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Chat log from P2 of 2022: Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane, P2 of 2022

RGriffen: Bruton and Ashmore!
DEESareSAD: I?m watching like 10 guys in particular this game lol
amigaman: I have heaps to watch. Wish they would fix the watch list
navy_blues: gardiner out
bushranger: Agreed, plenty to watch. Shame Rayner is out tho
DEESareSAD: Rayner wasn?t even one of the 10 I was going to keep an eye on to be honest
DEESareSAD: Are we going to get live SuperCoach scores today?
amigaman: Anyone added Cripps after last night?
kascadev8: gotta love footy, we back again
DEESareSAD: When are live SuperCoach scores coming back Monty?
exatekk: Hi all!
m0nty: we haven’t had live SC in preseason for a few years now
Pav300: Hey mOnty how do i get my premium added once I paid?
Water: Hey guys, good to see everyone back here for season 2022
Hazza09: Rayner out for what exactly?
amigaman: Personal reasons
PAFC4eva: gday everybody good to be back
PAFC4eva: supercoach league if anybody interested 802323
navy_blues: in
Baldfrog: Hey dudes
bhg26: Berry is everywhere
frenzy: in
circle52: Rayner family issues according to the club.
bhg26: and in
PAFC4eva: well that took all of 5 minutes to fill thanks all for joining
PAFC4eva: berry supercheap in sc
bhg26: Berry slotting nicely into my midfield
Pav300: Hi all any other supercoach leagues?
Water: Heres another one, only 6 spots left 116558
exatekk: Happy to make a FF league if anyone’s interested?
bhg26: Im in water
Pav300: yes def exatekk
frenzy: is Coleman cooked
bhg26: Ice on hammy so yes frenzy
exatekk: FanFooty league – 691256
cmperrfect: Oh well, that’s my D5 gone
frenzy: thanks bhg26
bhg26: no worries
Hazza09: Great another one gone
2Ph0nes: damn
2Ph0nes: get around it 601259
2Ph0nes: also aflfantasy if interested ELJ7AXNT
2Ph0nes: that was wrong one my bad, this one 536330
OllieC: 519317 another league feel free to join
Fatbar5tad: Hello all. Back for another year, im REBCats.
Fatbar5tad: Joined Ollies league and the FF group.
BzBman8: I joined a couple. Coleman hurts my team! Structure change incomeing
exatekk: Who else got into the FF league? Filled fast!
frenzy: me xerri on top
circle52: Nice game this. Great contest.
wadaramus: Jack Mac just racks ’em up!
teachrtony: SC league if anyone is interested 261705

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