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Chat log from R2 of 2023: Sydney vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Sydney vs Hawthorn, R2 of 2023

bhg26: Good start
Pavs: Go Gulden. Good luck today bhg
Slugus: Hey all, tipped the swans but hoping for the Hawks to make it a competitive game.
Troglodyte: Hopefully the Hawks stay in the game for more than a quarter
bhg26: Why do we have kelli underwood commentating our game again. leave us alone
TorturedSC: That’s how you know it’s Sunday
Bazza2023: gulden has 3 possies not 2, they missed one
bhg26: Good stuff logan
TimT14: This is going to get ugly
oc16: it already is
bhg26: Blakeys massive physique has ripped his guernsey
Bazza2023: Swans will have 35 scores today methinks
navy_blues: htb against warner not paid lol
navy_blues: hawks dont need umps helping syd
Raspel31: Any preferences bhg- hard to tell with my teeth out?
pcaman2003: Afternoon!.Got K Underwood again. Please! Go away! Hawks by 80
bhg26: The cameraman is terrible
bhg26: what preferences raspel?
Cottees: bhg, I do remember my promise btw 😉
Depressed: tough to watch the hawks not helped with Mrs K Underwood
Napper: How underscores does Worpel want to be. Hasn?t placed a foot wrong fix it CD
Raspel31: Capped Heeney- fingers crossed.
RooBoyStu: Give the spoon to the Hawks, pathetic
bhg26: I think i might just take the chance and get naicos cottees lol
RooBoyStu: Clarko says hi lol
Napper: 100% de for Worpel and contested as well should be on 45 minumum
LuvIt74: Worpel looks like a must have
navy_blues: lol omg norf supporters getting cheeky
Nurfed: harley reid sweepstakes firmly in the hawks control here
bhg26: Yeah thats super underscored napper
Cottees: Worpel using the ball well? What is this sorcery. Also if bont has his stats. hed be on 60
Cottees: bhg, I reckon you have too haha. I want sydney to win so Ican too lol
pcaman2003: Good to see Worps where he belongs. On the ground and in the mid.
Raspel31: I think I might go to the toilet- this is a bit- who cares?
a1trader: Thanks for that Raspel, What have you been hanging on to? Number 1 or 2??
Depressed: if impey runs into trouble again im going to do his ACL
Raspel31: A Gulden a1trader- they cling
Cottees: Good start Gulden! Keep it up
pcaman2003: Gulden and Worps have been good pick ups so far
banta: heeney injured?
Depressed: i believe in the power of Moore
Raspel31: your perspicacity outshines many pcaman.
pcaman2003: Raspel. I only wish.
a1trader: at least nobody has Amartey or Logan McDonald
MrWalrus: Life after Buddy looks good for the swans, Amartey has always looked good, now looks great
pcaman2003: We badly need an effective big tall defender. Just a little undersized now.
bhg26: I thought we were about 201 on the pressure gauge
Malaka: Heeney inconsistent as always, banta.
LuvIt74: If Rampe And Worpel score 90+ got to grab them NOW if you dont have them
LuvIt74: Green is as Green as grass
DiggaDogga: Dunno LuvIt. Rampe never been SC relevant, Worpel risky.
Harambe: Rampe? Are you high?
Bazza2023: Worps in crimmins form
Raspel31: Have a great feeling about The Hawks this year. Also an inveterate liar.
frenzy: does Amarty go out for buddy
Slugus: No plans to get either
bhg26: Probably Mclean goes out at this rate
Depressed: buddy gets subbed for mine amarty picks up the slack
Bazza2023: nice egg heeney
Harambe: Always rated Amartey, should be getting picked ahead of McLean
TorturedSC: Amartey looks good, but it is deceptive, the Hawks arent much chop
pcaman2003: That’s an Ostrich egg too Bazza2023
MrWalrus: Amartey has looked good everytime I’ve seen him play
Slugus: Someone tell Gulden to wake up
Harambe: I thought he looked good 2 years ago
DiggaDogga: Amartey JS not great. Key fwd at $220k. Low floor. In betweener. No thanks.
