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Chat log from P2 of 2022: Hawthorn vs Richmond

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Richmond, P2 of 2022

frenzy: rest in peace, Warnie
StuL: RIP Warnie! Hard to believe. And he’s a Victorian!
snake_p: RIP Warnie Gone way too soon
Pav300: rest in peace, Warnie
Crowls: sad week for aussie legends, Marsh, Dean Woods and Warnie. RIP. This morning seemed unreal when I heard
navy_blues: see a 100 plus margin coming up here
StuL: Tigers will be back this year. Unfortunately
Gelly: think it might be a long year for sam mitchell
Tig-Train: Choo choo
kascadev8: rip Warnie
navy_blues: no one playing on dusty
m0nty: Ward my M8 at this stage
navy_blues: got him too m0nty
Ooost: Hey guys, anyone have the FF SC Group code?
navy_blues: ward and gibicus standing out atm
m0nty: Gibcus firming as this year’s Butts
PAFC4eva: what is it with you and butts monty
Hazza09: Can see Gibcus starting Rd 1
m0nty: I like Butts and a can not lie
PAFC4eva: the cripps martin trap looking tempting
frenzy: Short memory
PAFC4eva: yes forgotten anything that happened before prelim last year
Fatbar5tad: @PAFC4eva Prelim? What Prelim?
PAFC4eva: the one i forgotten about 10 minutes in first quarter
PAFC4eva: anybody know why mitchell no show
navy_blues: how many starting dusty???
Ooost: Going in for a full trap Cripps + Martin + Matt Crouch
StuL: Had enough of Dusty being boom and bust. His GOAT years are well behind him.
DEESareSAD: I currently have short, dusty, Ward and gibcus from this game. Will change as more games have been played tho.
navy_blues: 1st time seeing ward im impressed
navy_blues: going cripps but not dusty to start
Tig-Train: Will be the dusty of old this season
navy_blues: going rd1 at g so see how he goes then i guess
Ash777: pls stop ward
DEESareSAD: How does titch and o? Meara affect Ward?
Hazza09: Anyone sold on Hugo?
PAFC4eva: yes hugo in expensive rook
Ash777: I’m not sold on gibcus
StuL: Dusty already slowing down
StuL: I would think 3 expensive rookies is plenty. How many do you have?
Ash777: Is there anyone competing against Ralphsmith spot at the moment?
TheLegend6: Ralphsmith will play round 1
StuL: OK. I have Dusty now. There’s just not the many must have fwds. F3 is going to be a bit of a punt whoever it is.
PAFC4eva: 3 expensive rooks might go 4 top up rucks
Tig-Train: Vlaustin when he comes back I?d say
TheLegend6: Rioli is tempting as a D4/5

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