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Chat log from R4 of 2023: Richmond vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Richmond vs Western Bulldogs, R4 of 2023

LuvIt74: Do ya’s think Mackenzie will play?
Social: k’noath
zadolinnyj: No idea
PigeonPies: yes
navy_blues: why cotchin sub lol thought he was “managed”
TheLegend6: He is managed, by playing less game time?
TheLegend6: This’ll be a tough game, young team out there
navy_blues: cmon dogs u can win this
Legix: cmon C Bont
TimT14: Let’s go tigers! Expecting a big game from Vlastuin
ReggieOz: Go doggies!
Bazza2023: go english, and dogs
Gotigres: 200 please vc English
TheLegend6: Lynch sitting Bont down – things you love to see
Wahab_18: Negative 15 please CD for bont
Bazza2023: libba loves these conditions
DrSeuss: Umm Taranto….game has started big fella
Wahab_18: Bonus score just going up slowly
TheLegend6: Unreal from Sonsie
don key: love Bakes
pcaman2003: Will Bon outdo his clanger count of last week? Killed me in the last game.
Gotigres: Good start English
Bazza2023: lets go english
GOD: Hopper not good!
DrSeuss: Awesome – I have English……I also have Taranto….
TheLegend6: Everyone has Taranto mate, doesn’t matter what he scores
Raspel31: Lol- same Seuss.
Bazza2023: go dogs
Legix: good man Bont
Wahab_18: Ffs someone sit on bont
MrWalrus: 25% of teams would have English and Taranto
MrWalrus: c’mon Baker, I”m not watching, he’s not in my team but he’s my favourite player
pcaman2003: Now Bont performs when I don’t C him. Typical!
GOD: what Baker?
PigeonPies: pcaman, he started like this last week dont worry yet
MrWalrus: Liam, 100% effort, 100% of the time, does it all in a 5 foot package, legend.
frenzy: Cumbersome
pcaman2003: Can someone slap Taranto and tell him the game is on?
beerent11: Have neither Taranto or English
Wahab_18: Let’s go liba you beautiful human
Yelse: Tarrantolift ffs got you for most richmond possessions
MrWalrus: Such a fantasy hipster beer
pcaman2003: Pigeon.That’s true. His 2nd half was a shocker.
PigeonPies: hes my c pca, hoping he keeps this up
pcaman2003: beer. Dare to be different buddy.
beerent11: Or a hipster fantasy walrus
TheLegend6: I started with Dale, traded to Daicos after round 2. Although happy, this hurts.
Rebuild: Baker tracking for 20 clangers and a sc ton!
beerent11: Pretty boring when you only have a couple of uniques in a matchup
GOD: sub doing better the Cumberland
MrWalrus: you must have a magnificent stache beer
pcaman2003: Beer. That’s the problem isn’t it? Everyone has the same team in the end. lol!
Raspel31: I don’t.
Bazza2023: Go Dogs
Gotigres: Like the tigers of old…from the late 80’s
beerent11: No stashe but I love hazy IPA?s
TheLegend6: Dunno how naughts got rid of that
Chelskiman: How was that not holding the ball on Naughton?
pcaman2003: Libba the consistently quiet achiever.
Bazza2023: KEATH subbed
Yelse: is trranto injured?
DrSeuss: So I still shouldn’t worry about Taranto because everyone has him? The spud can’t even get off the bench
Legix: did taranto fall asleep on the bench
MrWalrus: me too beer! me too.
Gotigres: lol Legix
pcaman2003: Libba 108 SC Ave and only in 3% of teams. Nice POD possibility.
LuvIt74: wtf Toranto
Wahab_18: If bont is on 49 libba should be 100+ now wtf
Legix: carn the bont
Legix: wahab bont is going at 100% DE
MrWalrus: Libba always seems to start fast, not a bad POD either but likely not worth chasing either
Wahab_18: Legix bont doesn’t have 200m gained and 2 goals
TheLegend6: We’re getting smacked
Bazza2023: Go ENglich, Go Dogs
don key: tiges too much hand ball guys think !!
Baldfrog: Tiges need the sniper on
Pavs: Libba on the ground please
TheLegend6: 3 time premiership captain and brownlow medalist* you mean bald
Bazza2023: Lynch cooked
Bazza2023: Go Dogs
pcaman2003: Baldy. Lol! As long as he leaves Bont alone.
Baldfrog: Na Legend the “Sniper”
frenzy: yeah that sniper
Baldfrog: Legend funny you knew who i was talking about…hmmm
TheLegend6: Because you referenced him needing to be on, and you love trolling these chats during tigers games
pcaman2003: Came from the prestigious school of sniping. Mitchell,Hodge &Co
thommoae: Wasn’t a plethora of options Bald.
