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Chat log from R17 of 2022: Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, R17 of 2022

zadolinnyj: Gents
pcaman2003: You’re nice and early Zadolinnyj
bhg26: Tim English to get 270 points against ladhams
missmagic: campbell out on afl website
missmagic: campbell out,need to grease the wheels here
exatekk: anyone going the pom for VC or C?
pcaman2003: bhg26. Opponent has him too so won’t make any difference to me. Is he POD for you?
frenzy: chaps
zadolinnyj: Stoned so time is relative
pcaman2003: So,it looks like Oliver will miss a week with confirmed broken thumb. Damn it!
frenzy: Tim can repay some faith, 8 games I carried him
bhg26: No Tim English is just better than Ladhams lol
exatekk: hes a pod for me so im pulling the trigger
m0nty: Mills on a wing, ugh
pcaman2003: Mills finished up on wing last week too. Throws a spanner in the works.
SALAH: Mills will still have a 40 posession 5 goal game in a 10 goal win.
bhg26: I like your thinking Mo
Gelly: mills only need 15 disposals to get a ton so its ok
bhg26: I swear our players fall over more than any other team
Torz: Treloar at half back tonight
Grimes Jr: if the dogs cant win tonight they reallly r cooked. Swans not much chop either
zadolinnyj: Great grab
frenzy: does Dunks have an issue?
bhg26: We beat you Grimey
DrSeuss: Piss off Parker
Torz: Mills in a tackling mood
Grimes Jr: Dogs to still win
zadolinnyj: U fishing grimes
pcaman2003: Keep tackling Mills, I like it.
pcaman2003: Ominous signs for a massacre if Doggies don’t come out of their slumber.
MrWalrus: Hey all, bets on when first Heeney hate gets voiced.
DrSeuss: Mills gets a tackle even though Macrae hand balked to Libba. Getting looked after
DANGERous: Seuss got the extra 12 points from a goal last week, so may as well look after him again tonight
bhg26: Chad Warner has become my favourite player in the AFL. Absolute star
Stikman35: Dogs season getting its life sucked out tonight
Catatafish: Bloody Heeney lol
Torz: Ladhams jumping over English, giving Swans first look
DrSeuss: Bevo needs to put Dunks up the ground – on the ball.
Vintage: I brought English in because why now?
PAFC4eva: gday walrus noticed we got a rematch afl REVENGE
Stikman35: Dogs getting paplerized.
gazza39: Engrish better have a massive next 3 quarters in him
pcaman2003: Mills was poor last 2 weeks so much better start this week.
bhg26: It?s simple, Chad Warner gets the ball, things happen
Hazza09: Ofcourse traded in Libba this week
PAFC4eva: cmon bonts get in the game
beerent11: English will be fine. First game back
Gelly: dogs cactus
Napper: There is no way dale is going at 100% eff. Some of his kicks have been shocking or have led to a turnover and spolied
DrSeuss: Dale is super over rated Napper – rarely hits targets under pressure. But kicks long so ?100% efficiency?
frenzy: Bevo will be busy with the magnets
Catatafish: Warner is crazy good
zadolinnyj: Dale does not defend
SydneyRox: thats the most dominant qtr sydney have played in a long time
navy_blues: hmmm slaughter
Napper: Thats fucked. Bont did a long kick to a contest and got spolied by a sydney player. This happened to dale 4 times and he
Napper: got points and didnt lose disposal eff but bont got nothing for it
Raspel31: Evening ladies- unwanted gusts booted out. Step up Dunks. Otherwise all good.
bhg26: Nearly the worst free of ever. Don?t think we even touched him
SydneyRox: umpires have had enough, they have backed the dogs again
bhg26: They lost the free kick count last week SydneyRox, umps aren?t making that mistake again
Grimes Jr: fucking lift libba
Grimes Jr: haha simmer, swans at home always get a pretty good rub
bhg26: Not even going to respond to that Grimey
pcaman2003: Warner has come a long way in a couple of years.
Raspel31: They use planes now pcaman.
Grimes Jr: come on woof woof
beerent11: English should go nuts now ladhams subbed out
pcaman2003: With Ladhams out,English should score well.
Ash777: lol swans complaining about the free kicks
bhg26: So you thought that Naughton free was valid?
gazza39: You don’t deserve a rest English!
