Chat log from R19 of 2022: North Melbourne vs Hawthorn

frenzy: first time hawks played in Hobart
nic-n-nat: All the best Hall!
banta: get involved scrimshaw!
BigChief: frenzy Hawks played at North Hobart in 1991 against my Roys. Unfortunately we lost by 157 points.
royboy16: Cheif, it is hard to forget those dark days
pcaman2003: Hopefully another win for us this week for 3 in a row.
BigChief: Agreed royboy.
banta: surely the roos tag LDU. He’s been amazing. Way better than simpkin
BigChief: Wouldn’t think they would banta since LDU is a Roo
banta: sorry meant the hawks. u know
Number 8: Big tackle by Anderson on McEvoy not noted, odd. It was obvious
Grimes Jr: Haha we lost to this rabble
BigChief: LOL I know, just stirring 🙂
DrSeuss: Sicily with a defensive role? Or just ball not getting back there?
Gelly: i would say the latter
DrSeuss: Sicily playing on Zurhaar – also not much ball getting there
pcaman2003: Hawks have this by the throat. Wonder if they can keep it up though.
pcaman2003: The amount of HB ‘s are just ridiculous. Too many sill turnovers.
thesilentl: Roos about the same as last week, hawks just a much better opposition on form
banta: hawks opening the door a bit? foot off the pedal?
pcaman2003: banta. Just ppor disposal to the forward line maybe.
banta: will day overrated or will he come good and just to young?
pcaman2003: bit of slow burn. Should come good eventually.
TheFlagger: hall you beauty keep gulling
pcaman2003: Stop bombing the ball to McKay Hawks.
banta: cmon morrison lift need 5 more touches
pcaman2003: Most exciting part of the game is the end of the 3rd qtr with a scrap.
VodkaHawk: Same @Banta
banta: not looking likely @vodkahawk
Dogs5416: JHF Is genuine trash
VodkaHawk: Had 6 in the first quarter :/
poolboybob: Potato for JHF
navy_blues: lol heeney
banta: good jhf you cheat. glad they didn’t pay that
pcaman2003: navy. Wrong game!
banta: morrison 50m free, ball kicked over his head. That Morris bloke is a spud
TheFlagger: solid return for the late in hall

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