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Chat log from R14 of 2020: Melbourne vs St Kilda

Chat log for Melbourne vs St Kilda, R14 of 2020

pharace: Tough assignment tonight for Gawn
BigChief: Steele, Petracca and Rivers for me
CozzieCan: Need rivers & Petracca to ton & Gawn to stay low so majority can trade him back in
Avarax: last game was awesome for me in all 4 of my leagues
navy_blues: C on oliver steele a petracca 4 me
Avarax: just oliver and petracca for me in this gae
Avarax: hopefully oliver doesnt cop a tag then navy…seb ross may go to him
navy_blues: yes but i roled the dice and didnt take titch122
navy_blues: i am losing letters in my posts invisible ink
Avarax: do you have grundy?
navy_blues: yes
MONEY TALK: as much as i care about sc i ope we stop tracc or oliver and get the win
navy_blues: his form hasnt been grear
Apachecats: NTP results are in Haynes ended up on 96.=1st were bhg26 on 95 and 88360 on 97.Well done 2nd NTP win for both of you.
bhg26: Feels good to win, again
Apachecats: 6 people now have 2 NTP’s on the shelf.# NTP gives you life membership.
navy_blues: lol cant get 1 apache
MONEY TALK: whats ntp
Apachecats: #3 for life membership ,5 for Hall of Fame. ,7 for legend status.
Apachecats: Nearest the Pin Money Talks.Next one will be 1st Sunday game.
Avarax: you not holding one this game apache?
Rathain84: Hi All! Been doing renos on my house so missed toady’s games
Apachecats: Having an early night Avarax ,been on the chainsaw fixing up fallen trees.
Avarax: im happy to host if you want?
Apachecats: Your welcome to have a go Avarax.Cheers.
CniglioSsn: steele for 0 points pls
Avarax: alright, i want it to count towards your life membership
Avarax: i’ll report the result in tomorrows first game for you to store
circle52: Well Done Apache – Have an early night
Apachecats: Thanks Avarax ,put me down for 133 on whoever you nominate.
MONEY TALK: what does nearest the pin even do
StuL: This will be brilliant. Can’t see any of my players will score this qtr
Avarax: lol will do
Woodie22: Hey Rath.
Avarax: nothing money talk. just some fun for us die hards
Ash777: no score reviews for this game
Rathain84: Hi Woodie. What team do you support btw?
adgbubba: why are Saints wearing adelaide crows socks?
beerent11: Had my finger on the c button for clarry at the bounce. But Steele went to him.still titching.
CozzieCan: 1st week having Tracca , which qtr does he come good in ?
Woodie22: Tigers Rath sorry lol.
BumSniff: He used to go big in the first before getting sent to the foward line
Avarax: usually starts on fire cozzie
Rathain84: This game is already putting me to sleep.
MONEY TALK: probs will do terrible seeing u got him, looks like ross is folllowing him cozzie
beerent11: Indigenous flag colours adgbubba
Avarax: indigenous colours bubba
DrSeuss: Ross tagging and holding Tracca Cozzie
Rathain84: No worries, won’t hold that against you 🙂
softwhitee: Would love a quiet one from Gawn, opp has the C on him
Woodie22: Lol cheers
CozzieCan: Thanks Seuss for the info
CozzieCan: Thanks fellas for the info , appreciated
Avarax: petracca goes bang!
adgbubba: right.. if i wasnt so drunk i woulve figured that out Thanx
BumSniff: Steele’s done enough today. Send him to the bench x
pcaman2003: Opposition has Gawn and Viney as POD. Hopefully stay down for me.
original: Cmon gawny boy
StuL: Should have re-recruited King
Avarax: Public Notice: I will be hosting NTP in tonights game in Apache’s stead. All results will count towards his tally!
srj2409: Viney looking lost
Bluebagg11: If Petracca, Oliver and Viney stay under 220 combined, I’ll build a church.
Rathain84: Go the Dees!
DrSeuss: Ok Brayshaw – time to get involved now my little friend
StuL: King will beat you Fyfe you flog
Rathain84: Anyone know if Gawny is still playing sore?
RooBoyStu: Viney you bloody crab
original: Don’t tell me Oliver couldn’t have gone with two hands then
Avarax: if they do bluebagg, i’ll join your church
softwhitee: Traded Steele in half hour ago, finally got a trade right
beerent11: Pretty easy from your couch original:)
Avarax: gawn is 90-95% rathain
Ash777: who does dees usually play against in alice springs?
