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Chat log from R13 of 2020: Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne, R13 of 2020

goat_19: hmm, clarry or crae vc?
Yelse: same dilemma i got @ goat kinda stuck
Ooost: That’s a hard one.. If I had Clarry I’d go Clarry into Neale, but Mac VC here
amigaman: Just traded in Oliver so my fault when he crashes.
pcaman2003: Afternoon fellas. Got Clarry into Neale,but a bit concerned Steele might tag him.
navy_blues: hi all oliver into neale for me
amigaman: Oliver into Neale for me
pcaman2003: Thanks Amiga. That instils confidence
amigaman: pcaman you know how this works ๐Ÿ™‚
pcaman2003: Unfortunately,yes!
BigChief: Just saw Hannan warming up. Who is out for Melb?
Gotigres: I will go down with you amigaman and have Oliver into Neale
goat_19: crae into fyfe, lloyd for me
amigaman: Nothing on AFL site BC
missmagic: n.jones out
goat_19: fyfe or lloyd*
pcaman2003: Chief. Haven’t seen or heard of any changes yet
amigaman: Thanks missmagic
pcaman2003: Jones out with a quad injury
BigChief: @missmagic. Just saw Jones out. Thank you
wadaramus: Jones out I think.
Woodie22: Afternoon lads.
FLAG: and ladies
Raspel31: And those of questionable origins.
kascadev8: good afternoon, tracca, pickett and macrae in for me
Fatbar5tad: Nice advantage call not
pcaman2003: Damn poms!
CozzieCan: Vc Macrae , think I should of went bont .. decisions decisions
Raspel31: Think Steele will tag Neale to death. Thoughts?
Woodie22: And ladettes
pcaman2003: Raspel. That’s my main concern.
Gandhi: Libba brings down the quality of the dogs midfield
hokkien34: Raspel, I thought the same
Fatbar5tad: And that’s 50. Umpires are on already.
BigChief: I have a feeling Steele will tag Zorko.
NewFreoFan: Neale hard to tag though
Raspel31: Having both pcaman I’m scared they’ll cancel eachother out.
Rathain84: Hi all. Lift Macrae! You should be on 50 by now! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Yelse: they missed oliver handball
StuL: Was going to get Brayshaw and didn’t so obviously he will be back and
kascadev8: gone with hawk as a pod, he looks a lot better at the cats this year, better service for him
Fatbar5tad: Coliver VC, Macca, Trac and Viney.
pcaman2003: Yelse . They sure did.
Fatbar5tad: Coliver VC, Macca, Trac and Viney for the fat man.
GobChuck: Final week of tentative watching on brayshaw, 100+ puts him straight in my team next week
CozzieCan: The Bont is back , last chance this week to get him cheap .. 52k jump end of this round
Fatbar5tad: Director needs to leave the insert alone. Bloody annoying.
Poliyagon: Clayton VC, Macrae, Tracca and Smith!
GobChuck: Viney Oliver MaCrae(VC) Baz Salem today
pcaman2003: Hopefully Clarry scores big and won’t need to bother about Neale.
kascadev8: can drop aarts to mosquito next week if he can hold a spot
NewFreoFan: Would love to get Gus at the Dockers with his brother
bhg26: Macrae vc, Bont, Baz and Tracca
Fatbar5tad: That’s it Hawker go Clarry
satch7: Smart Gobchuck. Miss a potential 100 field a rookie instead and pay an extra 20k next week.
GroupOne: Macrae VC, Tracca only
GobChuck: he’s coming in at m9, got cripps at m8 last week, got 0 rookies on field
Yelse: who do you loophole wicks or zac foot.
GobChuck: last night rather on cripps*
kascadev8: hoping macrae goes big so i can just take his score, happy with draper making coin as the R3 every week
satch7: Thats just showing off now gobchuck
satch7: who are your back ups yelse?
NewFreoFan: Tracca not doing much
kascadev8: man got no rookies on his field.. yet im here with 4 rookies on field
Yelse: why did i do oliver over over crea VC
Haydo: Went Oliver vc over Macrae
CozzieCan: Stay low Tracca , viney & Oliver !!!