Bazza2023: Cotchin worst brownlow medalist since Woewodin
TheLegend6: Cooney?
navy_blues: cotchin was runner up was t he???
TimT14: Jobe?
Bazza2023: yeah or cheezel d!ck
frenzy: Inheritance
Yelse: Mcrea tarrant abd laird game time costing me my games
Bazza2023: jobe drugs
RuffLeader: Crozier’s back absolutely assaulted by Prestia for that goal
thommoae: Why down on Woewodin – he had a stellar – if unexpectedly so – year.
Wahab_18: I hope bont gets studded some day
MrWalrus: how exactly does anyone justify calling Cotchin a sniper?
Bazza2023: graham PING
Pav300: I study him every week Wahab – champion
Bazza2023: walrus your so delusional
BRAZZERS: he sniped 3 flags
MrWalrus: also agree with you thom, Woewodin had one very, very good year
Bazza2023: 80s/90s wouldve fitted in well
navy_blues: cos he is a dirty mongrel walrus
Baldfrog: Lol Walrus seriously
frenzy: hold me beer, Cumbersum ‘s gone past Dustbin
Bazza2023: here comes Tom Berenger
don key: think blobbs a little over rated
Bazza2023: Tom Berenger Subbed on!
don key: lol baz
Baldfrog: Who is blobbs Don?
MrWalrus: yes seriously, Cotch is an animal with chronic whiteline fever no doubt but when has he ever been a cowardly sniper?
don key: lobb
don key: crows were awesome today bald btw
Baldfrog: Cheers Don
Bazza2023: Was it Trent Cotchin who shot Willem Dafoe in Platoon, sniped him
thommoae: MrWalrus, I give you Dylan Shiel.
MrWalrus: you blokes keep chucking out the claim, why not actually justify it? oh because you can’t
Baldfrog: We are improving m8 Carlton will be our toughest test tho
TheLegend6: Should bring out the power ranges stance again though Bald
don key: yes agree Bald blues playing well
MrWalrus: thom, cotch won the ball, how is that sniping, or even dirty for that matter
Jaypa: Walrus do you say things to continue to justify the spud, or do you actually believe your own dribble?
bhg26: Liam Jones is hopeless
bhg26: Richmond yin Yang
sheezel420: mrwalrus is relton roberts in diguise
TheLegend6: Vintage Dusty
don key: Dustyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Bazza2023: 2010 he nearly killed wright got 3, upgraded to 4, and many many other times he late hit ppl
don key: walrus he just hard at the ball like most capts are
Baldfrog: See sniper on tiges in front you can thank me later Legend
frenzy: good boy hoperwati
thommoae: Lined up his head under the pretext of going for the ball. Shiel committed and first there. Cotchin took him out.
Napper: No points for Jones spoil?
don key: baz good that your team had none like that hey ..all chaplains
MrWalrus: lol, Walrus is wrong but we can’t actually explain why, go tiges BTW
sheezel420: cotchin is a worse captain than nick maxwell
Bazza2023: yeah, all choir boys, headed by head choir boy Lethal Leigh
TheLegend6: What a quarter
beerent11: Gee the dogs are soft
Jaypa: can’t you read Walrus? multiple examples have already been provided
TheLegend6: Why though Sheezel?
don key: whos a spud Jaypa?
don key: yeppers Legend goal end
MrWalrus: Thom, he got there first, won possession, not even a FA as I recall, that’s not dirty, thats too good
don key: lived 2 doors from poppy till he retired Bazz good guy
Bazza2023: Go back to the North Pole Walrus
Jaypa: he didnt even make it through this preseason without doing something dodgy, forearm to Harmes head
Bazza2023: oh really, he had white line fever, but what a player, allegedly could coach too.
don key: think Jays still dirty on last gf
wadaramus: Sorry MrWalrus, but I think you’re deluded, go back and watch it again.
wadaramus: I agree Cotchin sniped Shiel, then the VFL conspired to not charge him with anything.
Crave: Witts out
Bazza2023: How old are you Walrus? Walruses may live up to 40 years.
Jaypa: I’m dirty about the 2019 GF because I’m saying Cotchin is and always has been a sniper? ooook
don key: Monty . who do think is bog atm?