88360: Thanks a lot soft white, he is gonna get injured now
pcaman2003: Bluebagg. As long as it’s not Jehovas witnesses or Mormons, I’ll come.
BigChief: @Ash last few times has been Adel
Rathain84: Adelaide teams @Ash
RooBoyStu: Port @ash
StuL: Could nt get a trade right to save my life. Embarrassing. Joke. How is it possible to be that crap?
boges11: Different every year Ash777. Was us (Eagles) last year iirc
MONEY TALK: lol holding the ball, one day the umpires wont be shower
bhg26: Whats everyones projected score?
Ash777: thought so
StuL: If i got steele in he would still be in 30 something in 3 qtrs time
beerent11: Not quarter time yet stul
pcaman2003: bhg26. 2141 at the moment
BumSniff: 1996 with macrae captain
StuL: Projected about 1500 probably. Traded in the Bering sea floor. Crabs
Ash777: 2039 proj for me
Avarax: bhg 2110 atm
CozzieCan: Neale into Kelly was a shocker , but D.Cameron into Tracca is working out
DrSeuss: Oh good Brayshaw back to the bench. Low TOG again. Awesome
Avarax: 2110 with macrae capt
Arminius: just noticed they gave clarry’s free to Petracca… opponent has both so doesn’t matter i guess
pcaman2003: How the hell is Viney on 17?
beerent11: I’ll be happy with 300 total from clarry trac viney.
crazzzed: 2082 projected
Rathain84: Hey whats a good mid priced FWD/MID for <$600? Need to get rid of Close in DT.
Rathain84: Tossing up between Dawson and Parfitt, now that Ebert is concussed again sigh…
original: Rivers 65-75 would be excellent
Raspel31: Ah, a couple of houra absence. Conjugal duties. Carn Saints.
Wahab_18: Trac Last Minute C Looking nice
beerent11: 2140 proj here not that it normally matters in the end.
Rathain84: <600k in DT. Upgrade for Close
Avarax: rathain, jack martin, jack lukosius or shai bolton
StuL: Too pathetic to mention projected. Embarrassing
beerent11: Can you get to lukocious rathain? Although he does still have a bye.
srj2409: Proj to score 2178 not that projections mean much
Rathain84: lol posts aren’t completing
BRAZZERS: they said on the news ebert wasnt concussed
Rathain84: has to be DT not SC. Upgrade for Close
CozzieCan: @Rath J.Martin , Whitfield , Greenwood , Dusty ,
Avarax: yeah, ebert is fine. will play for sure. especially after 14 days break
Rathain84: Wanted to take Eberts 70 ave into the bye for free points
pcaman2003: Gawns score is a joke,surely. Some of his tapouts not to advantage but scores huge. Lol!
BRAZZERS: lol at the flogs that traded gawn out, loving the fact only 19% have him
CozzieCan: Gawn might hit b/e at this rate haha
Billy777: don’t get 51 points for gawn he has had 2 touches 8 hitouts versus ryder and marshall nine – think sc just awards points
heppelitis: 3 more quarters like that tracca and you might win me back a final lol
AuroraBore: must have been nice having 700k sitting on the bench for 3 weeks lmao @brazzers
BumSniff: Why wouldnt you trade him out lol
MONEY TALK: gawn doesnt even deserve 51 tho
Reubz: Anyone else here on Gawn?
The Hawker: Dont get Dawson, very inconsistent
CozzieCan: @Brazzers Gawn to NicNat made me make finals mate , couldn’t afford to hold him unfortunately
Water: lmao brazzers i traded him to nic nat and got 143 146 and 98 not too worried
heppelitis: im a double flog BRAZZERS…traded Ladhams in with that cash lol
Thomas1234: How are we flogs when many traded to nic nat and gained over 300 points HAHAHA
BRAZZERS: better than trading a bloke out for 2 weeks just to being him back in lmao
Raspel31: 3 games on thye pine at the pointy end Brazzer- have to be a junatic not to trade him out.
BRAZZERS: some ppl are desperate it’s understandable
Rathain84: Surley Dawsons for continues with Rampe out? Remember DT not SC
Avarax: i went to ladhams too heppel. now i have nic nat
MONEY TALK: playing like alan richardson is coaching us again rn
Silz90: Brazzers calm down stop calling everyone flogs every few weeks
beerent11: Some are playing for rankings brazzer. Lot of cash sitting on the bench when he wasn’t playing.