Harambe: Wouldn’t touch him in fantasy, just like watching him play
Napper: How does Worpel have equal sc to dt when he has high efficiency fix that CD
pluggerpig: hopefully a lot of noob supercoachers have an amartey party later tonight.
Raspel31: Gulden and Mackenzie for me- any other reason to watch?
pluggerpig: worpel worth watching..
bhg26: Amartey Raspel
Depressed: Why do Hawks play a tagger and not use him
bhg26: Speak of the devil
Cottees: Amartey looking the goods. Surely he keeps his spot against a stronger team to see how he goes.
Raspel31: Captained Amartey bhg- snort.
pcaman2003: The fumbling ,bumbling Hawks are back. Sigh!
LuvIt74: @DiggaDogga – Worpel risky, dunno how you can think that he scored 97 against Essendon and looks like he’ll ton up today
navy_blues: lol blakely
LuvIt74: Even Lloyd looks to be cheap. I had him in my side as D3 but removed him bloody spewing
Raspel31: I wouldn’t touch Worpel- but I have morals.
Cottees: Man if Hawks could kick, we would look better lol
biggs2dujj: Blue moon time for Amartey
pcaman2003: At 309K Worpel is a bargain now he is full time mid without Titch, O’meara keeping him out.
Slugus: Won’t be a keeper though, so just depends if he makes enough cash compared to having another rookie
Raspel31: Tinking de only trade for moi- Naicos.
bhg26: Im going Macrae to Naicos, Bruhn to Ziebell and probably chesser to chandler
bhg26: As bad as darcy is, i dont have the bollocks to trade him against west coast
duckky: Steele has a broken collarbone. I hate Fantisy Football
duckky: My 3rd LTI of the season.
Raspel31: bhg- are you clinically insane? Asking for a friend.
bhg26: Yes raspel
BRAZZERS: i have steele too duckman, its amazing he can back on the ground
bhg26: But macrae has looked very mediocre these last 2 weeks
Raspel31: Good- all sorted.
duckky: And he gave a speech at the end Brazzers. I want what they gave him… for a friend of course
TorturedSC: Darcy can Foff. The last play highlighted the problem, easily won the contest and punched instead of a HTA
bhg26: Actually i can go darcy to witts if i dont bring chandler in im probably doing that
LuvIt74: Who tipped Muppet yesterday at Donald, it just won easy…lol
BRAZZERS: i went stewart to sicaly at least that worked
Raspel31: bhg- chill baby- round 2.
bhg26: You have to make big moves before first price changes rasp, i know what im doing
Slugus: No trades here so far, just will be trading out the bottom few rookies for whoever looks like making more cash
Raspel31: I rather think not bhg.
pcaman2003: Every year the first few weeks are chaos.Just chill and select carefully. Can’;t do any more than that.
bhg26: Ive first 4000, 550 and 270 last three years
bhg26: *finished
Raspel31: Indeed pcaman- selling your premos after a bad week?
Cottees: bhg. not even first. do better 😉 but seriously thats pretty good
Raspel31: But do you speak English bhg?
bhg26: I think you know i do not rasp
Raspel31: My inate racism- apologies.
RooBoyStu: I don’t care, you can have your Cripps, Wines, Dangerfield, Martin etc but give me Luke Parker all day long.
RooBoyStu: So consistent and durable and Mr Reliable
bhg26: My family and I call him mr perfect rooboy, has been exceptional for the last decade
pcaman2003: Raspel. No premo trades yet and hopefully won’t need to for a while
bhg26: Im only trading macrae cause Naicos is a freak, otherwise id keep him in.
Raspel31: Same pcaman- scoring well over 2000 in first 2 rounds on back of rookies- plenty of time.
bhg26: Plus it gets Tanner Bruhn out of my team
pcaman2003: Most of our stats aren’t that bad except for poor DE. Mitchell needs to work them over on disposal.
BRAZZERS: how good is underwood’s commentary lads!
Slugus: Makes my ears bleed
pcaman2003: FO Brazzers! Lol!
bhg26: Shes really good when the TV is on mute
pcaman2003: Slugus. Lucky you! I feel an aneurysim coming on.
Bazza2023: the thing is, you can tell she’s fugly from her voice as well!