Grimes Jr: Dont worry ash, they are delusional
Grimes Jr: useless hagan
pcaman2003: Don’t stop Millsy. Put in some more tackles
Raspel31: The week you finally dump Paddy, sigh, carn Doggies
Grimes Jr: carn doggies
Ash777: they should be focused on that their winning than the free kicks lol
Gelly: they should probably kick that wanker in the crowd with the truck horn
bhg26: Who are you going for tonight Grimey
pcaman2003: Bontempelli has the luck of the Irish and love from CD
DrSeuss: Of course this is the week I play some obvious swans fan – Lloyd, Parker, Mills, Mccartin
bhg26: Fanfooty is hilarious tonight
pcaman2003: DrSeuss. You’re just a lucky guy 🙂
DANGERous: lol
Grimes Jr: bhg and ur happy with that dunkley free kick. lol
Gelly: like a frill neck lizard running through the desert
Tangent: Mills!
DrSeuss: Where was the prior for Dunkley?
bhg26: Still haven?t told me who you?re rooting for tonight grimey
navy_blues: papley actually passed it in the 50m circle omg thats a miracle
pcaman2003: Nice goal Mills.
twinpeaks: Naughton off with a knee rather than a head knock
Grimes Jr: not you, champion
pcaman2003: navy. You must’ve made a n error. Papley can’t pass anything except wind.
bhg26: Well make it less subtle and I won?t be asking you these questions
navy_blues: wouldnt of believed it if i didnt see it pca lol
bhg26: He very much has the yips in front of goal navy
bhg26: One day we will have more goals than points
navy_blues: he has played well tonight but cant stand the goal hog myself
bhg26: I think I know the reason navy lol
navy_blues: i just told ya bhg lol
navy_blues: very selfish player usually
bhg26: But if he joined Carlton you woulda loved him
Raspel31: Just a thought- how many trades has that useless thug caused us to make this year? Including himself. Useless thug.
navy_blues: no ty ive said b4 i dont like the players have only goal vision only like earlier running into open goal missed
Raspel31: Whoops- that was about Preuss.
bhg26: Suuure
navy_blues: bet buddy gets frustrated with papley
bhg26: Nah he gets the ball kicked to him every inside 50 despite the fact he can barely raise his arms above his head
Grimes Jr: fuck off heeney. the week i trade u flog
bhg26: Not a bad goal Heen
Social: Evening party people
navy_blues: papley on report lol
navy_blues: prob only fine
Grimes Jr: papley should get a week for that
wadaramus: Everyone’s got Dunks, but still…lift!
DEESareSAD: Thank fuck Timmy C
Tangent: English, Heeney, Mills and Dunkley in this. Happy as! All opponents have Junkley so not fussed.
bhg26: Not anything there navy he went for the ball
wadaramus: Who is rucking for Sydney?
bhg26: Yeah everyone has Dunkley so it doesn?t matter
DANGERous: go away heeney
bhg26: Amartey and Reid wada
Social: It’s ok, I’ve still got Heinie
wadaramus: Go large Heeney.
wadaramus: English should dominate then bhg?
Ninty: Looks like I should have played with Dunks E instead of Heeney
Napper: Dale kicked it from kickout and bounced to a sydney player and is counted as efficient. Fix it CD
bhg26: He should wada, he did last time against us when Hickey went off
Grimes Jr: haha hayward dropping the footy #swansfooty
bhg26: Although at the moment Reid is kicking English?s alps
bhg26: Probably should be kicking those Budwa
Wahab_18: Paddy the only good thing happening in this game
Social: Checkside? We’re not in SA Dorothy
pcaman2003: Go away Heeney.
Tangent: Heeney Heeney Heeney
Raspel31: Not being pessimistic but think Dogs have a problem from here. Unused Dunkly going cheap?
Crippa9: sorry peoples, bunted heeney this week lol
navy_blues: cant see dogs making the 8 now
wadaramus: I am Social, do you prefer a banana?
Social: Love a big banana wada
DrSeuss: How Bailey Dale is on 60sc is beyond me. Most kicks coming from kick ins and tonnes of turnover kicks
Grimes Jr: such a dissapointing dogs performance. this is a side that will lose in finals week one
wadaramus: Haha, LMAO, thought so mate 🙂
Social: The headbutt, cocaine and pedo sagas really stuffed them
bhg26: Thank god Jamarra was the one taking the shot there
TheFlagger: mills is a fantasy pig
DrSeuss: Why do they keep calling him Bedembo – it?s a D in his name
bhg26: Not last week flagger, but when he?s on, he?s on
DANGERous: go away heeney
pcaman2003: I have Mills and Opponent has Heeney. Was hoping Mills would flog him. Not to be. 🙁
bhg26: I?d prefer him to keep going Dangerous
Raspel31: Love Macca but not one for the biff or hard yacka.
Tangent: Lizzaaarrrdddd
beerent11: Look at the lizard run!
pcaman2003: Big Buddy marking everything tonight with his Gorilla glues mitts..
