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Chat log from R2 of 2023: Adelaide vs Richmond

Chat log for Adelaide vs Richmond, R2 of 2023

Baldfrog: Will we show some ticker this after being flecked by the vfl or will we voilet crumble
Butch14: Laird rebound game coming
Yelse: can the crows win this
Pav300: Rooboy your nag not too Virtuous – on its way to the Nackery
zadolinnyj: Don?t like it having keys forward. Understand rebuild but
NickyD: Time to troll the Tigers. Where’s Grimes? LOL
TheLegend6: Laird will go big today
Baldfrog: A tip pav don’t back rooboy’s selections
Bazza2023: avg start by tigers, and Laird maybe on
Troglodyte: Come on Ryan, time to replicate preseason scoring
Pav300: too true baldy – go crows
TheLegend6: Good start Hopp
Jaypa: these Richmond jumpers are revolting
Baldfrog: tigers every free so far not looking good
DiggaDogga: McIntosh going the full ‘Herman’ look from the old Guess Who game
wadaramus: Nice gift Ray you wanker.
TheLegend6: Won a premiership in them Jaypa
TheLegend6: First kick first goal club for Samson
Gotigres: Hopefully Laird can score more than 50 this week
Troglodyte: Chandler might be in trouble, van Rooyen killed in VFL today
Jaypa: Laird on the bench, not again
BRAZZERS: loving these richmond jumpers, reminds me of the grand final
Troglodyte: Which one Brazzers?
TheLegend6: Hows that holding the ball? He was claiming the mark ffs
DrSeuss: Schoenberg tagging Taranto it seems
dezlav: Finally, Laird back off the bench
MrWalrus: Also no prior, was tackled instantly
Jaypa: outside of winning a flag in them, you can’t actually think they look any good?
TheLegend6: Silly Broad
navy_blues: holiday time broad lol
Baldfrog: dog act bbroady
dezlav: Knee jerk reaction. Took the C of Laird 20 mins and put it on Cognilio. He’s gunna make me regret that.
bhg26: Thats weeks
Cr1cketeer: Rankine off to a flyer
Bazza2023: have a week off broad
wadaramus: Nice head slam 35.
bhg26: And add extra emphasis to weeks
MrWalrus: Says the giants supporter…
BigChief: 1 week holiday.
Baldfrog: If mcadam got 3 for no head knock thats 5 minimum
MrWalrus: He’ll get weeks but really nothing in that
wadaramus: He’s a Richmond player BC, he’ll just get a fine.
Jaypa: what about the giants supporter spudboy?
bhg26: Spud is fitting walrus
TheLegend6: Don’t be silly, 2-3 for Broad
Gotigres: Remember Taranto, you need 45 possies to ton up
oc16: why on earth is riley sub?
BigChief: 5 weeks Baldy? Hahaha
Troglodyte: Time to hang up the boots Riewoldt
MrWalrus: It was a good tackle, no malice just unlucky, that’s the game now
MrWalrus: Giants supporter commenting on bad jumpers flogboy
Jaypa: It wasn’t a good tackle, it was careless and it was bordering the field of play anyway
Bazza2023: it was a two action, sling tackle you mad walrus
Jaypa: daresay we have one of the best looking jumpers in the league spuddy
BRAZZERS: lol at the muppets, who traded out laird
Bazza2023: such a contradicting statement, “he’ll get weeks, but really nothing in it” ROFL
DrSeuss: Pick up the ball Taranto FFS – Stop fumbling and get involved – maybe a tackle or 10
bhg26: Rioli a massive pod
Gotigres: Laird will go 150 this week because I don’t have him captain
dezlav: Contact Sloane. LIFT.
Baldfrog: I rang Laird for Jaypa earlier he said good one coming
bhg26: Laird still my vice
MrWalrus: I already acknowledged it’ll be weeks, 2 I reckon but he’ll be punished on outcome as much as anything
Jaypa: thanks again for that Baldy, good to know you’ve got a big influence around the Crom
beerent11: 5129 of them brazzers.
MrWalrus: You see multiple tackles like that every game, no contradiction in that
Yelse: whats dawson doing ffs
dezlav: @Baldrog. Yeah I got a different message, and shouldn’t have listened 🙂
beerent11: Same here bhg
wadaramus: So is it careless or intentional?
wadaramus: High obviously, is impact severe?
wadaramus: Straight to the tribunal.
wadaramus: Nicks is an idiot Yelse, doesn’t know how to employ a key weapon.
