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Chat log from SF of 2022: Melbourne vs Brisbane

Chat log for Melbourne vs Brisbane, SF of 2022

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
navy_blues: this will be 1 sided i think dees by 6+ goals
ReggieOz: +1 point will do nicely
frenzy: 10 plus dees
navy_blues: cant see who will kick the goals for bris well enough of a score to win
hinsch: Hoping Lions at least have a go make a game of it
circle52: Hoping for us to be competive at least.
wadaramus: Let’s go the Bears!
Ash777: atleast lions tagging ollie this time
original: Harris Andrews is meant to be good. Terrible decisions then
navy_blues: gawn flying
Nurfed: anyone seen brisbane?
zadolinnyj: lads
DrSeuss: Lions mids and forwards just don?t play defensive football – don?t run hard to get back. Same old story ffs
Catatafish: Ollie tag not good for filthy multi lol
Ash777: probably why lions targeting dunkley.
Yelse: why aren’t the pies going for dunkley
bhg26: Bears arent looking too good
Yelse: demons behinds gonna cost me multi with rich getting free possessions
Ash777: Probably because they need to off load Grundy through poor list management
Yelse: they went for tarranto they want hill mcstay pretty sure was enough money for dunkley and no hill & mcstay who not neede
DrSeuss: What the fuck – pick up the ball
DrSeuss: Good to see Hipwood looking like a baby giraffe again this week
circle52: Thats what we have to do let smalls go to work.
beerent11: Bloody carried Wilmot for 23 rounds and he debuts in the first week of finals.
Torz: Has Hipwood ever seen the inside of a gym DrSeuss?
beerent11: Nick Riewoldt has not a skivvy neck
Yelse: what is fritz doing
DrSeuss: Good to see Ben Brown getting penalties for not being able to stand up on his own two feet
zadolinnyj: did BT say just in the need of time
DrSeuss: How BT still has a job is one of the 8 wonders of the world
Ash777: the new tv deal should of been that 7 just streams from fox so we dont get their commentary team
hinsch: time for tracca to take a rst for next week
zadolinnyj: how did umps not see that
yeah_nah: coleman a lock for next season. had a great end to the year.
DrSeuss: How no Lions have roughed up Tracca on one leg is a joke. Don?t go for injury – but make him feel it
original: BT – lever always overplays an injury or niggle mate
Hazza09: Trac looks done
DrSeuss: Did McStay use up all of his talents last week? Hit a target ffs
navy_blues: tracca shouldnt be able to be medi subbed if taking injury into game???
DrSeuss: BT – I talked to a heap of Doctors they said Tracca would get more sore as the game goes on. You need a Dr to tell you??
TheFlagger: brayshaw lift
TheFlagger: is conca the runner for melbourne or just a look alike
DrSeuss: Little bit of momentum please lads
navy_blues: no other sport has 2 clowns commentating the game
feralmong: He is flagger
LuvIt74: Hairlie fracture to Petracca’s Tibia and he has the most possessions… I dont buy that…
DrSeuss: So no HTB if you play for Melbourne apparently?
circle52: Agree Seus ANB dragged iuyunder but no free
Yelse: seriously oliver too mcc pine need you for most disposals
Baldfrog: At least ski season is still open
DrSeuss: Oliver whinging to the umps at every contest. Suck it up you pussy
wadaramus: Go Brisbane.
DrSeuss: So that duck into the tackle was ok? Hope Ginnivan isn?t watching this game
DrSeuss: Keep up this momentum lads
Pies20: Go brizzi keep it up
MrWalrus: Tracc is a beast
Pies20: Petracca been alot better and influential than clarry tonight
DrSeuss: Tracc is a beast – but how Brisbane players aren?t tackling his legs is beyond me.
wadaramus: You’re still rocking that spud MrWalrus?
Nurfed: he earned it wada
navy_blues: geelong would love brissy to win this
MrWalrus: Apparently so
MrWalrus: Apparently speaking truth about Collingwood will get you one.
wadaramus: A bit harsh methinks, when does the penalty end m0nty?!
MrWalrus: Except Mine’s a tuskless walrus
m0nty: when he stops spudding it up
TheFlagger: so itll be on the tombstone
MrWalrus: Probably when I agree sketchy chequies are better than skillful kicks
MrWalrus: So never!
navy_blues: berry has changed this game
Yelse: i blame demon supporters for not showing up to game