Bazza2023: Ned Moyle gets a game, i have him on my bench
frenzy: you flowering with me Crave, source pls
Baldfrog: I have Ryan sadly witts gunna kill my round
don key: your capt bought a ticket on plane for the trophy that day
Bazza2023: Twitter for WITTS details
don key: ty bazz
Bazza2023: Miktch Clearly reckons he is a late out
Hazzalowry: Hey lads
Bazza2023: until its confirmed, it never happened.
circle52: Witts confirmed out tonigght for those that have him.
beerent11: What?s this Twitter?
sheezel420: if you have witts over english your seaon is already over regardless
frenzy: again source pls
beerent11: My round was fucked anyway
Hazza09: Marshall C?
beerent11: Until English gets injured anyway sheezel
don key: 2023 ladder atm is inspiring
Bazza2023: my cameron to Darcy move instead of Witts has worked 😛
Hazzalowry: I owe you blokes. Wouldn’t have known Witts was out!
don key: witts played well last week bit tired i say
frenzy: circle?
Wahab_18: If witts is out I’ll bring in Grundy and Captain him
don key: even if he’s 50 percent he would be 1/2 witts
Baldfrog: Do they say why he’s out not a long injury?
sheezel420: marshall is gonna do disgusting things to a first gamer, shouldn’t be allowed on TV
don key: gotto say western oval in better condition to windy hill
Bazza2023: @don key lmao
Bazza2023: pouring at the G
Hazzalowry: I had to get Blicavs
Baldfrog: Perfect one day beautiful the next oh wrong state
DrSeuss: Ok Taranto – time for 12 tackles in a half in this rain
Hazzalowry: @monty. Love what you do here bud. Been using it for ages
sheezel420: marvel > MCG, doesn’t get rain
DrSeuss: Actually just looked – how does Taranto have no tackles in a half – terrible.
Bazza2023: thats BS deliberate
TheLegend6: Umps should understand Baker doesn’t want to kick it out, just hard in the conditions
MrWalrus: ah, internet is back, whoever it was who called Vlas for a big one is a genius so far
Baldfrog: Thought only our internet was $hit Walrus
TheLegend6: Definitely a scoring end
Baldfrog: Cmon Ryan even if you headbut the ball better than nothing
MrWalrus: turns out it can be a bit patchy in the middle of the ocean also Baldy
TheLegend6: Lucky to get away with that one
Bazza2023: held by the leg and 4 umps still dont see it
DrSeuss: Terrible missed call by the umpire there
Bazza2023: if its a goal the diff, umpire watch will be on
Bazza2023: the other star of Sniper 4, Tom Lynch
Harambe: Ordinary football rules go out the window close to goal
Bazza2023: sheparding is another on the goal line goes out the window
Baldfrog: Havent seen anything to say 4 umps is better
TheLegend6: Lynch did nothing to be called a sniper there Bazza
clay007: The Bont needs to be put in the guts, useless in the fwd line.
Hazza09: Anyone considering Marshall C?
TheLegend6: Lot of overruling in the earlier game Bald
Bazza2023: yeah Sniper 4 was a poor movie.
Baldfrog: yeah but it was never the ump closest making the decision
Sheezus: Perhaps get Bont onto the ball Bevo you madman
Wahab_18: stay forward bont
PigeonPies: here we go, bevo moving the bont and now his score stops again
navy_blues: english hurt?
Baldfrog: Ryan hasnt moved must be posing as a goal post
Bazza2023: english ankle?
TheLegend6: ffs cumbers
MrWalrus: English fine please…
navy_blues: looks ok
pcaman2003: Just saw Witts not on tonight. Anyone know what happened?
BRAZZERS: cucumber having a mare
DrSeuss: English is fine
MrWalrus: also Taranto been on fire since quarter time
Hazzalowry: What has happened to Smith this year?
TimT14: Keep going Vlastuin! Need you to go big in draft
PigeonPies: is witts confirmed? or still unsure
MrWalrus: cheers navy, Seuss
Hazzalowry: Watts officially out
Bazza2023: Witts is son confirmed, the wake is next weds
navy_blues: no witts on m0ntys game list
pcaman2003: Pigeon. Not listed in next FF game,but can’t find any other info .
Hazzalowry: Witts*
Baldfrog: Smith had to change hairdressers
Bazza2023: No Pints for Witts
RuffLeader: Mackay 1 week
Hazzalowry: Hairdresser are integral in today’s game. Personally I want man buns banned
Baldfrog: That helps us
Bazza2023: which is bollocks, they ship that up the train
navy_blues: they will fight that ruff nothing in it
Baldfrog: You wont get me tonight Bazza
BRAZZERS: is mackay related to mckay or is it different Carlton player?
Baldfrog: It was shocking Navy deserves 3 lol
Bazza2023: im in the middle of my Dads Homebrew , lovely Points of it.
navy_blues: lol cotchin does that every week lol
Bazza2023: Mckay dead set sniped him lol
RuffLeader: Agree Navy
Harambe: Nice recovery since quarter time by Taranto
BRAZZERS: difference is harry iust garbage compared to the best captain of all time nackers
TheLegend6: McKay is a sniper
DrSeuss: Yes Harambe – that first qtr sure was a stinker – hopefully he can hit 110
Baldfrog: Hodge or Voss Brazzers?