BRAZZERS: 5129 amateurs beer
TheLegend6: It’s careless so it won’t be more than 3
MrWalrus: Lol wada, fortunately he doesn’t play for crows
Stuart88: It?s was a terrible tackle lifted him and slung him it was out of play no need for it
DiggaDogga: Gee Taranto is good at popping up on the end of a short kick inside 50.
BRAZZERS: it wont be more than 2
MrWalrus: Laird is my captain it seems, oops, reverse trades mistake may pay off at least
Jaypa: would be surprised if it got more than 1
wadaramus: Why are you so sure it’s careless, he clearly “intended” to slam him into the ground?
Grimes Jr: Lol if it?s 2 and Pickett got two a genuine disgrace
bhg26: Samso smashing his previous high score
Yelse: is laird gets 130 and 120 next game how much will he drop
zadolinnyj: Will be 2 due to two motions, concussion and current law suit
Yelse: phillips or swan ruck my emergencies for loop hole so risky
zadolinnyj: 2 for Pickett was a disgrace
Social: mOnty’s declared it a slam tackle, the panel will definitely consider that.
bhg26: Breakeven would still be 150+ yelse
Jaypa: still a fair bit Yelse considering his BE is 200 rn
MrWalrus: Not much Yelse then the 50 drops out and he’ll make it back if he goes big
DiggaDogga: It’ll be careless by the rules. See pg 8 Intentional Vs Careless
Baldfrog: low scores in first game arnt usually as bad as 2nd or 3rd games drops out pretty quick
TorturedSC: Making your best backline distributor accountable for an opponent, Nicks is a Genius
wadaramus: Yeah but the rules allow you to make your own interpretation.
wadaramus: Like “potential” to cause serious injury.
Grimes Jr: Dawson killing me
Baldfrog: that only applies to us Wada
wadaramus: What’s the “potential” here?
Troglodyte: Poor m0nty, no Butts jokes this week
MrWalrus: Wada, are you a bit salty about the McAdam one? Fair enough I say
Yelse: so its lucky that the low score was round 1 for laird
DiggaDogga: He’ll argue there was no intent to cause serious injury, but breached duty of care. But really, who knows?!
MrWalrus: Half the players should get suspended each week on “potential”
m0nty: I miss big Butts and I can not lie
DiggaDogga: But you’re right – outcome (being concussed) will matter also.
Bazza2023: god you talk rubbish
MrWalrus: Yep Yelse, also big rook scores this week are more important for ongoing cash gen
Baldfrog: your still here walrus so be thankful
zadolinnyj: Sir mix a lot monty
TheLegend6: Would’ve been lots of Hopper to JHF this week…
dezlav: Has anyone seen Sloane?
Troglodyte: Gawn to Nank has potential…
Jaypa: he’s got the Hopper/Laird role from last week
Soups07: does taranto kick drop punts or just mungrels over his shoulder
wadaramus: Dawson anchored to the goal square is such good tactics from our coaching panel.
TheLegend6: Laird missed his last 3 targets
Jaypa: reminds me of Leon Cameron playing Jelly in a forward pocket
Fatbar5tad: Laird is colourblind
DiggaDogga: This could be ugly. Tiges clean, Crows rushed and disorganised.
Social: Rankine back in sook mode
clay007: Rachele just pickpocketed michalanney
pluggerpig: rachele is intriguing this season – haven’t seen him in any sides yet
bhg26: Hoppers retaining his spot
beerent11: Rioli jnr is more dangerous without the ball than with it.
pluggerpig: hopper traded out of a lot of sides.. rookie mistakes that early
TheLegend6: Lynch contested marking is ridiculous
beerent11: Got Rachele in draft. Been a good pick so far
Social: made no trades this week despite the extras, savin em for byes
MrWalrus: Nah Rachele is rubbish, the only good rook from last year is Naicos & saying otherwise means you must be a spud…
beerent11: Nearly 8k traded hop out
Gotigres: Almost traded out Hopper for Sheezel. Glad I didn’t. One good move so far this year.
Cottees: Yes Hopper. Punish those who have trade you!
navy_blues: another boring game
Jaypa: nah Walrus, theres more than just that making/keeping you a spud
thommoae: Reckon this is going to be a rout. Crows recovery from last week’s heat doubtful.
