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Chat log from R5 of 2023: Brisbane vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Brisbane vs North Melbourne, R5 of 2023

frenzy: this will be fun
Cottees: Brisbane to win. Wilmot best on ground easy lol
zadolinnyj: Good luck mate
m0nty: hands up who is starting Wilmot for a 27 today
frenzy: cant see any hands m0nty, Lol
Cottees: Went Wilmot over Cowan and Constable. Needs 50+ please
lana2146: Phillips over/under 80? What we thinking
snake_p: monty surely against north he can get to 40?
Cottees: Reckon Phillips will get 60-75
_Wang_: Afternoon lads
thommoae: My digits are skyward. No choice – Chesser, Day on bench. Go Darc!
Pavs: mmm. Have 7 in this going to be a long year for me. (that includes wilmot m0nty why so negative lol)
navy_blues: LDU to dominate today plz
Raspel31: Hmm, I somehow seem over invested in Lions rookies- but here we go.
Cottees: Yeah the Cheezel!
m0nty: good start Wilmot 🙁
MrWalrus: Cheezel is to disrespectful a name for possibly the greatest rookie ever
pcaman2003: Sheezel you star. A premo in 1st year. Who else has been?
Raspel31: Thank you for pointing that out m0nty- where would we be without you?
pcaman2003: Ashcroft, McKenna and Wilmot off to a flyer. I have a headache.
MrWalrus: Barlow, Walsh and I think Shiel, Rockliff & Redden pca
navy_blues: wow things getting serious for lions
Cottees: Lions are washed
MrWalrus: Zorko was close too, none as good as this guy so far though.
pcaman2003: Walrus. I’m not sure they were averaging over 100pts per game though did they?
navy_blues: omg dipwood
MrWalrus: Toby Greene too, not sure all over 100 but there or about
Raspel31: Surely Hipwood was offside?
MrWalrus: Also importantly in premo range comparative to their competition
MrWalrus: Sheezel however is in a class of his own so far
Harambe: Barlow averaged 110 DT / 116 SC over his first 13 games, pretty high bar to set
Sheezus: Yep, Barlow still the king
pcaman2003: Harambe. Defiitely! Barlow was a great champion.
navy_blues: you also have to take positions played into account tho
Harambe: Atta boy Wilmot
zadolinnyj: Wow
thommoae: Linesman confused by the curved sideline, Raspel. Parallax … or something.
Pavs: wilmot got his breakeven m0nty.
MrWalrus: Cheers Darcy
Cottees: Told you Wilmot will be BOG lol
navy_blues: walsh averaged 30 possies a game
Pavs: Need the dollar sign on
Raspel31: Ah McKenna- just noticed you. Hello lad!!!
pcaman2003: Get started McKenna.
Harambe: McKenna scored well last week but showed no hunger for the footy except taking kick ins
Cottees: Both teams kicking very straight! See how long this lasts
Baldfrog: Mc Luggage gunna fire today finally
bhg26: Is Mckenna running late?
Harambe: Watching him live he just points the kicker to another option and doesn’t demand the footy
CuzzysCrew: hopefully not long
pcaman2003: Phillips going well for 57% TOG.
Raspel31: McKenna going well for 88% tog.
MrWalrus: Not necessarily a bad thing from a non fantasy perspective Harambe
Pavs: I believe that is a donut for me
bigpens: Lyons going well for 0% TOG
navy_blues: mckenna playing his role
pcaman2003: Raspel. Luckily, my opponent has virtually all the players I have in this.
MrWalrus: What’s the deal with Brodie’s TOG though?
Raspel31: My arch enemy beat me by 1 point last week pcaman- 1 point- aargh!
Pavs: I think its time for a LIFT as well Walrus maybe McKenna
pcaman2003: And I promise I didn’t set the Voodoo doll onto McKenna.
pcaman2003: Raspel.
pcaman2003: Raspel. That’s pretty tough. Maybe win by a point this week to make it up.
Raspel31: Otherwise you’re dead to me pcaman.
MrWalrus: More pints needed
pcaman2003: Raspel. Oh look! McKenna got 5 pts. Yay!
pcaman2003: Go Phillips! Keep that up lad.
MrWalrus: Just noticed my main opo has McKenna & Neale, mixed feelings about that
Raspel31: Yep. McKenna on a roll now pcaman.
oc16: that is terrible d kangas
pcaman2003: Get back on Ziebell.