Bazza2023: TT will be top scorer for tiges
Hazzalowry: Do you keep Sheezel for the season now? Ashcroft wouldn’t be in your final team
Harambe: That would be Captain Feathersword, Brazzers
TheLegend6: Tex Walker Baldy
clay007: What is a good supercoach captain’s score when you have vc on someone?
Harambe: I started watching after the first quarter, don’t know what happened in the first lol
Baldfrog: 120-130+ is usually good for C Clay
TheLegend6: free kick dogs? yikes
clay007: Thanks Bald! I have English as VC and Oliver as capt
Bazza2023: umps making mistakes
Harambe: English is what Grundy used to be in 2018-19, minus some hitouts
TheLegend6: Umps have lost it hahaha bad both ways
pcaman2003: Has Oscar got any points this half? Horribly quiet!
GOD: suspending Mckay, not very cristian of u Cristian especially at Easter!!
Bazza2023: @Gorilla agreed Grundyesqe
Baldfrog: Ryan finally scored then gave a free away sheesh
TheLegend6: lol.
Harambe: PCA is becoming Oskar the Grouch
DrSeuss: OMG that is a terrible decision
Hazzalowry: Oscar hasn’t had a point for a quarter
Hazzalowry: Bevo loves Oskar. He will play all year
clay007: Is it time to sell Hopper, or do we put it down to the bad conditions?
TheLegend6: Hopper was playing well until it became a slog. Hold.
Social: This would be one of those ‘famous’ wins if the dogs hold on
Harambe: Sometimes a wingman goes unrewarded for their running but coaches like their defensive structure
frenzy: burn that trade clay
J.Worrall: I have English as VC and Oliver as capt.
Hazzalowry: That’s why Bevo loves Iskar @Harambe
clay007: Thanks Legend. His BE was 4
TheLegend6: 7 kids out there with under 20 games for the tiges Social
Bazza2023: no gimme here for taranto
Social: take the pom
GOD: Hopper was no good at GWS, why did anyone pick him?
thommoae: JW – better call than you made on the Pies Lions result, eh? 🙂
TimT14: Hopper been on bench for 7 mins, knee must be playing up
Bazza2023: didnt Hopper get killed in Russia?
Wahab_18: come on hopper get back on
Social: Lots of teams in that boat Legend
The Hawker: GOD – he doesnt need to be good but good enough to make cash…simple SC strat
clay007: Oskar got 1 point for a mark and shot at goal.
TheLegend6: My point is it’s far from famous
Pav300: lmao Bazza
Social: Just refering to the overused Ch7 lexicon
Social: Hence the inverted commas
AlbySmedtz: Just got Moyle. Desparation ForUCKs. Anyone know about him?
Bazza2023: thanks for the acknow Pav
GOD: The Hawker, yeh but that is not going to happen!! wasted pick not even a rookie start price
TheLegend6: Dogs composed, doing it well
clay007: Libba-what a champion under pressure.
The Hawker: GOD – there is nothing wrong picking Hopper at all, wasn’t even a risk picking him since everyone has him!!
Hazzalowry: Ble moon for Ralphsmith?
Wahab_18: when bont is back on the ground libba loses points for his CPs
Bazza2023: i wish i had Libba, not just for Pints but the way he plays
The Hawker: Easy to downgrade him down to rookie price or upgrade him to a premo if he goes well – so i dont see any wrong at all
DrSeuss: Libba would smash the pints I reckon
Bazza2023: for sure Doc, who wouldnt with a Marge Tattoo
J.Worrall: Fantasy Football nees more pints!
clay007: This is like 80s footy-awesome
Baldfrog: Weirdest thing i’ve ever seen on a human Bazza
Hazzalowry: Libba loves more than just the pints.
J.Worrall: *needs
Bazza2023: i like this game
Bazza2023: agreed
J.Worrall: Close scores can mean big scaling!
Wahab_18: surely thats a clanger
TheLegend6: Fuck off
Social: woof
frenzy: theres scaling worrall, you gest
Wahab_18: hopper ruined this game after libbas hard work
sheezel420: get rekt tiges
pcaman2003: Nice win Doggies.
Social: famous I tells ya
Bazza2023: go dogs
navy_blues: wd doggies
DrSeuss: Great comeback from TT – great game in the end
TheLegend6: Too many skill errors from the cubs tonight, good signs, good game I guess.
circle52: Not too much scaling as there is 2293 already.
frenzy: luv ur math circle

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