Hazza09: Ofcourse this week my opponent has heeney, absolute joke
Social: He’s got some chewy on his boot though
pcaman2003: Come on Treloar. Bonts has passed you on your 21 touches to his 12.
beerent11: All of mine have heeney hazza
Wahab_18: Paddy Keeping me alive despite Heeney being a flop
RooBoyStu: Western Bulldogs will become the first side since GWS in 2020 to miss the top 8 after losing the GF the year before.
bhg26: Might loop Paddy on for Butters at this rate
m0nty: garbage time icons ready and waiting
beerent11: Gee English is shit tap ruckman. Gets all his points as a midfielder.
bigpens: What is with Will Brodies TOG?
Social: woof
beerent11: Seagull will have one on his name by games end m0nty
navy_blues: omg dogs wouldnt beat norf playing like this
Raspel31: Still picking Doggies in this- be patient.
bhg26: He will end with 40 touches beer
Wahab_18: that was dunkleys free wtf
Grimes Jr: heeney getting points for doing nothing
Social: What are you drinking there tonight Rasp?
DrSeuss: Haha how did Bont get that free?
Wahab_18: bonts sausage must taste really good even gets frees off his own team mates
wadaramus: Where is Dunkley playing? Can’t say I have seen him at all?
bhg26: My word Jamarra kicked a goal! I didn?t think it was possible
Wahab_18: he’s been in every center bounce wada but not getting it
pcaman2003: Wada. Playing mid at moment,but has really sucked tonight.
Social: He makes a delightful boysenberry swirl as well
Raspel31: Dunkley been at the pub for hours wada. Well done fat boy Paddy- traded you this week. But fine work.
DEESareSAD: Hall to Dale?. I have paddy on the pine should?ve just held ffs
wadaramus: Well he better be necking pints of quality NEiPA.
pcaman2003: I’m surprised Blakey’s score is only just behind Treloars.
Catatafish: Haha @bigpens
pcaman2003: Is Macraes TOG lower than usual?
Social: Dunkley spotted at the bat & ball at 3/4 time
Rilian: Warner needs a Yin-Yang. Massive in first half and MIA since.
Raspel31: Macca and Dunks actually on the field but have cracked the invisible code?
bhg26: Sign him on for 2 years
bhg26: Reid has absolutely kicked English?s alps
Wahab_18: haha nice give dale -15 for that please CD
Wahab_18: flower sake papely Dale would’ve been on 30 if it wasnt for you
Napper: Dale -20 for that only getting points off kickins
Social: Spikano a bit rusty first game back, he’ll come good
Napper: Dale got scaled 1 point for that holding the ball. CD own him. Fix the game
LuvIt74: Dont think English is worth the risk, i was goin to bring him in but i have my opponent beat so opted to wait.
pcaman2003: Two clangers in a row Treloar. Enough already!
DANGERous: lift dale
navy_blues: macca done fornight? been off 4 a while
sammyo7: the chad
Raspel31: Macca out of favour? Much bum warming? hmm.
Catatafish: Soft
beerent11: Good old flat track doggies
bhg26: Love ya Chad
navy_blues: back on now
beerent11: Dogs can?t handle high pressure opponents. Been that way for a few years now.
beerent11: Looks a bit sore to me rasp. Might be carrying something
Social: Josh is hitting the Weltenburger Dunkel now
pcaman2003: Nice to see Mills have a good one after 2 poor weeks. Go Mills.
sammyo7: do i take mills score or do i wait for neale to get 40 against essendon
beerent11: You take 125/130 sammyo
Wahab_18: Paddy Ton you beauty
Ninty: Always bank 125+
Social: Oliver got 124
pcaman2003: sammyo7. What’s the rush? The game isn’t finished yet
Raspel31: Paddy- hasta la vista baby- the week I lost you. Bravo lad.
Ninty: Not good enough Social
Social: hehe
Torz: I don?t understand playing JJ at half forward. Elite half back turned into a below ave HF
bhg26: Looping McCartin on for butters now
Raspel31: Great work Dunks.
Social: Get some stinky trash Heeney
gazza39: This game destroyed my SC season
bhg26: Took 11 steps, took 8 when they blew the whistle
beerent11: Kiss all of yours high projections goodbye lads
Wahab_18: Umpire finally helped for once lucky heeney didn’t get the goal
bhg26: Where?s ash? Told us to worry about winning lmao
pcaman2003: You’re on notice Dunks.
Catatafish: Great to see Paddy back and killing it
Hazza09: Seasons officially done after this game
gazza39: English should be dropped next week, season over anyway
frenzy: there will be tears beer
Social: pffft
gazza39: The backup ruckman even towelled him up… joke
bhg26: Wow my projection just went down 130 lmao

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