BRAZZERS: lol silz90
BumSniff: Would he still be saying it if Gawn was on 10 a t Q1?
Raspel31: Agreed Silz- keep it real.
BRAZZERS: yeah i get it fellas
LeGoat1996: Gawns be is 240, if he deosnt get that he’ll be affordable in the next few weeks again
pcaman2003: Even Viney has 20 points for SFA.SC scoring is farcical.
Avarax: beerent, get your team colours back mate
BRAZZERS: he would never be on 10 mate, he averages 141 for a reason
Foursuits: I have the C on gawn @Reu
beerent11: Don’t know what happened there avarax
BumSniff: That 141 average wouldve been put to good use on the bench
The Hawker: Oh lol DT, sorry thats non existence for me
AuroraBore: what a flog lol, of course he’s a tiges supporter
Avarax: take some time now and represent
pcaman2003: @Foursuits. Congratulations because CD will make certain you’re well rewarded.
srj2409: Viney tackle, free for, kick, contested possie, goal assist
pcaman2003: @Foursuits. Congratulations because CD will make certain you’re well rewarded. CD just Love Gawny.
BigChief: Steele must be classed as a premo now surely.
Rathain84: Maybe I’ll have a crack at SC next season
DrSeuss: I swear Dees players must hate Brayshaw – just ignore him with kicks and handballs when open
beerent11: Won’t let me avarax
MONEY TALK: steele is a different man this season
original: That high tackle wasn’t on steele. Don’t hurt him CD plz
Avarax: steele is top 8 mid. 100% premo
Raspel31: One would certainly think so BigChief.
Avarax: @m0nty, can you help beerent get his team colours back?
pcaman2003: BigChief. Definitely! Tossed up between him and Adams this week,but went Adams.
CozzieCan: Don’t stop Tracca !! Keep up the good work
MONEY TALK: dees just cant miss tonight
beerent11: Hahaha Not that worried avarax
original: @pcaman you know adams has a bye during sc finals? Steele doesn’t. Wanted Adams but went steele because of that
pcaman2003: I wonder when the umps will eventually call out Gawn for holding on.
Ash777: did anyone else bring in the wrong brayshaw?
Raspel31: I brought in Adams too Adele- but had Steele. Fingers crossed.
Billy777: gawns scoring is a joke
Avarax: i am. we need more Norf lads lol
srj2409: Get a move on oliver
MONEY TALK: dont think ive ever seen a gc icon in chat
bagger2217: kept Gawn for league and he does not disappoint
srj2409: No it’s not billy go look up the stats
Silz90: Come on clarry. I put the c on you mate
pcaman2003: @Original. Counting on winning this week to go straight to prelims,so hopefully not a problem.
Beast_Mode: lol yes gawn, you the goat! keep it up
Avarax: have had adams for weeks, great choice. he is a solid player.
Avarax: billy is 1 of a kind.
MrWalrus: So from the complaining about Gawns scoring it seems plenty dont have him
original: @pcaman well played sir
Billy777: 7 points for a handball!!
pcaman2003: Everyone at CD has Gawny as C as well as GOD.
original: Legit steele should be higher
Avarax: me too pca.. thats the dream 🙂
The Hawker: Nope I dont have Gawn, I have someone better… BIG BOY
Billy777: thanks Avarax I appreciate that
MONEY TALK: steele has been best on so far easily idk how his sc isnt higher
pcaman2003: @original. I hope so,but we’ll see. I’ll know by tomorrow.
Pies20: Stay down clarry
Ash777: I said the other week anyone that kept gawn will probably win their finals.
Raspel31: Well, whooppee doo for you Ash 777
BumSniff: Got no chance of bringing in Gawn with the amount of trades i haveleft
pcaman2003: Ash77. Gawns a champion for sure,but can’t help feel CD help him along a bit.
scboy123: Membrey delivering another stinker
Avarax: test
pcaman2003: Avarax. Fingers crossed for both of us then.
Pies20: Haha @rasp hopefully had a good night’s rest last night
Avarax: ntp time. Tonight its on: Max Gawn! Avarax goes 146
MrWalrus: Wish I’d captained him
DrSeuss: Brayshaw okay on the ball rather than just waiting off packs or in the middle
Ash777: I have no idea why saints dropped phillips after his last game. He kicked them 2 goals and provides run.
