Chat log from R7 of 2022: Carlton vs North Melbourne

frenzy: cmon norf, cough cough
BigChief: I feel an upset coming with Larkey kicking 6
Gotigres: Take Dixon’s 42 or risk Turdin on field
PJ39301965: Let?s go capt cripps
Stu7: Stikman – Hewett is injured
Ash777: This should be a gettable game for norf
navy_blues: wd carroll
Oddsy5: dixons 42 tigres
BigChief: Stu7 Hewett is my C also.
DrSeuss: How do teams not mark up on Docherty – not like his possessions are contested!
DEESareSAD: Bloody hell Crippa. The one time you miss a set shot is the one time I captain you.
LuvIt74: @Ash your kidding mate, Carlton should win this by 30+
Gotigres: Too late Odds. I got distracted by something and the game started. So I will get Turdin’s putrid score
LuvIt74: Hewett is my C after Gawn’s great game
Jukesy: Just give JHF the butcher icon by default, such a poor user of the footy (so far)
Hazza09: Durdin continuing from last week
Stu7: LuvIt74 good stuff
BigChief: LuvIt Blues always struggle against Nth
Stu7: BigChief did you have VC on Gawn?
DrSeuss: Greenwood tagging Cripps looks like
BigChief: Of course I did Stu7
Stu7: Good stuff BIGChief
LuvIt74: @BigChief Nth the past two seasons have been deplorable.
BigChief: LuvIt Nth flogged Blues last year and only lost 1 in last 5-6 years.
cherry9: Turdin is SC manure so far. Come on son
Pies20: If Carlton are to do anything they need to win this game chief
Hazza09: Is Durdin seriously this useless?
bhg26: Yes Hazza, yes he is
LuvIt74: If Cripps doesn’t get a wrigle on then North might have a chance…
BigChief: Agree Pies. On form they should win easily. But footy is a strange game.
PJ39301965: Yes Hazza that?s why I traded him for Hayes
LuvIt74: I personally cant see the blues losing this dispite the past record against North
Pies20: Now they are moving
Pies20: Durdin on 10 I’m v him now he’s moving
BigChief: Let’s go Hewett 172 from you will do.
LuvIt74: Remember when zgoldy was ALWAYS #1 ruch in everyones SC bloody hell he still has it…
Migz: every year i do it to my self. Choose a nice up coming forward pocket rookie
LuvIt74: lol BC
Migz: and they DO FUCKK ALL because fwd pocket is the worst SC position in history
zadolinnyj: my opponent has good cripps captain in a desperate attempt to win
a1trader: Think Hewett will get 0 Chief
zadolinnyj: nope hewett 172
BigChief: Are you that niave @a1trader?
LuvIt74: @a1tade not with Gawn as C and Hewett as C…lol
LuvIt74: Sorry Gawn as VC i meant
DEESareSAD: Wowser C on Cripps I thought was the end of me? how to is he on 26 for what he has done
Stu7: DEES – Cripps will come good
PJ39301965: Same as me Dees it must be all though handballs
BigChief: TDK needs to stay away from Goldy in ruck and jump over him.
beerent11: Goldy one of the best all time shinners.
BigChief: That is dumb from Harry. Too far out for that kick.
DEESareSAD: Good stuff there Cripps. Up to 60 by half time should be easy from here mate
amigaman: Why did the Kangas pick CCJ. Just warming the bench
Stu7: Who called Larkey to get 5 – 3 to go!
BigChief: I said he would get 6 Stu7
Stu7: On the money BigChief
Stu7: DEES – Cripps tracking along okay
Catatafish: Come on Horne-Francis off the bench and hit a target
Ash777: lol cripps out rucking a ruck
DEESareSAD: Very surprised Cripps is scoring this well? if only he kicked that snag before
BigChief: Only 5 cm difference in height Ash
navy_blues: carroll doing well on debut
Stu7: Cripps set for a good score DEES
DEESareSAD: I swear Cripps is getting overscored. If he was playing like he usually does he would be cracking the on by now
pcaman2003: Keep going VC Cripps.
DEESareSAD: Yea Stu. I?m not quite sure how?. But looking like he should beat Clarry which is all that matters really.
BigChief: Couple of pre seasons in the gym he will great Navy
navy_blues: hope so
Gotigres: Wow Turdin. 8 points in 3 minutes is great
DrSeuss: Carroll has been very good – worth a look if he keeps his spot
Raspel31: Hewitt a bit slow off the mark?
Pokerface: get HewEtt they said
BigChief: Where was that touched (Harry mark)?
StuL: Who was worried about Crippig?
wadaramus: Norf making a game of it.
Oddsy5: so glad i held cripps. go u good big handsome sexy man
navy_blues: that woman ump is driving me crazy lol
PJ39301965: How?s that Navy
Raspel31: Think Todd not missing Xerri- I am.