Harambe: IMO Kelli’s voice is far less annoying that Tones And I
Slugus: Don’t care what she looks like, but her dry worthless commentry just sucks the life out of the game
Raspel31: I’m a girl.
BRAZZERS: lol baz, i’d still give her one but my standards are pretty low
Spifflicat: She?s still better than than BT?s god awful squeaking
navy_blues: cool as a cucumber e very week kelli says tat
Cottees: where can I listen to this underwood? Now I need to know what she sounds like
bhg26: Where are all the “orange team” fans on fanfooty today?
pcaman2003: I almost prefer Bruce the Goose McAveny
Spifflicat: Orange team fan here
Slugus: lol bhg
TorturedSC: youre all a bit precious about the commentators, lol. Cheer up
thommoae: Ditto.
LuvIt74: Was hoping Mackenzie would reach 70 but that wont happen
banta: mcinerney is an absolute spud. don’t know how he gets a game. so arrogant too
Bazza2023: @brazzers…. bahaha made me LOL
Bazza2023: Macca and Cyril days were the best
Bazza2023: Bramble doing some things,
Slugus: Haha, Tortured, with a game like this, you have to get emotional about something
RooBoyStu: My late mum hated Kelli Underwood, shocking caller, that’s why 3aw showed her the door, a veg cooi
bhg26: Champagne footy by bramble there
RooBoyStu: *veg cooking a bbq better
Bazza2023: thank F### bud isnt playing probably wouldve got 13!
pluggerpig: kelli sounds like shes a pack a day smoker and keeps one in each nostril for later
Raspel31: M0nty- tone down the ramapant sexism.
Bazza2023: lol pig
Slugus: Needs a big last qtr Luvit, got him on the field
pcaman2003: Light years away from playing finals again. Mitchell has his work cut out.
TorturedSC: On another note, my opp the only person in SC with Florent, classic luck
RooBoyStu: @raspel you abuse a male for playing bad, how is that not sexist? If they want equality it works both ways
RooBoyStu: Go Capt Tom Green
BigChief: Amartey subbed?
Raspel31: Unlike you Rooboy I’m not gay- though I respect you..
Slugus: Ouch, Weideman late out… we already didn’t really have a forward line
RooBoyStu: Make a final mate
Slugus: It’s *winning a final, as the insult. We made the 8 2021
TorturedSC: @RooBoyStu I think the difference is nobody comments on any other commentator’s appearance.
RooBoyStu: Win one oui sorry been that long forgot
Slugus: Apology accepted
RooBoyStu: Any way lads have a good one off to airport to head home after last night Go Roos
Raspel31: Thank you Tortured- needed saying.
navy_blues: 3/4 time freeze again
Cottees: Solid game Hawks. Only a few goals behind lol
TorturedSC: Cheers @Rasp, if we keep our critique to their actions it all stays above board
pluggerpig: i need 1 more goal from paps for my multi
bhg26: No witches hats m0nty?
oc16: Nash unfortunately just isn’t AFL quality
Ooost: Get out the witches hats
TheOnyas: onya millsy
pcaman2003: Gr8 game Hawks. Look forwards to next weeks smashing
Cottees: oc16. I mean most of the team isn’t lol
pluggerpig: this might be hawks lowest score in 90+ years
oc16: i disagree I think almost all of them are, but you are only as good as your bottom few players
Raspel31: Think the Hawks still in this..
pluggerpig: kelli was about to suggest a goal here might make a difference
bhg26: How on earth is that not 50 lmao
pcaman2003: How useless is Frost? Can’t keep his feet, slow, turns over constantly and heaps of clangers.
DANGERous: Chaddy doesnt want the ball today?
pluggerpig: multiiiiiiii done. today was a good day
bhg26: If Chad tried today it would have been even more unfair Danger
bhg26: Not the percentage!
BRAZZERS: who ever plays the hawks twice will be happy
LuvIt74: Warpel must have in SC, most likely not a keeper but will be a great step up
pcaman2003: At least Worps is going to make me some money. Going well 1st 2 rounds.
Raspel31: Love a close game.
bhg26: Should have won by 20 goals but ill take 81 points

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