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Chat log from R13 of 2020: Gold Coast vs Carlton

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Carlton, R13 of 2020

Yelse: who do you loophole rankine or georgiades
J.Worrall: Go Suns
Yelse: captains and VC boys?
bhg26: Good evening gents
CozzieCan: Evening lads , 3 days no footy was going nuts I tell ya
Woodie22: Evening lads
Poliyagon: i’ve got 2 trades to deal with McPherson, Simpson, Ladhams and Sicily…
Apachecats: Anybody home?
Water: evening gents, its been a while hasnt i
Water: t
Bart Man: Shower boys, no footy killed me. Had to actually talk to the mrs and realised how boring she is
FinlaySON: haha that’s no good Bart Man
circle52: Macrae into Nerale for me Yelse
BigChief: Looks like Sidebottom will be out for a few weeks.
bhg26: Moved up to 293rd boys
Yelse: thinking danger into neal
Ash777: is it true nic nat is going to be managed this week?
Water: nice work bhg
Bezzina: Ash – He’s fit and wants to play. Nobody knows
V@lks: Hope not Ash. In great form. bhg that’s unreal, sub 1000 is elite.
StuL: Darwin. The tropical Queanbeyan
Avarax: oliver into neale for me
bhg26: whats everyones projected score?
Water: macrae into im still thinking about it hoping macrae scores 150+
Apachecats: Macrae into Grundy.
Billy777: mine is 2526
Ash777: 2331 proj for me
RidleMeDis: Good evening everyone, first time here after reading for all these years haha
StuL: 2300 something. Rubbish as always
Apachecats: Thought of Crippa VC but went MaCRAE.
Cottees: 2399 but havent made any trades yet. With who I am planning to projected is 2439
Yelse: they might rest nic nat if mummy gets named
Apachecats: You are very welcome Ridle ,where are your colors?
Raspel31: Hi, new to to this Austrian rules footb?un yesall. I sf
CozzieCan: Simpson into Cripps , cmon lad
GobChuck: hmmmm, hopefully cripps doesn’t make me regret bringing him in for Yeo this week
SC-STAR–: Raspel your in the wrong app this is for australian rules not austrian
beerent11: Slippery pill
BigChief: @Raspel you put the wrong dictonary into the phone.
TigerNut04: Dustin Martin is the best the player. Full stop
Ash777: Now you’re just trolling
Avarax: he sure is tigernut. next topic
V@lks: Tiger, please don’t pollute this thread. M0nty can you dish out a warning and or ban plz?
Thomas1234: Not this again tiger
bhg26: Nooooo! TigerNut is back!
Apachecats: Hahaha Tiger ,see if you can suck any one into an argument 2 matches running.
BigChief: @Ash don’t feed the troll
MrWalrus: Im projected for 2398, hilarious joke supercoach :/
Raspel31: Ah danke mein freuden- all good now. Go Carlton.
Yelse: crappy game
Silz90: Miers troll 》 tigersnut troll
Cottees: I am always projected 2350+ lately and I always get 2100-2300 hahaq
DrSeuss: So who traded in Cottrell this week?
navy_blues: tigernut aka bruce mcavaney?
Ash777: expect the tigers vs dons game not much better than this.
Bluebagg11: Evening gents. Cripps VC Doch Greenw. Good start!!
RooBoyStu: Why is Cottrell listed as #49 on here, he wears #46
CozzieCan: How did this game make Friday night ? Let’s be honest
Raspel31: Tigernut is apparently a dwarf with only one testicles and learning disabililties. S0, best not to reply.
feralmong: 2349 projected
BigChief: @RooBoy there have been quite a few this year listed wrong.
Stu7: Suns – 3 doughnuts what a start 😂
NewFreoFan: Getting PTSD every time they call Newnes
Ash777: huge difference between performance on anderson after last week. should of rested him.
bhg26: It’s the Gorringe Cup Cozzie. How Good!
Stu7: Come on Weller & Dochtor
BigChief: Proj 2301, but it will be closer to 2000 by end of round LOL
kascadev8: cripps in this for me. projected 2411 (gotta trade out sicily) thinking of going to witherden
DidgiePie: SPS in my draft team 🙁
NewFreoFan: Wanganeen, great player, not much of a media operator
CozzieCan: @Kas Sicily to W.Day for me .. Sicily out big points for day
beerent11: I downgraded dusty to jack martin to make money for final upgrade today.
pcaman2003: Hey M0nty! My comments aen’t going on. I s there a problem? Thanks
Yelse: 2454 here with McPherson C for now
Rathain84: Hi All! (4th attempt at posting)
GroupOne: 2370 before Trades. Cripps, Doch, Rank.
kascadev8: @CozzieCan ive been lucky enough to have Day since he started playing, been a D6 for me for a while, enjoyed his scores
Struda: is anyone here actually top 1k sc?
beerent11: Like that move cozziecan
CozzieCan: @Kas very nice mate maybe field day & free up some money from Sicily ?
