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Chat log from R14 of 2020: Fremantle vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Fremantle vs Western Sydney, R14 of 2020

CozzieCan: Afternoon lads , only Fyfe ,Kelly & Whitefield !! Need big scores boys
bagger2217: got Cogs, Whitfield and Serong in this one. Looking to beat my finals matchup
amigaman: None for me. No stress 🙂
BigChief: Only Haynes and Whitfield for me.
amigaman: Whoops! I have Haynes & Whitfield. Forgot it was GWS
Ooost: Fyfe for me vs Haynes opponent common in whitfield and cogs
Poliyagon: Kelly Captain… Pls..
Apachecats: Whitfield and Riccardi here.
Crippa9: kellly Riccardi Walters & Crowden for moi
pjw1234: fyfe, brashaw, whitfield, williams with riccardi on the bench for me
BigChief: @amiga did you think it was Suns?
2Ph0nes: fyfe, vc, brayshaw, waltersriccardi, whitfield, haynes
Reubz: Oi oi
Apachecats: Hold all tickets on NTP on Lloyd ,stewards inquiry in progress ,no correct weight yet.
Reubz: Jelly, Whits and Walters for me. Reckon Greene goes large today though.
Apachecats: Llyod just been bumped to 141 on fanfooty and 142 on SC site ,so will wait for dust to settle.
CozzieCan: Need Ryan & Serong to stay low for my sc finals
bhg26: Fyfe, Brayshaw, Walters and Whitfield
NewFreoFan: It’s sirengate all over again Apache, huge drama
2Ph0nes: got greene late. big risk, see how it goes
Apachecats: yeah nff ,usually when the 3300 points have been allocated thats the finish.
pcaman2003: Have Ryan, Brayshaw,Haynes, Whitty and Cogs. Hopefully Cogs pulls out a finger this week
Reubz: Brought in Fitch over Greene this week..BE was enough to exercise patience and pick him next week 2phones. Will probably
Thomas1234: apache when are you announcing ntp results?
Reubz: Regret it
Apachecats: Just waiting to see if its 141 or 142 Thomas1234. Stand by.
2Ph0nes: im not worried about saving coin at this stage
Stu7: Come on Brayshaw, Peeryman and Riccardi!!!
circle52: Walters, Whitfield Williams and Riccardi
pcaman2003: Stu7. mThanks for reminding me,have Riccardo as well,just brought in today
2Ph0nes: good to see walters in the guts
navy_blues: says 141 in my sc apache if that helps
Apachecats: OK Lloyd officially got 141 ,apologies to Avarax ,I went a bit early.
Raspel31: Apache- make it easier on yourself- score at siren before scaling.
Avarax: all good. well done to the winner
GobChuck: Walters Whit Cogs Fyfe Riccardi today, hope riccardi does solid after whatever putrid poop bell just spewed out
Avarax: the scaling gave boak 5 extra points, so very happy with it
Apachecats: New NTP results.1st circle52 ,hole in one on 141 ,well done on your 1st NTP.
GobChuck: oh and williams, forgot he exists
CozzieCan: Not the de boer tag on Fyfe , please power off
Ash777: walters n whitfield in this game.
hokkien34: Got Whitfield, Cerra & Serong . Cogs will prob have a huge game now I got rid of him haha
Bluebagg11: Huge game for me Kelly(c) Whit Conig Walt Fyfe Ryan
Apachecats: =2nd Apachecats and thomas1234 on 142 and tdarian on 140.Well done to all who had a go.
Stu7: WTF is Brayshaw doing on the pine!!
pcaman2003: Cogs off to a flyer with 2 clangers already. Muppet.
Stu7: Sorry not Brayshaw. WTF is Perrywinkle doing on the pine!
scboy123: opponent has cogs whitfield and haynes. this game gonna make or break me. Carn Fyfe beat the de boar tag
Bluebagg11: And I forgot Brayshaw haha
Raspel31: Hmm- 1st week Ryan owner- had to sell my Gran’s jewellry- step up lad.
srj2409: Break a leg Kelly
Stu7: Gee that Hill is a Dudd!!!
BigChief: Oh I have Walters as well.
