Chat log from R1 of 2021: Melbourne vs Fremantle

PJ39301965: Afternoon all.
BRAZZERS: assuming bergman gets a game would you start him or warner?
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Yelse: donnie not named screwed me up after missing dogs rookies
Pokerface: bergman already announced as in
Pokerface: warner has better js
PJ39301965: Iโ€™d go bergman, itโ€™s wet in brissy
snake_p: wet in Bris tonight, Port vs Roos. Bergman for me
Pokerface: giro.. tell me freo arent going to get an ‘injury’ at some stage
Pokerface: raspel are you around?
BRAZZERS: thanks for the input fellas, didnt realize it was wet so I’m going Bergs cheers lads
Dogs5416: Gawn fyfe and Ryan cmonnn
Baldfrog: Bergman is in cause Hartlett didn’t get up could be back next week
Pokerface: if bergman performs they wont drop him off the bat
Pokerface: i locked in 3 rookie rucks o.O
Baldfrog: Just telling you what was said take it as you want
kascadev8: very happy to see bergs get a game, think ive got 4 or 5 in this
a1trader: Meek 15 already
Baldfrog: Meek not that weak!
Pokerface: stay where u are max
Raspel31: Traded Max for Meek last night and couldn’t spend all the dosh.
Pokerface: you did it! nice work raspel
Baldfrog: Now I know why they call AFL ariel ping pong
Pokerface: i was concerned about darcy next week so i went hunter/flynn/fullarton
Snarfy: This is brilliant! My bench ruck is 23 pts up on a 751K stallion. Go Meeky.
kascadev8: young lets go
kangablues: Gawn?
Raspel31: I believe I owe you a thanks poker- early days yet but…
Pokerface: early days.. but if you want 50k you gotta be slightly different ๐Ÿ™‚
kascadev8: – 6 for gawn so far. terrific, lets go for -30
Dogs5416: Gawndy. Haha wow
kascadev8: seriously tempted to drop gawn or grundy to a rookie next week, c how quickly i can run out of trades
Raspel31: Slightly different Poker- should I put on my pink underwear?
davywap: Blessed are the meek
Pokerface: stick to dark underwear for now until after this game..
original: didnt take meek ffs
Yelse: how is meek so high already
Pokerface: his taps are all going to freo.. as are gawns
Catatafish: Went Meek over Hunter last minute, surely Darcy and Meek play together with no Lobb.
kascadev8: fyfe just stay in the guts, its not going forward:/
a1trader: nice start JJ
Bluebagg11: What on earth is happening with Gawn??? Not watching.
Pokerface: can meek play forward?
Monfries96: Do they correct stats at the end of each quarter? A few that have been missed
Pokerface: they adjust, yes
kascadev8: and i thought going grawndy was a safe bet ๐Ÿ™
Raspel31: Meek- do something!
Pokerface: lift meek!
Monfries96: Thanks poker
kangablues: @kas I think I took Gawn first in my draft. Gee Iโ€™m looking smart now.
Catatafish: @Pokerface, not sure. I’d imagine him and Darcy rotating. Either way, have Flynn and Meek. Was tempted for Hunter too!
Pokerface: and fullarton
Catatafish: Too many rookie ruck options to choose from.
Dogs5416: Kanga, same. Tempted to trade him for some value elsewhere haha
hinsch: Gawn not doing much ruck work today by the looks sitting on the fwd line
Crippa9: Left tracc as my capt this week?
Pokerface: anyone C Gawn?
pcaman2003: Quite a contrast for the Brayshaw boys.Glad I didn’t get Maxy now. Feel vindicated so far.
kascadev8: ive got C on gawn
PJ39301965: I vc him
Raspel31: Still confident Gawn will hit the 147
cmperrfect: #metoo
kascadev8: if meek keeps going like this im gonna have to look at him in for grundy, got a ROB feel about him
cmperrfect: for weeks i went an all rookie ruck, but couldn’t do it… sigh
Pokerface: pearce done.. that does bode well for meek
Catatafish: cmperrfect, me too. Ultimately, have Grundy instead of Hunter
kascadev8: gawn stop watching matt rowell footy highlights with your popcorn, go get the pill
Raspel31: Jordon looking the goods- benched of course- but noice.
Catatafish: Picking Harmes looks like a stroke of genius…
Pokerface: im on that bust with you cata..
Catatafish: Between him and Young. Good choice! Might just upgrade with spare cash.
kascadev8: surprisingly im playing jordan onfield, only good thing ive done so far. get a move on gawn
duckky: Stop doing the team things Gawn
scboy123: Gawn and Grundy killing me
scboy123: imagine having the C on Gawn :(((
wolfheart: Giro gets his first taste. He was my smokey at one point.
GOD: c’mon Giro
wolfheart: Flynn and Hunter will be rucking in a lake tomorrow. Meek was definitely the rookie to have.
Pokerface: there he is Cata!
Baldfrog: Gee Melbourne getting away with murder tu
Baldfrog: The umps won’t pay htb against them*
Catatafish: Harmesy!
Pokerface: wolf – you don’t pick them for 1 week..