SadBlueBoi: Went VC on Oliver, C on Neale
NewFreoFan: Oof, Tracca muppet
scboy123: Anyone else get screwed over by the ladhams houston suspension lol
pcaman2003: Olli
Yelse: oliver for a big second quarter
amigaman: Yeah Houston
pcaman2003: Ollie 97% TOG,performing poorly against other mids with less TOG. Lift Ollie!
heppelitis: Yeah scboy…projected was 2520 until that
scboy123: Got the V on macrae, keep it up jackson
Poliyagon: i had sicily, simpson, mcpherson, houston and ladhams
pjw1234: had houston and scicily so went to hurn and williams
Yelse: got ruscoe close and georgiades depending on line @satch
Catatafish: I’m basically praying for a low Tracca/Oliver score so I can afford them!
CozzieCan: @Apache 180 on Macrae ntp
Crave: VC Bont going alright shoulda gone Jack tho
GobChuck: Viney gonna have one of those annoying 75-80sc games looks like, plenty of ball but absolutely spraying
CozzieCan: I canโ€™t recall , was to Tomlinson any good at gws ? Hasnโ€™t done much at Melbourne
scboy123: Poliyagon can u even field 22 this week lol
Woodie22: What’s oof NewFreoFan?
BigChief: @Cozzie pretty much a fringe player.
pcaman2003: Want to see Ollie get some contested balls
kascadev8: good start macrae, very happy, keep going ๐Ÿ™‚
NewFreoFan: @Woodie the kick across defensive 50 straight to the opposition
CozzieCan: Ah righto thanks @Chief
amigaman: Demons getting belted in the middle despite a dominant ruck
pcaman2003: @Amiga. Ollie and Tracca starting to annoy me
satch7: Im looping Georg with Foot Yelse
Woodie22: My 16 yr old nephew says oof a lot. No idea why lol
DamoBurner: bevo should turn tenglish into a blicavs type, non competitive as a first ruck
cmperrfect: wheres Apache? NTP ?
amigaman: pcaman told you I’d stuff him
CozzieCan: Stay very low tracca !! So I can get you in
pcaman2003: Amiga. You did indeed. lol!
thommoae: Tomlinson was consistent at a high level in a number of different roles at GWS. Sorry to see him go.
Haydo: How can you get annoyed with 2 players who have averaged 120+ so far this season pca they’ve been so good cut them some
Rathain84: Out on full @Woodie
cmperrfect: Tracca BE 102 can he get there?
thommoae: But you’re right Cozzie – not been seen much at Deeland.
Fatbar5tad: Don’t you listen to the stay low crowd here my Demon boys!
2Ph0nes: traccs will still ton comfortably
NewFreoFan: Nothing wrong with a good oof Woodie haha
Fatbar5tad: Umpires call is touched…lets hold up the game while we all confirm what was fucking obvious
BigChief: Muppet for Melksham.
Fatbar5tad: Old man yells at cloud and goal line technology. Adds zero to the game
Fatbar5tad: Ah fuck. Didn’t see that coming. Get on with the game!
amigaman: All that wasted time for a cop out
Woodie22: Rath hey mate.
Rathain84: hey mate, any late outs for the next game?
scboy123: noooo macraes 100% DE ๐Ÿ™ bloody turnover
BigChief: Bevo stupid for playing Dunks as ruck. Put Bruce or the actual ruck English in there.
Nuffman: How’s the young one and the missus, rath?
CozzieCan: Daniel having a shocker
cmperrfect: How many rookies does everyone have on field this far into the season?
Rathain84: Both were great thanks Nuff. Little boy came at 11:37 Sunday night
Woodie22: Lol c’mon now Rath. That was so last week lol
softwhitee: get around it caleb daniel
Woodie22: Congratulations bud
pcaman2003: Oliver feeling the heat in more ways than one.