BumSniff: wait deboars back?
Apachecats: Thanks raspel ,from now on I’ll wait til it comes up on Supercoach site.Still puzzled how it changed when all the points
Apachecats: *been allocated.
Stu7: If Hill was a bullet he’d be a blank!!
colin wood: Come on Brayshaw get near it
pcaman2003: And Cogs actually hit a target. Yay!
CozzieCan: Hope deboer has low tog , for Fyfe’s sake
BigChief: @Apache I think you maths was off on last game. There was still 105 to be allocated.
GobChuck: giants ominous already, 5 marks inside 50 to their 3 key talls already
pcaman2003: Brayshaw get moving. Got you in this week. Sorry everyone!
NewFreoFan: This is gonna be a long day
Stu7: Brayshaw you d1ck come on
Apachecats: That explains it BC.
BumSniff: What the fuck was that call
Water: just realised i been ghosting so hard today shit
JRedden: stay down brayshaw
SeasickJac: Lets go Lobb!
arbel: How was that not a free to fyfe. De beor just holding so bad
pcaman2003: C’mon Haynes and move along.
srj2409: Get stuffed josh Kelly. Pull a hammy
Avarax: come on srj, dont be wishing that on people for a game
Raspel31: Not nice behaviour srj.
NewFreoFan: poor form @srj2409, can’t be wishing an injury on a bloke
pcaman2003: srj2409. That’s a bit rough.
Water: Riccardi looks really good damn
Ooost: Haynes and Riccardi to stay low please.
Apachecats: Go Riccardi !! My new recruit.
DrSeuss: Whitfield and Cogs good – Brayshaw and Walters not so much
satch7: I hope you lose by 1 point this week srj
pcaman2003: Good boy Jack.
Ash777: last time I listen to ppl on here about picking mozzie over riccardi.
BigChief: Someone is sour because they don’t have Josh Kelly.
navy_blues: some ppl take this to serious lol
FinlaySON: Riccardi looks nice, still want to see Finlayson come back in though
Apachecats: you’ll feel bad it if happens srj.
Stu7: Any intel on Brayshaw’s sh1t performance???
BigChief: It’s the 2nd injury wish from srj.
Raspel31: Not you alone Apache- him and Ryan for me.
2Ph0nes: why would iu pick mozzie ahead comical, he only had 8 possies lol
pcaman2003: FFS Brayshaw you muppet. Start scoring FFS
Stu7: This is going to be a long day, Brayshaw -2 in first quarter
BumSniff: Can De Boar politely fuck off to Hill. He needs to be stopped
RGriffen: Cogs on track for Clangers record
FlyinRyan2: thank god its best 18 this week so brayshaw’s score won’t count
GobChuck: am i the only one with a sneaky eye on adam kennedy?
heppelitis: sorry for bringing in brayshaw this week
srj2409: Lol ash listened to ppl on here
navy_blues: well ash make your own decisions then u can only blame 1 person
pcaman2003: Damn you Haynes,you’re letting me down here.
Water: I dont get why walters attends the first centre bounce then goes straight to play forward wth
Stu7: Yay Brayshaw on 0 off -2
Snarfy: He should change his name to Clangilio RGriffin!
NewFreoFan: Aish 3 disposals for 162 meters gained? That doesn’t sound right
Raspel31: What score FlyinRyan?
BigChief: The way things are going Haynes won’t be in my best 18
2Ph0nes: a lot of sooking going in the chat in this game
DrSeuss: Riccardi on the bench – Walters and Brayshaw on field. So far so good.
pcaman2003: FlyinRyan. Too right! Just got him in this week and this is my repayment.
Stu7: First ever for Brayshaw NO SCORE
dezlav: @2Phones. Isn’t that what the chats for, complaining 🙂
pcaman2003: 2Phones. If it’s too much for you,see ya later.
CozzieCan: That a boy Kelly & Whitfield , bloody oath
Stu7: First ever for Brayshaw NO SCORE
Apachecats: Thats par for the course in here 2phones. Its therapy.
