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Chat log from R1 of 2021: Adelaide vs Geelong

Chat log for Adelaide vs Geelong, R1 of 2021

kascadev8: constable finally gets the possibility of a game, im already happy
ElstyBoy: Constable is a gun, joke he hasnt been playing
Silz90: do you rate him kas? i’ve taken a punt on clark today. hope it pays off
kascadev8: i rate constable, very big fan. ive got laird, clark, danger, rowe. points recovery starts now
kascadev8: bevo baited me with “dunkley has had a bad preseason” so i passed.. now dangerfield in FF instead of mid. im baited
penguins00: I dropped Paddy as soon as Cameron was missing.
pcaman2003: kaskadev. Same players as you here plus Stewart
Silz90: I had dusty but swapped to dunks. Im having issues logging in. Do i contact monty or soneone else?
kascadev8: @pcaman yeh thatll be good, dropped neale for daniher+powell, got the money to change treacy after bottling that lockout
_Wang_: Danger fmd
Yelse: berry and row go you good things. Scott fail for danger in FF
pcaman2003: Kaskadev. Good luck! Gutsy moves.
_Wang_: Clark go big
pcaman2003: Scott is a deranged mad man. What a waste of gr8 talent leaving Danger fwd.
circle52: Hi all
Silz90: Hey circle is there a known issue, site wants me to log in after commenting
Pokerface: you forget so easily what he did to us pcaman, even with hodgey on him.
teddyt: lol he did it once relax. Consistent midfielder
circle52: I am also having issuez. Can not get onro game chat from PC on phone atm
Pokerface: try firefox, its screwed on chrome
BRAZZERS: firefox has always been better than chrome anyway
pcaman2003: I have Chrome and no issues. Maybe try a Chrome update. I just did one recently
coda1214: Chrome is awful for the chat for some reason.
m0nty: go my boy Butts
PJ39301965: No if’s go butts
pcaman2003: Butts is taking it well
Pokerface: commas can be your friend
kascadev8: didnt expect this from sloane, or for danger to have 2 touches in a qtr, yikes. alright from clark tho, has good movemen
navy_blues: this sux had to get firefox to get on here
Malaka: Is Butts nickname Seymour, if not, it should be.
Yelse: are ppl using loop whole this year and who might it be
Pokerface: whiever rookie is dropped next week yelse 🙂
PJ39301965: I’ve got Fife@ yelse
kascadev8: @Yelse i think people have treacy and/or fyfe as the popular options so far for score taking
navy_blues: my sc team is ready to delete and restart lol
kascadev8: @navy_blues yep im there with you, looked good to start, sort of fallen away since, rob lookin the 2nd best ruck 4 score
navy_blues: omg look at tex go
navy_blues: nice grab
exatekk: Mark of the year right there!
Napper: Decent start have laird, berry, rowe and clark
pcaman2003: Go Mr Rowe you good thing
navy_blues: go crows go
Catatafish: Wouldn’t be a year of Supercoach without me wanting trade half my team already.
pcaman2003: Is this the real Crows finally stepping up? Are the handbaggers for real?
CozzieCan: Man I’m a cats supporter, but Adelaide play like this they deserve finals
Napper: Come on clark
navy_blues: danger the dirty scum
Catatafish: Should’ve known Clark was a trap.
exatekk: Danger Gone
navy_blues: ok sry cats supporters head clash but he might be in trouble still
VodkaHawk: Laterz Danger
Rilian: TV icon for Danger..
Water: 2 weeks for danger
kascadev8: probably a week for danger, would say 2 but the headclash probably saves him. team just getting worse and worse. delete.
Sunharp: Guthrie under 60% game time, is that accurate?
StuL: There can never be accidents of course.
Water: might be because he was on the bench when the stretcher came out sunharp
Pokerface: doesnt matter Stu. You choose to bump, doesn’t matter if the concussion is accidental
Oddsy5: berry looks great
navy_blues: injuries gonna hurt crows at this rate
Napper: Where is Clark playing can someone tell me I noy watching the game?
coda1214: Danger will get off from AFL. No way they suspend him for that.
kascadev8: napper clark is on the wing, aami score included a lot of kickins, and with this adelaide there wont be many
pcaman2003: Napper. Didn’t they tell you? Clark went home
