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Chat log from R17 of 2022: Geelong vs Naarm

Chat log for Geelong vs Naarm, R17 of 2022

Yelse: Good ebening gang! Who is everyone VC c thinking Oliver into Neale
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
wadaramus: VC has to be on Olly.
ReggieOz: Yes..Clarry into Neale this week
Stu7: Evening all
Stu7: Yes Yelse Redknob into Neale
zadolinnyj: evening
Stu7: Zado
zadolinnyj: should be a good game
zadolinnyj: how?s the geelong collars
zadolinnyj: is it 70s disco round for geelong
Stu7: Oliver n Brayshaw
frenzy: evening chaps
Stu7: frenzy
navy_blues: ollie just lost points
zadolinnyj: frenzy
Stu7: Let?s go Chucky doll
zadolinnyj: do melbourne always where these pyjamas for night games
wadaramus: Whoa, that’s a good goal.
Pavs: HI all Oli to Laird for me
zadolinnyj: chucky doll indeed Stu. like it
zadolinnyj: Pavs
Stu7: Pavs
MrWalrus: Accidentally have Clarry locked as C, not feeling awesome about it but could be worse
Stu7: Off the bench Brayshaw
Stu7: That sucks Walrus let?s hope he goes huge
Malaka: My posts never seem to show on the first mach of the round for some odd reason.
Malaka: … now it suddenly makes liar of me!
pcaman2003: Evening all! Hope this week is better than last weeks debacle for me. C’mon VC Clarry
Malaka: MrWalrus: I accidentally had Neale as captain instead of vc last week, it turned out OK, luckily.
Lynch_MOB: it could be worse walrus, like him on 4 points after half a 1/4..
MrWalrus: Hehe, malaka. 2 very good teams playing tonight
Lynch_MOB: i put the vc on neale into laird this week
Stu7: Settle down Duncan
MrWalrus: True that Lynch… Ahhh damnit.
Pavs: Evenining pca Stu zado.Geelong supporter here with lots of Melb players
pcaman2003: Evening Pavs. Waiting for Clarry to get his motor started
Raspel31: Clarry comimg good MrWalrus.
MrWalrus: Indeed, barring injury I feel he’ll be just fine
Pavs: Nice to put the Captain crap behind you on a Thursday night. C’mon Oli
bhg26: Good goal Guthrie, off to the bench you go
Stu7: Evening bhg
MrWalrus: Fair goal with the strip followed by the chequeside
bhg26: Evening Stu
DrSeuss: Damn Jackson spending a lot of time on the bench.
Stu7: I?m backing Cats Pavs
frenzy: the checks in the mail
wadaramus: Check the checky!
Pavs: Can’t watch the game Stu. I get a little aggresive so in the kitchen with the laptop I stay. Evening bhg.
wadaramus: If Gawn is FWD, Jacko should be rucking around the ground?
Stu7: Come on Brayshaw and Ollie ya flogs
Cottees: how is Hawkins on 31? lol
Stu7: Ha ha I?m the same Pavs nerve racking
daniel87: just got oliver now watch him have a bad game lol
Lynch_MOB: the only place Jackson shouldn’t be is in your sc team
Pavs: Sad part is Stu a 2 point lead is great but they can lose from 50 ahead at half time.
Stikman35: Opponent has Oliver vc. We both have Neale c. Does anyone think Cripps might have a huge game?
zadolinnyj: cripps is cooked isn?t he
Stikman35: I have Neale vc I meant
Dogs5416: Daniel87 – can’t believe people are paying 700+ for clarrie
Stikman35: Home state. Do the eagles tag anymore
beerent11: I?m going touk vs pies into Neale
Stikman35: Yes maybe zad.
daniel87: i was hoping to get him earliear in the season but then his price went sky high injuries and such held me back
dipstick: @dogs54 yep, if you pay over 600K for any SC player during the year you aint in the top teams.
hinsch: stikman Eagles are lucky to kick the ball let alone tag
Stikman35: Touk. That was last week
wadaramus: No wonder there’s talk of Jackson moving clubs, gets 50% game time at the Dees.
