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Chat log from R2 of 2023: Essendon vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Essendon vs Gold Coast, R2 of 2023

duckky: Weiderman replaced? Just because he was wearing a moonboot on Friday?
Slugus: Yeah, we’re going to be very short down fwd
Slugus: Go the Bombers!
Troglodyte: Perkins got this covered
navy_blues: ridley didnt step out of square loll
Troglodyte: Dons may be overconfident coming to this due to win against Hawks
Slugus: Yeah Trog, getting that feeling
Troglodyte: Want to see Draper go full mungrel
Raspel31: Hmm. But good work Ridley.
bhg26: Good start riddler
Sheezus: Keep missing those set shots Suns… more Riddler activity
Raspel31: On a bright note Constable has reached his be
BRAZZERS: lol constable projection 16
Slugus: Wow, somehow ended that qtr infront
Bazza2023: get your a$$ moving TOUK or its back to Mordor!
bhg26: ridley quite end to the quarter
bhg26: *quiet
Slugus: Constable having a nice start
Badgerbadg: Alwyn looks like a PLAYYRRR
Raspel31: Benched of course but go A D jnr
TorturedSC: Touk has had his head taken off twice, both FKA for holding
Bazza2023: didnt see ythe first but the last was definitely high
BRAZZERS: gotta trade steele. LDU or tom green?
Raspel31: Green- main man.
Slugus: I have Green, but LDU sure looks impressive, if you taken his performance from the midway of last year, he’s a must have
BRAZZERS: LDU loks unreal, but can he sustain this form is my question
circle52: Been out for lunch came home and discocered no e on witts.
bhg26: Ridley, get a move on please
circle52: Will ruin a fair round
Slugus: If it was only 2 games, then I’d ignore it, but based on his last half of last year, could well be a top tier mid
Wends: Afternoon all, can anyone see what’s happening with Setterfield?
Raspel31: bhg- for once we agree on something.
Raspel31: And hello Wends.
bhg26: For once? We’ve agreed on many things the last few years
Slugus: Setterfield has been solid so far
Wends: Buono sera Raspel
Raspel31: We have indeed- my bad.
Wends: Thx Slugus
BRAZZERS: cheers mate
Slugus: He’s never been an A grade mid, he won’t be. But as we don’t have a big bodied mid, his spot is sured up
Slugus: Probably 80 average for the year I’d say, maybe a 90… issue is I don’t see him having any big games and making
Slugus: any serious cash or being a keeper
Raspel31: Have your rookies outscored your guns-mine have- going to be some serious cash to play with.
Wends: Didn’t know what to do with Whitfield so he became Setterfield, Slugus… I should have posed this qu. b4 trading in 😐
Slugus: Question is, will Sheezel just be a keeper in the fwd line or not though
Hazza09: Don?t know what to do with Steele, can?t take a break this year
Slugus: Setterfield isn’t a bad choice, I’d love to be wrong and be smashes it 😉
bhg26: Well Sheezel can be a keeper in defence slugus
Wends: Fingers crossed… liked those 10 points in the last few mins tho
Slugus: @hazza depends who else you have but as Wends asked earlier, LDU or Green look good
navy_blues: omps so inconsistent with “advantage” rule!
Slugus: @bhg he’s only fwd in SC, not sure about other formats
cmperrfect: Dons too complacent
navy_blues: omps even lol
bhg26: He’ll get defender status slugus
Wends: All I need today is for Setterfield to beat Uwland by 81 lol
mattmac24: He will get Def in SC soon Slugus.
navy_blues: hmm my u turned to a o
Hazza09: @slugus I have Green, need to bring in Daicos and have to trade Darcy
Slugus: bhg, oh, I get you. Still, def line generally should be better than fwd line for scores?
Raspel31: Naicos my only bring in- great start Hazza
Slugus: Would love to bring him in, certainly looks to be a must have… only real option though would be to downgrade Doc to h
bhg26: I think fwds tend to score better cause more mids and rucks get dpp status
TorturedSC: Umps hate my boy Touk
Slugus: Yeah, depends if you’re weighing up F1-3 vs D1-3 or 4-6…
Butch14: witts bro
Raspel31: Ah Tortured- the Touk, the Laird The Clarry- hard call.