Ash777: got rankine n cripps in this.
Raspel31: Projected 9000 and might bring in Oliver to round od the0,000. Who the hell cares about your projected scores?
Stu7: Hi Rathain84
kascadev8: @Cozzie ive got Sholl from Adelaide who will play, got 388k rn from switching gawn to nicnat last week
satch7: 2518 proj for me… I wish
bhg26: 293 Struda
CozzieCan: @beerent you have him m8 ?
GobChuck: sitting somewhere in the 800’s struda, 2500 last week set me up well
Billy777: i am ranked 239
kascadev8: im liking witherden as an option, 4x 100+ scores in a row, averaging 113 without his r1 score, got 100 when Rich played
GobChuck: Jeez lukosius already 255m gained after 850ish last week. Huge
beerent11: Jack Martin f5 cozz
Stu7: Projected 2981
BigChief: Blues look better ATM.
Raspel31: No you’re notd Billy- I just looked. Why the need to lie- small penis?
Avarax: raspel, he meant gold coast are ranked 239th
dipstick: @rae
Bluebagg11: Come on VC Crippa! 65 at HT please
Billy777: yes i am raspel team name top five my actual name is kel but everyone calls me billy
dipstick: @raspel learn how to type you drunk whinger
GobChuck: Got Martin Cripps Greenwood Lukosius Docherty, solid enough start so far
TigerNut04: Interesting Broad omitted, with the trade talk… there’s more to the story
Raspel31: Bravo Avarax x
Bezzina: anyone got opinion on brining in Williams? – GWS
CozzieCan: Let’s go Rankine !!!
TigerNut04: Bombers are chasing Jack Graham, possibly Broad also
Billy777: i don’t lie about such things
bhg26: Do it Bezzina, should be a top 6 defender
gazza39: Of all the weeks to put the C on Flanders…
Billy777: i would be wary of williams think GWS will rest him with their draw and his recent injuries
Apachecats: he’s very consistant Bezzina. always gets his 100.
Water: bezzina Williams is a great value option and with no bye, u cant go wrong hopefully
Raspel31: dipstick- learn how to not be an endless grumpy abuser.
Stu7: Sorry that was 1892
2Ph0nes: lol muppet no ones listening to you
Bezzina: Just worried about all stars around him stealing his points. His 3 round average is excellent tho
Stu7: Beezina – if I had the Dow I’d buy him – go for it, good choice
NewFreoFan: Geez been a while since a shit captain joke
Avarax: no way GWS rest him. he is in their best 22, and they need to make finals. he plays 100%
Silz90: I prefer Haynes over Williams. But both players are guns.
tdarian: simpson playing on flanders?
Bezzina: cheers fellas!
NewFreoFan: Vintage Betts
DrSeuss: Greeny back to his tackling ways this week.
gazza39: @Freo. better than this banter lol
TigerNut04: Where’s Nelson when you need him? Ha Ha
beerent11: Farkin hot there players look cooked
dipstick: @tdari Flanders is on Simpsons 100%
NewFreoFan: true gazza lol
Stu7: Woeful kicking
NewFreoFan: I reckon I’m gonna lock Walsh next season
Raspel31: Thought about trading Doc to bring in Oliver but my great grandmother said no x
Billy777: i have lukosius all year and would have him over both of them
Social: Reckon Lukosios might be in my starting line up next season
Bluebagg11: Tdarian haha
kascadev8: any objections to going hawk+witherden to save 100k+ for nxt weeks upgrades?
beerent11: Love it when your players score goes up while they’re on the pine
pcaman2003: Turned commentary down again. Bruce giving me haemorrhoids
Stu7: Carlton will get burnt by there kicking – not even Newnes will save them
TigerNut04: What are you locking Walsh into FreoFan ? 😘
BigChief: I think Rowell will be a lock for me next season
Apachecats: Tonights Neaerest the Pin is on Docherty. Apache goes 102.
GobChuck: Glad lukosius didn’t over push that and blow a hammy tbh
V@lks: @social. Had from the start, very pleased
NewFreoFan: TigerNut I reckon he’ll jump to prem status next year
V@lks: @social. Had him from the start, very pleased…except for that chase
Social: I wonder which Bunnings she works at
pcaman2003: 92 for me please Apache
BigChief: 91 for me @Apache
Yelse: ill take 122
Woodie22: 109 docherty
Raspel31: dipstick- I know your name encapsulates your personality- but after 5 years- is there any joy?
