Chat log from R19 of 2022: Richmond vs Fremantle

navy_blues: gday all be interesting umpiring round this week
Yelse: good evening all!! very very @ nave_blues
Yelse: Who is everyone VC C
PAFC4eva: it will be in the geelong and pies games navy
zadolinnyj: Lads
bhg26: Cant wait for silent to comment about it navy
wadaramus: Hi Everybody!
CaptainWho: Ugh! Brodie TOG already
navy_blues: just need to attack the footy not play for free
CaptainWho: VC mills C Oliver or Walsh
circle52: Laird into ?? for me Yesle
bhg26: Lads im thinking a cripps trade to the big chad warner, thoughts?
Yelse: why is short fwd ffs
circle52: Maybe Oliver
MrWalrus: Evening all, no trades left, not eating any doughnuts this week at least
navy_blues: put $30 on freo tonight
circle52: I am carrying a donut this week with Hewett too risky with amount trades ledt.
PAFC4eva: like it bhg already got clarry and laird ?
MrWalrus: Brayshaw into big Clarry raring to go
bhg26: I have clarry but not laird pafc, i could get laird if i did 2 trades but i want at least 1 injury trade
Ceema: Future demon griffin logue
MrWalrus: Hewett, Hall, Green, too many outs, been a brutal 2nd 1/2 of season
bushranger: Laird for me Yelse
PAFC4eva: fair enough
bhg26: And Chad Warners the best player in the comp atm
Baldfrog: Took a Richmond player 2 mins to duck for a free
navy_blues: brodie looking good
bigpens: Y Brodie TOG so low?
MrWalrus: Great, Riewoldt has last week’s kicking boots on
PAFC4eva: doing very well for a youngster
circle52: Think a lot in same baot MrW traded Rich to Hewett last week typical my season
thommoae: getting in early there, bigpens 🙂
frenzy: Ninthmond
bhg26: Number 1 ranked player in the comp in the last month PAFC
original: Nank not even taking f50 ruck contests. My draft team weeps
MrWalrus: Was going so well to byes then every week since has been aweful for carnage
PAFC4eva: future charlie winner perhaps?
navy_blues: think jack needs to retire
bhg26: Next year PAFC
m0nty: I need an icon for a decoy forward
original: Jack hoping for a day tassie team contract
navy_blues: a ghost monty
wadaramus: A mask m0nty.
MrWalrus: Blow up doll perhaps m0nty?
PAFC4eva: next years betting open get on early 🙂
Baldfrog: Maurice Rioli picture m0nty he does feck all
pcaman2003: Come on CD and give Brodie his last HB (3rd). Geez!
bhg26: Im going to be rich PAFC
m0nty: perhaps a wood duck
MrWalrus: Yes a wooden duck, that’s what I meant …
bigpens: A coy fish
Baldfrog: Depends on the air speed velocity tho m0nty European or African
bhg26: Great start darcy
MrWalrus: I do like Cumberland, 100%effort all the time, also European of course Baldy
bhg26: Wonderful supercoach play there from brodie
wadaramus: Lift Nank you dinosaur!
thommoae: Lol Bald. Monty doesn’t know that – aaaaaargh!
Baldfrog: Like Cumberland too Walrus. Thommoae love the python’s
wadaramus: How is a duck a decoy? Decoys allow the true identity to escape via the back door exit!
pcaman2003: Keep going Brodie.
zadolinnyj: Amazing kermit
bhg26: What the flower was that
m0nty: if it’s made of wood, it will float
wadaramus: While everyone is out the front following the decoy!
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Alex Pearce just turned into a massive muppet.
Baldfrog: It’s a Witch
Baldfrog: Fair cop
pcaman2003: Muppett for Pearce turnover.
SALAH: m0nty, crash test dummy head as a decoy?
Hazza09: Fantastic start Darcy & Short
Yelse: wtf short
MrWalrus: How did Jack not miss that? Finally, dude’s been killing me the last few weeks
Fatbar5tad: Brodie been awesome this year. So consistent.
Fatbar5tad: LOL@Walrus
Fatbar5tad: My opponent has Darcy and short…as well. But they VC’d Hodor. Take that.
