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Chat log from GF of 2022: Geelong vs Sydney

Chat log for Geelong vs Sydney, GF of 2022

navy_blues: hi all lets hope for a close game
ReggieOz: Have a good day everyone – It’s been a good year!
zadolinnyj: Go swans
MrWalrus: Carn swans
ReggieOz: Who do we think for Norm Smith?
navy_blues: i will go cameron
MrWalrus: Parker
ReggieOz: I’ve had a bet on Mills & Stewart
frenzy: Mills
ReggieOz: Got Hawkins for 1st goal!
MrWalrus: How was that htb v Parker? Literally never had it.
TheLegend6: Parker looks up for it
DrSeuss: Dumb HTB decision – stupid rule when applied that way
ReggieOz: yes!
zadolinnyj: Was not htb
zadolinnyj: There?s ur first goal
zadolinnyj: Geelong looks like this will be all them
navy_blues: selwood doesnt need to try to con ump for 50m
pcaman2003: Looks like Buddy will be in for a very lean day.
navy_blues: swans need to kick to someone else besides buddy all the time
DANGERous: go the catters
Ash777: Looks like they already decided who the winners will be
MrWalrus: Long way to go but every bit of luck going with cats so far
navy_blues: lol not looking good swans need to wake up
navy_blues: think hickey needs to lift big time getting flogged in ruck
DrSeuss: Need too see that HTB decision again. Looked like he kicked it
navy_blues: he did seuss
Ash777: ball hit the ground before he kicked it
TheLegend6: Cmon Swannies lift!
MrWalrus: Didn’t really matter Seuss i thought so too but went straight to a free cat
MrWalrus: Umps stiffing the swans a few times though, had to be HTB on the wing before
pcaman2003: Cats have put a sleeper hold on Swans.
Ash777: Cool I can watch something else now. Cats are no Dogs.
navy_blues: game over sry to say
DrSeuss: Swans need to stay in this – every bounce and deflection and wobbly kick going Cats way
TheLegend6: I’ll be turning this off at half time at this rate
MrWalrus: What a waste of grand final day
Amare: i’m about to blow
pcaman2003: At least the entertainment was great for a change.
MrWalrus: Sure is Seuss, everything went cats way, sometimes it’s just like that.
Sunday2810: Monty you?ve given up on this site havent you?
NewFreoFan: Hickey is a liability
thesilentl: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Amare: how the fuck is that play on?
MrWalrus: No idea Amare, been some seriously questionable decisions today.
DrSeuss: How was that not a free against Stewart – too late and high
LuvIt74: Does anyone here know who kicked the 1st or 2nd goal in this quarter?
MrWalrus: Could the record be in danger?
pcaman2003: Hawkins/Franklin and Cheese/Chalk.
LuvIt74: Poor Buddy in a few GF with Swans but yet to win a flag with them.
pcaman2003: I wish the Hawks had Smith back. Had a great year.
Amare: #freekicksydney
Manowar: Boats, Williams, Sydney – one out of 3 aint bad AFL!
MrWalrus: Surprisingly it’s not game over yet, cmon swans, keep it interesting
NewFreoFan: Need Danger to lift for my norm Smith bet
Manowar: Number 30 for Sydney must be a Geelong supporter!
TheLegend6: Smith sewn up the Normie
Amare: we’re gonna win the fucking flag!!!!!!!!!!
pcaman2003: Amare. Looking that way. Cats way too good today.
Manowar: Franklin = witches hat
pcaman2003: Buddy playing another classic finals display.
TheLegend6: free kick geelong
pcaman2003: Where is bhg26 today? Must be in a state of shock perhaps?
Raspel31: Buddy smart in wringing another year’s salary. This was never really in doubt.
pcaman2003: Raspel. He’d be laughing now. Whatever he’s getting, it’ll be too much.
pcaman2003: Franklin 1st final a nightmare and now it continues. Oh dear!
ado88: Time to switch to the Wallabies
Raspel31: Harsh pcaman- he has had 3 touches after all.
pcaman2003: Raspel . Haha! For a grand total of 8 in 2 games. Good value!
Raspel31: Revenge against that terrible decision last week ado88.
Catatafish: Wow what absolute garbage this is.
Catatafish: Sydney are shocking
ado88: Worst decision I have ever seen in all sports I have watched Raspel
Amare: One of the best days ever
Raspel31: This is akin to Spurs 10- Arsenal 0. Now that would be bice,
navy_blues: well tyvm monty for another year of sc banter and for continuing the good work here year after year
navy_blues: we appreciate it a lot!
pcaman2003: SC scores off the charts. Cats1503 to 966. Wowee!
Raspel31: Whoops- nice- you cannot say the Gunners name on this site which is very odd. Bumandall?
Raspel31: Indeed- hats off to M0nty.
pcaman2003: Yep! Thanks m0nty for the good work.
DANGERous: Stengle needs 1 goal to outscore sydney
hinsch: Tagging Stewart seems to be working at the moment.
DrSeuss: Cheers Monty
TheFlagger: robbie fox has done a hell of a job to keep cameron goalless
pcaman2003: All over and I’m out. Good luck to all and back next year hopefully. Cheers!
TheFlagger: Collingwood fans feeling the same as 2019 I bet
Raspel31: Swans still a chance pcaman.
Grimes Jr: Shocking game, danger finally gets to feast on an average gf team!
ajconodie: Buddy copping it from the crowd – Well deserved.
Migz: Thanks for the website monty. Cyall next year
TheLegend6: Congrats Jelly
zadolinnyj: Awesome for jelly
zadolinnyj: Legend as always monty
TheLegend6: Well done Cats, best team all year and deserved premiers. See you all next year!
monkebuket: thanks monty
Hazza09: Cheers Monty
DANGERous: go the catters

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