Fatbar5tad: Lairdctaking too long to dispose of the ball.
TheLegend6: I’m enjoying it navy
thommoae: Similarly concerned about the Giants @WC. Hate to lose that ‘un.
Social: will have to trade that scumbag in this week MrSpud
Fatbar5tad: Extra day to recover tho thom.
dezlav: @Beerent. How many traded out Laird?
MrWalrus: How would you know Jaypa? You’re lippy for a new pop up.
thommoae: But travelling west Fatbar. Different if East Coast.
DiggaDogga: Note how red hot the umps have been on set shots running in the slightest arc with Play On?
MrWalrus: Yep social, it seems teams are happy to just let him run around with no accountability.
LuvIt74: Should have the Crows AFLW play coz they’ll play a shit load better
wadaramus: About time DiggaDogga.
DiggaDogga: Totally agree Wada
wadaramus: How good is kicking backwards so you can then kick into a fwd 50 with 500 players in it.
Fatbar5tad: Weagles not Tigers tho thom. Youll be right.
thommoae: I’ve always nearly mostly definitely trusted your judgment, Fatbar.
MrWalrus: I see why crows rate Pedlar, having a bit of a stinker but really having a crack at least,
Jaypa: I’ve been around longer than you’d think Walrus, this account is over 10 years old
Fatbar5tad: Here come the Pretzels!
StuL: I was saying boo urns
MacL0veVP: That hurts the crows. Ouch.
bhg26: Samson Ryan has beat his previous high score by 49
zadolinnyj: Throw
navy_blues: dont know how pickett holds his spot
StuL: The crows are so uncompetitive
TheLegend6: Pickett is a system player, plays his role really well
Grimes Jr: Clueless comment Navy
Napper: 1 point for laird kick and tackle??
navy_blues: lol tell me different grimes
navy_blues: useless ive been watching him
MrWalrus: Pickett is an amazing player, not sure what you’re watching navy
bhg26: Not every player is a stat sheet filler, Pickett has a role and does it, same with Maurice Rioli Jnr
bhg26: Amazing player is a stretch walrus, hes good at what he does
myteamsuks: Taranto scoring is frustrating his DT is always higher than his SC.
Grimes Jr: Simmer navy, thanks champ
BRAZZERS: marlion is above average
navy_blues: so then all u experts tell me picketts role so im enlightened plz
Social: But they’re the admiration of the nation StuL?
MrWalrus: He’s a defensive wing who is hard, reads the play beautifully and can pull off some freakish plays with his vision
a1trader: Coll v Rich next Friday night will be a good game
Grimes Jr: U probably think silvangi is a good player navy
Social: Not many plyers wear #50, that’s kinda amazing
MacL0veVP: It is amazing e can run around with that weight on his back ay Social lmao
navy_blues: ive been watching him and honestly he doesnt do much but then im always wrong on here lol
navy_blues: but i will keep watching him
MrWalrus: He’s not fit navy but they’re playing him with a view to subbing him, watch him live and you’ll see it
MrWalrus: Maurice Jr is similar, they do stuff that doesn’t get stats but wins games
navy_blues: yes could be true walrus understand the diff watching live
TheLegend6: Need to slow it down sometimes, momentum with crows
Social: cockadoodledoo
Jaypa: Keays finally on’ball with Laird on bench
MrWalrus: That Michalanney kid goes ok, does good old fashioned footy stuff
Social: good to see Laird skipped the dodgy chipolatas this morning
beerent11: Hahahaha so many traded hopper out
TheLegend6: ffs lift lads
frenzy: how many traded stewart to naicos
MrWalrus: Not me frenzy because I thought the opposition might try and man him up, they didn’t.
wadaramus: Gee wizz, how good are the Crows…
Cottees: Who did you get Walrus?
frenzy: Lol walrus
wadaramus: at kicking points.
DrSeuss: Great to see Taranto hasn’t shown up for this quarter
Social: 11,332 sc players frenzy
frenzy: that would be me, social. but I did start stewart over naicos
wadaramus: Pedlar 0 from 2 easy shots.