FlyinRyan2: @rapsel if his score isn’t in your best 18 it won’t count towards your total score
NewFreoFan: The Kayo ad break music shits me right off. Get some variation
2Ph0nes: lol
StuL: Forgot about deboer. Got Fyfe instead of Kelly. Doh
NewFreoFan: Even Ian Hill has 1 SC haha, what are you doing Brayshaw
TheLegend6: @2phones Pca is amongst the more annoying on here, let him be
2Ph0nes: i can handle it, it’s just pathetic. Love that your team is trash tho
dezlav: @pcaman2003. Must be my turn. +Side Whitfield Riccardi ad Ash. -Side, Haynes and Brayshaw. Ups and downs of SC.
Avarax: they should do surveys, like vote on different viewer segments etc
Raspel31: 2phones- yes there are sulky twats. I am a Soic and phlegmatic by nature but we love the odd sook-as long as it’s not ab
Ash777: wow fox that’s late to get the 2nd season of doom patrol when the season is already done.
Raspel31: Abusive.
88360: Yay Kelly is doing well as captain
Ash777: also doom patrol is great.
Rockafella: Sorry guys my fault, I traded Brayshaw in this week
colin wood: Need a super man quarter here Brayshaw come on mate
BumSniff: It feels wrong that Brayshaw is a top 6 foward
pcaman2003: TheLegend6. No one can be more annoying than you Tiger supporters.
heppelitis: decent start colin wood
davywap: Haynes and Walters if you could both just go ahead and get a touch that’d be great
pcaman2003: Overall this game is giving me good scores apart from Brayshaw.
Bluebagg11: Come on Jelly. 80 by HT please
Ash777: cogs going for a record clanger count.
navy_blues: gee riccardi looks good
Stu7: Brayshaw coming good now my other dudd is doing nothing Perry Mason
NavyMan: go big Brayshaw!!
CozzieCan: Whitfield you beauty
Apachecats: Rasp someone told Ryan at 1/4 time that you have got him.
Avarax: how good is de boer at just shutting ANY other player down..
srj2409: Pull a hammy jelly
colin wood: Good boy Brayshaw. Slow down Whitfield
dezlav: @Raspel. I’m with you. Sookin is fine, as long as we all just are respectful of each other
Cottees: De Boer is the best tagger by far!
Apachecats: You’re a great listener srj.
Water: shut up srj
Stu7: Who is De Boer on??
pcaman2003: Whitty on a mission today. Back to his very best at the right time.
Avarax: all over fyfe stu7
CozzieCan: @Srj hope you get injured maybe two broken hands will do , zip it
pcaman2003: Want you get going this qtr please Ryan,Brayshaw and Haynes
scboy123: yeah nah honestly fuck supercoach. bring in fyfe and he does this. sdf0ihsdbjpofdsJPBOfsBIJPDfvebsjPK
DrSeuss: Time to give Walters some mid time. Need to get him involved Dockers
Stu7: @Avarax cheers mate
Avarax: cottees, i think ben jacobs is the best tagger. de boer very close second
TheLegend6: Giants getting a good run from umps here
BumSniff: De Boar hurts my feelings
srj2409: Cozziecan zip if yourself ya flog
TheLegend6: De Boer hands down the best, what’s a ben jacobs?
Catatafish: Would be good if someone KO’ed de Boer
SeasickJac: Cameron has been non-existent. Lets go Lobb FFS
Cottees: Yeah can agree with that Avarax
BigChief: No way is Jacobs better than De Boer.
Avarax: catata, c’mon dude.
CozzieCan: @Srj least construct a proper sentence together before you try & insult someone . Lacking education I see
Nuffman: Was tosssing up between WHitfield and Kelly for VC… picked Kelly
Avarax: there needs to be some etiquette for this chat. wishing injuries on players is not on
srj2409: Jebus Whitfield is a good footballer
Cottees: but this year De Boer has been extremely good that I think he is now better than Jacobs
Avarax: jacobs shut down every single player he was on last year…..
srj2409: Cozziecan great comeback
pcaman2003: Ryan has gone back 5 points this qtr which is very disappointing.Need him to do better.
