Chat log from R16 of 2022: Fremantle vs Port Adelaide

feralmong: port winning this will open up the 8 like a can of worms
bhg26: Great start Darcy
Hazza09: Awesome start Darcy
Raspel31: Aerth to Houston?
Stikman35: Weather looks nice over there
hinsch: Brayshaw has to stay under 350 point for a SC win feeling confident
Stu7: Stay low Rozeeeeeee and Houston
nbartos: goal
Stikman35: Rozee best player in the comp
Hazza09: Lol Darcy having his work cut out by a makeshift ruckman
Jukes82: darce taking the piss id he’s not 120 plus today
nbartos: is there no HTB?
twinpeaks: Port have a good record against Freo, this isn’t a surprise
Gotigres: Jukes, my two premo rucks might combine for 120
bhg26: Darcy you dud
cmperrfect: I smell a stinking 72 from Houston today.
damoj88: Darcy deserves points WTF Chumpion Data
Hazza09: Darcy Witts combo looking just great
nbartos: Rozee??
Stikman35: Best player in the comp
Raspel31: And brought him in for Stewart cmperrfect, sigh.
cmperrfect: Still avg 106. There are certainly worse picks.
Ash777: got wines & brodie left to play. with mead on the bench
Hazza09: Darcy finally a mark
MrWalrus: Like Hall, I wish I had gone anyone else but Zorko
Raspel31: Is fa Foife finally back? Bit late me tinks.
Gotigres: Wow Darcy. Nice move up. Of course I have always supported you and never complained.
Hazza09: Brodie low TOG today?
circle52: Brodie always has a low TOG early
pcaman2003: TOG for Brodie is as pathetic as ever. Grow a tank or something.
beerent11: Don?t start that hazz
Hazza09: I?m not watching Beer, just asking
Pav300: Turn it up pacman! U dont deserve the effrt Brodie brings every week
beerent11: When are you blokes gonna give up the Brodie tog thing? Don?t pick him in your team and it won?t bother you.
navy_blues: agree beer
Pav300: Well said Beer!
nbartos: well said beer
Raspel31: I rather wish Stewart hadn’t had a brain melt down.
wadaramus: Who cares about his TOG, he pretty much delivers a ton every week!
nbartos: palpep strong as an ox
cmperrfect: I wish I picked Dawson over Houston too Raspel. Ahh well.
Raspel31: Why is Brodie’s TOG so poor?
navy_blues: good to see clark doing well at freo think they picked him up nicely
Ninty: Wow. Is Rozee alive?
Ninty: Anyone know what?s up with Brodies TOG today?
Fizzy343: when isnt brodies tog poor
wadaramus: Rosy getting splinters.
nbartos: walters aint best 22 anymore
Ash777: every week ppl talk about his TOG
Ninty: I haven?t noticed it Ash.
frenzy: fink they’re having a lend, Beer
Raspel31: Mars to Houston- checking for signs of life. Come in please.
Stikman35: Pray be to the all mighty one that English plays this week. I cant tolerate Curtis score any longer.
Stikman35: I love Aish
nbartos: wheres all the darcy haters gone?
Bluebagg11: Is Brayshaw okay??
vamos77: Houston where are you
nbartos: he’s fine Blueb
Raspel31: Golly I;ve made some dud trades but Stewart to Houston takes the cake. And why is Brodie’s tog so poor?
Stikman35: I think because Brodie attempts to make it to every stoppage it?s wise to take more rests on pine opposed to jog outside
nbartos: wow aish
bhg26: Aish has been alright today
sfenda1: aish to show up oliver and trac
beerent11: Could?ve been worse rasp. You could?ve gone for hall
Jukes82: glad i put the C on Aish today lads!
beerent11: And what?s with Brodie?s tog?
Ash777: Aish is playing inside mid today.
PowerBug: beer is the first time you’ve followed a Freo game this year?
bhg26: And what?s the deal with Brodies TOG?
CaptainWho: Brodie injured? Has very low TOG (asking for a friend)
frenzy: I could actually have a league win this week, how goods that
Wahab_18: CaptainWho Brodie always plays between 60-70% TOG
hinsch: Why is Brodies TOG alway so low
CaptainWho: I know, just couldn?t help myself. Always so many comments
CaptainWho: Just need this game to hurry up and finish so I can bank my 3 league wins
Jukes82: lol hilarious ppl dont understand the concept of sarcasm
Raspel31: Did you go for Hall beer? Quel desastre.
hinsch: High SC scores this week will see a few 2800 +
Raspel31: 2800- I rather think not.
beerent11: Nope, I didn?t have Stewart rasp.
cmperrfect: Houston still on track for my 72 prediction. Should have done the old ntp.
beerent11: But I believe a certain mr hairless amphibian did.
Raspel31: Bit concerned Brodie not on the bench. Is he injured?
nbartos: soft free
RooBoyStu: I don’t have Lobb but there’s an example why sc is bullshower Lobb kicks 38% of goals and no raise of bat
blashtroko: is rozee not playing midfield or what?
nbartos: slack cox
Raspel31: Ah, that accounts for the toothy ones grumpiness beer.
JohnHoward: imagine if lobbs name was mills or bontempelli – 155 points easy
Baldfrog: Thought I was the hairless amphibian here?
xjumpman23: need Darcy to beat Houston by ~50 to win
Baldfrog: Bont or Gawn Johnny not so much Mills
RooBoyStu: Could be as my mum says, he looks like Dave Hughes Lobb lol
nbartos: whats with Robbies time on ground?
pcaman2003: Put the bench on the ground so Brodie won’t have to knock up so many bench miles.