Slugus: No idea how we’re in front in this game, hopefully can play some decent footy second half
DiggaDogga: Is Darcy a must trade-out yet?
Butch14: geez 4fa for touk
bhg26: I dont know diggadogga. The ruck splits with jackson not great but has west coast next week
bhg26: I think im giving him 1 more game
cmperrfect: Condolences to those C on Gawn this week. VC rule should be applied.
Raspel31: Don’t think anyone a must trade this early Digga- unless dead.
MrWalrus: This is a very entertaining game of footy
Slugus: @Digga just have to weigh up what you thought preseason. Will be end the season as a top ruck?
cmperrfect: Hey m0nty, how’s the Mr Footy app going ?
Slugus: Need more than 300 out of Constable, Ridley and Green to win in league… ouch
MrWalrus: This game is great to watch, open, free flowing but still hard
Wends: Who gets subbed off for Suns?
m0nty: still working on it cm, beta later this year I think
frenzy: they may not sub Wends
Slugus: Sub Heppell, bring in Guelfi
Wends: Surely they’ll try n give Sexton some gametime tho frenzy?
bhg26: Oh ridley
clay007: Ridley is Mr. Almost. he almost marks it, almost spoils it. Mr. Almost
Raspel31: I almost didn’t get Ridley this year.
BRAZZERS: dons cooked
clay007: If the Dons lose, I will only have two tips for the week. Many upsets this round.
pcaman2003: Brazzers. They’re tired from beating our arse last week
bhg26: Take a fucking mark ridley!
clay007: Ridley almost marked it BHG
bhg26: Very annoying game from him today clay
clay007: @BHG, Redman is taking his kick-ins also, which is annoying me.
kait2006: flag gold coast
bhg26: Yeah as a ridley owner i bloody hate redman
Raspel31: Lot of time left for Ridley to annoy us.
kait2006: Too good
daniel87: guess after this week i have to take perkins off the watchlist
Slugus: Cya Heppell. Love you, but come on mate, go captain the 2s
bhg26: Hope redman takes a season long holiday
clay007: @Raspel, Ridley is doing a great job of annoying his supporters today.
Wends: Witts getting his back worked on, for those with him.
kait2006: what is rids ownership?
Raspel31: Picked up on that clay007.
bhg26: 13% kait
Hazza09: Is Settlerfield an option?
Slugus: I said no earlier, I’m being proven wrong
clay007: Settlefield looks like good value
bhg26: Setterfield killing it in the draft league
frenzy: ask Slugus
cmperrfect: solid mid price option Setterfield
clay007: Ridley almost
bhg26: Ridley you have to be kidding me
kait2006: Ridley with a blistering 4 points this qtr
Bazza2023: heppell subbed on 14 possies, WTF killed my multi
daniel87: only thing that concerns me is these are easy teams there playing right now how they go against the good teams
navy_blues: exactly daniel but shhhhh
Wends: That’s OK daniel, just need him to generate a wee bit of cash – hopefully up to byes. Couple of tough teams, some easier
beerent11: Ridley owners can?t be too surprised. He?s done this the last two years.
bhg26: ill take 80 from ridley at this rate
daniel87: essendons run from 5 to 10 is hard
bhg26: Any other day Ridleys taking those 5 intercept marks and gets a huge score
Raspel31: But still averages beer- the trade frenzy is madness.
Slugus: Agreed beer. I must be a sucker for punishment. he was a late POD change for me… sigh
Ooost: Same bhg26
navy_blues: think ridley was 27 at 1/4 time
BRAZZERS: lol daniel
biggerz: ridley to daicos seems a pretty easy trade
Ooost: Flanders to JZ for me
Raspel31: Doch had a shocker- and I kicked an own goal in football this morning. Not even I am perfect all the time.
biggerz: constable was on 43 at HT ffs
BRAZZERS: ridders take a mark you muppet
clay007: This is an interesting game. Who wins? Gold Coast just keep on finding answers. Einstein in the box!
Slugus: Agreed clay, though I’d say the Bombers keep finding answers, it seems GC are winning around the ground
Wends: Setters not going to win me my league game but happy with the trade from Whitfield.