Yelse: steele f off, and oliver get going
DrSeuss: Play on the ball that is
StuL: Ok. Steele is real. Pathetic get Fyfe instead whose time is up
Pies20: @pca here’s for your weird entertainment
CozzieCan: 138 plz Avarax
dipstick: Raspel always son abusive and demeaning. Anti social flog
AuroraBore: Traded in Steele this week, opponent with a higher proj score has clarry as C. life is good
Woodie22: 152 gawn
Raspel31: Cheers pies- most of the toxins have been expelled.
The Hawker: Steele runner up for Brownlow!!
Badgerbadg: Nathan Jones is so over the hill
pjw1234: put up with hill all year and traded him this week. did trade him up to danger so should not complain to much
pcaman2003: 157 for Gawn pls Avarax.
bhg26: 132 for Gawn
cmperrfect: Nice Steele, keep going young sainter
MONEY TALK: welp didnt see this coming
BigChief: Did Steele just jump from 58 to 90 with that goal?
Billy777: steele bog with 16 touches and a goal still only ten pojnts better than gawn who has had little or no influence
Rathain84: 138 for Gawny please Avarax
srj2409: No. Steele went from 73 to 90.
Social: Gawn 108 tnx Avarax
Pies20: @rasp talk your adel gear your mate is here
MONEY TALK: he was on 70 chief
original: Also brought in steele. Bloke is top bunch of mods on average and sooo cheap this week
Raspel31: Wow- go Sainters- game on and good game.
AuroraBore: he was on 70, intercept mark + high impact goal is worth that
Water: Ill go 158 for Gawn please avarax
Avarax: ntp closes at start of second half
bagger2217: 156 for Gawn pls Avarax
circle52: 134for Gawn
srj2409: Gawn has had 8 HTO (that’s 40 points), a goal, a make, an intercept, 5 possessions 4 contested
original: My only regret is not putting the c on gawn or steele
Pies20: chin up mate @rasp the end will be soonish at least you got footy of some sough
Woodie22: What’s a make Srj?
srj2409: little influence. Pfffft his team is winning off the back of his hit outs to advantage and goal
CozzieCan: Never seen Oliver so low , thought he’d go huge here
bagger2217: Yeah. Put C on Cripps. Shoulda put it On Gawn
Avarax: 11 entrants so far. range 108 – 158
pcaman2003: @Pies20. What’s that in English?
Pies20: gawn spud but 154 for me @Apache
goat_19: 179 for gawn
navy_blues: 160 plz ava
Foursuits: 144 for Gawn is my guess
Raspel31: Just ignore abuse pies- all friends here.
88360: Same original
Avarax: srj is right in this instance. gawn has been good.
The Hawker: wheres our man Apache
BigChief: 151 for Gawn
kascadev8: steele on 103? once again i think ill be losing, smh, such a tough week when it shouldnt have been
Pies20: t
dipstick: @woodie a make is a misspell
The Hawker: 146 for Gawn please
pcaman2003: The Hawker. Night off mate.
Raspel31: Avarax- you deputising for Apache? 143 please.
Avarax: apache is having an early one. im filling in for the night
BigChief: @Hawker he is having an early night.
Social: Apache got sent to bed early
clay007: Can anyone explain Gawn and Petracca’s scores? Hardly touched it and yet their scores are super inflated.
exatekk: 131 please
bagger2217: Tracca is class
Avarax: influence clay0087]
Avarax: influence clay007
SC-STAR–: 209 Avarax
pcaman2003: I have 10,000 less hairs this SC season. Anyone go better than that?
dipstick: Apache should have his name changed for cultural appropriation and BLM
MONEY TALK: tracca both goals were in aclose game. gawn im not too sure
MONEY TALK: steele is the biggest god send to our club in recent times
Pies20: pretty sure it’s talk to your girlfriend @pca
SadBlueBoi: How can Trac had 8 disposals but 9 contested?
clay007: Money talk-It was at the start of the game. The scores are level at the start of the game, so scores are close.
Avarax: i agree dipstick, apache should get a red name or something
Pies20: Meaning @rasp
Avarax: ntp now up to 20 entries. range: 108 – 209
hinsch: Grundy to Gawn Rd 16 for SC finals
pcaman2003: @Pies 20. You mean Charlotte?
