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Chat log from R19 of 2022: Brisbane vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Brisbane vs Gold Coast, R19 of 2022

frenzy: howdy
J.Worrall: Howdy Dooley! Lions should pee this in.
original: Miller please don?t do me dirty this week. Anything over 110. Not asking for much
zadolinnyj: Yo
Yelse: lets see if witts lifts his game
sMiles: welcome to the FL Mr hollands
sMiles: Suns look up and about
sMiles: I love the Suns
sMiles: until they play the real QLD team – amalgamate them and send a team to Tassie
Baldfrog: You mean they that ex Victorian team the lions Smiles?
sMiles: @Baldfrog – splitting hairs… just amalgamate and create something that wins every year … we QLD’s deserve it
thommoae: Touch?, Bald!
MrWalrus: We need some L plates don’t we?
sMiles: 😉 You know it makes sense. Also amalgamate the Sydney teams and send one up to NT
thommoae: Let’s all do the amalgamation two-step! A-one and a-two and a …
sMiles: absolutely – then the two Adelaide teams together and send one to NZ …. he hehehehehe
sMiles: but I do like the Suns. Always have love for them except in the Q-clash
Baldfrog: Eww smiles
sMiles: Lastly amalgamate the WA teams and send one to China
sMiles: Need this game to go gLobal for sure.
Baldfrog: Don’t want Koch head anywhere near my team thanks
Baldfrog: Smiles is it true that Mcstay is Mcleaving?
sMiles: @Baldfrog – He told me he was off to Tassie
Baldfrog: You should tell him the burgers are better at hungry jacks
original: Cluggage did nothin sc-wise for the last 10 mins
Baldfrog: Nice start Lachie
wadaramus: Half time?
original: Cmon mcluggage ffs
bc__: Loft neale. Brownlows around clarrys neck right now
royboy16: the Suns pick us off trying to get through the middle, can we just control the footy for a while??
sMiles: Suns are playing well. Hope they Make Finals and we bury them then ;-p
bhg26: Onya touk touk
Social: Charlie might have upgraded to an 80cc
frenzy: rucks as sub, Lol
Baldfrog: Like this Hollands guy
Yelse: Hollands should have played a long time ago
Mcswains: Oh Elijah 🙂
sMiles: Social – You fishing for reaction against Charlie again… You know what you are, right
frenzy: will brodie mkII bald
bhg26: Now hes going to be an expensive rookie next year yelse
sMiles: @Yelse Agreed. But it would have been better to see him next year now
sMiles: I think since Lyons hurt his rib/sternum (kept playing) he hasn’t been the same player
Social: You know I’m a fan of the imaginary motorcycle sMiles 😀
sMiles: Social – I stand corrected
sMiles: … Lions looking at laptop during half time… Why are they allowed that but not mobiles… Surely the same, yeah?
zadolinnyj: Motorcycles. I thought it was the double wristies
zadolinnyj: How good are casbolt hands
sMiles: Don’t like seeing Zorks in the middle against touk
Gelly: robbo might have to focus on his youtube career
Gelly: you tube
TheFlagger: barometer is a star
sMiles: oh dear
DrSeuss: Lions doing themselves in here – dumb options
royboy16: being wasteful, taking it on too much, and poor disposal
amigaman: Sheesh Hollands -7 for overstepping the mark
Gotigres: 2 goals for 35 points is a poor return Hollands. I have held you for 19 rounds so you need to do better
amigaman: Haha gets the points back now
DrSeuss: Touk and Neale – time to get involved.
Gelly: haha robbo
sMiles: Robbo back to the twos and xbox next week
DrSeuss: Witts allowed to have Zork by the throat, but Robbo gives him a touch – free kick – fuck off umps
royboy16: Charlie – just does something every time
sMiles: better than the kick out on the fulll
sMiles: I like that they all have a song
sMiles: yuk
Number 8: Chol’s given away 5 frees now. Still a Tiger at heart
Number 8: I’m surprised Markov hasn’t given away a few from the bench
royboy16: Lyons, McStay, Hipwood and Berry – do something
Wahab_18: Clanger Neale last 5 mins
banta: Lyons such a useless dud. No wonder the suns cut him a few years ago
DrSeuss: Brisbane?s defense has been horrendous for about 8 weeks – Also Hipwood is terrible
sMiles: long covid?
sMiles: @banta – lol – nice fish
bhg26: Took you long enough to realise seuss
original: Miller I love ya. Keep going. Join in mcluggage
frenzy: got him from the lost dogs banta, free to a good home
banta: Mcstay so
banta: Mcstay very overrated. Should be on less that 300,000 a year. Dud
DrSeuss: McStay has great hands – I think they need to drop Hipwood and make McStay more of a focus up the ground
sMiles: Banta – keep going – you’ll catch someone soon
sMiles: what sort of wonder fishes without their team logo?
sMiles: just saying… or am I fishing too?
frenzy: half a chance suns, bring it home
sMiles: Yeah – look – if I was Neutral – I would want Suns to win… but I am not
frenzy: would make the end of the season real interesting
The Ogre: Scores the same both games LoL
The Ogre: Briefly anyhow
sMiles: C’mon – Joe’s worth the fun.
DrSeuss: Come on Miller – get involved – also piss off Witts
sMiles: Pretty sure Witts has averaged about 68 since I brought him in
Gotigres: 42 hit outs for 70 sc is pathetic Witts
sMiles: and about 140 before I brought him in
Danstar: 2 good Saturday night games. Gf afl
DEESareSAD: Piss
pcaman2003: Gotigres. Is Witts tapping everything to his opponents? That’s a pitiful score considering 13 touches too.
Hazza09: Witts has been shit house since I bought him in
Gotigres: Same sMiles
Gelly: levi is either gona get weeks or get off i think
pcaman2003: Hazza. So it’s you we have to blame.
sMiles: Comentators seem to think He is ok – but … THat didn’t; look good
Gotigres: Yeah, useless tap outs pcaman
sMiles: Fort anot a bad ruck to come in – commentators wrong again I think
Yelse: geez rankine is either hot or non existent
Wahab_18: 19 rounds In and I’m yet to get a decent Neale VC/C score for the season 🙁
DrSeuss: Definitely dangerous Gelly – certainly wasn?t going for the ball
sMiles: I like ht Barometer now that he has stopped ducking
Gelly: i was hoping richmond could pick up the barometer, hes a free agent still?
The Ogre: Cmon Neale! Only 6pts this qtr so far!
sMiles: looks good now
The Ogre: Bit better…
Wahab_18: Neale only pops off in games he’s expected to get tagged it’s so annoying
Wahab_18: anyone notice when neale’s running around he looks like he broke both his hands
sMiles: I see Treloar gone in other game. not sure what has happened
J.Worrall: no one home?
sMiles: Mad Monday for GC this next week? ramifications for tipping?
sMiles: Love ya brisbane!!!! You are the world to meeeeeeeee…. The people …
Napper: Neale mega scaling
sMiles: Fages limping at the end…

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