Pokerface: rucks actually arent too bad in horrid weather. Alot more ballups. Its forwards that suffer
wolfheart: true poker
scboy123: Serong my cheeky dark horse, keep it up
kascadev8: gawn please go off while jackson is injured, please
kano: hayden young will be a SC staple within a couple years i reckon
kascadev8: gawn be more selfish
pharace: Going to have to look for non playing mid to get Jordon’s (E) score perhaps
CozzieCan: Righto listen up , Iโ€™ve seen enough showering flowering winging about Gawn and only 1 game in. Letโ€™s enjoy footy/FF back
MrWalrus: Gawn has been fine, smashing hit outs
kascadev8: @pharace , aiden fyfe
pharace: cool Kascadev8
Pokerface: 15 hit outs in a half, for 750k isnt smashng hit outs.
m0nty: well said Cozzie
CozzieCan: Ta mOnty , thanks for another cracking year .. hope you upgraded your bike for 20 m qtrs lol
Raspel31: Not sure if I get your point Cozzie?
twistofoz1: Hi, everyone! I hope everyone’s well and have cleared your schedule for the next 28 or so weekends ๐Ÿ˜‰
CozzieCan: @Raspel perhaps think outside your square head m8 , unless lockdown and no footy again is something you want .. lol
Raspel31: So, drinks at your place Cozzie?
kascadev8: anyone seen anything about whether Powell will play? havent got him yet but to bring him in id have to drop neale
Chelskiman: Maxy will have a monster second half. I can feel it!
CozzieCan: Get on the beers and back to the game I suppose before we get in trouble .
Raspel31: Afternoon twisto
Chelskiman: Powell should be playing.
BRAZZERS: oh gawd
Pokerface: shouldnt north/port be out by now? its under 24 hours.. :/
penguins00: Powell and Lazzaro are confirmed to play
penguins00: but so was Downie
kascadev8: thanks penguins. not sure why the afl havent loaded it yet. bergman also named if anyone hasnt seen
Raspel31: Ah, Bergman, thanks kasca.
Pokerface: time for another goal harmesy
Chelskiman: Brazzers! Glad to see you’re back for another year! Hope all is good,
BRAZZERS: lol get stuffed
kascadev8: still waiting for gawn Cap tonne. had to drop neale to allow for powell, can bring any fwd/mid any recommendations?
Chelskiman: Bit harsh mate! I know you don’t mean it though so I won’t report you as we’re mates. ๐Ÿ™‚
The39Steps: Either 6.20 or 6.25 @pokerface. I fell into the same trap yesterday but confirmation of timetable is on AFl website.
kascadev8: dont remind me of that trade brazzers, thinking daniher which is a lil odd, otherwise hawkins or jelly
Pokerface: crap, that makes it even tougher!! cheers 39
BRAZZERS: daniher then, has more potential value
kascadev8: go big gawny, get them captain points
Catatafish: Lloyd is being a bit Meek now.
Water: Meek hasnt scored since the first quarter..
kascadev8: fyfe lets go
m0nty: what a terrible game for fantasy, unless you own Jordon
JockMcPie: pretty happy with Fyfe Jordan and Gawn in SC
pcaman2003: Happy with Young so far
kascadev8: fyfe young jordon good, gawn idk, but he has done better than grundy
wolfheart: and if you dont own Jordan yet, you will next week.
Pokerface: witherden named to play in the WAFL
Yelse: won’t get jordan till after next week to see what the deal is
Karlpov: Champion data gave Schulz points to someone else
Silz90: Good job young. Keep taking those kick outs
pcaman2003: @Silz90. Youngy will surprise many this year.
kascadev8: come on gawny, big last quarter for you mr intercept mark king
Pokerface: yeah i like young too. i gave the harmes experiement this week with a trade to young my plan b if it didnt work
Catatafish: Me too Poker
Yelse: so if you are a sub does that count in your average for SC as game played
BRAZZERS: if your sub doesnt play its a dnp
Pokerface: but u still get a premiership medal
kascadev8: after being on -3 for a while, gawn has done better, good signs
pcaman2003: Yelse. Sub doesn’t count in SC.
Silz90: Agree pca beautiful left foot
Pokerface: pca it counts if they come on
kascadev8: another 10 points please fyfe, need to recover the horrific start
pcaman2003: Poker. We talking injury sub here?
Pokerface: is there another sort of sub?
Silz90: Anyone put the c on gawn. Its going to cost me
kascadev8: silz i do, but he has recovered after an awful first half, although disappointed it could have been a lot worse
Yelse: ??you guys still thinking of dropping gawn
marls: No ruck has scored 100 yet. Doubt Gawn doing it in this game either. Change to point allocations?
kascadev8: not gawn, probs grundy, stef martin looks decent value now, same with nank
wolfheart: Hayden Young might turn out to be the best cash cow of the season I reckon
The39Steps: Gawn has got a lot of cheap points against a kindergarten kid. His score is massive
Pokerface: points havent changed marls. afl rules did meaning theres less congestion so less ball ups
The39Steps: Gawn has played against a kid. Score massive ly inflated.
Yelse: which player are ppl using for loophole
kascadev8: how gawn has gotten to 93 i will never know, but still hopefuly, unlike with grundy
wolfheart: or Serong
pharace: Has TomMcDonald done his usual early season “sucked in”?
ElstyBoy: I think rucks will come good, Gawn and Grundy let down by their mids, lost clearneces massively
ElstyBoy: Gawns statline is good enough for 110 if his mids are cleaner around the ball, and he didnt play overly well
Pokerface: 110 is not good enough though. he is priced at 150
Silz90: im not worried. gawn scored 90 last year in rd1
ElstyBoy: @poker 110 isnt good enough but he played average, plays like last year he still averages 120-130

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