GobChuck: Luko the cheapest keeper this year? can’t remember any others that have been keepers under 250k
MercAm: 121 Docherty
NewFreoFan: 98 for Dochtor thanks Apache
Thomas1234: love these apache put me for 110
bhg26: 113 for Docherty
DrSeuss: Lock in 107 for me Apache
Cottees: 98 doc
BigChief: @pcaman only Bruce? BT is worse.
Avarax: 97 please apache
kascadev8: 100 pls Apache
Xyrca: Docherty 85 thanks
GobChuck: 116 for me please apache
Billy777: 113 for me @apache
The39Steps: @apache, Docherty 99.
FinlaySON: docherty 111 please
V@lks: 92 for Doch Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels
ElstyBoy: lock doch in for 87
Social: 89 for Doc
exatekk: 99 for doc please Apache
Billy777: change me to 111
Water: Ill go 95 for doc please apache
feralmong: 170 for doc, big 2nd half
CozzieCan: 135 for doc plz Apache
circle52: 110 for Docherty
Ash777: doch 115
pcaman2003: Big Chief. Very close peas in a pod mate.
GobChuck: miss the days of gibbons sitting on my bench for 20 roudns
NewFreoFan: Hey m0nty, save Apache the work and bring back the purple name game
BigChief: Wow @feral big is an understatement mate.
TigerNut04: 420 will do
tdarian: doc 88 for me
scboy123: 94 if available else 96, 98 or 102 apache. lemme know if still none of those available
Raspel31: popping around in 5 . So opting out.
feralmong: I’m glass half full chief
kascadev8: i had setterfield last year and he was awful (didnt know what i was doing last year) why is he good now.
ConnorMcP: 112 for me
Bart Man: Doc 117 thanks apache
88360: 89 pls
tdarian: times have changed kascade. setterfield is a premo and simpson is not
Gotigres: 80 for Docherty please apache
goat_19: doch 123 thanks
Apachecats: sc boy 94 ok
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
Bluebagg11: 101 for Doch please if it’s not taken.
Billy777: can i try 114 now
MrWalrus: 113 for me too please
kascadev8: literally every opponent i have this week (9 opponents) all have lukosius… can he slow down please
Apachecats: jeez billy calm down with the fine tuning114 ok.
Social: Was an XL @Apache but lost a few kgs during iso so might be a L now
CozzieCan: All I know is , if Doch tons I’ll be a happy man along with 50k + SuperCoaches lmao
Billy777: great thing about lukosius is you can swing him between fwd and defence
hinsch: ntp for me 109.5 thanks
Billy777: sorry@apache i thought you had to have a different number
Apachecats: No worries social ,these fantasy shirts are one size fitsall ,not too sure about Fatbar though.
tdarian: i’m being smart and looping rankine, while my opponent has him on field. smart i am
adgbubba: 92 for the doc
kascadev8: im jumping on lukosius next week, get in my forward line son
feralmong: Got doc, lukosius, Greenwood and rankine in this
Apachecats: no each way bets hinsch ,you got 109
GroupOne: 86 for ntp please
Fatbar5tad: Ha ha ha one size fits all never fits fatty
tdarian: should i get lloyd or be cheap and get williams?
Apachecats: nah Billy multiples on the same guess are ok now that we get so many in it.
Bluebagg11: Did anyone in here hold GAWN? Back next week. I went to RObrien happy so far
Apachecats: Fatbar if you win we’ll get one made up specially.
BigChief: OMG my opponent has both Setters, Martin and Murphy. Seriously?
Moona: 100 for doc if free
NavyMan: gawn 721k and b/even of 240… will wait till he drops a lot in price.
cmperrfect: Gawn to Nic Nat 3 rounds ago, yessss.
Stu7: BigChief – that sucks!
feralmong: Went Gawn to Grundy
Raspel31: No one frigging cares about your trades. Should I do this- should I do that? Pointy end. Man up.
teachrtony: !01 if open thanks Apache.
Ash777: those that hold gawn and come backs next will probably win their finals.
Cottees: Raspel telling you all! lol
Raspel31: Ash- that is like saying we await the resurrection of Jesus. Simply stupid,
Apachecats: NTP Closed.41 entries (record) range 80 to 170.
beerent11: Bit of an edge about you tonight rasp.
StuL: Not got a ton from Greeny yet. Still don’t expect one.
DrSeuss: Greenwood needs to grab a few more possessions or another 7 tackles
dipstick: @cottees he’s a silly old fart. Always whining and begrudging of those who interact on here with advice and tips
Cottees: @dipstick fair enough haha
GroupOne: wow big ntp range. 170 is bold.
Fatbar5tad: Course Greeny scoring well…my oppo has him. Carnt.
Cottees: @groupone definitely someone who has doc at VC
Apachecats: 5 of the 7 goals kicked by indigenous players.
