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Chat log from PF of 2022: Sydney vs Collingwood

Chat log for Sydney vs Collingwood, PF of 2022

bhg26: Love the tag symbol on clarke and the lock on naicos before the game started lol
frenzy: howdy
pcaman2003: Afternoon!
TheFlagger: afternoon all
DANGERous: sydney in extra time please
pcaman2003: Swans by 1 point would be bliss.
Nurfed: Lets go flagpies!
pcaman2003: ns by 1 point would be bliss.
MrWalrus: This might be fun
bhg26: And there it is
MrWalrus: Well there’s the first Ginnivan quacker
bhg26: Fuck off maynard
pcaman2003: Nice start Swans. Get Buddy to bag a few would be good.
MrWalrus: Parker may just kill someone today, as hard a bloke as there is in footy
bhg26: One of the most under appreciated footballers in recent memory walrus
MrWalrus: Buckley, about as good a commentator as he was a coach
MrWalrus: True that bhg
bhg26: Buddy manhandled again
MrWalrus: At least he wasn’t punched in the face that time
zadolinnyj: lads. Good start for sydney bhg
Pies20: Start moving pies!!
duckky: You still rocking the spud Mr Walrus?
bhg26: Been good so far
Nurfed: Right where we want them so far I reckon
MrWalrus: You bet I am duck, I think of it as the tuskless walrus icon
pcaman2003: As referee, I’m still waiting for Pies20 and The silent to arrive.
zadolinnyj: it?s not right MrEalrus having the spud. It is disrespectful to him and also our one true spud
bhg26: Don?t know where silent is pcaman, at least pies had an excuse for being late
duckky: Sort of like Demis Roussos without the Kaftan?
navy_blues: great start swans!
duckky: ‘Tis only a flesh wound
pcaman2003: bhg26. I forgot Pies20 was working. You might win by forfeit then:)
Baldfrog: Ginnivan should be banned drops his knees everytime he gets the ball
navy_blues: silent is in hiding lol
TheFlagger: probably at the game
Pies20: Finally on the board leaving now I’m 🙌
pcaman2003: navy. Pies 20 will be here soon. Thesilent might come on if their game improves.
Social: pahs taking a while to get their bearings, this isn’t where we play every week?
TheFlagger: why is logan mcdonald playing
MrWalrus: Much better game than the previous 2 pies finals, good footy to watch so far
bhg26: Up the fucking Chad!
DANGERous: lets go chaddy warner
TheFlagger: songs after a goal terrible
Pies20: Go pies!!!
Social: Let’s see some biff
Pies20: That was soft
Social: Yes Maynard!
pcaman2003: Dog act by Maynard. Surprise, surprise!
bhg26: Maynard you fucking clown
MrWalrus: Maynard is the biggest grub in the comp
TheFlagger: soft mcinerney
beerent11: Whistle definitely with Sydney so far
colin wood: Incorrect Walrus that would be Trent Cotchin
beerent11: Barely touched him
Social: That’s a big part of home ground advantage beerent
bhg26: Can?t go bumping players who aren?t looking when the ball is out of play. Coward act
Pies20: Good start swans I’m with you beer 🍺
Cr1cketeer: You mustn?t have heard of tom lynch
TheFlagger: preuss is definitely the biggest grub. carrying on mumford’s legacy
beerent11: Toby Greene is offended
bhg26: Yeah I agree with that flagger
MrWalrus: There they are, barely one eye between em
MrWalrus: Can’t comment on Preuss, haven’t seen him pretty much so Maynard for me
bhg26: Feels like they only go for you walrus, you cop a fair bit here
beerent11: Not a good start when you take the unders
beerent11: Need it to tighten up
Pies20: Good start that’s what we needed
beerent11: Cracking game though
MrWalrus: It’s ok, I treat it like anthropological study, they’re a fascinating lot.
