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Chat log from R19 of 2022: Western Bulldogs vs Naarm

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Naarm, R19 of 2022

J.Worrall: A fresh Clarrie. Go Dees!
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
J.Worrall: Shame, no Lever.
J.Worrall: No Bennie neither Ooooh!
navy_blues: when do dees get rid of naarm name?
original: Oliver doesn?t deserve 20
J.Worrall: Why lose “Naarm”?
pcaman2003: original. As my VC I accept those points gleefully.:)
colin wood: How the F is Oliver 31?
original: The contested gather and kick forward netted 11 sc
BigChief: m0nty just has not changed it. They are Melbourne and have been since round 12.
frenzy: Cd has the big C on him colin wood
DANGERous: dunks is so out of form, sad
bhg26: Its okay everyone im back. i know how much you all missed me
original: Truth be told I was hoping the free would be paid against him in the contest with dunkley. Alas play on
pcaman2003: Need good ones from you too English and Treloar
wadaramus: Poor management of VC/C means Oliver is my C 🙂
bhg26: Lads i have i problem. I had the e on juddy clarke for no reason. If i bring on Owens whos my loophole…
Danstar: Umps paying dogs nothing. Happens every time Bevo says soemthing against afl
bhg26: Actually nevermind i stuffed myself, all my emergencies have played. Whoops
bhg26: Go Khamis
frenzy: CD taken the p1ss now
Pavs: Oliver is a beast.
Wahab_18: CD trying to make up for the clarry donut last week scoring him double basically
navy_blues: go clarry
bhg26: Ill take that wahab
thesilentl: Oliver clearly best on atm, if he has 4 qtrs like this he’d deserve 200
Wahab_18: believe it or not somehow macrae & oliver are uniques for me here lmao
Danstar: If I ever hear about umps always being on dogs side. Just watch replay tonight?s game
zadolinnyj: How is Oliver 60
colin wood: Oliver handballs to no one for plus 5.. bahaha
Pavs: Oliver is gonna make me regret taking Lairds 140
DANGERous: im starting to get that feeling Pavs, lol
thesilentl: Oliver 7CP and 3 clearances in a qtr and people think he doesn’t deserve his 60 haha
royboy16: I am never quite sure what JJ brings to the Doggies table.
bhg26: Hes the decoy royboy
Wahab_18: Short & Donkley become absolute shower
Gelly: goal assist to add to his table
frenzy: viney 8cp and 4 clearances for half ollie
Hazza09: Cmon Libba, bought you in 3 weeks ago for sub 90s
DEESareSAD: Good to have you back Clarry! You?ll always be my second favourite player of all time!
bhg26: Macrae, dunks and trac, chop chop
Hazza09: Clarry only 5 points for that GA?
bhg26: Is dean towers your first deesaresad?
bc__: Please address him as brownlow medallist clarry from now on
Pavs: Did you make him Captain Hazza?
MrWalrus: CD scoring aside been most entertaining tonight
DEESareSAD: Nah bhg hahahahaha, Nathan Jones is
Hazza09: Yes Pavs, don?t jinx it
Pavs: He is unjinxable Hazza
Catatafish: Macrae on the Macwing isn’t the best
Yelse: wats wrong with macca
bhg26: Havent even seen macrae
Catatafish: Taking Laird’s score over Oliver for C is going to look stupid I think
Yelse: just realised dunkley wtf is this
pcaman2003: The form of some of my Premos really concerning me coming in to finals.
sfenda1: english owes us a big one
wadaramus: Don’t stop Olly, need 200 man!
Pavs: I’m the same pcaman. Hate sideways trades
bhg26: Bontempelli has been awesome since i brought him in
Yelse: if macca doesn’t get 25 disposals i will lose multi ffs u would think certainty
Wahab_18: wtf macrae
Social: woof woof
Hazza09: Cmon Clarry don?t stop now
pcaman2003: Pavs. It’s a worry. Only 3 trades left and 30k. Will take a lot of luck from here.
bhg26: Buku underscored
mattmac24: Yelse, you seem to have issues with your multi every week.. do you ever actually win anything?
Pavs: Good news is English and Gawn finding form. I refuse to trade another ruckman
Social: I brought in the Bont this week. You’re welcome.
Yelse: @mattmac last year was a great multi year this year a bit of a shocker so many one leg misses
pcaman2003: Pavs. I wish Teakle came back so I’d have ruck backup again.
navy_blues: up 800% multis this year lol
royboy16: why do doggies sag off on the mark? seems to let the Dees run . Just once in a chain, aggressively man the mark
bhg26: Dunks, Macca and Trac woeful
sMiles: Oliver gone home? Thought he was due for a 300
Pavs: I have him as well pcaman. I am running O’Brien as well with English in the forward line
sfenda1: melbourne look amazing tonight
DrSeuss: So Pickett can drop it in a tackle and then drag it in and still not penalised?
Gelly: gawn taking marks tonight… im speechless
royboy16: Saw that too Seuss – odd non call. No prior on the first, but the drag in?
Hazza09: My opponent has Fritsch, that just typifies my year
bhg26: I swear Keath gets injured every week
thommoae: Viney burns Jackson big time.
bhg26: Nevermind hes still on
MrWalrus: Tough job being the only actual defender on your team bhg
