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Chat log from R23 of 2022: Geelong vs West Coast

Chat log for Geelong vs West Coast, R23 of 2022

navy_blues: this will be a flogging
Jukes82: we’ve got a genius in the building
Pavs: Hope not to bad Navy need Stewart to get plenty.
navy_blues: me to pavs
Ash777: Come on Barrass
Hazza09: Huge let down by all my pods so far
original: gawn the biggest let down
Amare: score reviews are garbage
Pavs: Any pods in this one Hazza?
hinsch: feeling your pain Hazza Gawn Miller Himmelburg all sub par
DrSeuss: So Stewart hasn?t touched it for 15 minutes.
hinsch: Might be able to use Culley score for McCrae the way things are going
amigaman: Classic umpire stupidity
DrSeuss: Culley?s 2 touches must have been amazing
Hazza09: Cogs, Darcy and Touk VC all Pods, all shocking
Hazza09: Yes Pav, Stewart
Ash777: Barrass is the 1 that is going to make me lose it seems
Pavs: Might need you to do some barracking for him Hazza. Good start keep it going Stewart
Hazza09: Hasn?t had a touch in 10 minutes Pav
Catatafish: Of course my opp has Blicavs
Hazza09: Get involved Stewart ffs
Pavs: We are rolling a bit now Hazza. Just a bit though
Hazza09: Pav I was close to trading Sinclair to Hurn, should have made the trade
DrSeuss: Be great if you could get some more touches Stewart – some kick 2 kick would be ideal
Hazza09: It?s been one of those weeks Seuss and Ofcourse on GF week
pjw1234: have Williams as the ruck e starting to wish gawn or witts were a late out
Pavs: Hard to trade out Sinclair mate
DrSeuss: Hazza – been one of those years to be honest – worst in 5 years for me I reckon
Hazza09: Will get tagged tommorow Pav
The Ogre: Is Cam Guthrie terminal?
Jukes82: how do you know? you also said touk would go huge lol
Pavs: Dont think so Ogre? Didn’t look bad
The Ogre: He’s a PoD of mine and never scored 2nd qtr at all…
Pavs: Fingers crossed for you mate.
Jukes82: guthers is cooked, they won’t risk him.
Hazza09: I did Jukes, Touk was poor today
pjw1234: Every opponent has Miller as capt in GF i had his as vc so who is the cert for ok score. Was thinking Macrae is due
The Ogre: Thanks folks. There goes my 150pt forecast cushion somewhat then
pjw1234: other options are dawson, dunks, steele or cripps
Hazza09: Haha not my opponent pjw
Hazza09: Macrae, Cripps, Walsh if you have him as C
pjw1234: playing 3 and all went oliver vc miller c
Hazza09: I?m just going off the last time Saints played the Swans @Jukes, Clarke tagged Sinclair
Hazza09: Well done Pjw, you?ve been blessed
thommoae: Clarke to Sinclair tomorrow; Windhager to … Warner?
Jukes82: its hard this week laird will likely get tagged by drew as well
Hazza09: Most likely Windhager goes to Warner
DrSeuss: I am going Cripps against Collingwood with Hewett out again
DrSeuss: I don?t have Laird – so he will likely run free for a 180
Pavs: Maybe Dawson pjw. A bit risky
Pavs: I’m going Laird Seuss. He will get tagged but my opponent has him as Captain as well
Grimes Jr: Back Laird C
Pavs: Not good Ogre.
HawkTalker: fanfooty needs a 300th-game icon
Pavs: Looking forward to some junk time Stewart
DrSeuss: Agreed Pavs – kick to kick down back for a few minutes should do it
Hazza09: No 170 from Stewart tonight, when I never owned him he would burn me week in week out
Pavs: Geelong defence has improved so much Stewart not needed as much
TheOnyas: Onya Smithy
Wahab_18: Go Blicavs you good thing
Jukes82: kebab! how are you spud
frenzy: I swear Tom farted and got points
Pavs: Hope he had Baked Beans then frenzy
Wahab_18: not bad jukes, yourself?
Grimes Jr: Laird macrae or bont cap
DrSeuss: More junk Tom
Pavs: Laird not sure Bont is 100 percent fit
Jukes82: laird, will prbs get tagged. but drew is a garbage tagger
Hazza09: Not enough Stewart
DrSeuss: Agreed Hazza – same with all of my ?premiums? this week.
hinsch: Take Culley 54 or will McCrae get more way my week is going
LuvIt74: Geeong will win the bloody flag this season.
original: hinsch lol
Hazza09: It?s been a horrible week, just sums up my year
LuvIt74: Hazza why whats so horrible, have you had a couple of players that didn’t play or just score crap?
Catatafish: Blicavs you cunt
Jukes82: lol luvit, you taking the piss, out in straight sets as usual

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