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Chat log from EF of 2022: Fremantle vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Fremantle vs Western Bulldogs, EF of 2022

wadaramus: Cracking game at the G, well done Cats 🙂
navy_blues: what crap looking warm up tops for the dogs
wadaramus: Watching Cowboys v Penrith, might listen to Liverpool v Everton on the radio 🙂
pcaman2003: Watching Bevo next to Pavlich is a bit like watching Andre the Giant and Peter Dinklage.
zadolinnyj: thinking bulldogs to smash freo
Pavs: Evening all.
pcaman2003: I’m picking the Dockers in this one.
TheFlagger: dockers by 30
pcaman2003: l’ll be bold in predicting Brodie BOG and will have more than 25% TOG’
navy_blues: naughton and darcy if play forward could be difference but hope freo win they deserve it more
DANGERous: what a day
NewFreoFan: Geez I’m nervous though
MrWalrus: Heave ho! Bont is the man who could decide this, would have to be the best player in the comp
TheFlagger: acres kicking not very promising so far
MrWalrus: Lively start
navy_blues: mcclean busy
wadaramus: Is Jack Macra past the lock status for inclusion in our SC midfield?
original: Wada – yes
wadaramus: Who are the 4 premium locks next year?
MrWalrus: I reckon he’ll still be around top 8
navy_blues: think a lot of players are in that boat wada
wadaramus: Neale, Miller, Laird, Oliver?
MrWalrus: Brayshaw, Touk, Neale & Oliver will be mine
MrWalrus: Yeah Laird, hmmm, might need all 5
navy_blues: prob agree walrus
Pies20: Walrus doesn’t deserve the spud just saying
MrWalrus: Would take injury for that 5 to not be an awesome starting mid line to start
navy_blues: need wahab to come on lol
Pies20: Plenty of orher front runners
wadaramus: Yeah, MrWalrus spud penalty is well over m0nty.
poolboybob: Freo look dreadful
Pies20: Other
MrWalrus: Thanks Pies, wada, but I have not so secretly coveted the spud for some time
MrWalrus: It’s basically a tuskless walrus after all
wadaramus: MrSpunta then 🙂
bhg26: zzz
bhg26: whats with brodies tog?
navy_blues: bont everywhere
MrWalrus: Hehe bhg, including my F1 next season navy
poolboybob: Hope the Dogs beat the Pies next week
bhg26: Fucking hell this game is shit
bhg26: Looks like the end of flagmantle
TheFlagger: so dogs v pies next week
MrWalrus: Bit early to call it yet I’d suggest
poolboybob: Lobb?s kicking is as ugly as he is
bhg26: oh my god lobb
MrWalrus: Dolph Lundgren, rubbish kick
NewFreoFan: On the bright side it saves me having hope for 4 quarters and narrowly losing
navy_blues: dunkley has to be in frwd line to walrus?
MrWalrus: Not sure he’ll remain DPP navy but if so yep, and McLean for cheap making a case
navy_blues: think i might be having a few mid pricers next year otherwise money not going to stretch
MrWalrus: I’m going opposite, uber premos or cash generators only if possible
navy_blues: dogs have so many good sc players
TheFlagger: if its 35 trades again midpricers will be key. but i doubt that we get so many keeper midpricers like this year
Pies20: Haha freo fan true surely they lift
NewFreoFan: Dunno Pies, very young inexperienced side. Occassion might be too big for them to handle
poolboybob: Feel?s kicking efficiency is pathetic, and as an Eagles fan I have seen a lot of bad kicks this year
navy_blues: if darcy wilmot scores another 50+ next week theres a starting rook in my team next year make cash straight away
poolboybob: Well?. his surname is A Miss
frenzy: freo doubles its score, in the blink of an eye
MrWalrus: You’re on fire today bob!
original: Gee this is ugly
poolboybob: Bob Murphy might defect to the Dogs coaching box at half time
LuvIt74: Freo look very ordinary tonight, bont is killing it
original: Umpires changing what is and isn?t a free just because it?s finals is bs
TheFlagger: soft
duckky: charity goal
original: Bloke took on three seaparate tacklers and then got leveled. No call
MrWalrus: Agree original, I reckon it started R20 or 21 this year
frenzy: here comes freo, Lol
MrWalrus: Freo snatch one more and it’s game right on
poolboybob: There are Italian footballers who think Walters goes down too easily
navy_blues: theres a purple haze coming
MrWalrus: Well it appears a finals footy game has broken out!