BumSniff: Jacobs hasnt played since 2018?
kascadev8: lol why did i put the C on Hawk and not Whitfield
BumSniff: Jacobs is great but hes got no hope of playing senior footy again
Catatafish: Jacobs then de Boer for mine also. But can barely remember Jacobs these days.
Stu7: FFS Perryman do something
Avarax: thats what i meant sniff
srj2409: Williams wasted playing down deep back
CozzieCan: @Srj surprised you could make sense of it simpleton , are you that naive & incompetent ?
BigChief: Jacobs has not played since July 2018, so how is he better? Can’t get on the park.
TheLegend6: @Pca you don’t need anything mate
CozzieCan: Anyways back to the game , apologies @mOnty
Avarax: injured chief….are you saying that I. hill is better than L franklin cause he’s playing?
Apachecats: Go Cozzie!
pcaman2003: Why is that Legend?
arbel: Wow .. I’m not even a dockers supporter but this umpiring is shocking
Apachecats: NTP time .Its on Haynes .Apache goes 113
TheLegend6: @Pca it’s a want, not a need. Mentality of those abusing players these days.
srj2409: Cozziecan personal attacks. How mature from you.
Catatafish: @Avarax yes?
StuL: How the f does Ryan go this far backwards as soon as i get him?
srj2409: Fyfe a shadow of himself the last few weeks. Going to need a rest with compressed games coming up
SadBlueBoi: Is Jelly down injured after that tackle?
BumSniff: looks like srj would be hppy
2Ph0nes: kelly dead, glad i dont have him
Ash777: Srj got his wish.
StuL: 1 possession for the qtr fyfe and ryan. Ffs. Game over already
2Ph0nes: wont play second half
SadBlueBoi: Jelly knee to the head, he is my captain…
Poliyagon: you are fucking joking. because my emergencies I couldnt C Loyd. was forced to go with Kelly and hes injured
kascadev8: josh kelly down. noooo darn
navy_blues: kelly hurt
CozzieCan: No not Kelly flower me
mikh2001: josh kelly head knock
BRAZZERS: lol wow my op has kelly captain
zadolinnyj: Sorry to shout. Caps was on
Snarfy: Williams might get a run on the ball if Kelly can’t come back on 🙂
pcaman2003: Big 2nd half please Ryan and Brayshaw
Ash777: get yourself a lotto ticket srj.
hokkien34: Whitfield killing it. Wish I could say the same about Serong!
Sugartits: Kascadev coz your a biased cats supporter, you would have been the only one in aus to do that silly act
MONEY TALK: whered u go ryan
Mustardish: @pca i put the C on him felt ok at 1/4 time
StuL: SW23. Smelling of Warne
FLAG: m0nty hows pornhub premium trial going?
penguins00: Kelly looks done
Crippa9: spewin, bring in kelly make him captain and bang!
Poliyagon: if josh kelly sits out i’m not going to be on supercoach until next year. I will also be buying a new tv. peace out
Erich1036: Has there been a game this season where this website HASN’T frozen? Lol
beerent11: That jelly jaw looked broke
GetVainy: No avarax, he’s saying de boer is better than jacobs because jacobs career is over
Stu7: My opponet has 3 less players than I and it looks like he will win. Im cursed at this game
Catatafish: Fuck, forgot about Stephen Hill. You flog.
BumSniff: is Kelly ok
srj2409: Resorting to personal attacks cozzie? How mature
Stu7: Kelly out for the rest of the game concussion
StuL: Glass man Kelly. This is why i didnt get him. My trades were still abysmal tho
navy_blues: kelly hurt
Stu7: Unfortunately we’ll be without Josh Kelly for the second half with the star midfielder ruled out with concussion.
Social: Jelly you beauty!
Apachecats: Back on air .NTP is on Haynes .Apache goes 113.
BumSniff: Poor bloke. Thought itd be worse
Social: Was this close to getting him in
CozzieCan: There goes my finals , flower kelly
navy_blues: mummys knee cleaned him up
penguins00: @StuL not many players can survive a Mumford knee to the face.
Social: Haynes 98 plz
kascadev8: josh kelly out?