Nuffman: Beautiful Rath! Congratulations once more
scboy123: 2 TOs already this qtr for jackson, keep it clean
Yelse: biggest regret ever went ollie over mcrae and opponents all have mcrae
BigChief: @cmp I have Noble, Sparrow, Georgiades and Rankine as rookies on field
amigaman: Note to self. Never C or VC a Demons player again
satch7: Think I’m gonna have to settle on someone other than Macrae for my last mid spot..
Haydo: Same yelse
Haydo: Same yelae
CozzieCan: Macrae is an absolute gun
GobChuck: what’s up with viney? bugger all time on ground
Rathain84: thanks lads
Haydo: Whoops
Crave: Melksham unlikable but a great kick
hokkien34: Is Caleb Daniel injured? Low tog
Social: Chose Macrae over Clarry for VC, looking good so far
cmperrfect: where is Caleb Daniel? hardly touced it
amigaman: What’s up with Daniel. 60% TOG
DamoBurner: give english the ghost i reckon, unsighted
pcaman2003: Ollie and Tracca 284 proj between them. LOL! Really?
kascadev8: wake up traccy, cant have you ruining macrae for me
circle52: @cmp I have Foot and Cameron on field. Was looping Budarick and Cameron but 47 not good enough
AuroraBore: traded daniel in this week ๐Ÿ™ big second half pls
CozzieCan: Macrae double ton is a possibility from here
Migz: dat feel when i thought i swapped the vc back to mac but reversed trades and lost the vc :v
TrainMan10: Good stuff English, keep this up
scboy123: decent qtr so far jackson
Crave: Bad conditions for Daniel
The Hawker: Come on Macrae end on 100 at HT!
Poliyagon: cmon tracca and oliver vc
cmperrfect: nice @circle. i have Woodcock and Bell
Apachecats: Afternoon everyone ,todays Nearest the Pin is on Macrae .Apache goes 165.
scboy123: only thing macrae needs is score involvements and to keep that DE high from here
cmperrfect: i had Aaarts too but turned him into Greenwood last night
pcaman2003: Oliver looks like he’s run out of legs. Some of his efforts hysterical.
AuroraBore: 192 for Macrae
CozzieCan: 180 plz Apache
Water: ill go 173 for macrae please apache
pcaman2003: 156 for Macca please Apache
NewFreoFan: Have Daniel 15+ in the multi, needs to lift
FLAG: macrae 200sc
GobChuck: 156 for Macrae please apache
Rathain84: 168 for Macrae thanks Apache
bhg26: 162 Apache
Crave: 157 here
BigChief: 147 plz Apache
StuL: Viney kick worth 0? Ffs. Viney is stuffed
NewFreoFan: 148 for Macrae thank Apache
cmperrfect: 149 McCrae please @Apache
scboy123: Ill take 165 please apache
GobChuck: Steven May sc relevant? assuming he doesn’t fall off a cliff 7/8 of his last scores will be 90+
Poliyagon: Yess OLiver
Thomas1234: 152 apache
Yelse: Macrea 133
amigaman: Was that Ollie Haha
GobChuck: wooo go viney! 11 touches for 25!
pcaman2003: My God! Ollie did something
Bart Man: Iโ€™ll have 162 for mccrae thanks apache
TrainMan10: 158 thanks Apache
thommoae: 139 thanks Apache
scboy123: nah just fckin w u apache.ill take 173
Crave: May will get his 40s and 50s, better options out there for the same $
DamoBurner: @apache 175 pls
goat_19: 164 for macrae thanks
amigaman: Macrae 134 for me please
Pies20: 159 Apache
NewFreoFan: “Fritsch Magnet” what a call hahahaha
The39Steps: @apache, 138 please.
DropCox: Macrae 184
Woodie22: 146 Macrae
scboy123: fuck im so bad at og numbers in this ill take 185
FinlaySON: 157 Macrae please
SC-STAR–: 159 macrae please apache
kascadev8: oliver slow down, if u can stay low then i can have you next week
srj2409: Oliver only 20 less than Macrae and barely sighted wow
circle52: Macrae 150
Schillaci: Oliver up to 57 in a flash. Here comes my VC
BigChief: @Crave May is averaging 85 this year in SC.
adgbubba: Macrae 171
Haydo: 182 for Macrae, not sure mine went through
Fatbar5tad: You were saying pcaman? ๐Ÿ™‚
Yelse: whats wrong with C daniel
Crave: @BigChief and Harris Andrews is averaging 87, KPD never a good idea IMO
MercAm: 154 Macrae
Apachecats: sc boy 185 ok.
original: Purple name game back?
