlier
Pavs: Your scientists need to recognise that some players do nothing after a spell on the bench. Beer
Baldfrog: You should clay
pcaman2003: Rooboy. I would if I didn’t have him ,but I do.
pcaman2003: beer. Any reason why that is?
frenzy: when the dogs kick a goal last
clay007: Spoils can be as important as a possession Baldy
RooBoyStu: When was the last Indigenous player to get a negative icon eg icicle, magnifying glass, empty full gage etcon here?
beerent11: They?re not my scientists pavs. But it is what it is .
pluggerpig: why is junior rioli called willie on this site, but only occasionally?
Napper: Jones better get scaled up. 2 intercept marks + another contested intercept kick and 6 points. CD fix that
beerent11: Fuck I miss playing footy
RooBoyStu: Rioli was pathetic tonight
pcaman2003: Might have to get English in. CD seem to like him. Night all!
Hazza09: Bont did SFA for about 15 minutes
Social: its more than a grin its a smirk and that is what we’re saying
Bazza2023: thats good from Kenny
beerent11: To do with scaling I assume pcaman
RooBoyStu: Night pcaman sleep well with the doll lol
Social: perfect weather in Vicco tonight btw
Zags32: Sorry Hazza, my fault, I started watching 15 mins ago

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