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Chat log from R23 of 2022: Essendon vs Richmond

Chat log for Essendon vs Richmond, R23 of 2022

yablettt: Go well bear
Wahab_18: Lets go bear!
original: Short to star, Cumberland to kick 8 and ridley to be subbed
frenzy: howdy
original: My prediction off to an ok start. Cmon Cumberland, so enough to replace heeney
navy_blues: parish and martin on bench lol
beerent11: Evening. Got Shiel, Prestia and Bolton in my draft gf. Important game for the useful idiots.
Hazza09: Piss off Short, now you decide to show up
Pavs: FML opponent has Cumberland and Short
Jukes82: lol why parish on the bench so long
original: short loophole emergency for me, happy for him to go bang
beerent11: Go dion
navy_blues: how gibcus get rid of that??
Gotigres: A big game please Ambrosio
Gotigres: Thank you
original: lets go short
Dredd: Let Hurley kick one at some point tigs.. would be great to see.. was a gun before all his injury troubles
original: <75 for ridley would be sweet for my GF
Gotigres: You don’t say, original
original: haha i tried to use a less than symbol and the chat obviously didnt accept it
navy_blues: merrett on fire this week lol
original: 50m penalty aganst ambro and then a free against ridley. beautiful for my sc match up
navy_blues: stringer gone hope he is ok
original: prestia absolutely burned short then. dog
navy_blues: omg push by jack
navy_blues: 2 bad decisions result in goals to tigers
Stikman35: Play Ridley forward
MrWalrus: Lol navy, I’m supposed to be complaining about the umps, not you
Jukes82: you muppets are a broken record, 9-3 frees
MrWalrus: Also it ain’t the bombers getting ripped off…
Jukes82: the jack one was horrible tho
original: hating these cheap ridley points
Hazza09: Were was this all year Short
original: at what point do i take cumberland over any of english heeney or liba
navy_blues: gee the frees evened up quickly
LuvIt74: Unless Cumerland tons up you would roll with those three, English maybe id risk as he’s ben hit and miss.
LuvIt74: but dogs must win to have a chance of making the 8 so i think libba will be hungry as and heeney has been consistent
original: yeh if cumberland hits 100+ i’ll take him over heeney probably
pjw1234: martin out should help english
Gotigres: Tigers getting evrything from the umps
pjw1234: i have to choose between loukosias 80 or daicos
Ash777: stay down ridley n short
Catatafish: Just fuck off Merrett
LuvIt74: Original Heeney has scored over 100 in his past 6 games, id take English out as he has only tonned up once in his past 6
original: love it luvit
original: stay down ridley. tbh his touches have been terrible surprised he is nearly 50 tbh
LuvIt74: shhhh i have ridley but i should still win my leighs flags
LuvIt74: one of my opponent has Zerrett as his C so that will make things interesting
Ash777: English is up against Lynch
bc__: Merrett costing me both cash Leagues
Hazza09: Piss off short
original: flower off ridley
bhg26: Short 95% de and no clangers? Lock for next year
bhg26: And theres the clanger nvm
Yelse: al i need is bolton to hit multi ffs cmon
Yelse: need one more goal
Catatafish: Well my SC season is fucked. Looking forward to the actual finals now!
Wahab_18: Bear with a goal lovely!
LuvIt74: What Zerrett done tonight i really thought Touk Miller would have done today but that backfired

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