MrWalrus: Took a punt on McDonald at Roos, looked back to that sweet role last week
navy_blues: they swap jumpers at half time?? lol
RooBoyStu: If you still have Hopper and Laird clap your hands *clap clap*
Jaypa: McDonald over Naicos? hahahahahahaha
frenzy: capt is the worry thou walrus, might get a big head
Jaypa: *clap clap*
MrWalrus: Furiously clapping here
StuL: Already had Naicos
StuL: Stewart and now Gawn hurts though
Jaypa: Death, Taxes and Taranto butchering the ball by foot
MrWalrus: Did I hurt you somehow Jaypa? All you’ve done is have a crack at me for 2 weeks now
frenzy: Lol jaypa
Jaypa: no spuddy you just amuse me
TheLegend6: Taranto 63% DE as good as I’ve seen from him tbf
beerent11: Clap clap
Jaypa: 11 handballs in that DE% would be like 30% by foot
Bazza2023: taranto just butchered another
beerent11: Rob might be back too. Nank isn?t an easy ruckman to score against.
Bazza2023: and another butcher by taranto, just kicking to the oppo
Jaypa: Taranto just took his time and picked Michalanney out
Gotigres: Taranto still needs 23 more possies before he tons up
TheLegend6: None of you would be able to lace Taranto’s boots, give it a rest
frenzy: how come the crows boys do a runner when their own team plays
Bazza2023: The Punt Road Butcher
wadaramus: I’m watching the game frenzy.
Jaypa: they might not be laced up, it would explain a few things
MrWalrus: To be fair Taranto would probably miss getting the bunny in the hole too
mattmac24: Didn’t realise you had to be a good footballer to criticise a player Legend.. He’s clearly not great by foot.
TheLegend6: Crows defence standing up well
Bazza2023: taranto another shocking inside 50
frenzy: enjoy wada
Bazza2023: i actually think Taranto was jack the ripper in another life
wadaramus: Lol, fukn trying to!
Fatbar5tad: @thom Blackbird comeback a good sign for your Giants
Bazza2023: and thats what picket does NAvy
Yelse: i need lynch one more goal in one multi and shai bolton and walker a goal each in other multi 1k pau out each
Gotigres: lol Bazza
TheLegend6: Hopefully crows are gassed from that quarter, our boys looked horrible then
thommoae: Encouraging, agreed. One day extra, as you said.
dezlav: Here’s a joke for ya’ll. I’ve got Hinge on the bench.
Spifflicat: Fyfe withdrawn
TheLegend6: 125 to take the VC on laird lads?
MrWalrus: We just kept making simple errors, thank goodness for our defenders
MrWalrus: Every time Legend
beerent11: I had Sidebottom on the bench in draft today dezlav.
Jaypa: Bont could go large tonight, TGreen a good shout tomorrow, 130 for me
bhg26: Laird score harsh
frenzy: I’ll trade you for him beer
dezlav: @beerent. Oops. I also took the C off Laird and swapped to Cognilio, 20 mins before the game started.
wadaramus: Ouch, Hopper not good.
navy_blues: not another injury grrrr
Gotigres: Hopper gone
TheLegend6: Hopper done
RooBoyStu: Serious guys and gals Fyfe late out tonight
DrSeuss: Hopper in a lot of trouble here
LuvIt74: Hopper is hopping
Cottees: oh for gods sake. another injury. really. we are in round 2!
Jaypa: who has Fyfe honestly?
RooBoyStu: Get on the roos Clarko the Messiah
MrWalrus: Hopper may be OK
beerent11: Not too bad maybe
mattmac24: Hopper looks okay
dezlav: The legend. Who’s your option to Loop?
MrWalrus: Also, how many weeks for that tackle? High, potential for injury….
beerent11: Hallelujah rooboy. I feeeeel the power of the clarko!
TheLegend6: Bont @Dez
Gotigres: Oh no, tigers might lose this.
StuL: Only a week Max for Hopper hopefully
Gotigres: Wow Taranto, those tackles are certainly helping
beerent11: Different draft league frenzy
dezlav: Poll: Who to trade in for hopper
MrWalrus: Agree bhg, not getting value for his good work but punished hard for every mistake
dezlav: @Legend. Keep the C on Bont unless Laird hits 130 (Inc scale up)
Bazza2023: are the tigers cooked?