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
cmperrfect: how on earth did English double ton earlier earlier on. looked hopeless since
pcaman2003: Schillaci. Ollie jumped 20 points with that goal.
original: Would be pretty chuffed if Wallis Kicked a second
heppelitis: he played essendon cmperrfect
kascadev8: 175 for macrae please apache
satch7: 139 please Apache if its free
CozzieCan: How little Rioli coming back to the hawks aye , only said a few weeks ago .. crazy
cmperrfect: haha good point Heppel
circle52: as 150 taken 161 for Macrae – Hope he gets the higher scores though VC on him
cmperrfect: geez, Caleb gonna bleed lots of cash this week
Apachecats: Me buying Tracca seems to have done the job.
RooBoyStu: Go Bont!
Apachecats: circle 161 ok.
LeGoat1996: I have the Bont VC, pleased his stuck with McRae thus far
Apachecats: Boy or girl Rathain?
Gotigres: 154 for Macrae. If taken 155 or 156 or 157 thanks apache
RooBoyStu: Thousand Guineas in Oct get on Night Raid. Have a good weekend all. Stay safe
kascadev8: am i right to have 175?
GroupOne: @apache ntp 158 pls
GroupOne: Night Raid very promising @RooBoyStu, do you own some?
SadBlueBoi: 139 Macrae (more hopeful as my opponent has him and I do not)
SadBlueBoi: Just saw somone took it, I will go 138
Apachecats: yes kasca
Rathain84: It was a boy Apache ๐Ÿ™‚
RooBoyStu: Yes GroupOne was 51 now 26 in it
HelloJack: Anything available around 149 for Macrae?
88360: Pizza arrived yet?
Apachecats: Night Raid was the sire of Phar Lap.
Raspel31: Whoops- missed all the bids- is 147 available?
srj2409: 73 for Macrae thanks Apache
BigChief: @Rath I think you mean is a boy ๐Ÿ™‚
Apachecats: HJ ,you got it.
88360: 149 please
Rathain84: Yup my bad BC
Apachecats: srj couple of FA and a collarbone and you could win with that.
RooBoyStu: @Apache correct but this one is a female lol you can name multiple names like humans
Apachecats: Congratulations Rath ,having a drink for you right now.
GroupOne: @apache spot on, man of many talents. MV leader bias wet track today suits Jungle Edge
Apachecats: I have a tiny share in one called Future score who if worth following in the spring.
88360: Rath did your pizza arrive
Rathain84: named him BT after the greatest footy player of all time
Rathain84: Yeah we got to eat before the drive to the hospital too. And I still had time to watch the last game when we got there
kascadev8: clarry got a blister on the bottom of his foot, unlucky
Apachecats: Know Mick Bell very well GroupOne -old Kooweerup boy.
Raspel31: Great news Rath- congrats.
Poliyagon: does oliver actually have a blister?
BigChief: @poliygon yes he does.
feralmong: gratz Rath. go to the hospital and say ‘welease Bwian’.
Apachecats: 41 entries -same as last night.Range73 -200.
kascadev8: @Poli yeh, was taping it at half time
CozzieCan: Hereโ€™s comes bont
kascadev8: @Rath just gotta find them a friend named ‘orazio’
scboy123: does Macrae wanna get involved on the attacking side of things. Opponent has bont and its been a brutal start to the 3rd
Grimes Jr: bont, macrae vc, smith
softwhitee: went Caleb Daniel this week, and chose Fyfe over Bont, looking like a horrid weekend for me
cmperrfect: who had the VC on Bont? looking very good now
Rathain84: thanks lads. lol BT is for Boak Tredrea
88360: Petracca?