Raspel31: Are we talking about your feet pcaman?
clay007: I get Tracca is class, but that should not mean over inflation.
MONEY TALK: yea thats what happens alot clay at the start early goal kickers get big scores
CozzieCan: 150 from Tracca would be splendid , I’d be over the moon
Pies20: Here we go yep @pca hopefully this gives @rasp a kick
CozzieCan: Grundy to Gawn ? Hmm tough @Hinsch
clay007: Money Talk-This could be the difference between winning and losing supercoach, DT Scoring transparent.
BigChief: CP and disp are 2 different things that’s why
pcaman2003: Adele to you!
pcaman2003: Adele to you thanks.:)
hinsch: Collingwood have a bye Rd16
Avarax: any last entries for NTP?
MONEY TALK: unlucky clay. i have him as a unique but want saints to win so its tough
StarvyJ: Gawn 147 please Avarax
StarvyJ: Good to be here fellas, been trying to be on for ages but issues with the accounts
Pies20: Haha i do not know what you talking about but @rasp seems down and enjoys your weirdness
Avarax: thx starvy… any more
Avarax: thx starvy… any more?
pcaman2003: Clarry will be up for a big 2nd ,you watch and see.
StarvyJ: Personally very happy with this game as I have Tracca, Steele, and Gawn (c) as uniques
Pies20: starvyj welcome my fellow pies fan have your say bro
bhg26: Having an absolute mare this week, 21 premos with a projection of 2013 with Macrae as captain, goodbye rank 247
Raspel31: Adele- Pies20 is now officially Sharleen.
dipstick: I’ll go Gawn 88 x 2 minus one goal = my NTP
Thomas1234: Is NTP on tonight and if so for who?
pcaman2003: Welcome aboard StarvyJ even though you’re a Pies fan.
Raspel31: Yep bhg-ditto- had to cop Macrae as cap too.
Avarax: dipstick = 165?
Pies20: Wtf @rasp who is that wtf are you and @pca talking about geez
pcaman2003: Raspel, The more the merrier I say. Bring it on.Onya Sharleen.:)
Thomas1234: Ill go gawn 147
StarvyJ: I held Gawn because I was cruising in my leagues, but didn’t realise the league I cared about I was gonna miss finals
DropCox: Gawn 185 – for the hundredth time. Chat function sux
StarvyJ: 17 prems so rough season but will likely go 2200-2300 this week in losers bracket *facepalm*
BumSniff: Wouldnlt it make more sense to move off Gawn if you were good in the leagues
dipstick: @ava give or take. I,all let you know after I have done my scaling when I know gawns score 😯
Avarax: got it dropcox
Pies20: I’ll join in if i knew what you’re talking about @rasp or is it kylie??
StarvyJ: Low on trades and knew Gawn would be back for finals, best 18 I wanted the uber prems
StuL: Viney 4 touches
BumSniff: fair enough. did you fall a lot in overall ranking?
pcaman2003: Ya muppet Ollie.
CozzieCan: Cmon Tracca don’t stop
Avarax: ntp closed now. 24 entries. Range: 108 – 209
Ash777: was zak jones originally drafted by the dees?
Raspel31: Not sure trades matter at this stage Starvy- do or die.
Pies20: I’m v Oliver stay low @adele what ever that means
StarvyJ: copped some bad injury trouble and made a few mistakes so was never going to finish high Bumsniff
Pies20: you get myn @ava even though i said Apache
StarvyJ: All about winning finals for me now, captain on Gawn as a unique risk
DrSeuss: Brayshaw back to playing lazy football – attack the ball ffs
dipstick: Tedesco pulled out the equivalent of an AFL SC score of 350 this weekend
Yelse: steele has defeated me on his own
Raspel31: And looking like a very fine call Starvy.
Bluebagg11: Forget Shamwow. SteeleWOW! Getting you after the bye son.
dipperD: Phillips has been impressive so far. Could ton up
Avarax: sure did pies!
pcaman2003: Has Gawn got friends in the mafia to put the heavy on CD? So ineffective for such a high score.
Bluebagg11: I’m gunna lose in all leagues. Ranked 1k shocking luck. Jelly cap. Duncan. Walters. Fyfe. I’m cooked
Pies20: still think sts will are lucky to be in the 8 just saying
Avarax: i told someone to get steven may a week ago. did you do it?