BumSniff: De Boar should comfort Jelly on the bench just to make sure the blokes feeling good
navy_blues: 99 plz apache
BigChief: @Apache 93 for me please
srj2409: Whitfield just shy of a ton. Arguably the best half I’ve seen from any player this year. Brilliant footballer
Apachecats: NTP closes at 5 min mark.
Poliyagon: traded neale for kelly. My emergency loophole got fuckdd so couldnt take loyds points. stuck with kelly. I quit. bye
Bart Man: 87 thanks apache
FinlaySON: Haynes 107 please
SC-STAR–: 109 Apache
88360: I have Kelly captain!!!!
Nuffman: how big was the hit on kelly?
SeasickJac: Lobb please start firing buddy. Cameron too
kascadev8: darn sucks to see jelly out. got 3 players more but those 3 all scored bad. lost now. but jellys health more important
Water: Ill go 101 for haynes please apache
88360: 97 please a
thommoae: Monty, pretty sure it was friendly fire – Mummy’s knee that gave Kelly a prob
Yelse: Omgggg my bet jelly ffs needed 20 from you. There goes 6k
Avarax: 100 even for me please apache
Thomas1234: 105 please
bhg26: 95 please
cogs94: Welp rip my captain choice this week
hinsch: Bro 104 for me pls
CniglioSsn: 118 for haynes please
CozzieCan: Cmon Fyfe need you to make up for Kelly
original: Need Fyfe less than 120, keep it up sc gods
Stu7: Whoever asked Kelly to do a hamstring wll have to settle for a concussion!!
hinsch: I finally got a SC player with more than 100 go Whitfield
SadBlueBoi: Started with a projected 200 win over my opponent, C on Jelly final nail in the coffin
Spiv: Forgive my ignorance but what’s that symbol next to Fyfes name?
original: Altho one touch is +14 on his HT score so whatever ffs
BumSniff: cerra a cheeky starter for 2021?
hokkien34: The De Boer tag Spiv
BigChief: @Spiv Dutch flag for De Boer
Avarax: dutch flag, to symbolise the de boer tag spiv
Catatafish: Fuck, forgot about Stephen Hill. You flog.
robbieg: pretty sure it means hes getting tagged
hinsch: Tagged by Deboer
navy_blues: think srj is in hiding
dezlav: Well here is a laugh for everyone, I left the C on NicNat this week. Whoops
pcaman2003: Gee Ryan! 36 points at qtr time,so what’s happening man?
boges11: @Spiv he’s being tagged by De Boer
Yelse: Is kelly officially out?
dezlav: And the VC was on Titch. Ha
Avarax: i will be sniff
Apachecats: NTP is closed.
Kidult: GWS twitter ruled him out 10 mins ago
penguins00: @Yelse Not official yet. He looked pretty groggy.
Catatafish: Well fuck this. Is Jelly actually done?
Avarax: he’s cooked
Stu7: Red Cross on Kelly
kascadev8: had 21 players compared to my opponents 20.. ive got 4 scoring under 70 and he has 1
MONEY TALK: sorry about ryan guys, got the c on him
FlyinRyan2: if brayshaw had a good 1st quarter he could’ve been on for 130
BigChief: Big grab from Riccardi
StuL: How is this possible Ryan? Ffs. Won’t make his BE of nothing
Catatafish: Cunt fuck this shit
thommoae: Riccardi = X-factor material?
SadBlueBoi: Hypothetically if you had C on player who scored outside your top 18 including doubled score, would your VC score to C?
BumSniff: dez if it helps i moved captaincy from nicnat to macrae
hokkien34: Looks like Serong is playing on the moon this week… *sigh*
Avarax: no blue boi
bagger2217: go Cogs go!
srj2409: Brayshaw from nowhere. Wasn’t he single figures at quarter time?