DrSeuss: Ziebell spending way too much time on the pine
MrWalrus: Well played pca, can you have a word to Ashcraft about his disposal now please
bhg26: Surely Phillips tackle there
lana2146: Phillips looking like a gun
pcaman2003: Agree Seuss. He and Phillips my unique in this.
navy_blues: cunnington to slow for neale
DrSeuss: Wilmot TOG is terrible too – almost 50% game time
Harambe: Gun with a sore shoulder
pcaman2003: There you go Walrus. Some extra pts for Ashcroft.Happy!
Raspel31: And Wilmot still on the pine- did he celebrate too much??
MrWalrus: Very pca, any chance you can gee up McDonald now? Last one I’ll ask for.
bhg26: I’ve said this for ages, 6-6-6 has been a rule for how many years now? Stop with the warnings
LuvIt74: what the hell is McKenna doing, he should be subbed..
pcaman2003: walrus. Lol! I’ve helped enough now. Good luck!
BRAZZERS: he’s lucky to be on 11sc
pcaman2003: Good chance he will be Luvit. Be careful what you wish for .
Harambe: LMAO how do you confuse Hugh and Charlie
saintzzz: kelli gives me a headache
bhg26: What a miss from Charlie
slydon: is LDU okay?
bhg26: Lachie Neale is pretty good at footy
BRAZZERS: simpkin no good, might get subbed
saintzzz: how does she have a job commentating most annoying voice ive ever heard in my life plus the shit commentary
AuroraBore: Simpkin looks done – disappointing as i have him in draft
Cottees: Neale making me regret not having him :0
navy_blues: thi nk underwood is BT s daughter
Baldfrog: Getting embarrassing from norf now
bhg26: Rare McKenna sighting
pcaman2003: But Kelli did cure me of the opposite sex.
Baldfrog: Nothing would suprise me Navy
Raspel31: McKenna the unseen hero.
slydon: defeinitely the same genetics blues
Raspel31: lol pcaman
Pav300: looks like McKenna may have had a few donuts in the off season
saintzzz: mckenna real sub risk
pcaman2003: saintzz. I’d be more concerned he gets dumped if he keeps this up.
navy_blues: king always find excuses for norf
bhg26: Lovely stuff Phillips
pcaman2003: Ziebell and Phillips, good stuff. Do the same next half
saintzzz: went touk instead of ldu
navy_blues: what will clarko be talkin about at half time? lol who is on neale??
wadaramus: Put the VC on LDU and not Neale, I really need to do the opposite of what I think.
colin wood: ranked 1400ish overall and have the vc on neale here should hopfully make up for Brayshaws trash
bhg26: Still havent payed the Phillips tackle that nearly did his shoulder
saintzzz: got oliver english and daicos who do i vc and c been stuck on it since the start of the week
J.Worrall: I like Kelly. She oes need to include more ground positions in her call though.
J.Worrall: Neale VC here. Tight timing for avey as the loop.
Cottees: Saintzz, reckon English IMO
bhg26: Dunkley finally turning up in fantasy
J.Worrall: amn, my “d” fails to often …
Napper: Was Phillips kick missed? Should be 11 disposals
MrWalrus: Norf should be further behind, hope they can lift and make this interesting
MrWalrus: Hehe Worrall, there’s medication that can help you with that.
frenzy: hope clarko is watchin sugar kayne turner
TheOnyas: Onya Nealey
Raspel31: So wilmot on the pine- that’s the spirit.
MrWalrus: Nice from “sugar” just then
bullet08: whos subbed for north? please tell me not phillips
Raspel31: Simpkin.
Ash777: wasn’t the kelly the one that said the orange team
BRAZZERS: simpkin subbed
Cottees: Simpkin bullet.
Baldfrog: Simpkin out
biggs2dujj: LDU is a real old fashioned plodder. What was i thinking
BRAZZERS: phew, had simpkin in my multi , changed my mind tho
Social: Simpkin smoked
lana2146: Keep at it sheezel you young champion
Davo27: Pull your finger out your date McKenzie, Wilmot and LDU
Davo27: McKenna*
wadaramus: What is up with McKenna today?
lana2146: Wtf is wrong with McKenna? Must have his periods or something?
biggs2dujj: McKenna is fine. Ball not down his end.
Raspel31: I hate to join the bandwagon but Kelli is intensensely annoying.
thommoae: Settle lana – keep it real. No class.
MrWalrus: LDU is no plodder
Harambe: Sheezel gonna be very ginger with that corky
ajconodie: He’s lsot his lucky charms @lana
lana2146: Sheezel gonna be sore next week possibly get a rest next week
ajconodie: The only think worse than Underwood is UNderwood AND Russell.