StuL: Full premo is over rated this year. You need the right premos
Raspel31: With your injury list- I agree Sharleen. Good effort.
Pies20: No will
StarvyJ: I play DT and SC pcaman, personally prefer DT because SC always give bulk points to the faves (Gawn, Bont, Dusty etc)
MONEY TALK: i dont think we have pies20. pies r tho tbh u guys should be better
dipstick: @dipperD like your dimmey ads says. 99
CozzieCan: Agreed @Stul very hard with so many injuries ,
StuL: Clartu
pcaman2003: I agree Sharleen That we’re lucky to be in the 8.
dipstick: @stu full premo meant 18 players when they decided to have byes. Piecer pi55
Billy777: i agree DT does not just give points for no reason like SC does
Avarax: what the F are you talking about pca? lol
StuL: Never mind
pcaman2003: @StarvyJ. The scoring to me always seems out of whack. Strange scoring system,but we all cop it the same.
Social: Gawn on my NTP score of 108 now, I guess this is when he gets hobbled
MONEY TALK: may carrying dees
Pies20: @money Check the outs for each team pies rarely bottom out and we still there
beerent11: Viney and clarry might be costing me a couple of qualifying finals here.
pcaman2003: Avarax. In house joke between a few of us. Don’t worry!:0
CozzieCan: Steele stopped Oliver on fire
dipstick: SC scoring is like Russian judges voting on Russian gymnist in gild medal event. Corrupt and not to be taken serious
Pies20: @starvy im a dteamer but we are outcasts like smokers in a front bar
Avarax: haha fair enough. im not OG enough to know about it 😛
Billy777: gawn uncontested handball gets four points its ridicoulous
MONEY TALK: ik pies 20 but start of the season when u had most ur squad u guys were playing terrible footy
RooBoyStu: P1ss off Viney
CozzieCan: Cmon Tracca 100 before 3Qt plz
StarvyJ: haha Pies20, that’s because anyone can count DT score. This is the place to be for the SC scores though
Raspel31: Avarax- or Magda- apologies- silly larks.
Gotigres: Just got home from shopping so missed ntp 🙁
StarvyJ: Money Talk are you referring to when we were premiership favourites?
dipstick: @ava don’t be upset. Its the circle jerk crews private joke. Grab ass type stuff. Like calling each other girls names
StuL: Of the two “premos” and Riccardi i bought in. Riccardi was top scorer. Rage trades coming
Pies20: Ok @money like the saying money talks bullshower walks see what happens
LMartos: I’m 90% sure Viney is tagging Steele, not running offensively at all
StuL: C on Gawn only decent call
BigChief: Someone is in a pissy mood tonight.
BumSniff: Who else did you bring in Stul
StuL: Embarrassing still having Viney
Raspel31: Ah Dipstick, your gentle demeanour and positive words blossom by the year.
CozzieCan: Stay low Steele 😀
Pies20: that better be not at me @chief
pcaman2003: @dipstick. You’ve got a good grasp of things.
StarvyJ: Pies how excited are you at getting IQ, Langdon, Howe, Treloar, De Goey back for finals?
BigChief: @Pies nope not you
Raspel31: But Riccardi looking good Sthl.
pjw1234: gawn gets points for looking at it ii’m sure
DrSeuss: Brayshaw you lazy Twat. First trade out this week.
beerent11: Strap yourselves in for a clarry explosion!
davywap: Gave up on Gawn last week for Goldstein 😢
Pies20: We could be the silent assassins @starvy worried about tomorrow’s game need the win
pcaman2003: Will CD give Gawny a bonus 30 points like a slot machine? I swear a lot of hitouts are missing targets
Ash777: Steele’s score barely moved that qtr…
beerent11: You gotta make the finals first starveyj
Pies20: I think and hope not @beer
pcaman2003: @davywap. You did what? Oh dear!
davywap: Exactly right beer
Pies20: ok @chief
Gryan goat: Guess who’s back
Wahab_18: Why are they making their ball winner viney tag steele?? Flower sake Flowered my whole week
circle52: @ Stuh Who would have thought Viney could be one of the scores dropped for best 18.
StarvyJ: Yeah look if Melbourne, GWS, Carlton, Essendon all win this week Pies will be in trouble
pjw1234: remember the guy doing the stats is playing finals as well this week . lol
Pies20: a flog?