Pavs: What other options do you have Stikman
frenzy: touk not vs pies beer
MrWalrus: Redden while not a “tagger” does normally do a pretty good job at keeping his opponent quiet Stik
beerent11: Mids go big against pies giddyup
beerent11: Sorry I meant the tigers. Mids go big against the tiges too. Giddyup.
MrWalrus: Touk was going to be my C after VC Clarry before I pooped the bed
original: Stuffed up friends. Gawn bench, no e. Oliver c.
daniel87: @ dipstick mind you this my first year playing supercoach since 2017 so getting back into it
daniel87: sitting around 47 thousand so yeah not a top team
Stu7: Going to be a rough ride original
Stikman35: Yeah beer on the beers. Touk may be my vc now into Neale now o think about it. Tigs a bit disheveled in mid currently.
pcaman2003: Lol! Jacko on bench again. You can come to the Hawks and get real TOG.
DrSeuss: OMG Jackson your TOG is worse than Brodie – get off the bench
beerent11: At Metricon too stikman. Loves it there
original: Stu7, real rookie mistakes. Reversed changes 30min before and forgot it wasn?t just the trade I did
navy_blues: lol danger
beerent11: Finding this Jackson complaining amusing. You get what you trade for.
Stu7: Come on Brayshaw
MrWalrus: Nah we’re good Stik, just play a game that allows oppo mids to get a bit of it then we rebound off halfback
beerent11: Dangers moving well
Stu7: original – damnnn
wadaramus: Why does modern footy end up with end to end rubbish with sweet FA scoring?
wadaramus: Is defence too dominant, or is offence too impotent?
bhg26: Trac was promising at the start of the game, done nothing since then
beerent11: Defensive mindset and setups wada. High scores doesn?t mean good footy.
MrWalrus: Commiserations original, Clarry would have to be close to favourite for Brownlow eh? Absolutely dominates the stoppages
beerent11: Are they buttons at the neck of the cats jumpers
Stu7: Chucky doll you little ripper
Pavs: Shoot Original I have done the same no option now go hard oli as Captain. I am a moron.
pcaman2003: Nice comeback after slow start Ollie.
MrWalrus: Wada the game has been 100% A grade I reckon, equal competition benchmarks for mine
Stu7: N9w come on Brayshaw follow chucky
wadaramus: Free flowing fast footy for 1 goal a piece this qtr?
Gotigres: Wow, I unpack some groceries and vc Oliver scores well
wadaramus: What a joke free kick.
bigpens: Gotigers please go and unpack some more groceries
Stu7: Brayshaw heading for his lowest all time score just as I bring him in sigh
MrWalrus: Score doesn’t = good footy wada, umps been ok too I reckon, good game IMO
mattmac24: Not sure how that was a “block” against Hawkins
navy_blues: looks like miers had a haircut and can actually see the ball now
Stu7: Come on Chucky don?t fall asleep now
bhg26: There you go trac
MrWalrus: Cheers Tiges
beerent11: Yes trac lessssgo
Pavs: Agree with bigpens unpack slowly Gotigers.
wadaramus: I get that argument, doesn’t have to be high scoring to be a good game.
st_steve: Gotigres, if you can unpack groceries for Jeremy Cameron, that would be awesome
thesilentl: Hawkins finally getting called for his ‘ruck’ work, gives away a free every contest but rarely gets called
beerent11: Many can?t get a gig in the big three. Just gets them the ball that?s all
beerent11: Great game so far
wadaramus: But sometimes it goes end to end to end with offensive error after error turning the ball over with regularity.
beerent11: *maxy
Stikman35: From a distance Dees jumper looks like Fitzroy are back
wadaramus: Don’t we get sick of forward entries being marked by defenders more often than forwards?