Social: They gonna need another box of bandaids
lana2146: @thommoae yes of course because this page is full of class my friend lol
Davo27: McKenna 10 points in 5 mins, get going
Social: nah love the Dwayno, right up there with Sandy Roberts
thommoae: Even we have standards – moderate as they are.
pcaman2003: C’mon on young Phillips. Don’t stop now after such a gr8 1st half.
bhg26: No we dont thommoae
pcaman2003: At least McKenna still making us money. Well past his BE already.
MrWalrus: While Dermie has a job nobody can be anything worse than 2nd worst commentator
Ash777: no wonder you have the spud.
NickyD: We had Kelli, Derm and Howie last week. Turned it off
thommoae: Bunkum bhg – I give you the uproar when some numpty made a testicle joke at Doc’s expense. ‘Moderate’ but existent.
ajconodie: KU – Zurhaar leaves it for Taylor……..Nah that was Turner.
Harambe: Dermie’s commentary was elite on AFL 2005 PS2
MrWalrus: I’m sorry Ash, are you defending Dermie? Do you want my spud?
saintzzz: dennis on afl live 1 can never be beaten
Harambe: “Now down to Dermott Brereton on the boundary” “Nothing from me Dennis” “Thanks Derm, now back to the game”
Davo27: Listening to Dermie is like listening to someone Masturbating with words
TorturedSC: Dermie is like listening to a proud Dad commentate and I’m there for it.
pcaman2003: Davo. Lol! Good description right there.
biggs2dujj: McKenna2Wilmot – sounds like a new username
saintzzz: climbing the pack like a pop up toaster
MrWalrus: Thanks Davo, you just made me blast my single malt out of my nose, sinuses clear
Cottees: Neale needs a break. Let Lyons on 😉
pcaman2003: Don’t waste a good single malt Walrus. Suck it back in mate.
Davo27: 5 more points for McKenna, keep going m8
bhg26: When does the mercy rule kick in?
Harambe: Clarko putting old plodders in the guts while Powell rotates between bench and forward
Raspel31: Would have been from Audi anyway pcaman.
pcaman2003: Well! Phillips has stopped altogether this qtr. I need 75+ Phillips.
BRAZZERS: phillips doesnt look right since the injury
MrWalrus: It is a good one pca and I did just that, it’s an islay so I called it an oyster shot
TorturedSC: Is’nt that one of the reasons the Hawks moved him on Harambe
pcaman2003: Onya Walrus. Cheers!
Harambe: Greenwood, Shiels and Cunnington obviously the future of North Melbourne
BRAZZERS: very good chance sheezel and phillips will be rested next week
Raspel31: Who is this man Neale- why is he not in my team? Such are the questions we ponder.
pcaman2003: BRAZZERS. Phillips pretty much stopped after the injury like you said. Probably rested next week unfortunately
BRAZZERS: mckenna been better last 2 quarters
pcaman2003: For a backman, Ziebell gets lots of rest. Can’t score on the bench too well.
DrSeuss: Any time Howe is leading possessions for your team – you are going to struggle – just butchers it
MrWalrus: Neale = Gun player, not in your team = don’t care, but this news pleases me nonetheless
DrSeuss: Ziebell, LDU and Ashcroft – doing ok – but would love a big final quarter lift
Davo27: McKenna went from 15 half time to 34, hope he gets 50+
MrWalrus: 100% Seuss, that’s why you’re the Dr
Baldfrog: LDU disappointing 2 weeks in a row now for premo
Davo27: True Baldfrog I’m worried about LDU as long term premo
BRAZZERS: berry subbed
DrSeuss: Agree Bald – wonder if he just isn’t confident in his calf – or not quite 100%
BRAZZERS: monty berry subbed
DrSeuss: Also – Norf players tend to panic and just blast kicks when they are down, so LDU doesn’t get the link plays he should
MrWalrus: LDU will be fine, tagged then v Neale & Dunkley on fire, more than broken even
BRAZZERS: lol LDU had 30 possies last week and tonned, this week a bit down tho
pluggerpig: have i ever mentioned how elite Hipwood is? Terrific player
DrSeuss: Faygan keeping Ashcroft and Wilmot at 60 – 65% TOG seems like a waste
Social: Ben Brown out, good for JVR
MrWalrus: I suspect that might be a bit of load management Seuss, both just kids but important for your lot already
Raspel31: Tres amusant pluggerpig.
oc16: Lyons gets disrespected a lot
Cottees: Who should be my F5 and F6. Chandler, Ratugolea, JVR, F.Greene?
