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Chat log from R10 of 2022: Adelaide vs St Kilda

Chat log for Adelaide vs St Kilda, R10 of 2022

Stu7: Is Pruess definitely out?
Stu7: Is Pruess definitely out?
NoneyaB: Yeh stu hes a goner its been everywhere as is ash and taranto
navy_blues: yes stu
mattmac24: Yes Stu. Out with illness. Will not play
Stu7: Thanks Matty
Stu7: Thanks navy
Stu7: Thanks NoneyaB
Stu7: Thanks NoneyaB
ajconodie: Come on Laird. Go big!
Stu7: Go Sinhair and Gresham
pcaman2003: Come on Gresh and score a ton.
Silz90: stay low laird
Stu7: Max King has been giving Adelaide kicking lessons
frenzy: Thilthy
BigChief: Lets go Cows. You can do it.
Stu7: Off the bench Gresho
Stu7: Good boy Sinhair
pcaman2003: Stu7. He’s back to doing SFA
Stu7: This looks like another sorry night for St Kilda
Stu7: True that pca
Silz90: has anyone been banned from the afl news, trade, rumours page on facebook?
BigChief: Cmon Sholl do something.
st_steve: Glad I didn?t head down to Adelaide Oval to freeze my butt off
ajconodie: @Silz – 3 of my profiles have lol
Silz90: lol fair play
PAFC4eva: whats facebook silz
PAFC4eva: where can i get a copy of this book
Stu7: Sinhair good stuff buddy
Stu7: Dudd Marhsall
original: Flower off keays
BigChief: Dawson you hungry prick. 2 free men right in front.
st_steve: We look average without Steele.
TheLegend6: Let’s go Gresh
DANGERous: come on Laird lets go
BRAZZERS: Laird not doing the 10,000 ppl that brought him in this week any favours lol
beerent11: Let?s go soligo!
PAFC4eva: strachany going alright this week against 2 st kildas rucks
Stu7: Good work Gresho
Breezey: Absolutely abysmal Marshall.
Stu7: The old saints are back
wadaramus: Thank fuck I stayed home to watch the election results.
wadaramus: It’s a long way from the dinge to Adelaide Oval to watch this crap.
PAFC4eva: is the aflw playing tonight wada
wadaramus: Haha PAFC, the scorecard suggests this!
TheOnyas: Onya Smithy
wadaramus: After 30 years. I am ready to turn in my season ticket.
zadolinnyj: Stick in wada. We are young and building
wadaramus: It’s not the Crows zado, it’s the game, the AFL.
zadolinnyj: Agree with that
wadaramus: I’m gonna go back to the SANFL.
Stu7: Crows should be way in front
zadolinnyj: Go centrals. Shame I ,I?ve in vic now
wadaramus: Centrals golden era was built on the Gowans brothers!
navy_blues: looks like elbow wins election lol
PAFC4eva: love the gowans good for a laugh when on site
Stu7: Come on Sinclair stop fvcking around
wadaramus: Were they on site when you were laying bricks PAFC?!
DANGERous: come on laird, get to 105 please
BigChief: Cows just kicking it to Saints.
TheFlagger: wake up crom
PAFC4eva: yeah workingnext door wada
wadaramus: Bloody magnificent, pair of top notch larrikins and hard nut footballers.
zadolinnyj: Correct wada an Alastair clarkson
PAFC4eva: that they are wada never a dull moment when around
Catatafish: I like to get kissed before I get fucked Laird. Move it along.
zadolinnyj: I waited a long time for that golden era.
wadaramus: Bloody decade of dominance.
BigChief: Cmon Cows. This is great stuff.
DANGERous: Laird you’re losing to hately, do something ffs
wadaramus: Is Hately finally proving his worth at AFL level?
Yelse: is laird getting tagged?
zadolinnyj: Best McHenry game. Is playing more calm
Baldfrog: Fog has to be delisted hasn’t improved at all
wadaramus: Gotta be the delivery/game plan as to why Foggy sucks so much?
