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Chat log from R19 of 2022: Sydney vs Adelaide

Chat log for Sydney vs Adelaide, R19 of 2022

Grimes Jr: Mills or laird cv
Yelse: laird or mills VC players struggle against syd
Pavs: Afternoon all
DEESareSAD: Cmon Paddy
Yelse: went with laird in the end lets see mills get 150
Danstar: I had my hand on the trade button for keays. But kept him. Don?t let me down
wadaramus: Why does the AFL’s interpretation of HTB suck so much?
DEESareSAD: Got Steele instead of Mills. And CD Clarry instead of laird?.
DrSeuss: Finally traded in Mills this week – please don’t make me regret it
Pavs: I’m with you Yelse and Grimes. Laird a big one
Yelse: bloody hell dawson getting tagged again
Hazza09: Great hard tag on Dawson
wadaramus: Two goals from two Buddy free kicks.
Danstar: And have Dawson. Vs oppo has Heeney. Why not tag laird ffs
Pavs: Keays burns laird every single time. Adelaide has an issue there.
pcaman2003: Keays had huge 1st qtr last week ,then flopped badly. Hope it’s different this week
DrSeuss: What is Mills doing? Is he playing Mid or is the ball only staying Forward atm?
bigpens: Y Brodie TOG so low?
banta: go lloyd super junky game today please!
wadaramus: He started on the wing DrSeuss, not sure where he gets to from there though.
DrSeuss: Cheers Wada – traded him in this week and VC’ed him. Not a great start. Should have grabbed Warner for less
navy_blues: dont know why stephens doesnt get more games
Raspel31: Well, at least Mills’ 2 handballs have been accurate.
wadaramus: I switched the VC off him just before kick off.
navy_blues: my vc too seuss
wadaramus: Looking like a slaughter, Crows second to the ball, or not even at the gall at all.
DrSeuss: Seems like the game is too easy for Sydney – so he wont be neeeded
Yelse: mills lately is hardly on the tv screen
Grimes Jr: Pathetic mills
DrSeuss: Jordan getting tagged and will outscore Mills – fantastic.
Hazza09: Mills isn?t getting tagged
Yelse: why wasn’t that play on to papley ridiculous
wadaramus: Exactly Yelse, you choose to kick it’s play on?
wadaramus: Papley tackled, drops the ball, Heeney picks up and goals, no HTB?
DrSeuss: FFS this is why I never pick Swans players – Longmire just decides to play Mills on a wing for a week – because why not
wadaramus: He’s got good DE just needs a run of possessions and he’ll be good.
navy_blues: flogging
zadolinnyj: At least we are competitive. Oh wait
Grimes Jr: Mills is in the middle
zadolinnyj: and how does Matt Crouch negatively affect this midfield that is getting flogged
wadaramus: 2 marks for the quarter, deplorable.
BigChief: OMG Crows just doubled their marks for the qtr
wadaramus: Mills not getting rewarded by CD for tackles?
PAFC4eva: surely after 10 years at the club they know what crouch brings to the table fishy
wadaramus: Crows not even looking to kick short, just bombing away, juvenile footy!
DrSeuss: Nice comeback from Mills when moved onto the ball. Adelaide terrible
wadaramus: Nicks’ gameplan sure looks like it can produce footy that takes teams to finals…not!
Pavs: O’Brien this is bullsh*t mate. Hit a target
Grimes Jr: 140 pls mr laird
Raspel31: Commeth the Millsy.
pcaman2003: What r u doing Parker? Smarten up lad!
Pavs: Cmon CD O’brien hit Laird just because he fumbled doesn’t mean not on target
DrSeuss: Keays doing very very little this week
pcaman2003: Seuss. No different to last week. Hoping he’ll be much better than last weeks pitiful effort.
Raspel31: Parker going to need 100 possies to ton up at this rate pcaman.
pcaman2003: Parker with a DE of 16% is not helping me much.
Hazza09: Had a choice between laird and Brayshaw 5 weeks ago and chose Brayshaw, has ruined my year
sfenda1: cd harsh on laird. most cp and metres gained and clearances
BigChief: sfenda also 53% de and 2 clangers. You need to look at all stats.