Stu7: 14 points since qrt time Brayshaw not good enough buddy
MrWalrus: Agree Wada, just feel tonight isn’t about errors but elite footy
mattmac24: It is retro round Stik
Stu7: Nice work chucky doll
beerent11: I think you?re talking to yourself wada
beerent11: Maybe not
StuL: Must be retro jumper, not that we ever wore anything like this
pcaman2003: Clayton you superstar. Same for the next half please
wadaramus: Question marks signify I am seeking a response!
wadaramus: Not rhetorical 🙂
MrWalrus: That’s why elite intercept defenders get the big bucks Wada
navy_blues: was that 15m lol
beerent11: Think that?s their indigenous jumper
MrWalrus: I personally rate the top intercept guys as their team’s most important player half the time
beerent11: Looks like United States gymnastics uniform
StuL: Melbourne are in their 3rd month of indigenous round
Stu7: Sh1t Brayshaw you muppet
mattmac24: Yeah it is their indigenous jumper, likely because it’s NAIDOC week. It’s a nice jumper
Stikman35: Looks like Fitzroy from behind.
PowerBug: Cats going retro round, Demons going with naidoc week
wadaramus: Intercetp marks occur from bombing it into 50, AFL has lost the art of hitting up leading forwards.
beerent11: They didn?t win a game as naarm
Stikman35: Yes beer. Spot on. From the front.
Pavs: Agree Mr Walrus I am going to regret not getting Dawson
MrWalrus: Disagree Wada, that accounts for a few but Stephen May is always there because he anticipates the play, not dumb luck
Stikman35: Someone needs to put Oliver to sleep?hello Geelong? or your stuffed tonight. Me too.
wadaramus: Not saying it is dumb luck, but the forward entries favour loose defenders.
MrWalrus: McGovern, Ridley, Stewart, Ryan, Docherty, Vlastuin, Dawson, Moore, etc all do it all the time, it’s an elite skill
Pavs: Put the forward Mr Walrus they have no idea.
wadaramus: They feed off poor forward entries! Marking the ball all alone.
wadaramus: The +1’s have the easiest job in footy!
mattmac24: If a Geelong player is gonna take someone out, can O’Connor do it? Wouldn’t mind missing him for 4 weeks
MrWalrus: Remember Sydney Roos? The best intercept back ever I reckon
wadaramus: Glorify cheap defensive marks all you like.
Stikman35: I?m tempted to shift Ridley to the bin and purchase Sin Clare walrus.
beerent11: Would?ve been my first week with 22 premos on field. Alas d rich.
MrWalrus: Lol Matt, Wada it’s not poor disposal, it’s elite anticipation ninja skills
Pavs: Got cover for him beer?
beerent11: Jezza McGovern the best at it IMO.
beerent11: Wehr pavs. Haven?t checked teams yet. Hope he was named
mattmac24: Careful calling him Jezza Beer, you may upset some Carlton supporters
MrWalrus: Your theory basically assumes half the time players lace out the opposition, that’s not what’s happening, agree beer.
Oddsy5: id argue its not useless defencive marks wada. if they dont mark it an opponent will
Cottees: beer, yeah can’t afford to trade Rich. so kept him as I have cover and it is only a week injury apparently
wadaramus: I’m fed up with watching footy where forward entries hit +1 defenders with no 1-1 player accountability, boring!
beerent11: Fuck the Carlton supporters mattamac
Pavs: Named as interchange mate all good. Good cover wont lose many.
wadaramus: It’s money for jam for loose defenders!
beerent11: Here?s hoping cottees
beerent11: Cheers pavs
TheOnyas: onya gawny
wadaramus: I don’t think I said useless marks oddsy5, of course they have defensive purpose.
wadaramus: MrWalrus, I would argue that half the time they DO lace out the defenders!