TheOnyas: Onya Shiely
bhg26: Handy last second kick
Raspel31: Scores Wends?
clay007: Is Docherty a keeper?
navy_blues: no trade him
bhg26: yes clay
Hazza09: Is Flanders a must trade?
bhg26: Role is no good hazza
Raspel31: Doch? Get out now Clay!
Wends: Anyone here in the FanFooty AF 2021 league?
banta: wtf nic martin no where near it. how so uselss!
MrWalrus: Still finding this very entertaining, free flowing chaos, anyone’s game still & Casboult pushing little people over, fun
Raspel31: Reason why I’m interested in projected scores Wends.
Wends: 1754 to 1677, with Setters v Uwland to go. They’ve got JKell who’ll prob turn into Green (my other unique)
Wends: Do you want to know our ‘yet to play’ numbers etc Rasp?
Raspel31: Low Wends- surprised.
Wends: Sorry I mean our projected scores?
Wends: We’ve both got Constable, Conigs, Ginbey, Callaghan to go Rasp,
Raspel31: Still not fab Wends- doing better than I thought.
LuvIt74: I’ll be getting rid of Flanders this week
cmperrfect: Anyone proj over 2300 this week?
Grimes Jr: Disappointing gc losing to this rabble
Hazza09: Wow Setterfield, could be a great trade for Steele
JohnHoward: im proj 2310
Wends: Was so up n about after my 2060 odd last week and all…
Slugus: Nice score John!
Hazza09: You must have avoided all the crap this week John Howard
cmperrfect: If only you could bowl little Johnny. Haha.
Raspel31: I’ll crack 2100-2150 Wends- all due to rookies.
daniel87: yeah wekk if settfield gets 150 her or 160 might have to go the quick cash otpion but you probably get 2 weeks of cash g
Wends: Baha cmperrfect
navy_blues: i dont believ that with darcy gawn etc etc missing out
clay007: Flanders has his break even this week, should you hold for 1 more week?
Wends: Noice Rasp – who’d you captain? I went w Macrae
bhg26: Should get close to 2200, despite darcys efforts
duckky: Why is Ballard’s symbol a chook?
Slugus: I went Marshall/Cameron as rucks, worked so far
Wends: Setters 9 tackles 😮
Raspel31: Clarry Wends- and very lucky with both rucks.
Wends: Isn’t he your second cousin duckky?
duckky: Darn! I forgot – there are so many at the week before Christmas get togethers
clay007: Langford’s head will be swelling. Won’t be able to fit his head in the car. May have to stay at Marvel till it shrinks.
TorturedSC: Playing on Collins (Rooster)
LuvIt74: Ridley needs to get his arse off the pine
Wends: Its the tryptophan in all those vegan turduckens… fuzzes the memory somewhat.
beerent11: That?s not good for riddler owners
bhg26: Flower me ridley
TimT14: Omg Shiel please get to 25 touches
bhg26: Not much is good for ridley owners right now beer
Raspel31: Have left a bowl of water out for Dukky’s relattives if there is confusion.
duckky: Naa Wends – its just so many of the flock disappear the week after our get togethers… never to be seen again. It is a
duckky: mystery
Wends: It’s tragic stories like that which make me glad I’m vego ducky sniff 🙁
duckky: If BZT is out next week, Ridders stoocks will improve.
Napper: 3 point for rid intercept nice
Slugus: If BZT is out, its worse, he has to play a shut down roll instead of a the rebound roll we want
Raspel31: Might bring Ridley in- looks good>
duckky: Star for Setterfield
duckky: True Slugus
Wends: Menzie cash icon m0nty?
a1trader: Joel Jeffrey spends half the time sitting on the bench and still scoring 87
thommoae: Role
navy_blues: be bringing i redman b4 ridley more mobile
m0nty: cash icons only start in R3
Slugus: Ugly win and still a solid win. Go the bombers!
thommoae: I think I bought a shut down roll for lunch the other day … Mmm. :)shut
Wends: *I mean Urbs (not m0nty)!
BRAZZERS: pathetic by gc, Setters is a scrub and destroyed you lol
duckky: Red dog tries his guts out week in week out.
Wends: Ahh, carry on 🙂
beerent11: Last week I corrected stupid sexy Flanders and Fyfe to Errol and sheez. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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