StuL: Ever since I said the crows are uncompetitive.. come back tiges
exatekk: Fyfe just been named OUT
Gotigres: Hopper looks like he might come back on
TheLegend6: Dw lads, stuffed the loophole so can’t take Laird, haha bummer
beerent11: Depends if it?s serious and depends on who you already have dezlav
MrWalrus: Why trade dez?
dezlav: @Legend. Job done.
StuL: No one dezlav
Bazza2023: 24 scores to 16, crows should win this, with the weight of numbers into their 50
TheLegend6: Crows keep marking up the line, that’s why we’re getting smacked
DrSeuss: Laird is certainly back – but crazy how little attention Richmond put into him
Jaypa: its alright Legend, Bont could 150 tonight
Bazza2023: are they playing the rope a dope the tiges?
dezlav: @Stul. I like the confidence.
MrWalrus: He’s back on Dez, just got a handball
dezlav: MrWalrus. Just getting the feelers out. Not to trade is trending.
MrWalrus: I see that the pay HTB for good tackles thing has now finished
TheLegend6: GG crows good win
zadolinnyj: I want crows to win but need richmond by 25
frenzy: gee thought hopper was dead
Cottees: Thanks tiges. Destroying my tips as per usual
thesilentl: Stop sooking MrPotato
StuL: Cows are going to win. Please prove me wrong Richmond
Bazza2023: Thelegend playing reverse pyschology
dezlav: Get in the mix Sloane
beerent11: Great effort by the crowsafter 38 degrees last week to be running out this game so we?ll
Bazza2023: its officially a ROPE a DOPE
TheLegend6: ROB a good option for Gawn owners
pluggerpig: for the sake of my sportsbet and tipping i really need the crows to get up here
Gotigres: Wake up Taranto
BRAZZERS: good to see fyfe dropped, doesn’t deserve a game after that rubbish
TheLegend6: Samson!
Bazza2023: The butcher of Punt road not touching the ball is getting tiges back in it
beerent11: Probably carried an injury into last week nackers
wadaramus: I’m fed up with the Crows inability to kick straight.
dezlav: Spoke to soon @Pluggerpig.
TheLegend6: Ton up Taranto
beerent11: Put the armband on madden
frenzy: good boy Jacob
MrWalrus: Seriously the HTB inconsistency is ridiculous
TheLegend6: I could take laird but I’d need to take Bruhn’s 46, not worth it is it?
Grimes Jr: U don?t get much in Adelaide walrus
dezlav: You know, if the lights go out and we come back in 30 mins, we might kick 5 in 10 and win.
MrWalrus: Hopper going ok for a bloke who 15 minutes ago went off with a season ending injury
beerent11: Also got balta on the pine in draft
RooBoyStu: Agre Walrus give the spud to the fools who said gone, bet they don’t have him
Grimes Jr: What was that about Pickett navy
frenzy: Dawson has came from the clouds
RooBoyStu: So many muppets here that’s why Donald tomorrow is a monty R3 #14
DrSeuss: Taranto back to sleep again
MrWalrus: I’m resigned to getting dudded by umps Grimes, it’s just how it has HTB interpretation has swung over the match
navy_blues: 5mins to go in game and u pipe up?? that says it all grimes lol
beerent11: How?d your tip at Flemington go rooboy? Finished yet?
MrWalrus: He’s been good all game though
DiggaDogga: Hey fellas, if we are going with ‘Naicos’, surely we can go with ‘Minge’?
Jaypa: 52% DE, depends on your definition of good
frenzy: im sure theres been lots of pipes navy
bhg26: Im all for it DiggaDogga
LuvIt74: @RooBoy That was bloody funny, i just looked up the horse… Friggin Gold
bhg26: can they stop taking points off laird?
Grimes Jr: Pickett straight to daicos next week
Social: foot issue my foot
MrWalrus: There’s more to a players game than DE
beerent11: Cheers rory
TheLegend6: GG lads
Jaypa: yeah but if hes giving the ball to other team 50% of the time he has it, it’s not particularly helpful
DiggaDogga: Got to say, Hopper’s mechanism did look like a syndesmosis – may still be a story to that.
MrWalrus: Thank you accidental captain Laird, goes some way towards mending last week even
bhg26: Ive gotta give it to laird, was on the chopping block and stood up to the occassion
MrWalrus: Ineffective disposal isn’t necessarily a turn over though
BRAZZERS: spuddy mcspud

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