MrWalrus: Lloyd is loose, McGovern is intercept, huge difference watch May & Lever and learn
wadaramus: Haha, Tuohy all alone.
Stikman35: Wondering if the Covid depth of Melbourne will be found out for remainder of season
Pavs: Great discussion I enjoyed that.
wadaramus: Haha SDK all alone.
wadaramus: Haha, Henry in front uncontested.
DrSeuss: Come on Maxy – 1 FA for this qtr is not ideal
Ash777: why is kardinia the worst for watching the footy at
beerent11: Agree pavs. Makes a nice change from people whinging about their players/ umpires/ CD scoring system/ Brodie tog etc.
bhg26: Why is Brodies TOG so low beer?
bennyballs: get some bloody marks gawn
beerent11: It?s a mystery for the ages bhg
Pavs: It did make me think though beer. Not sure I want to do
bennyballs: because his tank is garbage
st_steve: Brodie has horrible TOG in this one. Is he injured?
wadaramus: More contested this qtr.
bigpens: Will Fyfe back in the team affect Brodies scoring?
wadaramus: Don’t think it has yet bigpens.
frenzy: nah just his TOG bigpens, Lol
Stu7: Off the bench chucky doll
Pavs: I’m holding him bigpens
wadaramus: Clear mark there.
bigpens: Might trade Brodie to Heeney
Pavs: Not going to get to 120 this quarter by sitting on the bench
Stikman35: Im not getting Brodie as a mid next year. He only plays 70% of the year.
Pavs: Hell no bigpens
Stikman35: Season sorry
Stu7: Brayshaw wtf
bigpens: (Not being serious)
LuvIt74: Melbourne not the same as last season, this season is so bloody close its not fanny
Pavs: Missed the sarcasm bigpens. like it.
beerent11: Fanny?
MrWalrus: With a little luck beer
zadolinnyj: not fanny Beerent
Torz: This game isn?t one for the fantasy record books
Stikman35: Bedford only had eyes for goals then. Hes a talent. Rubbish daisy.
Pavs: I get it not fanny. whats the issue beer.haha
beerent11: Set up for a cracking last qtr.
beerent11: Cracking
Hazza09: Cmon Trac
Ninty: Imagine if Oliver got 100% TOG free ride online May or Langdon. Might have to trade
Stu7: Nice work Brayshaw about time
Ninty: like*
Stikman35: At least Oliver is playing over 3 1/4 a season.
beerent11: Good idea ninty. Makes sense
DrSeuss: Brayshaw just went bonkers in the last 10 minutes
Stu7: 34 that qrt Brayshaw good work now another 34 please – Ollie finger out please
Stu7: True that Dr
bhg26: Oliver only on track for 130, spud
pcaman2003: After a 23 point qtr Ollie, I expect a big last one from you.50+would do it.
DrSeuss: Luke Jackson – the new Will Brodie?
wadaramus: Surely Jackson is a good enough player to be on field in some capacity?
Yelse: anyone getting gawn back?
pcaman2003: Not quite Seuss. At least Brodie scores points.
Ash777: will brodie just the new nic nat
Social: Maybe soon Yelse, not yet though
Stu7: Wtf Brayshaw
Pavs: went for O’Reilly instead yelse not sure of my thinkings
Stu7: Back on the bench Jackson
bigpens: Joel ‘Will Brodie’ Selwood
pcaman2003: What’s happened to Ollie? His score is going backwards fast. Poo!
Pavs: Ok just looked that is O’ Brien again i am a moron
LuvIt74: is brodie out?
Stu7: No LuvIt74 people are referring to TOG
DrSeuss: Haha that is true Pca
Stu7: Wasted VC opportunity Ollie ya flog
Crippa9: pcaman supercoach is scored according to influence on outcome thats why they fluctuate
Ash777: you really think ollie was going to back it up against cats?