CozzieCan: Kelly back into Neale
boges11: @Sadblueboi dunno about SC but in DT you get your capt unless he doesn’t play
SadBlueBoi: Thanks Avarax, I didn’t think so
kascadev8: just another horrific week for me, cant catch a break this year :/
Avarax: brayshaw was 0 figures at qtr time
thommoae: Freo can’t complain about the umpiring rub of the green at present …
softwhitee: what a yuck trade Fyfe is turning out to be
Patty19: Whitfield looks fantastic
Patty19: Destroying freo off the back flank
colin wood: Ryan junk possession and lol at his SC go up .. horrible bias scoring this season..
bhg26: Me too softwhitee, thought I was a genius
CozzieCan: Now Ryan injured flower me
BumSniff: If Fyfe somehow doesn’t average top 8-10 mid numbers 🙁
DrSeuss: Put Walters on the ball – get him some possessions
MONEY TALK: once again sorry for making ryan my captain
Cottees: Injuries galore
dezlav: @Bumsniff. Don’t you love this game. Expecting a good score and your captain does Jack
BumSniff: Whats Zac Williams been up to this quarter?
CozzieCan: Ryan okay now phew
kascadev8: no keep walters off the ball
furphy: jeepers first kelly now ryan. cant catch a break
Wahab_18: Kelly cost me a massive multi
dipstick: Who wanted a Kelly hammy? Jelly is more of a paper cup than fyfe is
Catatafish: Thank you Mumford for fucking me with Jelly. I am out of this garbage. Good luck all
wadaramus: Keep going Brayshaw!
softwhitee: back in the guts at least Fyfe, please get me a 90 odd
beerent11: Coniglioyoyo
NavyMan: Fyfe is going fine.. just never expect a good score against De Boer and Man of steele.. simples
srj2409: Me dipstick. He was going to cost me my qualifying final. Love watching the bloke play but he’s burnt me so many times.
beerent11: Yes Liam!
srj2409: No wahab mummy cost you
CozzieCan: 30 more points Whitfield to make up for Kelly & I’ll be happy
tommy10: Do something Walters ffs
srj2409: Williams butchering it. 12 possies for 43. Wow.
Cottees: Ricardi looking amazing
Apachecats: Haynes like watching paint dry.
Badgerbadg: Riccardi is legend status
Apachecats: Actually the paint more exciting.
srj2409: Lol at mummy. Classic
pcaman2003: Whitty Cogs Haynes, Riicardi,Brayshaw and Ryan so can’t complain really
dezlav: Big push in last qtr please Ash
DrSeuss: Riccardi on my bench – Opponent has him on field ffs. Move Walters
kascadev8: i must be playing the only person having de boar, and he is gonna ruin me 🙁 initial 200 point lead gone
original: Mosquito over riccardi FFS
StuL: Riccardi going to beat my premo recruits
dipstick: Ryan was on 42 sc in the first qtr
kascadev8: nope riccardi kicked the goal,im leading again, gonna be close
beerent11: Natural forward
thommoae: I have Riccardi onfield. 🙂
Badgerbadg: Riccardi could kick 10
BumSniff: Fuck me riccardi is something
Avarax: how does someone scoring 63 ruin you kasca?
pcaman2003: Where’s TheLegend6? He’s gone very quiet this qtr?
wadaramus: Do something Haynes, you only need 10 possessions to ton up!
heppelitis: riccardi going to finish my year in one league
circle52: Who would have thought I would have Riccardi in best 18 over Williams and Walters.
TeamRMPG: Everyone saying last week he wouldn’t hold his spot, glad I got him in
kascadev8: @Avarax because i dont have many uniques to my opponent, and 4 of my uniques have scored under 70, he has had 1
Water: How heppelitis
Stu7: Riccardi on fire – compensating for sh1t effort from Perrymason
pcaman2003: @Wadaramus. Haynes has done little so far and needs to stand up last qtr.
beerent11: Ball hasn’t been down there wadaramus
CniglioSsn: teamRM, i did the same taking the punt that he’s a jet. however, he is likely to be dropped for dev after one poor game
pharace: Get a tackle Riccardi – soft! 🙂
CozzieCan: Cmon Fyfe 100 plz
wadaramus: I just want him to ton up pcaman!
Patty19: How is fyfe on 74
bhg26: Riccardi is stuck on my bench, bugger
hokkien34: Teams are out for tomorrow. Silly me brought in Cottrel as a cheapie and now he’s managed haha
Foursuits: Kelly ?