BigChief: Wasn’t Fog meant to be a big body mid when drafted?
Baldfrog: Dunno Wada Chief was tried mid in sanfl but didn’t impact enough
wadaramus: They tried him in the mids last year BC, got no idea what they’re doing 🙁
wadaramus: Diabolical goalkicking is so frustrating.
BigChief: Might need to lose some weight. If he did he could be so much better.
Stu7: 13 points – Adelaide deserve to win or lose for bad kicking
Baldfrog: Maybe fog needs a change of scenery new team
wadaramus: AFL does not need key forwards, just robotic midfielders.
BigChief: If he does Baldy he will dominate. Just watch 🙂
wadaramus: Just need to run from one end to the other like a big basketball court.
TheFlagger: maybe move him back? sometimes works for failed forwards.
wadaramus: The AFL has fucked up Australian Rules Football.
Baldfrog: Yeah Flagger could be a goer but we are set down back when butts comes back
wadaramus: Perhaps ‘ll just go back to watching the Aldinga Sharks on a Saturday afternoon?
TheFlagger: butts is solid. second key back is still questionable. Doedee is more of a third tall floating type
Baldfrog: I used to play for the Christies Saints Wada
DANGERous: solid butts pog
BigChief: Okay Cows time to stop King and you win.
Stu7: King on something?
PAFC4eva: king got his kicking boots on tonight
Breezey: Pardon the pun but King is standing tall
wadaramus: Nice Baldy! Bice Oval hosted all the Southern Finals back in my day!
BigChief: Adel def panicked there
mattmac24: C’mon Walker! Kick some goals!
The Hawker: soligo on my bench…
Olli32019: These behinds gonna cost ya crows
Olli32019: Hopefully not but
Stu7: Olli – they will still win
Catatafish: Walsh, Bont, Parish, Trac but I chose shit cunt Laird
DANGERous: 35 points to go rory, on ya bike son
sMiles: Rowe is a ducker
PAFC4eva: is this one of those quarter fade outs by the crows?
BigChief: Cmon Tex. Kick the goal
TheLegend6: Keep going Gresh!
Stu7: Saints choking yet again – losers
BigChief: Rachele subbed
pcaman2003: Ton up Gresh like a good lad.
Stu7: Yep as predicted
Olli32019: Sinclair’s highest score since i got him in,woo
PAFC4eva: dawson doing what dawson does kicking match winner perhaps?
BigChief: Cmon Adel don’t blow it now
sMiles: honestly – this isn’t great to watch. It’s who sucks least really. Sorry for you supporters of these two teams…
DANGERous: lift rory
TheFlagger: dawson you king
sMiles: Although that was better by the saints. Watch em cok it up soon though
Gotigres: Get lost Sinclair and Dawson
BigChief: Kick it Ned ffs. I need Adel to win.
TheLegend6: Ton up Gresh
BigChief: You fucking spud McHenry
cherry9: Laird will be fine. When you suck and score 90+, no problem.
Thomas1234: rory outta nowhere
sMiles: Cocked it up – I called it…. and a point – I feel sorry for the supporters
PAFC4eva: king 6.0 normally 0.6 wtf
Catatafish: Wow Laird, my apologies. Where did that come from?
Wahab_18: thanks gresham for making up for nic martin somewhat
Olli32019: 15 behinds you deserve too lose
Fangman: You almost called it Stu7. Other than the fact that the result was directly opposite to that call.
pcaman2003: Thank you Gresh. Makes up for that spud N Martin
BigChief: Hill best on for me.
sMiles: awful …
Breezey: Pretty comfortable in the end for the Saints. Too big. Too strong
BigChief: x factor for King m0nty?
Stu7: Greta win Saints I take all that back
Stu7: Nice input Fangman
DEESareSAD: How the fuck did laird get to that??

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