DrSeuss: 2nd half has started Brayshaw – looked so good early but now slowed
Grimes Jr: fuck oath doggies
Crave: yeah I have VC on Bont, was looking like a mistake first half but happy now
Apachecats: Macrae starting to motor now, go my VC.
Bezzina: cmon petracca
CozzieCan: Cmon doggies !!
kascadev8: im hoping my move to bring in 2 pods (hawkins and witherden) does well for me this week
thommoae: Brayshaw’s TOG reflecting that pca – Goodwin treating him with kid gloves again?
BigChief: FFS umpire called touched and they review. Get rid of this BS already.
DrSeuss: Looks like Goodwin is back to screwing with Brayshaws TOG
circle52: Rookie error working out OKJ reversed trades but forgot to check c and vc c on Macrae so keep going.
FlyinRyan2: if b smith could dispose of the ball efficiently he’d be getting 110+ every week
BigChief: What was Melksham thinking? He was 5m at least over the mark.
pcaman2003: Pull your finger out Ollie and motor up
kascadev8: would like pickett to get into it, need some cash from him to bring in clarry nxt week
cmperrfect: Agreed @circle Tell SC they need a Reverse Trade button as well as Reverse Changes, make life alot easier last minute
BigChief: 3rd quarter has started Melb.
CozzieCan: Sparrow in huge trouble .. poor bloke is crying
original: Cmon salem
DrSeuss: Brayshaw back on a wing and TOG going down – another great trade-in from yours truly
BumSniff: what time does the teams normally get released
heppelitis: just needs a spray Dr
Gotigres: Please Oliver. I really need this
cmperrfect: Petracca ton looking less likely at this rate gents
softwhitee: did anyone consider trading Boak in, Ports run seems v easy
circle52: Around 6:20 BumSniff
BigChief: Same timnes as last 3 rounds.
kascadev8: libba looks like a good pod. <900 have him and averaging about 100
Gotigres: Very poor kick Oliver
BumSniff: Cheers. Need Brander or make the cut or I’m in the shit
StacksOn: need macrae to get a fair bit of it, mixed up my VC/C
Poliyagon: how does efficiency affect scoring?
kascadev8: pickett doesnt wanna play today i see
pcaman2003: How doers Ollie only gain points for a mark,kick and tackle with no clanger?
cmperrfect: need another 12 behinds from Melb so Daniel gets 12 kick ins
CozzieCan: @Kas Libba was last year , when he came back in for his first game .. all the hype (never again for most )
srj2409: Melbourne are poo
pcaman2003: 4 points for Ollie that is.
Apachecats: Poly SC doesn’t give much unless you hit a target.
amigaman: Sick to death of the reviews
Yelse: 10 possessions ollie discraceeee
BumSniff: Happy to see Melbourne lose. just not happy to tip them
kascadev8: yeh man i had libba last year, didnt go for him this year but his scores are starting to look really good
StacksOn: shocking review lol
BigChief: Daniel not doing most of the kick ins now. Williams is.
Nuffman: Happy for Daniel (and Cavarra) to stay low
scboy123: doggies 10 goals, macrae 1 score involvement lol
kascadev8: btw im pretty sure this goal umpire has reviewed every decision he has had to make today, have some faith in yourself
pcaman2003: The riviews use long distant rubbish cameras,so don’t know why they bother
BumSniff: Odds on Cav getting another game
Apachecats: Macrae at 90% ,nice.
StuL: Viney yet lives. Yay
StuL: Don’t come Monday with that last kick
BumSniff: fuck i love preuss
Poliyagon: Please at least beat viney oliver you spud
DrSeuss: Odds on Brayshaw getting a touch and making some more tackles.
DamoBurner: demons players just a bunch of individuals, never working for each other
pcaman2003: Oliver has gained a whopping 12 points this qtr.
kascadev8: petracca r u ok today? only 61% efficiency and a 65 score
scboy123: Does anyone know why teams werent all released at once like a normal round when its a normal round?
heppelitis: Geez McClean ten points for the last half after you started so well. Please finish strong. Not that you r listening lol
wolfheart: Macrae has been killing me this year.