Pies20: Ouch
navy_blues: centre clearances very important
StuL: Cox has footy smarts these days. He can polish them more on mad Monday
bhg26: Maynard doing a de goey there
Pies20: Throw?
bhg26: We are forever scared to rush a behind, that one call last time we played the pies killed us
Social: nice tackle
beerent11: Hodge is shocking to listen to
bhg26: He is very good at telling you what has just happened beer
Social: Oh dear
pcaman2003: How easy is it to fall over? lol!
colin wood: Hang in there Pies
navy_blues: Cameron went down like he was shot lol
Pies20: Making the most of our shots up forward keep going get the next 1pies
pcaman2003: beer. Still rather have Hodge than BT.
bhg26: Hodge also says ?smart? a lot as wel
bhg26: For fuck sake!
Nurfed: lets go!!!
bhg26: Fuck me dead! He?s just fucking run into him!
Pies20: Keep it up pies!!
beerent11: Pies just settling well now
colin wood: Blakey getting Shakey
pcaman2003: Blakey 2 blocks in just a few minutes. Very costly in the end.
bhg26: Home ground advantage my fucking alps
cobrakai00: Deadhead Blakey have away 2 goals
MrWalrus: Blakey is not real bright is he? Both frees soft but there
Social: Using him as a character reference for Berry was hilarious. Angels both.
beerent11: It?s a fuckin goal feat
beerent11: *goalfest
Pies20: Buddy hell
bhg26: Wouldn?t mind the pies missing a few
pcaman2003: Love to see Buddy bag 10
MrWalrus: Umps definitely been a bit pie friendly but it’s not too bad bhg…. Yet
bhg26: Hooray!
beerent11: This Aami pop up is persistent
colin wood: Buddy turning back the clock
TheFlagger: J.Daicos should play inside mid
MrWalrus: Buddy been stiff, poor old bloke been a punching bag
bhg26: Yet Hawkins gets everything walrus
beerent11: Well, shows how little I know about footy. I took the unders at 163.5 expecting a tight game
pcaman2003: Buddy had a shocker against the Dees, but this is much better.
MrWalrus: Doesn’t have to colin, has never not been this good
navy_blues: daicos bros gone missing
colin wood: That?s disgusting..
Social: Ginni oh bless
MrWalrus: True bhg but fortunately today each time he’s been mugged today you’ve got the goal anyway
pcaman2003: 50 for that? They must be kidding,right?
bhg26: Wowee
Amare: hahaha Ginnivan
Pies20: That’s woeful
wadaramus: Gotta love those AFL rules right?
bhg26: Pies players having a go at paps for ducking, they?re joking right?
MrWalrus: Actually he ran straight past “the line”, the mark was metres back
bhg26: Stay out of the game umps!
Social: Maybe bhg. Another from frees
colin wood: Come on lads
Pies20: Hanging on keep it up pies!! Totally agree bhg
Cr1cketeer: This is ugly
StuL: Nothing is going to stop Geelong anyway
Amare: Maynard…fake tough guy
duckky: these 50’s are a blight on the game.
Social: Keep the chat up Sidey
TheFlagger: rubbish umps
StuL: The behind team never wins games like this. The fight backs are never quite enough
Pies20: Papley so smug Muppet
pcaman2003: Maynard receiving some Karma. Lol!
Social: Is that Maynard’s mum?
bhg26: For god sake just throw it up ump, can?t bounce it to save himself
Amare: Maynard scolded by his mum lol
TheFlagger: lol quaynor getting the shiel treatment
colin wood: Gonna be hard from here either way a great season for the Pies
pcaman2003: Pies very lucky Swans haven’t kicked too straight.
bhg26: 11.7 isn?t bad pcaman, pies just can?t miss
Pies20: Agree Colin wood, still spewing about 2weeks ago should of 1that game going to cost us
pcaman2003: bhg26. 18 goals would be better.:)
bhg26: It definitely would be pcaman
bhg26: Players aren?t allowed to go get the ball, such a dumb rule
Pies20: Umps lost the plot
bhg26: Tackled after the siren and still got the free
navy_blues: here comes the frees to keep coll in game
Social: Some nose punches please
pcaman2003: Great first half Swannies. Finish it off next half.
Pies20: Reset we didn’t play well that half lift pies!!!