Raspel31: To quote MPFC- Mr Houston I piss in your general direction.
Gotigres: Witts will be my lowest score with 63
Grimes Jr: Looking at 2700 with witts and heeney
Danstar: I?m on 2730 with will Brodie still counting up
nbartos: HTB?? gone out the game?
mattmac24: 2321 with Brodie to go and 2 donuts. Had to field D.Stephens and Witts my next lowest
Raspel31: I;m thinking there is a bit of I’m 9 inches in some of the claimed scores.
bhg26: 2534 with Darcy and Brodie still going. Have English and Butters on bench with Witts and Heeneys poor scores
Stu7: Hi all is Brayshaw injured?
hinsch: I got 2590 plus Brayshaw and Brodie to go
st_steve: Raspel, why would I downplay my score?
pcaman2003: Raspel Not true! I’m on 2731 with 2 donuts and Brodie still going.
beerent11: No he?s ok stu. Got a shoulder knock in the 2nd qtr but seems fine.
Hazza09: I was on track for a great score until Dusty did his hammy and MRJ had a stinker. Short & Witts horrible also
Danstar: Hahaha rasp. It?s even more satisfying cos I?m breaking the work leagues top score
mattpanag: There will be heaps of huge scores this week with Clarry predicted large and delivering
Ash777: 2318 with brodie n wines to go. low scores from heeny, goldy, crisp
Gotigres: Great mark Georgiades
Pav300: wow what a fly!!@!!
pcaman2003: Raspel. I was incorrect. The 7 is actually a 9
Gotigres: So you’ll be getting over 3000 pcaman?
Raspel31: Ash- an honest man for once. I’m anywhere between 2400-2430 – depending on whether Houston decides to launch today.
pcaman2003: Gotigres.Hopefully over 3100
wadaramus: Forced to use 2 of my last 5 trades.
navy_blues: with 2 donuts pca?
wadaramus: Traded Ladhams & Stewart to Nank & Sidebum, should get to 2550.
Stikman35: Brodie on pine. Is he injured
Jukes82: 97sc points for darcy since 1/4 time
pcaman2003: Navy. lol! I’m a genius didn’t you know?:)
pcaman2003: Stikman. Nah! They just glued the pine to his shorts.
bhg26: That would explain his unusually low TOG pcaman
wadaramus: Brodie just maintaining his TOG quota.
Gotigres: Are you in Fanfooty1 league pcaman?
pcaman2003: Gotigres. No! Maybe next year if I come back.
Stikman35: If Brodie played more game time Id say hes a Monty to be on my team next year.
Gotigres: Have you been on the turps pcaman?
wadaramus: Freo put the cruise control on.
pcaman2003: Gotigres. I should be after this shower round, but unfortunately sober.
nbartos: couple of miracles by port
Raspel31: Brodie has been diagnosed with Sitting Disease- symptoms of which we all share.
beerent11: Don?t you want 106 averaging fwd stikman
DrSeuss: Brayshaw given a tackle for touching a player as he kicked lol
Gotigres: Now it’s interesting
Wahab_18: Just Imagine Brodie had a tank and he played 85% TOG
pcaman2003: Is Walters going to be there next year? 11 games and no tons, crap average.
Stikman35: Not at a full premo next year. He needs to get on the ground man and score big. Like his price will demand mid next year
Stikman35: He wont be a fwd next year. Had him all year this year. But it?s ridiculous. He would be getting huge scores
Hazza09: Need to trade Dusty, thinking one of Taranto or Stringer? Or neither? Lol
beerent11: Teams aren?t picked on SuperCoach scores pcaman. But he might be coming to the end of a great career.
Raspel31: Mars to Houston- happy to see signs of life.
DANGERous: 2 litre peter haz
sMiles: Not having Brodie this year has meant this has been my worst SC year ever
beerent11: Maybe take a chance on Duncan haz
sMiles: I hope Port lose so that Houston returns to previous role. FFS
Stikman35: sMiles. Get him next year. Mid only. Will only play 70% game time though.
sMiles: If you’re complainig about Brodie – I hate you – nothing personal, just feel the hate!
sMiles: @stikman … thanks for twisting the knife
sMiles: I do deserve
sMiles: Man – Ilove htis game, but is so painful at times
Raspel31: Has anyone mentioned that Brodie spends an inordinate time on the pine?
Stikman35: Rozee staking his claim as the greatest
pcaman2003: Raspel. He has great gluts from getting up and down from the pine.
LuvIt74: @Hazza09 If you trade Dusty out don’t get Taranto or Stringer they are bloody inconsistant as hell.
navy_blues: but tons up with only 69% tog no one else does that
Stikman35: Hed get 150 if he wasnt on the pine
navy_blues: saw him live last week his work rate is unreal
Stikman35: Yes navy. He tries to get to every stoppage.
DANGERous: darcy losing so many points
Raspel31: Thank you Houston- your efforts for replacing Stewart are so very appreciated.
sMiles: @Raspel31 – so you broke him… Cheers
colin wood: How the F does Brayshaw climb like that and Wines gets nothing for his pts? CD absolute joke
beerent11: Can?t believe rozee got to 90
pcaman2003: Thank goodness this round is finished. What a nightmare.
wadaramus: Ollie Wines severely undervalued by CD compared to Brayshaw.
Stikman35: Discarding subbing on or off players, Brodie played the least game time.
Stikman35: Mead won sorry
wadaramus: Kenny took way too long to get Charlie into the ruck.
wadaramus: Darcy 16 contested and 10 clearances is total BS.

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