MrWalrus: There’s my man, 1.3 ffs
Gelly: where have these young blokes been this whole time, criminal they did not game time over our old hacks
bigpens: Will Fyfe being back affect Brodie?
navy_blues: u have jack in your sc team walrus??
MrWalrus: No navy, I’m not an idiot, he is making my real team lose due to his terrible accuracy the last few weeks though
navy_blues: lol ok
MrWalrus: 2.6 last week plus a couple which somehow didn’t make the distance
MrWalrus: North didn’t win last week (no offence roo boys) we lost & largely due to that pus
navy_blues: well u guys need to keep playing this cumberland kid without him be even worse 9ff
DANGERous: go the kanga
Baldfrog: Cumberland was from Glenelg wasn’t he Walrus?
NickyD: Sigh. Will Benchie is on the brode again.
Hazza09: Can?t wait to trade Short
wadaramus: Brodie TOG diminishing!
MrWalrus: Don’t think so Baldy, not south Aussie as far as I know
bhg26: Fyfe dishing out a lot of hospital handballs tonight
Yelse: if cumberland gets a ton gonna have an interesting choice to make, risk carmichael coming in as sub
Baldfrog: Qk cheers Walrus
MrWalrus: Hazza, 3 questions, how do you have luxury trades left?
circle52: Cumberland is from Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast.
Hazza09: I have 4 trades Walrus
MrWalrus: OK so what’s actually wrong with Short averaging over 100 easy & being on his way again
MrWalrus: As Def mind you
Hazza09: I can turn him into Stewart next week
pcaman2003: Need some points this qtr Brodie. You can start now.
MrWalrus: I can’t unfortunately, had real problems in SC land.
Yelse: i got 6 trades left need stewart to come in and possibly gawn for cameron
DrSeuss: Brodie done his dash in the first qtr again?
Hazza09: Or I can turn Cripps into Steele
Baldfrog: Well done Yelse have only 3
MrWalrus: Final question, how p1double5ed will you be when you trade him out & he rips out 150
MrWalrus: Nill trades here spent my last 2 to avoid a doughnut 4th week running
Gelly: feels good being able to tackle now and not give away high free kick, much better watching
MrWalrus: I need a ying yang icon for this season
original: Not sure why Richmond are even playing nank if this is how
zadolinnyj: No 50 there
MrWalrus: Been ok until then, oh and the goal call geez Dave, salty still?
Fatbar5tad: Tiges all over the Docks.
MrWalrus: Except on the scoreboard Fat, not enjoying the dominant everywhere but the scoreboard tiges
Gelly: we are good at that
thesilentl: Freo way
navy_blues: def winning free kick count
MrWalrus: Nor am I enjoying the CD joke scoring on Short, he has been really good
thesilentl: Tigers fan delusional thinking they are ‘dominant everywhere’
MrWalrus: Oh hello village idiot
bhg26: Here we go again
zadolinnyj: My scoreboard has Richmond up
Baldfrog: Grabs Popcorn
Grimes Jr: Haha silent such a flog
navy_blues: hello grimes we missed you last week lol north played well didnt they?
bhg26: Houdinis back!
Baldfrog: Grimes was gardening with his boyfriend Tig Train last week Navy
bhg26: While we are on the subject, i wont be on here during the swans game. So dont call me a disappearing act if we lose
Grimes Jr: Last week we were piss weak. But I?m not on ff while we play and I?m at ground
Baldfrog: Sadly you wont lose Bhg
bhg26: My comments for our game would have revolved around jordan dawson missing his mummy
Baldfrog: Spoken like a true Victorian Bhg
bhg26: How could you tell baldy
LuvIt74: This Cumberland kid not bad
Baldfrog: Bitty is your favourite drink
bhg26: Ha
Baldfrog: Even so Bhg you guys have more to play for and should win
bhg26: But seriously im unhappy with the bloke. “I dont think sydney fans should be worried at all”
bhg26: Just depends on how many quarters of footy we want to play baldy
bhg26: Fyfe down
bigpens: Fyfe off, more midfield time for Brodie!
MrWalrus: Nice, hope he’s ok for next week
LuvIt74: what round do the finals start on SC?