DrSeuss: Gawn has had a terrible 2nd half – done very little
LuvIt74: @bhg25 and you woudn’t take 130 from your VC? – I will be, every time i get greedy it bites me on the a$$
MrWalrus: Clarry, is so good at actual footy, BOG for me so far
beerent11: He?ll still go 130+ stu. That?s a good score ya flog;)
Ash777: clarry still holding his fingers from that kick to the hand
Stu7: Back at ya beer I?m looking at DT points for him
zadolinnyj: if a drop kick is a legal afl kick, technically menegola disposed correctly
DrSeuss: Haha Petracca drops it in a tackle – nothing. Tackles Geelong player who drops it – gets the free
beerent11: Go tracca!
Wahab_18: just when i thought trac will keep me in my matchup this ruins everything flower u trac
beerent11: Ah ok
Pavs: Its not Zado. not legal
Hazza09: If that was Heeney he would have scored 30 points for that goal
Gotigres: I agree with wahab. You bastard Petracca
beerent11: I think he did hazza
zadolinnyj: drop lock is still a legal kick in the rules Pavs
Stu7: Rubbish Hazza at least 45
Pavs: I bow to you Zado. but I dont think it is. IMO
Vich: but in a tackle – if ball hits ground first its deemed illegal disposal despite a dropkick being legal.
bigpens: Can’t bounce the ball while being tackled
thesilentl: Has to be deliberate @zado which that kick wasnt
Stu7: Hey on the ground Brayshaw
zadolinnyj: agree with that thesilent
MrWalrus: Pretty sure drop kick is specifically addressed in the HTB rule
J_Herer: Clarry break his thumb?
zadolinnyj: shame stengel got done for drugs at adelaide. turning into a good player
Ash777: atkins the mid looks good
Wahab_18: Blicavvvssssssssssss why did u miss that
Beaza18: Extra player for Geelong down there
wadaramus: Completely different game i the 2nd half.
MrWalrus: Hope not J but Selwood kicked his hand pretty hard
zadolinnyj: geelong trying to lose this?
DrSeuss: Imagine if Geelong could kick straight
dipstick: 🙉 stop talking about makes we want some KFC chicken 🍗
Beaza18: Imagine if Geelong didn’t haver the home ground home umpires advantage.
bhg26: Naarm arent a very good team
feralmong: damn dipstick now i want fried chicken.
DrSeuss: Haha Umps have been pretty decent tonight I reckon
zadolinnyj: bit of steggles dipstick
MrWalrus: Mmm, boneless hot n spicy
pcaman2003: Fat lady singing away.
MrWalrus: Agree Seuss
Stikman35: Dees will slip right down soon
hinsch: Now Oliver is in that take it of leave VC position
The39Steps: According to a stat nerd this is the first time since 1983 that Cats have had less free kicks than its opponents at home
feralmong: Tyson Steggles deep fried benders
poolboybob: Dangerfield blue moon :-p
beerent11: Such a tight season. Any one of about 5 teams could win it this year. Love it.
DrSeuss: Piss off Brayshaw – give him the trash can
wadaramus: Sucked in, you didn’t deserve it.
Stu7: Dissapointing OLlie
Stu7: Good win Pavs
bennyballs: how on earth does gawn not have a mark
bhg26: He has almost taken 20 bennyballs
Wahab_18: My opp left the C on Ollie let’s hope Neale smashes his score
DEESareSAD: Give Clarry a break. Selwood literally kicked his finger as hard as possible the flog.
wadaramus: Ollie, 23 contested, 10 clearances, 34 touches, should be 150!
Stikman35: That?s secured cats a home game at mcg during finals.
Pavs: Thanks Stu7 maybe should have watched it huh.
bennyballs: infuriating bhg26
Stu7: Pavs go the replay 😂
Social: No dodgy frees to get them over line this time. Gil’s clearly lost his influence already.
dipstick: tat stats geek got the free count stat wrong…nerd!

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