TeamRMPG: CniglioSsn I hear you but I’m running on fumes trade wise
dipstick: @cozzie. Pfft of course fyfe will ton. He just got 29 points for 3 touches lol
Avarax: is fyfe getting sympathy points. literally havent seen or heard his name called
Thomas1234: If kelly was 300$ cheaper I would’ve brought in mozzy over riccardi that’s one positive out of the neale-kelly trade
Foursuits: Just seen the video on afl app
BumSniff: How has Mason Wood got another game at north
wadaramus: Gotta be 4 free kicks and 8 CP’s?
dezlav: @wadaramus. When you chat to Haynes can you tell Ash to pick it up also. Ha ha.
wadaramus: How is Ryan on 62 with 4 muppets?!
Avarax: dunno sniff. lack of options.
pharace: Has photos of the Coach BumSniff
Pies20: ricardi thankyou
Avarax: or tanking for draft picks?
CozzieCan: @Dipstick ridiculous I know , but making up for Kelly need all I can get aye
dezlav: @pharace. Noice
CniglioSsn: Friendship ended with Cameron, now Riccardi is my best friend
BumSniff: We arent in a position where we have to try and tank lol. We lose either way
Bart Man: Fyfe has been in de boers back pocket all game
Avarax: hahaha sniff truer words not spoken.
pjw1234: riccardi on the bench and no body left to loop
Stu7: Grundy or Adams for C gents?
pharace: Especially having LDU on the midfield
Bart Man: Bumsniff wood had 9 touches at 40 percent efficiency last week, he is a spud
Avarax: gotta be grundles right stu7?
pcaman2003: Please ton up Riccardi and make the day for your owners.
Avarax: we know bartman. thats what we are saying
Stu7: @Avarax thanks mate
pcaman2003: Brayshaw and Riccardi turning out to be good buy in s this week.
BumSniff: Not sure if I want to pick up Haynes at this rate
Apachecats: Grundy stu7 ,Carlton rucks not strong.
Stu7: @pjw1234 I nearly did the same but took a punt and paid off – benced Rankine instead.
original: Brayshaw was -1 at qtr time wow
colin wood: come on brayshaw catch whitfield 🙂
Stu7: Seeing Brayshaw scored 0 in the first quarter he has done awesome
CozzieCan: GOD has the VC on Whitfield
Avarax: i have both too stu7, but i think grundy is the reliable option
dipstick: Fyfe another 4 points for flicking his hair. Would’ve got a dozen if he adjusted the hairy beanbags
Stu7: @Apachecats thanks mate
pcaman2003: @Bum Sniff. Has been good until last week and this. Still worth a look.
pharace: Nearly bench Riccardi too, oppo had him on field so was worth risk to do same – phew!
Apachecats: NTP interesting ,lowest guess was 87 ,struggling to even make that.
BumSniff: Theres not much around his price with his scoring capability too
Stu7: GWS Bench Whitefield seeing you are so far in front.
hinsch: Freo were talking finals last week LOL
pcaman2003: Lift Haynes and Ryan
Stu7: Kelly just scored another 3 points not bad from the pine
The Hawker: Missed out on NTP, who was the chosen player for this game Apache?
Stu7: Perryman limp to 80 please redeem yourself
Arminius: more sooks who don’t know how SC scoring works, go play DT
original: Can’t wait to watch riccardi score 85+ for rest of the year while my mozi scores 40s
MONEY TALK: was between lloyd and ryan for the c, im sure u can work out which one i took
thommoae: Was that a bit of Orange Tsunami we just saw?
Apachecats: Yeah Stu7 ,he just lain a tackle on the nurse in casualty.
original: @dipstick completely agree with u
Stu7: So glad I didnt play Dudd Hill this wekk – condoloscenes to those who did
Apachecats: It is Haynes The hawker.
wadaramus: Carn Brayshaw, finish strong, do something Haynes you flog!
pharace: GWS have the better Hill
Apachecats: *laid
DrSeuss: Keep going Sonny, don’t disappear Cogs
Avarax: lol apache
BigChief: @Apache no chance of getting to 87 LOL
Stu7: @Apachecats :))))
Stu7: @Apachecats 1 more point – no going there 🙂
dezlav: Okay Coniglio. You’ve done enuff. Now go and sit on the bench for the rest of the qtr plz
The Hawker: Still a chance to get 87!
pcaman2003: Is Ryan hiding behind a rock somewhere?