MrWalrus: Adams tore his groin off the bone, yeouch.
poolboybob: Sounds like he?d be doubtful for next week then
MrWalrus: You’d think so, better than the other way around I guess.
Pies20: Okay with that last call walrus spud icon necessary
MrWalrus: Which way would you prefer it Pies? Really feel for him, that’s a nasty injury, in doubt for the start of next
MrWalrus: Season, not even close to funny unlike that Treloar double hammy, poor bugger
pcaman2003: Do these umpires hate Freo or something?
MrWalrus: Umps not doing Freo any favours are they?
bhg26: You boys arent familiar with the doggies treatment come finals time
pcaman2003: Walrus. No! TRhey’re missing obvious ones where Freo are near their goal
MrWalrus: Dogs are the most loved by umps over the last 5-6 years full stop let alone for finals
pcaman2003: Game on!
bhg26: Youre lucky you havent played the doggies in a granny walrus
poolboybob: Someone pass the cheese, here comes the whine
original: Htb bont
MrWalrus: Nah bob, it’s pretty bad
navy_blues: serong free missed
original: Serong no free. Finals umpiring a a joke
poolboybob: Lol good move sending 4 guys to fight with Schultz
bhg26: Amiss with Agoal
pcaman2003: Doggies looking flustered.
NewFreoFan: Logue! Bloody love him
original: If dale could get to 20 that?d sure be swell
frenzy: Bont done SFA this half
MrWalrus: VanderMeer stupid, that’s been 50 for years
pcaman2003: frenzy. Even the umpires have deserted him.
Baldfrog: Wow well done Fred erick
poolboybob: That?s a muppet
pcaman2003: Frederick has had an impact 2nd half.
Yelse: geezzzz another cracker but bulldogs just stopped
frenzy: they probably seen the brownlow count
MrWalrus: Fair grab
arbel: Freo lucky dogs inaccurate
Baldfrog: Arbel dogs lucky they have the umps
MrWalrus: Freo defence is a big part of the reason dogs have had difficulty converting
pcaman2003: The umpiring has been ordinary at best. Freo been very unlucky at times.
Yelse: why does walrus have a spud next to his name
Baldfrog: Well deserved Yelse
MrWalrus: It’s a tuskless walrus;)
pcaman2003: Go Freo! Keep that going.
bhg26: Noddy!
Baldfrog: It’s scary pcaman the umps are supposed to be professionals
pcaman2003: Bevo must be looking for a bucket to throw up in by now.
navy_blues: amiss doing well
Baldfrog: Looks like a dingleberry Walrus
Gotigres: Haha. Just noticed Yelse.
MrWalrus: Hard to wipe with flippers
pcaman2003: So true Baldfrog.
Baldfrog: Very true Walrus
Gotigres: Brodie low tog
bhg26: Whats with that gotigres?
MrWalrus: Amiss has been very lively, gives them something different down there too
Gotigres: Very surprising bhg.
MrWalrus: Honestly, I can see why GCS didn’t want him, that tank is a liability
pcaman2003: This must be a Doggies supporter’s worst nightmare after 41 point lead. Youch!
navy_blues: wd dockers!
NewFreoFan: Tough week to be a Freo supporter living in Footscray. Wish me luck
bhg26: Is this the best start to a finals series ever?
pcaman2003: NewFreo. Just don’t tell anyone. Great win !
bhg26: Footy is the true winner tonight
Baldfrog: Na Bhg was better in 1921
MrWalrus: Dunno, first week of finals is almost always the best weekend of footy for the year
bhg26: Sorry baldy, forgot about that one
bhg26: Freo heave ho

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