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Chat log from R2 of 2023: Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda, R2 of 2023

Ceema: The pou!
bhg26: Wow
KoopK: Who names their kid Finnian?
Raspel31: Hmm- out for hours and making love to a French Woman.. Go Laird- though I don’t have you and go Macrae.
MrWalrus: So you had a nice dream during your afternoon nap Raspel?
TheLegend6: Jones already beat last week hahah
MrWalrus: Here’s hoping for a high scoring bruise free ruckfest
Raspel31: I wish MrWalrus- you can fill the bill- back to footy.
Cottees: Dogs looking the goods
beerent11: Ryen Byrnes will be a gun
GOD: Baker baked
Bazza2023: dogs witches hats
Yelse: dogs in trouble this year
beerent11: Graced by GOD. How fortunate we are.
DrSeuss: Marshall – great start. English – not so good
Wends: Good evening to all Macrae (C) owners.
Bazza2023: 4 umps and they all miss bonts high hit, and then give a gift of a mark to naughton. WTF
bhg26: Theyre off to a flyer bazza
Bazza2023: this is poorly umped already
Raspel31: Wends- lovely thought but sad ending.
TheLegend6: Bont doing HIA
Cottees: … Liam Jones just cannot win
bhg26: Liam Jones you spaz how are you already down again
zadolinnyj: Better start by marshal
TheLegend6: Bont not doing HIA haha
zadolinnyj: Keep going bruce
zadolinnyj: Awful umpiring
bhg26: Might just have to sell jones to a rookie and field ginbey mckenna constable and wilmot, ffs jones
BRAZZERS: marshall limped off
Grimes Jr: Dogs could be bad this year. You can?t be losing to st Kilda
Cottees: Ffs. I have Marshall and Liam Jones. Classic supercoach
LuvIt74: Dogs will be bottom feeders this season. They look so uncoordinated
Cottees: Dunkley obviously the glue that held dogs together lol
BRAZZERS: bevo gone! they better than this rubbish
Raspel31: I should like to apologise for Marshall and Cameron as cheap ruck calls- please forgive me.
LuvIt74: @Cottees Nothing wrong with Marshell, Jones on the other hand is a green spud
Stuart88: Cottees what?s wrong with having Marshall?
zadolinnyj: Early days
BRAZZERS: didnt see it but what are jones chances to return?
Wends: Fingers crossed Rasp… there’s always hope
Stuart88: Brazzers not a lot in it but never know these days
Cottees: Getting scared of them limping off. Marshall back on is all good
pcaman2003: Evening all! Not choosing well. C Laird last week,Gawn VC this week with Bont C. Lol!
TheLegend6: Dale a bad selection
Raspel31: pcaman-we have not spoken in 2 years- I’ll help.
Depressed: Gawn was my captain so most would outscore me this week
BRAZZERS: novax jones is back!
dezlav: Ultimate Ruck off for me. I have English, my opponent has Marshall.
bhg26: Crozier off to a flyer, if only he had job security
LuvIt74: Was that depressing having the C on Gawn?
pcaman2003: Raspel. I need all the help I can get with my premos. Mostly outscored by rookies. Crazy stuff!
Raspel31: The score line is deceptive- Dogs all over The Saints.
BRAZZERS: depressed which team do you support?
Jaypa: Bontempelli will get some of that “classic Bont scalling” and end up 110SC
Butch14: who else has josh bruce?
beerent11: Shame crozier didn?t start the season. Was in my team all preseason
Slugus: Evening all
pcaman2003: Luvit74. Unfortunately yes! Ya can’t win em’ all. Things can only go up from here hopefully.
Spifflicat: Yep, Bruce owner
Raspel31: And to you Slugus. Hmm?
beerent11: That old chestnut jaypa
Raspel31: Okay-who is kicking arse and who is not? Very early days
pcaman2003: Jaypa. Would prefer at least 130,but that’s very optimistic on my part.
Depressed: Brazzers, I’m a hawthorn man myself
Raspel31: Simply lovely Depresessed- nice to know peeps still support Hawthorn.
Bazza2023: how bad are the puppies?
pcaman2003: Raspel. Hahaha! It’s going to be a very long year for us I think.
Wends: Oppt fielding flippin Phillipou
bhg26: Quite bazza
BRAZZERS: lol nothing to be depressed about, had plenty of success over the years
Bazza2023: just cause your team is poor , doesnt mean you should jump ship, riding the bumps with a grin
biggerz: monty, can you set up the page so we can just click the other game to flick between instead of having to go via homepage
Bazza2023: biggerz i have two windows opened 😛
TheLegend6: Good idea biggerz
bhg26: Multiple tabs is easier anyway biggerz
MrWalrus: Open 2 tabs biggerz
biggerz: yeah bazza, same, but would be good to just be able to select other game at top of page
bhg26: Off the pine Macca
Bazza2023: actualli work from home, so have 3 screens, two for footy one for kayo freo game and tv has saints
a1trader: how does Brett Ratten feel watching this?
Wends: 69% TOG not ideal. Hope Macrae hasnt got a case of Roy’s head tilts
Raspel31: Have 5 screens Bazza but it changes nothing.
MrWalrus: Nice work ruck boys, Plenty of points for you both
Bazza2023: two super coaches, lyon to lesser extent, turning their sides around
Bazza2023: it should do raspel
Bazza2023: or your not setting up your shit properly
biggerz: lummas you stooge
Raspel31: Italian porn is killing my feed.