MrWalrus: Does anyone know how many frees of ours are for HTB? Our pressure has been outstanding tonight
Yelse: next week @Luvit74
bhg26: If youre in front and have more tackles than the other team youre doing something right walrus
MrWalrus: Next week Luvy 😉 x
Baldfrog: Nank who stank first 1/2 last week stank again this week
LuvIt74: cumberland goin backwards
bhg26: Fyfe subbed out
LuvIt74: cheers guys
MrWalrus: bhg, best we’ve played since 2020 at least, just so wasteful, it’s killing us
bhg26: All it takes is a team to kick straight against you and its a close game, even if richmond dominate all game
Baldfrog: Unleash the Brodie!
bhg26: Problem stems from riewoldt walrus lol
Yelse: never understood when they call play on and they out of bounds its not a throw in
MrWalrus: Hope Baker lives, perhaps too tough, would literally die for the jumper I reckon
navy_blues: if the ump calls play on and your outside the boundary shouldnt it be a throw in?
Baldfrog: Too many tv shows Bhg?
navy_blues: lol yelse same
MrWalrus: Lol bhg, him and everyone else, it’s the Richo effect
MrWalrus: It’s only ouut of bounds if you go off your line, like end of quarter
Hazza09: Great qtr Brayshaw, another VC thrown away
Fatbar5tad: Bit of mayo on that one Clark.
zadolinnyj: Full bottle of Kraft mayo
MrWalrus: Wow, after all the good work THAT gets high!?
Gelly: think graham may of smacked him in the head on the way through
navy_blues: must be a strong breeze tonight
pcaman2003: Haha! Brodie goes from 85 to 87 after a mark and effective kick to team mate. What is this rubbish?
navy_blues: should have been htb against nank
elvundir: i put the vc on vlastuin.. he’s gonna end up in the ‘is it good enough?’ zone
MrWalrus: He’s getting the Short treatment from CD I’d say pca
BigChief: Turn footy on and 1st thing I see is Grimes lift arm and paid high tackle. SMH
zadolinnyj: No free there
pcaman2003: Damn! Now he’s back to 85. So basically no score for his efforts. BS!
Gelly: nearly ripped his head off there soldo
LuvIt74: I was spewin in 2nd quarter, that i missed Cumberland and he went from 52 to 41 in over a quarter
MrWalrus: They decided if you get an effective contested possession or a clanger
pcaman2003: Walrus. Amazingly minus a point now (84) after mark and effective kick. Pure madness this scoring system.
Wahab_18: yeah brayshaw you don’t want ur team to win so just go sip water on the pine
MrWalrus: The amount of team mate fumbles that get attributed as clangers to the players disposing of the ball is ridiculous
wadaramus: Good contest, put good conditions with the roof on, scoreline reads like wet weather footy.
MrWalrus: Freo to win, we’ve been on top most of the game, will swing & bad kicking sink us again
pcaman2003: Being a bit defeatist there Walrus. No faith in your team?
MrWalrus: You’d be a fool to think we can win from here based on recent form
TheLegend6: Can’t believe how bad we are in the last
Yelse: why did they change short from defence nd taking the kickins prob downfall of tiges lol
BigChief: Are Rich really choking yet again?
MrWalrus: Should have already burried them but here we are
TheLegend6: Get involved Short
wadaramus: Not sure how you think they should be buried MrW, stats are fairly even and I think Freo have been in it all game?
MrWalrus: “Tiges, hold my beer!” Says freo
frenzy: yin yang Cumberland
DANGERous: do something short
CaptainWho: If freo win, young the star Ryan the gun
Hazza09: Piss weak short
navy_blues: excuses coming 11mins to go and scores level lol
dipstick: do sumthing nanker you spanker. knew i shouldve hollered for marshal
BigChief: WOW how much time did Mundy have there?
pcaman2003: Keep going Brodie and stay low Brayshaw.
bigpens: I traded Short to Marshall
DANGERous: feel bad for complaining about cripps every week, short is way worse. sorry crippa
Yelse: this cumberland kid has a good kick
TheLegend6: Cumberland is very good
Wahab_18: Can’t blame Short tho gotta blame the coach for that clearly he’s not comfortable with this role
pcaman2003: I have no regrets dumping Short recently.