Jukes82: lol toey like a roman sandel
DEESareSAD: That woman ump is driving me crazy and this game literally means nothing to me hahahha
Manowar: That women umpire is cheating against Carlton!
navy_blues: im not gonna go on bout umps ive said my piece
mattmac24: Carlton getting hurt by the umps, two marks to Harry called as touched now
Ash777: lol she gave a couple of dodgy frees to Carlton in the first qtr
beerent11: Knobs
Tig-Train: She doesn?t know the rules I?m convinced? the htb when he hand balled it in the first was crazy
DEESareSAD: That was the weirdest think Tig-Train
beerent11: Crippa gonna smash his breakeven damn it
DEESareSAD: Far out Cripps doesn?t get ripped off by CD that?s 4 sure. Love too see it Captain Crippa
zadolinnyj: Cripps went bang.
DEESareSAD: Stay low Doch
Hazza09: Ffs Docherty
navy_blues: sdfndvnxvn
BigChief: OMG. Get out of the road woman.
DEESareSAD: Woman umpire really hates Carlton aye
Gelly: poor girl
Tig-Train: She recovered better than de koning? fair effort lol
Gelly: sub her out
Torz: Durdin can?t even get a kick against North. Sigh.
J.Worrall: I object to the gender references wrt umpires.
Hazza09: Oh wow Durdin got a touch, useless
DEESareSAD: Stewart instead of Doch last week seeming better and better as time goes by
beerent11: Really is extraordinary what Cripps is doing this season. After the last two years.
DrSeuss: Horne Francis taking the 2nd half off again this week I see.
BigChief: How was that not HTB on Thomas?
bhg26: Horne Francis getting fired up, interesting to see how he responds
bhg26: He responds by getting benched beautiful
DrSeuss: He will just sit on the bench some more bhg – so it seems
BigChief: LOL Curnow nutmegged and Owies goals.
Napper: Docherty getting zilch for disposals and marks
Hazza09: Doch getting SFA
bhg26: Larkey should get suspended for that
Tig-Train: Bhg26 you serious? Common
BRAZZERS: if carroll can back this up next week, will be a good option
Gotigres: Wow, just noticed Durdin’s score. Well done champ.
Ash777: what is durdin’s be
bhg26: Tunnelled him when he was mid air. Imagine he fell on his head, or landed awkwardly hurting his knee, or fell on his arm
sfenda1: Jack carrol looks impressive
Manowar: Your team had a poor Q3 lady umpire!
boges11: Has Carroll taken Hewett’s role?
BigChief: You can’t suspend someone for ifs or maybes bhg.
bhg26: Shouldnt get banned only if they get injured bigchief. Should be about the action, not the result
BigChief: Exactly bhg and that’s why they shouldn’t suspend on ifs or maybes
hinsch: Is a 40 point lead going to be enough for Carlton to hang on
DANGERous: larkey tunneled him late, should get looked at really
BigChief: If that was high Young in trouble. It was same as Robbo earlier in season.
Gotigres: 60 breakeven for Durdin Ash
BigChief: Stocker subbed out with shoulder injury
mattmac24: Who got subbed off for Carlton?
Swans Star: If Cripps stays fit and Carlton win 13+ games he is a moral for Brownlow
DrSeuss: Horne Francis with his regular 2nd half disappearing act in the 2nd half.
Swans Star: Reminds me of the year Judd won Charlie, no one to take votes off him except for Walsh
Hazza09: JHF is cooked, time to go
bhg26: JHF to Clark next week, dont care if i have to field clark
DEESareSAD: Happy with Captain Crippa!
Swans Star: @DEESareSAD would of been better of that goal went through 🙁
DrSeuss: Horne Francis going backwards – maybe just sit out the rest of this game
bhg26: JHF was on nearly 30 fantasy at qt wasnt he?
DEESareSAD: Yep Swans. Could have easily had 3 and been up around 140. It?s okay though.
LuvIt74: Who said Carlton will struggle against North based on previous seasons? I told you they’ll win by 30+
Napper: CD hates docherty
DrSeuss: JHF on the bench again – ffs I can?t wait to have you out if my team
BigChief: I did LuvIt and at 1/2 time it was a possibility
zadolinnyj: The players I had to keep doing alright this weekend
colin wood: Napper these are garbage time pts worth nothing
Swans Star: Cripps should be on 13 votes after tonight
BRAZZERS: glad i traded jhf this week, good times
navy_blues: carlton still only playing 2 and 1/2 qtrs tho wont be good enough against top sides
pcaman2003: Horne Francis has been a disappointing pick after all the hype.
beerent11: Jhf to crippa this week
BigChief: JHF will be good for Nth in years to come.
Catatafish: Ffs Horne-Francis add him to the list.
Raspel31: I’ll bring Cripps back in next week when his price drops.
pcaman2003: beerent. Nice trade up.
Baldfrog: JHF can’t wait to come home
Tig-Train: JHF to mills I went, it was time for him to go
bhg26: JHF and Rachele to Clark and Parker next week for me
beerent11: We?ll all have jhf in about 4 years
runners47: Looks good for me too bhg26
BRAZZERS: lol great decision to trade him lol, 2 trades for nothing hilarious
pcaman2003: JHF and Rachele out for me to BHG26, but not sure to who yet.
DrSeuss: Not sure Docherty should have the magnet. Lots of it in junk time
beerent11: Doing it the week coming pcaman crippa still great value
Napper: North wooden spoon. Doch scaling for cheap possies
beerent11: His price won?t drop raspel . 125 breakeven
DEESareSAD: That?s reasonable Captain Cripps. Could have been much better tho

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