Bazza2023: bahhahaah@raspel
Bazza2023: just keep off the french version of Caligula
RooBoyStu: @a1trader it ain’t watching he’s in Perth North assistant coach
Wends: smettila o diventerai cieco Raspel
bhg26: Like i said last season, Ugle Hagan is fucking terrible
Wends: Capt Macca this is very disheartening
clay007: will baker put this in the oven
Raspel31: Si Wends.
pcaman2003: On those stats,surely Bont should be at least 90 by now. Very disappointing for my C
BRAZZERS: jones looking good! lol. is this the benchmark? was last weeks game? hmm
clay007: Who let the dogs out?
Cottees: Macrae forward?
DrSeuss: Marshall…time to get involved again?
BRAZZERS: go west
Raspel31: Yup- de Marshall- she gone cold.
clay007: Someone holler a Marshall
BRAZZERS: bailey smith up and about, dont give him a sniff
Raspel31: Dat better bitch Marshall.
pcaman2003: Better qtr Bont. Onwards and upwards 2nd half champ.
Raspel31: pcaman- now as promised we can talk about your issues?
LuvIt74: I swear the Dogs must of been toying around 1st qtr up to the 2nd qtr and then they get some guy to bet in live betting
LuvIt74: And then go bang, bang, bang
LuvIt74: You cannot look that badand then turn it around so quickly. They really did look shocking up until 2nd half on the 2qtr
Wahab_18: someone fill me in on how hunter clark is on 11
Jaypa: 5 clangers, 3FA
Raspel31: There is a slight gap- let’s cahat about Spanish literature and pornography?
Raspel31: Chat.
bhg26: Whoever gave up on McLean in the draft league thanks for the pickup
TheFlagger: how has wahab managed to get rid of the potato
navy_blues: we found a bigger spud lol
bhg26: He must know the higher-ups at fanfooty flagger
Wahab_18: gonna try not to be a potato this year
bhg26: Thats a tough ask wahab
Raspel31: Shames me but have to agree with bhg Wahab
TheFlagger: at least brodie isnt a factor this year
TheFlagger: must be proud of walrus carrying on the legacy
Wahab_18: well i’ll prove u guys wrong hopefully
Pav300: any hot Multi tip Wahab
Wahab_18: Need a Jamara goal at the moment otherwise everything else is great
TheFlagger: pou pou pou
Wo0lfeee: Bont…jizzus christ, I love his long field kicks
bhg26: Jamarra also needs the spud wahab
thommoae: Suggestion: keep it +ve, Wahab. Everyone has tough calls or players underachieving week to week.
beerent11: That?s why Bont scores so high. Breaks the game open.
Wo0lfeee: Any sainters know if Phillipou has been nicknamed ‘scud’ ??
thommoae: Steady, Wo0lf … a ‘gosh’ will do.
beerent11: Like it woolfee.
Raspel31: Now Ramadan so respect all beliefs- go Macrae you Islamic chap.
beerent11: Which libba is the better libba?
oc16: i don’t get why smith is always starting on the bench
bhg26: No way macrae on the bench again
TheFlagger: Cordy very classy. Could be a nice tandem with King. Cant see membrey breaking back in
Raspel31: Every year is new- we all know who we want to trade next week- premos crap. But no.
bhg26: Did bruce and jones have to go to the same barber
Wahab_18: no awareness smh
beerent11: Sydney morning herald?
bhg26: What kind of dirt does sam darcy have on the dogs to not be dropped yet
Raspel31: In times like these I just want to celebrate England whipping Italy in the Europpean Qualifiers.
pcaman2003: Keep it going Owens.
bhg26: No Zaine Cordy no Bulldogs
Raspel31: Well hell adore Macrae- no mad trade out after a poor week. But step up my rucks Cameron and Marshall!
TheFlagger: please sack bevo
LuvIt74: when a north melbourne game is more competitive thats saying something,…
StuL: Looks like one season too long to hold on to Macca.
bhg26: Macrae running very slowly
Wends: I’m losing to a spud. But he prob thinks he’s winning against one.
Raspel31: A weird week lads.
BRAZZERS: steele getting reamed by CD
pcaman2003: Push hard Bont. You’ve vanished this qtr.
original: liba u bench pig get on
Dondeal: Bevo likes he is withdrawing from ICE
bhg26: Absolutely pathetic effort from bulldogs mids, none of them running back. Theyve just given up
BRAZZERS: thanks Lingy
pcaman2003: Agreed bhg26. They’re not making the Saints accountable at all. Just a rabble.
clay007: Big threat-Owens and Phillipou
pcaman2003: On the other hand, go Owens.
Wends: Whoever hollered for a Marshall, thank you. It worked.
bhg26: Bont the only one that gives a shit
Raspel31: Pushing 2300 this week- on the back of rookies. The world has gone insane.
clay007: Why is Bruce trying to look like the Bont
pcaman2003: Another quick 20 Bont and I’ll be happy.
Social: wowee just tuned in, how bout those dogs?!
boondock: Bevo sweating more than a dog in a korean restaurant
Jaypa: i was too Rasp, until Sean Darcy rolled in
original: jamara LOL
Social: crab flavoured ice cream
pcaman2003: Game up for grabs and Bont on the bench. Let’s lynch Bevo.
biggerz: phillippou hasnt touched it for about 45 mins
bhg26: I feel bad for bont
Raspel31: Every game an unexpected result. Superb.
Yelse: @raspel pies and tigers not unexpected
BRAZZERS: pies and tigs were favs
Dredd: Lions winning at home unexpected? @raspel
BRAZZERS: ross lyon the goat coach
Butch14: up the saintersssssssss
StuL: Ross the boss really is the saviour then?
frenzy: so good to see Mason killing them

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