TheLegend6: I can’t even see Short anywhere
Manowar: Rioli jnr on good, now Richmond will lose!
pcaman2003: Brayshaw must have a force field cos no opponents go near him. So much space.
navy_blues: banfield just gets a goal when freo need it again
Yelse: short for stewart next week… time to go enough is enough
Yelse: a goal for short would be great
MrWalrus: Sonsie’s goal, on hos P’s but geez
Hazza09: Goodbye Short, never frikin again
pcaman2003: Brodie 1 point this qtr. Get going and crack the the ton at least.
Wahab_18: Short can u atleast get 20 disposals for the multi you useless spine
navy_blues: miller not inj? and subbed out?? very suspect
Catatafish: Ah I knew you’d do this when I got you last week, Brayshaw
TheLegend6: He’s probably injured
bhg26: God the commentators really love maurice
BigChief: Probably not Legend. Tactical sub for sure.
frenzy: tactical sub now Navy
TheLegend6: No issue with commentators getting around exciting players
Fatbar5tad: Ouch. Awesome pressure Richmond tho.
MrWalrus: Miller definitely injured, wouldn’t have pulled him to cheat, soldo 100% though
Fatbar5tad: He’s dived on it
Hazza09: Useless Short
pcaman2003: Hard to believe Brodie 49 at qtr time and has only 92 points. Played awful second half.
Wahab_18: Short has become so shower he’ll shown up on the 15 disposal market next week
Catatafish: Good bench time Brayflog
cherry9: Makes no diff to Maurice score whether or not he is sub
BigChief: Brayshaw heard footsteps there.
bushranger: Short scoreless this qtr
Fatbar5tad: omg play on!
TheLegend6: You’re kidding me
Yelse: serves balsa right ffs how long he want
bushranger: Just get the pill Strawberry Shortcake
zadolinnyj: Draw coming
LuvIt74: body draw wtf
MrWalrus: Balta can kick 70m WTF! Wasn’t 30 seconds,
Silz90: Game winning tackle
wadaramus: Hahaha, what a wanker, take all the time you like mate, not!!
dipstick: could be draw LOL
TheLegend6: That’s ridiculous
MrWalrus: Seriously this is some BS here!
Fatbar5tad: He’s played on ha ha ha
navy_blues: loolol
zadolinnyj: Was 30 seconds
pcaman2003: Draw! Lol!
bhg26: oh no
Gotigres: omg
Baldfrog: Bahaha
Silz90: Omg haha
BigChief: Hahahaha Balta and Cumberland.
Fatbar5tad: He’s gutted Cumberland…
wadaramus: Of course it was 30 seconds, probably a few more too!
Gelly: dempsey moment
MrWalrus: 2nd time this year
navy_blues: richmond are on downward slope for sure just cant win lol
BigChief: zado was closer to 40 secs.
TheLegend6: You lads are shocking
CaptainWho: If anyone should be crying it should be balta, not Cumberland
Gelly: draw is a loss for us
MrWalrus: Common sense rule?!?
bhg26: This is the quietest the crowd has been post game
wadaramus: BS for what MrWalrus? Taking too long with your set shot, playing on after the siren?
MrWalrus: What bs
zadolinnyj: Agree BigChief. Was a clear call
wadaramus: Rewind the tape, you’ll see Balta marked it with 2 mins to go.
wadaramus: He got called to play on with 1.30 left.
Gelly: i feel sorry for cumbo
Danstar: Enter bulldogs tomorrow night!!! Come on!
bhg26: Have to fell for the poor bloke
duckky: Yes Wada and he was moving to take his kick when it was called play on. The ump made a mistake
bhg26: feel*
Manowar: Cumberland u idiot!
bhg26: Apparently not manowar lmao
MrWalrus: I hate footy was also walking in bang on, rough
navy_blues: hardly any scores in 2nd half
royboy16: Balta – what the hell were you thinking?
navy_blues: cumberland is good player manowar was unlucky for him
royboy16: Cumberland was unlucky. Balta is the one
MrWalrus: Another game we’ve chucked, this is 2018 levels of annoying
CaptainWho: Wow mcintosh the star! No way! Young was best on by a long way!
kano: young best on by plenty. and balta was stationary when play on was called.
wadaramus: Take another look duckky, you’re wrong.
BigChief: Fox Footy just showed it again and Balta was not moving at all. Correct call umpire.
wadaramus: Riewoldt told him to take the full 30 for time wasting purposes.

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