Social: don’t have tracca so a price drop would be welcome
Ooost: 35 pt qtr from Petracca coming up
Stu7: FU Melbourne you cost me a tip!!
satch7: Clarry almost half way to his projected
Stu7: Good luck with missing the finals you dudds – ha ha
pcaman2003: Looks like Neale for C now.
Water: 91% efficiency for Macrae with 23 touches is ridiculous
Raspel31: That would be rather pleasant Ooost as brought Tracca in this week.
wolfheart: its a 3 goal wind. The Ds are still in it.
kascadev8: macrae should get 140 easy, 3rd quarter a breather for him
Stu7: Bury them Doggies!!!
BumSniff: Hoping for a 140+from Macrae. Looks fairly achievable
FLAG: taking anything over 130, steele v neale….
Stu7: Macrae will get more then 140 I reckon
Raspel31: My thoughts too FLAG.
Yelse: can ollie get to 20 possies
BumSniff: Wish the saints had a bye next round. Wouldbe worked easier to bring in Steele
kascadev8: same here flag, relying on my vice to get the score i need so i can avoid the neale risk
BumSniff: Trac to finish on 90. Baz on 105
cmperrfect: cmon Caleb, 70+ would be good from here
Rathain84: Need a big qtr from Baz!
Ooost: J mac is getting looped from here, not risking steele tag
CozzieCan: Cmon Bont & Macrae lets go boys !!
FLAG: years ago 120sc was a good vc
Yelse: get off the bench ollie
GobChuck: c’mon baz land a ton here lad!
Foursuits: VC on Macrea, already decided
Apachecats: Ooost ,I just did my loop.
Stu7: There’s Melbournes first opportunity to coem back missed. Dogs by 35
HugeHead: I reversed my trades before the round and forgot the put the VC back on Macrae, guess I gotta hope for Lloyd to go big
kascadev8: likelyhood of tyler brown playing for collingwood, can use him as a loop
srj2409: equal scoring shots
goat_19: crae loop locked in
pcaman2003: Tracca and Ollie only need another 143 points to reach projections:)
RooBoyStu: No way Macrae should ve ahead of Bont on sc. Cd a joke
scboy123: macrae is seriously pissing me off. 25 absolute nothing disposals. 1 fucking score involvement
Grimes Jr: cop that melbourne. joke of a club with spineless supporters
kascadev8: macrae stop handballing, kick the pill pleaseee
StacksOn: I don’t understand how people disagree with CD or say they favor players, isn’t it just stats and maths?
GobChuck: Careful Grimes, any sniff of an upset tonight and you’ll cop it no end
Apachecats: Macrae ahead of Bont on every stat except the goal RBS.
wadaramus: Eleve contested, 7 tackles, 5 clearnces 88% DE!
CozzieCan: I remember when it was VC or C on D.Cox & A.Sandilands
srj2409: Ease up grimes no need to be a flog
BumSniff: Cavarra constantly looks lost
Silz90: Grimes calm down
kascadev8: @srj2409 theyve got tom lynch in their team so its impossible not to be
FLAG: only flog is lynch
Apachecats: Spewing up bile again Grimes.
Silz90: pretty such score involvements mean nothing. saw it on twitter i think
feralmong: Grimes dude. 1983-2016 should be a cautious tale.
cmperrfect: I had the VC on Ablett for 5 years @Cozzie every week
srj2409: Tom Lynch doesnโ€™t play for Melb
Migz: @stacks. Sort of. there can be variation based on what they consider effective + what pressure value they use.
Grimes Jr: @feral, we turned up tho. melbourne boys up at the snow
CozzieCan: @Cmp between him & Judd was a impossible to pick
feralmong: Demons just lack leaders. Bout 2 good leaders short.
Silz90: pretty much*
kascadev8: is sparrow out for the game? never updated to the red cross if he is
Donzoes: same, ablett never moved from VC
pcaman2003: Good point to make feralmong. They were lean times.
Stu7: Guess that wind hasnt made a difference for Melb.