Stu7: @BigChief – who Whitefield? :))))))
Stu7: Woops I mean Kelly
Apachecats: Yeah Stu7 can only guess what the 1 pointer would be.
Stu7: Woops I mean Kelly
BRAZZERS: haynes, scores better with davis in the teeam obviously
pharace: Well said Suess!
BigChief: @Stu7 Why would I mean Whitfield when NTP is Haynes?
navy_blues: is riccardi related to the geelong riccardi?
Apachecats: If Kelly goes +10 you know he’s doing well in there.
hinsch: Kelly score still going up not bad for a bench player
BRAZZERS: gives the bin tho, some good junk
pharace: S.Hill up 20 on last week’s output – yah have had it Hill!
The Hawker: Haynes stacking up free disposals
pcaman2003: Onya Haynes and keep that up.
Arminius: Ryan on bench for last 10 mins, flower off freo
pharace: Over the Hill
beerent11: Haynes well under 500k next week
BRAZZERS: haynes bin
Water: Riccardi is not related to the geelong riccardi
Cr1cketeer: What’serong with the kid these past weeks?
Kidult: Damn now Giants leapfrog the dogs on %
Apachecats: Haynes is going beserk.
navy_blues: k ty
StuL: One possession in the 2nd qtr. 9 this qtr from my recruits. How is this possible?
Stu7: BigChief it was a joke – I was talking baout Kelly scoring from the bench –
pcaman2003: Hard to believe Ryan was 36 or 39 at qtr time and is only on 64. Bizarre!
Stu7: You had to be there
RGriffen: Haynes the king bin
hinsch: thought I sort defense this week got in Ryan and Williams
Avarax: ouch hinsch
kascadev8: happy with riccardi now, looking a bit beter now, hopefully 1 more goal in the last 2 mins
BigChief: @Stu7 well I was talking about the NTP and Looks like I was wrong with that also.
BumSniff: can happily take back what i said about haynes
Snarfy: Its his son Water. Wonder why he didn’t get picked up in the father son rule?
pcaman2003: Brayshaw has stopped again past 10 mins
Stu7: Big dissapoiintment Perryman should have bouhgt Jakc Martin instead
BRAZZERS: riccardi looks cooked out there
pharace: Is Riccardi going to have 2nd week syndrome? heheh
Stu7: @BigChief yes I knew that 🙂
BRAZZERS: lol its not his son at all
navy_blues: thats why i asked snarf
BumSniff: why did they put riccardi on 93% TOG lol
StuL: THat was meant to be a 0. One possesion between 3 players in a half. That’s special. MIght as well fold my shower team
StuL: You’re so rage traded to Lloyd Ryan you flog.
RGriffen: 43 point last quarter from Haynes. AF is garbage
pcaman2003: Nice job Riccardi Brayshaw Cogs and SWhitty
BigChief: @Snarfy Jake’s Dad is Tony not Peter.
pharace: Well done Riccardi, baited you to go over last week score…hehe
robbieg: is jeremy cameron is in form its a hard team to beat
BigChief: I could be close with NTP
Avarax: 220 points to come
Apachecats: NTP result in first 1/4 of next game .Big Chief ,BartMan and bhg26 all in the hunt.
Reubz: 210 points still to scale in…jelly to make Ton??
srj2409: Riccardi s 90 seems low
Apachecats: also 88360 and Social depending on scaling.
swandane: trash can for haynes
pcaman2003: So Ryan scored under 30 points for 3/4 of the game. That sucks!
pjw1234: williams 21 touches for only 63 must have butchered it
Thomas1234: Riccardi should reach ton
pcaman2003: Riccardi job stability looking very good now.
CozzieCan: There’s a big big sound from the west of the town , it’s Fyfe having a stinker with Ryan
88360: Just hopped on, what where the final results of ntp
Apachecats: Waiting for scaling for NTP>0

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