MrWalrus: How do you get umps to love you as much as the pies?
navy_blues: what’s the bet coll will get a few frees in 2nd half to keep them in it
navy_blues: reason I say that I believe afl wants coll in grand final finance wise
MrWalrus: Lol the pies supporters “it was a good year lads”
Social: Is it true pahs have a tatooist in the rooms at half time?
pcaman2003: Pies20. You guys are in deep poo. Can’t see you improving enough to win.
TheFlagger: buddy dominating an all australian defender at 35. unreal
TheFlagger: all duck no dinner
Pies20: Yeah maybe pca i still have faith 🙏
pcaman2003: l. Tattooist is mandatory for them.
Pies20: Yeah flagger our backs need to shut them down
Pies20: Yes it has been walrus not done just yet but thankyou
colin wood: Walrus such a troll I feel sorry for it
TheFlagger: game is far from over
colin wood: Pies must fix up defensively for anything to remotely give us a chance
Nurfed: Better than the year the spuds have had walrus
Pies20: Yeah Colin been real average
Social: Need to be more precise with elbow to face contact this half
bhg26: I agree nurfed, haven?t seen as much of wahab this year
MrWalrus: You clowns, you were just saying it to each other before half time
Pies20: Thank god grimes isn’t on here today 🙄
Social: Gotta get a clock on my arm, so cool
Nurfed: im not the one wearing long red shoes here walrus
MrWalrus: How is it ok for Buckley to be openly cheering on as a commentator
MrWalrus: No nurfed your just a supporter giving up before half time
Tangent: What a kick
colin wood: Only clown here is you Walrus I?m sure majority agree.
Nurfed: i havent said a thing about giving up but i guess that potato head of yours cant think past what happened 15 minutes ago
Dredd: Fresher teams proving to run over the teams having to play last 2 weeks.. is what it is
Pies20: That hurts
colin wood: No one has Nurfed just a troll trying to troll. An ordinary one at that
bhg26: Don?t know what mills is supposed to do there
MrWalrus: I invite you to check previous comments
navy_blues: agree bhg
MrWalrus: Mills did nothing wrong bhg
Amare: correct Walrus
bhg26: This is fucking cheating!
pcaman2003: All these 50’s are going over the top. Stop over umpiring you clowns.
bhg26: Seriously fuck off!
MrWalrus: You’re playing the pies bhg
bhg26: Not a free and definitely not a 50!
Pies20: Was htb maybe not 50
bhg26: Maybe?
Dredd: Not 50 at all.. some silly 50s paid tonight
TheFlagger: how did mcinerney handball that lol
Dredd: and that stuff ends games
Nurfed: massive brain fade there
pcaman2003: Hahaha! What a great goal. Muppet to the Pie player.
Tangent: Nice handball Mcinerney
Pies20: That there sums our night so far flower
bhg26: We were due one of those missed calls flagger
wadaramus: Cracking game, such a shame that the shit umpiring spoils it.
Dredd: Welcome to how last night felt pies fans :l feels good aye
bhg26: Got a free for falling over
colin wood: Needed that one
Pies20: Keep going pies plenty of time left
Pies20: 50m flower me hero umps tonight
bhg26: Well you can?t judge the 50 there pies couldn?t see anything
Pies20: Hanging in there go pies!!
Tangent: I really want the pies to get close, so then the umps can make the most bizzare calls favouring Sydney
Nurfed: Ginni!!!
MrWalrus: 2 bad 50s, one each way
TheFlagger: great kick ginni
colin wood: Tangent I really want The Crows to run another off season camp so we can hear there stories 5 years later
bhg26: In the fucking back
colin wood: One more before 3/4 and it gets interesting
Pies20: Yep
MrWalrus: Sure was bhg
bhg26: Holding the ball and high!
MrWalrus: Buddy just killed a bloke
MrWalrus: Lucky friendly fire doesn’t count
Pies20: Still in pies come on big last quarter
bhg26: At what point is it dissent? Maynard keeps talking back to the umpire
Dredd: Hadn’t seen a dissent 50 for weeks.. till umps gifted one against Bailey last night.. shocking calls in bad areas..
bhg26: He?s talked back to the ump five times at least, and not dissent
MrWalrus: The rules from earlier in the season are completely different to now
bhg26: All the commentators are talking about is Collingwood, love going for interstate sides
MrWalrus: Again bhg, not an interstate side thing
Tangent: Won’t be surprised if Sydney fans leave early too go to the pub and watch the Rabbitohs
pcaman2003: C’mon Swans! You should’ve buried them by now.