2Ph0nes: no denying lynch is a flog, even i cant disagree
TrainMan10: Both of these teams can be hit and miss
Raspel31: Agree with everyone- well out of order grimes- grimey indeed.
feralmong: true pca. Richo got us through and love him for it.
Bezzina: whyโ€™s petracca so low score?
kascadev8: ablett first in, put on the loop, and ur done for the year, i remember those times
Stu7: 7 goals to 1
Woodie22: There’s always one
cmperrfect: McCrae gone missing this qtr… ?
HugeHead: Viney gone quiet this quarter
Stu7: Macrae run out of steam!!
kascadev8: macrae been on the bench all quarter? or did i miss the 5 minutes he was on?
pcaman2003: @cmperrfect. Which suits me as my oppo has the VC on him.
FLAG: at least ton up clarry
pcaman2003: Wondering now whether to go Neale or LLoyd for C? Any thoughts
Water: macrae been managed this quarter guys
GobChuck: macrae will get a cheap 10-15 more points probably
goat_19: lloyd for me pca
HugeHead: Petracca you flog
wolfheart: dees rip their fans hearts out again. Dogs too good.
Stu7: Neale
Raspel31: I’m hovering with Macrae now pcaman- even Titch?
Crave: cmon bont another 15 or so points will do nicely
feralmong: macrae loopable already. all bonus here. neale could go 100.
Donzoes: petracca gotten 5 ppints from last 7 or so touches, terrible
circle52: If Macrae gets to 135 which he should sticking with him. Still 300 points to come
wolfheart: Jack Steele is the best defensive mid in the game. Lloyd will go large tonight with no Rampe.
feralmong: i need to see cats team to see if i can loop.
Stu7: Dogs into the 8 Melb out – suck eggs Melb you had your chance and blew it
pcaman2003: Raspel. Not sure about Titch against Port.
kascadev8: @wolfheart arent lloyds lowest scores when rampe either didnt play or scored low, i think they generally were
GobChuck: c’mon viney ton up big fella, very happy 2nd half though
scboy123: nice macrae, finally gets a kickand straight to melbourne.
Stu7: Neal only 1 sub 100 score – however this may be his second.
Raspel31: Macrae done enough methinks.
CozzieCan: Taking Macrae VC not risking anyone this week
srj2409: Viney 24 possies 58% DE. Killer.
pcaman2003: Getting lots of different answeres so maybe I’ll flip a coin. Thanks Gents
feralmong: Macrae 140+ with scaling. done deal.
kascadev8: @Cozzie same here, no need to screw around again, took the L from that last week
cmperrfect: When are tomorrows teams named?
wolfheart: couldn’t tell you Kas. I’m not the rain man. I just feel he will step up to organise the defense.
scboy123: to take 135 or not to take 135. Isnt the VC cut off 150+ u take anything under u roll the dice
Lawls: Think I’ll take bont VC
StacksOn: good boy Macrae, Mr. Consistent
Apachecats: small scaling 3% to come.
scboy123: lol what just went down 1 after the game finished. nice
kascadev8: do i field georgiades against hawks with no sicily? or aarts against ridley?
Silz90: lol scboy no 130+ for me
CozzieCan: @Kas the amount of injuries this year , Macrae is the saving grace this week
SC-STAR–: need your help should I take bonts score or go neale? lloyd
Crave: yea prior to this year 130+ was always taken but players have gone massive this year lol
Lawls: Nah @scboy usually 130+ you take
wolfheart: Wallis and Libba were bog for mine
kascadev8: @Cozzie, ive had fyfe stewart greene gawn sicily and a few ive forgotten that injury forced me to move on, horrific
Erich1036: @scboy123 LOL imagine turning down anything above 130 hahaha
Silz90: neale scored 79 last time he played saints
Woodie22: Lived when Sundays team were named on Friday evenings.
CozzieCan: @Kas been a horrendous year aye . Unbelievable
Woodie22: Loved
Raspel31: Add Howe to that list.
Yelse: what happened with naming game?
Apachecats: Waiting for scaling yelse.

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