zadolinnyj: berry having a game
DrSeuss: Fullarton needs to keep impacting contests – bring the ball to ground
MrWalrus: Go lions! Take our chance and run with it!
zadolinnyj: MrWalrus surely does not deserve the spud. Passionate one eyed supported yes but not a spud
wadaramus: How the fuck is that a free kick to May?
DrSeuss: How is that not holding on May? That?s absolute bull shit
wadaramus: I concur zado.
Yelse: ginivan wouldn’t be getting that free
wadaramus: Ginnivan will never get another free Yelse, total BS.
Gotigres: Another great final
thesilentl: @mrwalrus you deserve all the spuds, you let your anti pies bias turn you into a full blown pelican last week
DrSeuss: Let?s hope it doesn?t hinge on another umpires decision gotigres
zadolinnyj: great mark
TheFlagger: go lions
MrWalrus: Rigged as the AFL that I get spudded & but silent roams free, go lions!
wadaramus: I concur MrWalrus.
TheFlagger: lions have done well to keep may out of this game
MrWalrus: Also zado, to be fair tiges supporters have more basis to complain about umps than any others by the numbers.
MrWalrus: Cheers wada, go you bears!
Gotigres: Looking good for you DrSeuss
pcaman2003: Phenomenal, gutsy effort by the Lions. Hope they win from here now.
wadaramus: How many times do they need to fucking look at it, it’s inside the post.
navy_blues: this gives geelong gf berth next week
TheFlagger: insufficient evidence haha love it
thesilentl: Conplains he shouldn’t be a spud, calls the afl rigged, never change @mrwalrus
DrSeuss: Best footy we have played all year in this 2nd half
dipstick: Lions havent won at MCG since 2014. this could be ominous beating the home team p/ship hollders
Pies20: Suck eggs Melbourne choked tonight
thesilentl: Oliver’s eye is messed up, can’t see Berry playing again this year
Pies20: Goliv
TheFlagger: booing petty is peak nuff
dipstick: @walrus at least you dont have a donut next to your name. I mean who the fuck would want a donut next to their name
Pies20: Oliver started it well played berry 👏
Baldfrog: That’s why u have the spud Walrus u talk $HIT
DrSeuss: Oliver?s eye was messed up before the game. Berry?s fingers brushed his left eye Silent
dipstick: oooh , did Berry try and give an eye massage Juddy style did he?
Gotigres: Oh wow
TheFlagger: ive seen this before…..
navy_blues: thats correct seuss
thesilentl: @drseuss sorry mate but it’s a very clear eye gouge, will miss plenty
Pies20: Here we go next goal huuuge!!!
Pies20: Wow that’s a shower call
MrWalrus: Thanks baldy, nice to see you too, go bears
TheFlagger: mcstay didnt even tackle him
Yelse: wowwwww
pcaman2003: Giant Muppet for Lever. WTH!
Pies20: Game over lever spud
wadaramus: Got to love those excellent AFL rules…NOT!
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Jake Lever just turned into Beaker.
navy_blues: berry has been the difference this half
Pies20: Shower call tho
bhg26: Lever better watch out for May after the game. Chin massage incoming
DrSeuss: Silent – didn?t say he didn?t touch the eye – but Oliver?s messed up eye is the right one. Berry finger went to his left
Pies20: Great work brizzi melb pfft haha 😄
TheFlagger: mad monday going to be rough
DrSeuss: Zorko needs to go ask Petty for some more tears
MrWalrus: Go bears
Baldfrog: Do Geelong get to play at Ice stadium or Mcg next?
DrSeuss: Sorry Oliver?s left is screwed – Berry went for his right eye
Pies20: How clarry gets 120 sc he was know where tonight
thesilentl: @drseuss Berry went the eye gouge, regardless of eye he deserves plenty of weeks. Can’t be doing that
Social: yep I always suspected this demon thing was a ruse
Pies20: Fine at best seuss Oliver started it
Baldfrog: Ok Richo said Mcg
navy_blues: go freo tomorrow now lol
Pies20: Accidental gauge silent 🤫
DrSeuss: You said he messed up his eye – he did not. Might still go for weeks, who knows.
wadaramus: I hope the Fitzroy fans can take some joy from this.
MrWalrus: Well that was fun, well done bears, let’s go freo!
Pies20: Lol Carlton supporter laughing at finals and teams losing weird
TheFlagger: go freo
DrSeuss: True Wada – it has been a rough time down there for them.
thesilentl: Did I say that though @drseuss? Might want to reread the comment

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