CozzieCan: 800 sc points to come , Gawn could double ton
Trade Bait: smells like salty non-Gawn owner in here
davywap: Was trying to seal top 4 spot least week pacman, ended up losing but getting top 4 anyway 😭😭😭
pcaman2003: Viney is my bright point this game as opponent has him. Makes up for him having Gawns over inflated score.
Gryan goat: Spot on pies
Raspel31: Peeps trded Neale for one bye- odd I thought. But I traded Gawn- 3 games out. Golly, great come back.
StuL: Bought in fyfe and ryan for whoever asked. had to hit. Not neither.
Pies20: @goat
BumSniff: why would you trade out gawn the moment he plays
StuL: Top of the ladder. One loss. Turn to garbage in critical final
Pies20: don’t understand how you guys don’t understand the neale trade obviously you don’t look further ahead
Beast_Mode: brayshaw on the bench looks salty af lmao
MONEY TALK: viney is giving steele a tag
swandane: gawn most overrated player in the comp
pcaman2003: Davywap. Good one. Hope it goes well
Raspel31: Calm down Sharleen.
StarvyJ: I brought Brayshaw in this week in DT, clearly why he has been trash
davywap: Why don’t these coaches think of us, Viney tagging ffs
StarvyJ: traded in Neale and Zorko last week. Never fails to ruin them for the week
DrSeuss: @Beast – he has been just standing around all game waiting for freebies. I want him on the ground – but he has been crap
Struda: youre a moron dane
beerent11: Can’t see how anyone could say Gawn is overrated. Sensational player. Sour grapes.
davywap: Yeah but now I don’t have Gawn, might bring him back if Golstein has another stinker
CozzieCan: Go rivers you good thing !! Cmon Tracca move your ass
Pies20: Sorry @Charlotte or Adele or who ever I’m meant to say
swandane: @beerent11 23 hitouts to nobody and a big supercoach score so everybody thinks hes a champion.. hes a plodder
Thomas1234: gawn good grundy great
StuL: Viney might as well quit if this is a tag
beerent11: And I haven’t had him all year
pcaman2003: Seuss. I never got Brayshaw in because I see him as too frustrating. SC hard enough as is.
srj2409: lol @ Dane. There’s some clueless ppl around
srj2409: 13 hit outs to advantage
beerent11: Righto swandane.
Gotigres: Opp has Gawn. Killing my double chance.
Struda: 9/10 touches contested, 3 clearances and a goal
StarvyJ: genius by Gawn there. Fumble the uncontested mark so that it turns in to a contested one
Wahab_18: rivers 90 please to make up for vineys shower
DrSeuss: Agree @pca – Goodwin was screwing him for ages with low TOG – but just been disinterested tonight
BumSniff: forgot to loop in rivers for brander lol
BigChief: Grundy turd and NicNat even worse.
srj2409: Clearances worth 0 points in SC
Pies20: Im v rivers on a trade in fkmdt
kascadev8: go rivers, get them points for me
m0nty: this is the most boring one-kick game
GobChuck: Rivers getting to the point I may bench Doc for him , also go May gun pickup this week!
88360: Next year we should set up a H2H league for everyone in the chat
StarvyJ: Steven May being dominant tonight
Pies20: lucky I’m not watching then @Monty
MONEY TALK: agreed monty
Raspel31: We all have our emergencies on the pitch- good work young Rivers.
Badgerbadg: Was does Pickett even do?
original: Steele 100 at HT so current position is a little lower than you’d think
pcaman2003: Ollie fighting back a bit which is good. Like to see him hit 115+
beerent11: Heeeerrrrrreeee’ssss clarry!
dipstick: For someone who can barely play footy nic nat sure gets some big SC scores
CozzieCan: Move your flowering ass Tracca
pcaman2003: Good to see Rivers scoring to make some coin for a possible trade.
crazzzed: Clarry gone up 25 for 3 handballs. he only has to look at it to get points
Pies20: Last time @rasp what does your adel gear come from ?
sMiles: Actually he
J.Worrall: Gogogo Cap’n Clarry!
sMiles: Actually, Oliver has had a fair bit of it
Pies20: where
ConnorMcP: surely not Petracca
pcaman2003: dipstick. Points for his TOG are excellent. Just needs more minutes of game time to kill it.