Pavs: Dunkley can rack up the scores when he is played in the middle
LuvIt74: Patracca and dunno whats goin with Macrae he needs the defibrillator
bhg26: He misses Caleb Daniel and his imposing frame walrus
Danstar: Oliver looks fucked. Exhausted
Yelse: maybe next week need to get gawn and stewart in
bhg26: The doggies are 9.1?! Somethings not right
Social: Stewart will be cherry ripe next week
pcaman2003: Get moving English.
Hazza09: Pathetic Libba
Yelse: B. Smith is a hack accumulator poor disposal
Catatafish: Hopefully not the Libba decline with nostrils Smith back
LuvIt74: Man whho walks behind car, gets Exhausted…
MrWalrus: Smith shouldn’t effect Libba
Catatafish: Walrus, Libba still good but more CBA mouths to feed
DrSeuss: Macrae back to sleep again I see
MrWalrus: Libba attends every one when on the ground
MrWalrus: Melksham is a disgrace, softer than tomorrow morning’s AGB
pcaman2003: Thank you Treloar. Good stuff!
DrSeuss: Off the bench Macrae – you don?t need the rest
pcaman2003: Where are you Clarry? Wake up Macca and Dunks.
MrWalrus: Dunkley getting the poo covered end of the CD stick tonight
Pavs: Thats why we kept English.
MrWalrus: English just locked himself as my R1 for the next 5+ years
bhg26: Decent game this
pcaman2003: The Pom is a whole lot better than last week.
Pavs: Wow thats an “in your face Gawn” moment
MrWalrus: Certainly entertaining
Yelse: macca to get me my 25 disposals
MrWalrus: Nope, the pom will not be English’s nickname, nor will speakano, we’re better than that
Breezey: Dogs have got a sniff now. Bailey Smith pretty excited about that.
bhg26: Wtf trac
Wahab_18: Trac love you mate keeping me alive with 2 donuts hehe
Beaza18: Mitch Hannan. Not even VFL standard. Another Bevo love child.
DEESareSAD: Albino Kevin doll. That English new name!
LuvIt74: get dunks off the pine
LuvIt74: bruce needs to lift and snag a couple
Pavs: HTB Bont wow I definetly don’t know the rules.
Yelse: macca turning into the new brodie!
Wahab_18: Jackson Will Brodie Macrae newest addition to the AFL
Catatafish: Wow the Dunks differential is actually fucked
pcaman2003: Treloar out. F me! There goes another one.
MrWalrus: Yeah you do Pavs, the umps however…
DrSeuss: What happened to Treloar??
The Ogre: Darc thinks hammy
LuvIt74: UGLE HAGEN wasn’t he #1 in the drafs a couple of years ago?
Yelse: wtf treloar why oh why before finals
MrWalrus: My money would be on hammy Seuss, don’t know yet though
pcaman2003: After this year, I’ll probably need 40 trades next year. 🙂
The Ogre: So they pay that to Bonts. What about the one against?!
navy_blues: im sure that ball bounced b dunks marked it
navy_blues: b4
DrSeuss: Macrae? Want to get involved?
MrWalrus: Same navy
Gotigres: Stay out of it Petracca
pcaman2003: Promising 1st qtr Ollie, but you’re not my C this week by the looks of it.
MrWalrus: Any chance of weightman not going to ground in any contest? It’s almost comical
Ninty: Macrae on cue
Wahab_18: Maccaaaa! Pitty that it was bont who assisted it tho
bhg26: Calf tightness for treloar
Pavs: Home Yelse. Well done
DrSeuss: Calf tightness for Treloar – hopefully just needs a massage
LuvIt74: That was a push on brucespec saver
sMiles: Dr Seuss impressed with your multi-tasking
pcaman2003: bhg26. That’s a relief. Was worried it was his hammy again. Hopefully right for next week.
navy_blues: omg fritz passed the footy!!!!
Wahab_18: give trac -15 for missing please
pcaman2003: Ollies score so disappointing. Dropping rapidly from 109
Ninty: And that?s why he doesn?t pass it
Gotigres: 9thmond, here we come
banta: Why take Macrae off he?s barely been on the ground!!?
LuvIt74: Dee’s scared to kick or what
Pavs: It’s your time Trac
DrSeuss: Bevo – game on the line – take Macrae off while he is winning the footy?
MrWalrus: Captain Clarry gone kina pear shaped
pcaman2003: Oliver not even a ton now. What BS!
feralmong: vc macrae cos i didn’t trust gawn after last week. duh.
Hazza09: Ffs Oliver
MrWalrus: Can I please move the C to Bont?
Gelly: oliver yin yang
zadolinnyj: Go captain bont
bhg26: Bontempelli is a superstar, hes no chad warner but hes a superstar
LuvIt74: Nice doggies
bhg26: Oh my god Jamarra, breakout game
LuvIt74: was that Ugle?
Ninty: Nice snag JUH
pcaman2003: bhg26. Lol! Chad who?
feralmong: dogs got their mojo back, yeah babe, yeah!
Catatafish: Great to see Ugle-Hagan make a statement like that
frenzy: Ugle duckling
bhg26: Number one ranked player in the last month pcaman
MrWalrus: I finally see what the recruiters must have, Ugles been a bit classy good tonight
LuvIt74: Concur Cat
PAFC4eva: warner bonts quinella charlie next year
PAFC4eva: get on
pcaman2003: bhg26. Certainly going well this year. Breaking out!
LuvIt74: JUH starting to build confidence – nice to see especially when their #1 draft picks
bhg26: Never seen anyone doing what hes done after 32 games
Ninty: JUH is only 20. Give him another few years
Catatafish: Bhg26 we can all agree Warner is a gun

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