Silz90: Wing @napper. Surely danger misses if zwilliams was suspended
kascadev8: this fwd line giving away some dumb frees is costing clark points, delivers it in and free against
Silz90: What’s wrong with hawkins. 2 touches so far
Pokerface: should upgrade danger to tex…
PJ39301965: He’s getting the butts kicked out of him silz
Napper: Does anyone reckon Lachie Jones will play? If not I will trade to sharp
pcaman2003: Poker. Lol! Always a possibility
Silz90: Might downgrade clark to mr butts if continues to stink it up pj
kascadev8: clark rowe laird danger keep going boys. and keep going as in points not people
Pokerface: duncan comes in for the trap next week
Pokerface: ive never seen cam guthrie and tim minchin in the same room together
Napper: 40 minute quarters now wow
pcaman2003: This must be some alternate universe. Scvores can’t be right.
exatekk: Where’s the link to the AAMI game scores?
Baldfrog: Even if we lose from here seen enough to say we’ll be ok…Great atmosphere at the ground
zadolinnyj: go crows
zadolinnyj: they did say the new fitness guy is a beast. See if they can run it out
boxy36: Oooh boy did not see this coming
FLAG: sup
kascadev8: this is horrific, danger and clark touch the pill ffs
FLAG: pedal minty
pcaman2003: Lift Stewart and Clarke.
kascadev8: big jimmy rowe saving me right now
Pokerface: be careful if you have jones on your bench.. emergency.. might score you a 1
Yelse: who are the subs for next game
Lofty9: Sharp or Jones down back?
Pokerface: cutler and downie
Pokerface: well sharp.. he’s playing, jones isnt
Pokerface: you wont want downie in your team
Apachecats: Evening all.
Raspel31: Well, a game of whom do you ditch first.
Lofty9: What is Sharp’s job security like?
Pokerface: not awesome but better than jones
Pokerface: and saves you 20k.. can bcome a dpp looper
kascadev8: dont think sharps is that good, seems to be ahead of Ely Smith, wont stay that way if he keeps training well
Apachecats: So I notice the bugs in the site still the same as end of season.
Struda: sharp wont play next week
Raspel31: I go to bed at night and thank the good lord I am not a Cat’s supporter
Yelse: gotta put in H. Oea from GC for loophole Rowe
kascadev8: Rasp dont make me cry, ive already done that a lot this weekend 🙁
zadolinnyj: jenkins playing normal. glad he left. him and mcgovern thought they were good
exatekk: Agree Zad. Pair of walnuts
pcaman2003: Wowee! Stewart flew up the score ladder nicely
kascadev8: taylor walker > dustin martin?? laird going off limping is the last thing we needed
Napper: So is Jones to Sharp a good option
Raspel31: I have based my life upon tenets of generosity and kindness. But Geelong you suk!
Sloaneyyyy: Good to see Clangerfield still living up to his old tricks
BRAZZERS: Good to see Richmond continue the trend of destroying clubs mentally once they lose the granny against them
Raspel31: I challenge anyone to admit that they actually had Walker? the lunacy continues
duckky: Geelong didn’t put enough viagra into the picklejuiceto get those oldies Smith, Higgins and Danger up
FLAG: mitch hinge has a sister called mary..i get my coat
duckky: @Flag… I have heard of their cousin in the UK, Stone.
pcaman2003: Where oh where is Dangerman?
duckky: No Abblett, No Geelong
Raspel31: Crows for the flag?
kascadev8: thank you laird, clark finally getting the pill. would love danger man to get it too
pcaman2003: Would love to see Rowe ton up,but very quiet this qtr.
Raspel31: Well, that didn’t go to plan.
thommoae: Blimey, hard to get the rucks right. Grundy, Gawn, RO’B premium schmemium
pcaman2003: Game over!
Yelse: is donnie playing now
Pokerface: Huddos voice just broke
Oddsy5: perfect ending rowe to tex
pcaman2003: Rowe you ripper!
kascadev8: how we only lost by 2 goals…… we were putrid
BRAZZERS: lmao, bad luck flogs! The choking continues. Not finals yet dangerman! lol
Pies20: Wow talk about getting carried away these commentators suck
Raspel31: I of course benched Rwe pcaman
Catatafish: Probably upgrade Danger to Rowe
zadolinnyj: yeah baby

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