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Chat log from R4 of 2023: St Kilda vs Gold Coast

Chat log for St Kilda vs Gold Coast, R4 of 2023

frenzy: capt marshall
navy_blues: marshall should go big
pcaman2003: Stocker 2 touches, 2 clangers, but not negative pts.
Hazzalowry: Might sound stupid, but if Woods dominates. I’d back him for Brownlow. Has 7 votes already
pcaman2003: Hazza. Playing great footy lately. Been one to watch a bit.
Yelse: omgggg what happened to witts/?
sheezel420: if marshall doesn’t score 200 here he is trash
pcaman2003: Yelse. Injured,but don’t know when or what happened.
frenzy: general soreness Yelse
Yelse: geez really need to get a ruck fwd this year to cover rucks
pcaman2003: Yelse Have replaced Gawn and Cameron so far.
Oddsy5: go well bailey, played against him in juniors
PigeonPies: did you dominate him oddsy?
Ash777: am I the only 1 that likes dermie commentating on games?
TorturedSC: I enjoy him as well Ash
PigeonPies: dermie talks like a father rather than a commentator and its calming
sheezel420: derm is a gem, anyone that dislikes him is a commie
oc16: I like him Ash, good footy brain
Oddsy5: negative pigeon. he was alot better than me and his team also was
Bazza2023: i love dermie, dont care about his chat, was on the pi55 with him one night at Salamanca
Ash777: He’s so informative so you learn a lot about what is going on with the game.
Bazza2023: Major reason i barracked for the Hawks
Ash777: just wish dwayne was a better commentator
PigeonPies: hes really supportive towards younger players, and explains their mistake instead of just being critical
nguyea09: how come when you enter a game page, the fixture bar at the top doesn’t appear to conveniently access other games.
Ash777: maybe dermie is there for dwayne’s lack of intelligence lol
sheezel420: i love that nguyea is asking on this game, must’ve already given up on port
PigeonPies: nguyea, click the 3 lines then click on fanfooty logo
circle52: @Pigeoeon I have both open the only way to switch not good
nguyea09: With Ken at helm gave up on Port 5 years ago..
PigeonPies: same circle, ive been doing that for years anyway
Troglodyte: 2x monitors in portrait mode. Stats in bottom quadrants, video in top quadrants. Simples
PigeonPies: i do that trog but one screen
frenzy: u need 2 goals this qtr marshall
pcaman2003: Nice going Owens. Keep going
Troglodyte: Wood playing mid or def this game?
DrSeuss: Off the bench Stocker
frenzy: off the pine Humpty
navy_blues: dont mind if gc win this
bc__: Clean your locker out Ken
clay007: Can someone holler a Marshall?
pcaman2003: I thought Marshall would be smashing this. Maybe not!
clay007: Maybe you need to put Marshall in a rear naked choke for fun Pacman
Hazza09: Phillipou has been a real let down
Troglodyte: Keep going Caminiti
pcaman2003: Clay. I keep that hold for pap smear. Marshall needs a strategically placed cracker
BRAZZERS: mason wood is a must have
clay007: That would work pca, jumper leads less painful.
BRAZZERS: jake the snake is back! is he a trap?
BRAZZERS: sorry wrong game lol
Wahab_18: crouch any chance of getting 25 possies?
TheLegend6: He has spells where he just racks it up Wahab
DrSeuss: Don’t be afraid to get a touch this quarter Stocker
Ash777: Crouch is doing a Brodie
Wahab_18: Someone fill me in on Marshall stats. is he on like 10 clangers?
BRAZZERS: lol kebab you pick sc spuds every season
pcaman2003: Wahab. No,but on his 7th tea break.
Ash777: The umps are in red white & black tonight
Wahab_18: Looks like Marshall will have 30 hit outs and 25 touches for an 80
pcaman2003: Great work Owens. Keep it up
beerent11: Ross the boss!
Ash777: If saints win a flag under ross will ppl be mad?
Baldfrog: Just very suprised Ash
TimT14: No, Ross is a great coach. He deserves one
mattmac24: Would be very impressed Ash.
RooBoyStu: Too cold for Witts, he’d rather sit on pine and eat Easter Eggs
navy_blues: lol lynch going on holiday
Yelse: why is crouch TOG so low
BRAZZERS: keep it up lads
Wahab_18: lets go crouch rack em up need the 25 possies
biggerz: Moyle got a kick…now get a move on.
BRAZZERS: hope he gets 24
circle52: Umps ping that one HTB but no different to the one just before half time not paid to Suns. Consistency please
navy_blues: go young owens
The39Steps: Ross Lyon is not a great coach. Great coaches have won two or three flags. Good coaches have won a flag. Lyon is ZIP.
clay007: Mitch Owens playing well
Gotigres: keep going Caminiti
pcaman2003: Go Owens you good thing. What a game.
LuvIt74: why was Witts out?
TorturedSC: someone needs to teach King how to play as a forward
pcaman2003: Luvit. Someone said earlier general soreness.
beerent11: Rubbish 39 steps
Wahab_18: beautiful quarter Crouch. Multi is is surely a dub now
pcaman2003: High expectations,but would love to see Owens crack a 140+
DrSeuss: Stocker – last 10 minutes of the 3rd on the bench. Stays there to start the 4th. What are you doing?
oc16: ikr DrSeuss – it doesn’t make any sense
Wahab_18: Marshall Subbed wtf
pcaman2003: Seuss. It’s easy.My opponent has Stocker and me Owens. Thank you new and improved Voodoo doll
Gotigres: Marshall subbed out 🙁
oc16: marshall is my captain!!! this is bs
DrSeuss: Haha well done to you Pca – Owens playing a blinder
Hazza09: If this week can?t get any worse it has
oc16: why do i even bother
saintzzz: was it a injury for marhsall?
gazza39: This is karma for my opp having Witts a late out lol
pcaman2003: Thanks Seuss. I’m happy!
Social: ross is playing funny buggers
gazza39: Good ol ross the toss
saintzzz: what happend to marshall?
pcaman2003: saintzz. No! Just being rested rest of game
Wahab_18: Bad SC night but Multi has been won so not too bad
DrSeuss: Ross Lyon – screwing AFL Fantasy players since 2002
pcaman2003: After Doc and Laird , Owens is giving me hope for a win.
Gotigres: Bytel down. Ankle
saintzzz: ok not bad since everyone has him
navy_blues: owens going well
Social: Ratugolea will be #1 ruck soon
oc16: not everyone has him as captain thought saintzz
DrSeuss: Ankle and Knee potentially – didn’t look good
BRAZZERS: thats karma, sohuldnt have subbed marshall off. the footy gods didnt agree
gazza39: Saints keep winning, Marshall will ton up!
pcaman2003: Put Owens back on Ross. Want to see 140+ from him
RooBoyStu: Crouch ying yang
BigChief: WTF Marshall subbed? Is he injured or what?
oc16: just ross doing ross things chief
RooBoyStu: BigChief he has to help the Easter Bunny deliver the eggs
Gotigres: Marshall might ton up
gazza39: 2 pts to go Marshy
navy_blues: need owens to finish with another goal
BRAZZERS: what difference does 2 points make lol
gazza39: never raised the bat Brazzers?
Yelse: what happened o marshal
BRAZZERS: yes nackers, cricket is a different sport tho
RooBoyStu: Ross has Witts in his SC and no cover so he subbed Marshall lol
gazza39: Doubt it
BRAZZERS: marshall score going down 🙂

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