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Chat log from P2 of 2022: Carlton vs Melbourne

Chat log for Carlton vs Melbourne, P2 of 2022

TheHawk: Tremendous work Monty
m0nty: player links don’t go anywhere at the moment
PAFC4eva: hello
Rebuild: Damn it’s good to be back
PAFC4eva: welcome back everybody good luck in 2022
navy_blues: hi all
m0nty: first big positional change
ReggieOz: Footy is back Go Dees!
DEESareSAD: Carn the dees
DEESareSAD: SuperCoach scores going to work today or nah?
cmperrfect: No App this year m0nty?
cmperrfect: Time to
Hazza09: Good to be back everyone
Hazza09: How we looking for defensive rookies?
cmperrfect: I wish the screen wouldn’t refresh halfway through typing
navy_blues: durdin looks good
Karlpov: How many 50s so far?
PAFC4eva: whos thinking of going the never again cripps
Tig-Train: 3? and no never lol
Yelse: who is thinking hewett?
Yelse: pig vs trac?
Gotigres: Hi everyone
kascadev8: we back <3
Tig-Train: Kinda have to have hewett at this point?
Hazza09: Clarry v Touk
wadaramus: Cripps is a lock!
wadaramus: How the fuck is everyone!
kascadev8: flowering fantastic wada, locked raspel away. wbu?
wadaramus: Yep, I am flicking between the two Hazza.
Hazza09: Me too Wada
wadaramus: What is it with blogging here and watching the numbers?
wadaramus: Addictive, but I enjoy it 🙂
Gotigres: Durdin should be a starter in r1 143k
wadaramus: After last year, I won’t be picking Crippa.
rupertmarn: Cripps is a trap
DEESareSAD: Anywhere we can see the sc scores?
navy_blues: think ill take cripps
wadaramus: Blue bias navy_blues?
Tig-Train: I?d rather play with 29 players than fall for cripps AGAIN?
navy_blues: how long i keep him is another question lol
navy_blues: didnt have any blues last year wada
cmperrfect: Curnow and Walsh to
wadaramus: Well I did, held Cripps for most of the year..burn!!
PAFC4eva: think im all in navy could be pod
cmperrfect: return yet.
navy_blues: looking frwd to watching them at the g rd1
wadaramus: Great to see you all back in the blog, me, I have to clean up the dinner dishes 🙁
wadaramus: Listening to the new Gang of Youths record, pretty good.
Yelse: why don’t we have more preseason rounds anymore like the past. last few years hopeless
navy_blues: crippa!
m0nty: is it just me or do these quarters seem long
Tig-Train: Seem long? did they change since last year?
m0nty: maybe just watching too much BBL
BurtCocain: i don?t see a reason not to pick cripps with this midfield around him
bhg26: Sorry I?m late boys
Gotigres: Durdin injured
wadaramus: Dees getting flogged, Blues for the flag?
Stuart88: If he has done something shane looked like maybe a good cheap forward
Tig-Train: 7 50m penalties, is this for real? Lol
Tig-Train: Carlton will somehow lose this game?
m0nty: Plowman in for Durdin though it’s not showing up on stats yet
wadaramus: I thought the quarters were shortened?
bones351: Anyone seen SC scores?
Fizzy343: melbourne vs the umpires
Crippa9: SC 3/4 time: Patrick Cripps 136 Matt Kennedy 126 Max Gawn 103 Clayton Oliver 94 Adam Cerra 87 George Hewett 86
Tig-Train: This ?talking back? rule is stupid lol
bones351: Cheers Cripps. Hewett needs a few tackles to bump his score up a bit. And some meters gained I reckon.
bones351: Cheers Crippa
Ash777: lol chased down by a ruck
cmperrfect: Odds Cripps won’t have another 4 goal game this season ?
Ash777: Will Kennedy play like this with Walsh back in the team?

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