MrWalrus: A lot oc, crows and suns didn’t even want him
BRAZZERS: the dees players
pcaman2003: Raspel. Gomez Adams loves your French wit.
Harambe: He did for years but was seriously slow last year oc
ajconodie: Ashcroft has hit the wall.
BRAZZERS: mckenna!
MrWalrus: Chandler then not ratugolea I reckon Cottees
Baldfrog: Walrus tigers couldve used him
Pavs: McKenna come on
bhg26: Thank flower rayner didnt flower that up
Cottees: I am definitely leaning towards the 2 dees players with Ben Brown out. Think it makes sense on paper
Social: the big rooter’s been very handy this year
DrSeuss: Wilmot off the bench but still unsighted
pcaman2003: McKenna wil pass Ashcroft soon. Unbelievable!
BigChief: GOD has the C on Neale.
MrWalrus: I wouldn’t have been opposed Bald, love a good honest footy player
Social: Ramp it up LDU
Baldfrog: GOD knows what he’s doin
pcaman2003: Chief. GOD has been absent this year. Miss his calls on C
Baldfrog: Wouldn’t fit in at tiges Walrus doesn’t snipe or dive or flop
MrWalrus: That LDU pass was so good
Raspel31: God is everywhere pcaman.
pcaman2003: Good boy Ziebell. And onya Phillips under duress and still getting to 70.
Social: hehe that’s cheeky
BigChief: pcaman he has [pked his head in every now and then.
BRAZZERS: nah he doesnt win flags, should bring back the power stance back knackers
Harambe: Sheezel trying to share Rising Star with Ashcroft judging by that pass
DrSeuss: Where is Wilmot – haven’t seen him since coming off the pine
andychiz: anyone going the C on grundy
RooBoyStu: Turner is a spud and always will be, why we redrafted him after delisting him is beyond me
Baldfrog: Knackers thats all you got for the next 30 years till u win another sad man
MrWalrus: Didn’t fit in at crows either Bald because he was good at footy
andychiz: whos got the C on grundy or Clayton
ajconodie: @andychiz – It’s tempting but I’m sticking with the Laird loop.
MrWalrus: Lol Bald, crows last was 25 years ago, get better at sledging
Pavs: Wilmot dollar sign surely m0nty.
BigChief: VC Oliver C English.
Baldfrog: How can they review that
MrWalrus: Go go power rangers!
Raspel31: Clarry to English- missed Dawson.
Social: Same for Bailey Scott RooBoy
Baldfrog: Na Walrus took you 37 years we still have time get better at sledging m8
MrWalrus: Laird loop locked in so tighr here
RooBoyStu: Kayne Turner makes Jayson Daniels look elite
RooBoyStu: Bailey Scott has a go
BigChief: Daniels was a superstar RooBoy :). I think you meant Relton Roberts
RooBoyStu: CCJ will be in next week and will dominate
andychiz: Im undecided on Oliver or Grundy men, what to do
DrSeuss: LDU definitely not 100% watching him near a contest, just not committing
pcaman2003: That’ll do Jack, that’ll do!
MrWalrus: Mate, not premiership for 25 years, we’re at 2, I’ll get more straws for you to clutch
Baldfrog: Probably wout DR
RooBoyStu: Larkey still ore in ribs from last week
Ooost: Wilmot 😀
Baldfrog: Wants out*
saintzzz: very happy i took touk over ldu
Raspel31: Only 15 more to meet your BE Dunks- but I rather think not.
Pav300: Andy i am banking on Brody being a SA lad who like Lochie hopefully will go big
mattmac24: this quarter for North has been one of the worst quarters I’ve ever seen by a team
MrWalrus: Clarry would be my pick, doesn’t mind the slop
RooBoyStu: Mattmac short memory 2020 GF
thommoae: Grundy often goes big; Clarrie normally goes big. Odds favour the latter, Andy?
BigChief: mattmac you didn’t watch us in the mid 90’s?
MrWalrus: LDU is fine, just got no support today
Raspel31: Pavs- thought you must be WA? SA? Go Spurs!
Baldfrog: Chief lol when will you let poor old Fitzroy rest m8
mattmac24: Wasn’t born yet Chief!!
Pavs: LDU needs more help in the midfield lots more help
BigChief: Never Baldy Fitzroy till I die.
PigeonPies: sheezel with the handball at the death to hit the ton
Raspel31: Good call Pigeon.
DrSeuss: LDU would be ok if he had help and teammates that could hit targets
MrWalrus: Sheez failing to ton AF or SC for the first time? Oh wait, he refuses to submit, what a champ
BigChief: Wardlaw in next week guys?

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