StarvyJ: Trac and Gawn steadily going down
Raspel31: Sharleen- check with pcaman- back to the footy.
Social: Keep lookin at it Clarry!
StarvyJ: Petracca is a weapon though
pcaman2003: Go Tracca!
CozzieCan: Let’s go Tracca !!!
Badgerbadg: Get to 150 Steele
Patty19: How on earth did he kick that, amazing
Maroonies: I am gonna name my pet racca
beerent11: That’ll be worth a few if they get up
Gotigres: Good motivation CozzieCan
DrSeuss: Looks like Brayshaw has a different role from Goodwin though. Just tracking in the centre of the ground. Just weird.
Pies20: @money what did i say sts overrated?
BurtCocain: has steele really had 20 points this half
Raspel31: King has been perhaps my best buy all year- 31 at qtr time and now 27. Go you good thing,
Napper: I swear Steele hasn’t moved since half time
Pies20: okay @rasp geez
CozzieCan: @Gotigers Tracca one man army saving my finals , I’m beside myself
original: Don’t stop steele gawn rivers
Lawls: My opp has May as a unique fml
Pies20: no i didn’t i said lucky to be in the 8
beerent11: 300 from trac clarry and viney. That’ll do fine
Social: Only 3 Jacks on the field for saints, that’s a concern
kascadev8: i swear clarry was on 60 about 2 minutes ago
Pies20: flower off rivers cannot believe my opponent traded you in wtf
hokkien34: Haha Kasca I thought the same!
Pies20: dteam that is
beerent11: Didn’t some predict a clarry explosion at 3qtr time? Oh yeah it was me.
ConnorMcP: clarry got like 65 this quarter
MONEY TALK: what a shit game to watch
BigChief: OMG Steele has just got his 1st tackle
kascadev8: still trying to bring clarry in, so all these late points arent helping me with 3 spots left
Raspel31: come on Sainters!
Avarax: im loving it money talk. just that your team is losing
StarvyJ: Why is this the only Saturday night game. Only reason to watch is fantasy players
beerent11: Viney has done a great job on Steele
Pies20: most games in the nt are shower to watch not sure why must be the ground
Pies20: come on deez
Social: what a showering shower of shower
StarvyJ: Scaling gonna be interesting for NTP
Wahab_18: disgusting Trac after 66 in the 1st quarter 🙁
LMartos: how did Steele gain 20 in the last minute, only handball and a tackle
NavyMan: awful version of what was already a bad theme song re demons 😛
beerent11: Ok now scale up track’s goal
DrSeuss: That was a tough watch.
Avarax: 220 points to add
srj2409: Lol it ain’t a great song but carltons is much worse
navy_blues: whew @ oliver
original: Gawn man I’ll take it but u shoulda been higher
pcaman2003: At least I ended up okay in the finish.Good luck to all. Back again tomorrow.
CozzieCan: Tracca winning goal should get an extra 40 sc
Ash777: give that 220 to brayshaw thanks
MONEY TALK: we look cooked, ever since the gc game we have looked cooked
Pies20: have another drink @rasp speak to you and adel and Charlotte tomorrow
bhg26: I agree Cozzie, he got absolutely nothing for it
sMiles: Well done Melbourne – hard luck Saints – twice in 2 weeks
theflukes: Surely petracca scaled up alot for winning goal
BurtCocain: steele got 38 points in that half, almost worth a yin yang
CozzieCan: @bhg was a miracle haha , agree deserves more for Melbournes win
BurtCocain: played fantastic though
bhg26: 4 more points for Gawn and i get two NTP wins in a row
Pies20: So you’re obviously not lucky to be in the 8 @money pff
StarvyJ: bulk points for Gawn pls, 19 ideally 😉
CozzieCan: Saints have a tough next 3 games .. might get pushed out of top 8
MONEY TALK: pies 20 i dont think we have been lucky to be in the 8 still, we have a young list and they need a rest
GobChuck: Owning the top 4 demon’s tonight, perfect. Viney gonna be dropped off best 18 now tho
CozzieCan: If Traccas score was on Dangerfield , Neale , Macrae , ect ect would be 180+
J.Worrall: Thankyou Clarry
davywap: Shit Viney cancelled out by shit Brayshaw
bhg26: If it was on Fyfe’s Cozzie we may have been looking at a new supercoach record

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