DrSeuss: Laird is going at just over 50% sfenda – lots of possessions but not using them well
Mcswains: Dawson you twat. Had you for 3 weeks and you?ve done nothing
Hazza09: Always the way Mcswains, half my team has been like that
pcaman2003: Mcswains. Same here! So, so disappointing last week and this.
colin wood: Go to bed Mcswains
Mcswains: Ridiculous Hazza. Every time I played someone that had him he was like 120+ but now absolute shite
Manowar: Dawson out, someone else in
Mcswains: You wanna fight Colin wood lol
wadaramus: Parker and Warner not being penalised by CD for atrocious DE?
pcaman2003: Wada. Yes, but also rewarded for CP’s and tackles.
navy_blues: think parker is had 16 poss 6 tacks and 11 cp for only 55sc
colin wood: Parker never does.. a CD love child
BigChief: and 4 clangers and 35% de navy
navy_blues: yes chief but usually those stats would give you 85+
Social: These are the right conditions for Heinie to do some downhill skiing
Hazza09: Heeney is a CD love child Colin wood
pcaman2003: Coming over to this game. Hawks flogging Norf.
Grimes Jr: Lift mills
pcaman2003: Lift Mills and Dawson. No more clangers Parker.
pcaman2003: Don’t let Laird take all your possies Keays. You’re allowed to share his.
Raspel31: My very thoughts pcaman-same issues.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Had this problem most of the year. Lol!
navy_blues: papley so goal hungry burns his team mates all the time
Mcswains: Do something Dawson FFS
wadaramus: Fair dinkum I cannot stand McHenry, I don’t know how he gets a fucking game.
pcaman2003: Crank up again Parker. Kick some goals Dawson to make up. 🙂
elvundir: I have Stephen?s filling in for j Kelly, keep doing Dylan!
TheFlagger: laird froze
DrSeuss: Keays spending way too much time on the pine
banta: wtf jake lloyd you spud, shadow of his former self
Hazza09: Clarry, Macrae, Neale or Touk C?
Pavs: Clarry
bc__: Mills disappointing
DrSeuss: Mills gone out to doing nothing on a wing again. Frustrating af
Grimes Jr: Pathetic mills
banta: ead lloyd
Grimes Jr: Trading mills back to Oliver next week
banta: pathetic gutless wuss lloyd. should be dropped
wadaramus: Come on Millsy, ton up man!
DrSeuss: Mills does nothing for 15 minutes. Gets overtaken by Heeney and Dawson ffs
pcaman2003: Mills and Parker both had bad qtrs. Lift you toads.
Mcswains: Dam that goal would?ve been handy. Good qtr though Dawson. Same again
Mcswains: Heeneys tackling is beautiful today
Mcswains: Pity about his kicking :/
mattmac24: Just need Parker to beat Heeney
DrSeuss: At least Parker is played on ball Mills sitting on a wing just waiting for it and not tackling
TheFlagger: boo mills
Grimes Jr: Cmon laird 30 plus
pcaman2003: Boo Mills, Dawson and Parker. Go Keays!
navy_blues: wow adel unlucky there
Raspel31: On ya Soligo bench cover.
SadBlueBoi: Benching Cripps and taking Stephens score seems like a good play right?
Hazza09: Piss off heeney
sfenda1: cripps could go big this week sadblue. no kelly or green for giants
Catatafish: Stay where you are Lloyd you filthy moustachioed mole
Crippa9: check cripps scores from r7 & 8 when hewett didnt play
wadaramus: Mills being trolled by CD.
SadBlueBoi: Good points Crippa and sfenda
Yelse: thanks laird, why does espy footy have the cats game locked can’t change my tip
Crippa9: Cripps went 138 and 151 sc in r7/8
Crave: you 100% take Stephens score lol
sfenda1: you would have to take a 120+ from stephens tho
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Mills and Keays
DrSeuss: Give Lloyd the trash can already as well
Yelse: laird hit 150 please
Grimes Jr: One more tackle mills
pcaman2003: Better game this week Keays. Terrible again Mills.
zadolinnyj: Terrible sc game mills but good footy game with 27 posis and tackles
Yelse: do we take lairds score? Vc

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