The39Steps: Sydney fans don’t support the Rabbitohs. Only the Roosters. That’s why there are so many there tonight – Roosters out.s
colin wood: Come on
pcaman2003: Swans starting to fumble a lot and miskick to team mates.
Pies20: Keep going pies
Tangent: Even though Rabbitohs have almost double members than Roosters? Stick to footy champ
Social: Deliberate hehe
Tangent: You silly sub
pcaman2003: Pies being allowed too much space without an opponent
colin wood: Absolute disgrace
pcaman2003: Moore very unlucky there.
Tangent: What did I say? soon enough you will wake up and realise AFL is a business, more than a sport.
Pies20: Push???? That’s corupt papley the mugg
MrWalrus: You and Buckley agree, colin, no one else
colin wood: That was a push in the back Walrus, open your eyes ya Richmond flog
navy_blues: game over!
MrWalrus: Nah, would have been soft, plenty worse let go today
Social: Attendence vs TV audience, who makes the most $ for AFL?
Pies20: That’s bullshit walrus and you know it
Manowar: and the winner is SIDINEE!!!
Pies20: Why isn’t that 50???
Pies20: Deliberate?????
MrWalrus: No would have been soft
Amare: lol 50… open your other eye Pies20
colin wood: Fight til the end Pies
MrWalrus: There ya go, insufficient attempt, dropped mark paid, goal, cheer up
Pies20: Moved over the mark amare you watching???
pcaman2003: Is anyone playing on Pendles? No one putting pressure on him all game
TheLegend6: Pies getting a free ride
colin wood: Come on
Pies20: Go you pies!!!come on!!!!
MrWalrus: Buddy mugged, play on, goal on rebound
Tangent: pendles just slows down time buddy
Tangent: might i remind you he has a basketball backgroun
Social: Cloke seems more mobile these days
MrWalrus: I didn’t know that Tangent
Pies20: Go you pies!!!
TheLegend6: 2 teams who won’t go close to the cats next week
Cottees: oh wow
Tangent: holy shit
navy_blues: omg run the behind thru
Pies20: Come on pies keep going!!!!
pcaman2003: This is ridiculous.
Social: Nose punches the only hope now
TheLegend6: That’s holding the ball on JDG
Social: Go the tonk
TheLegend6: hahahahahaha yessss
navy_blues: lololol suck it up pies
Social: Fair result
duckky: Who called for Sydney to win by a point?
Manowar: Collingwood LOSE! Collingwood LOSE!
pcaman2003: I said at the beginning…a 1 point win would be bliss. Lol1
Tangent: You Carlton and Richmond fans are losers, Pies better than both of you
MrWalrus: Even the umps can’t get you over the line, bad luck.
Social: Gil won’t be happy
bhg26: That was a fucking good game. Well played pies, awesome season
TheLegend6: Wel love collingwood tears
Amare: Hi are you? hahahahahahahhahahahahaha
Cr1cketeer: Better team won
TheLegend6: Another finals choke from the collywobbles
bhg26: Almost threw up all my organs that last 30 seconds
Pies20: Great effort proud to be a pies fan Great comeback ,your a flower wit amare why comment to me Muppet?
pcaman2003: duckky. That was me. I must be a seer.:)
MrWalrus: The pies supporters in here deserve every tear, dish the worst gotta expect return serve
Pies20: Great effort pies well done bhg close bud
Pies20: Well said tangent
pcaman2003: Pies20. Great season , but just couldn’t get to the line. Maybe next year.
MrWalrus: Pies, you are a good sport, and kudos for not running and hiding
Pies20: Yeah maybe pca
pcaman2003: Cats will win the GF IMO.
Pies20: Same walrus it’s all friendly banter at the end of the day great game good season from the pies
wadaramus: What a fucking great game of footy!
wadaramus: That is why we love Aussie Rules footy, onto the NRL 🙂
bhg26: Bloody good year from you lot, we will have more great clashes in the coming years
bhg26: First time I?m watching best on ground this year

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