BigChief: Hoping Feral wins NTP as that will help my team LOL
Social: Carna Sunnies
BigChief: @Apache is Gibbons indigenous?
DrSeuss: Greenwood with his first involvement of this half – 1 tackle in 10 minutes
Stu7: No
GroupOne: good call @cottees …. good luck
Stu7: No Weller come onnnnn
Apachecats: Just checked Bc ,you’re right he isn’t. my goof.
BigChief: All good mate. I wasn’t sure myself.
Water: greenwood being tagged by curnow now damn it
Thomas1234: Greenwood please ton tonight
beerent11: Go jack
Raspel31: Just googled- dipstick is a handicapped child from a very difficult family so we must all forgive his ignorance and stup
beerent11: Martin that is
DrSeuss: Greenwood has had Curnow running with him most of the night – not sure why, he isnt a massive ball winner
BigChief: So the rumour that he is your son is false @Raspel?
Water: yeah it doesnt really make sense to tag someone who isnt a damaging ball user, i wouldve tagged someone like weller
Raspel31: Brilliant Big Chief x
BigChief: I would have tagged Miller @Water
Water: yeah thats a good call to big chief
Gotigres: You dipstick Rankine
BigChief: Awesome effort from Doc there twice.
Poliyagon: been wanting to bring in martin but don’t like having carlton pods
Apachecats: Too much finessin’ Rankine ,as hafey would say.
BigChief: @feral need 100 from Doc in the last. Hope you are right, just for my team 🙂
bhg26: You’re breaking my heart Rankine
Franksy: Greenwood being blessed by CD done nothing
DrSeuss: Need Greenwood to push harder in the 4th – no marks for the whole – 1 tackle in that qtr
LeGoat1996: Pittonet really let ROB down this year as being a potential money making machine
DrSeuss: Greenwood had a great first half – just did nothing in the 3rd
CozzieCan: Greenwood Cripps Doch & Rankine .. great start to the weekend drinks on me lads
Ash777: rankine’s be is 53. should be able to get there.
GroupOne: @Apache I agree, rank will have highlights but hes not consistent reliable SC material. Look to trade next week or 2.
CozzieCan: Rankine into Walters for me
Billy777: does anyone think noah anderson can win rising star
softwhitee: rankine to j.martin for me next week hopefully
MoreMidTim: Greenwood shows for a short kicks then when he’s ignored he’s not in the next contest, frustrating.
Cottees: Will Day will get rising star surely
CozzieCan: @Billy possible but not in the top 10 for me
Water: no
beerent11: J Martin crippa and doc here. 2 out 3 ain’t bad.
BigChief: @Billy I wouldn’t think so. Rowell should win, but he won’t.
Raspel31: Ich habst die Rankine und Ich bin sehr goodichlich
Stu7: Doc was a another backfire trade yet again for me
Billy777: played every game and averaging 73 sc points points just behind serong
Ash777: rising star is voted by media personalities.
Billy777: i am not sure how they vote rising star is it consistency across season or most likely to be a gun
DrSeuss: Agree @moremidtim – Greenwood doesnt get many short kicks – thats why he has 0 marks and probably gets frustrated
NewFreoFan: My money is on Serong for rising star, but I’m biased
BigChief: Why can’t Rowell win it? Because hi is injured? He is by far best.
Ash777: Serong is the only 1 deserving of the star after rowell.
Stu7: Come on Weller get to 80 please
amigaman: Serong for me
Moona: Rowell will still be eligible next year. I’d give it to serong as well.
Water: 4 games isnt enough to win rising star chief
BigChief: Only requirements are 20 or under 1 Jan that year and played 10 games or less. Rowell qualifies.
NewFreoFan: I put a decent wad on Serong when he was still paying $17, hoping he keeps it up
Ash777: rowell wont be eligible. You have to not be nominated to eligible.
Ash777: for next year I mean
DrSeuss: If Greenwood wasnt tackling tonight he would be in the 30s – get some touches please
amigaman: Incorrect, Age and games the criteria
BigChief: @Ash Rowell nominated round 2
Gandhi: Serong should definitely win it. Rowell can get nominated again next year.
Erich1036: @ash777 11 players have been nominated two years in a row…
Struda: thats incorrect
Ash777: oh I didn
Silz90: Max king might be a roughie
Woodie22: Pretty sure you can be nominated twice.
Silz90: Need 15 from Ellis come on bloke
Ash777: oh I didn’t realise you can be nominated again.
Woodie22: My favorite player growing up got nominated twice
BigChief: You never know Henry or Mosquito could win it.
ElstyBoy: Reckon M King is a serious shout for rising star
GroupOne: @Silz I’m with you brother
kascadev8: thank you for your effort tonight Patrick Cripps. much appreciated
NewFreoFan: Pumped to see Henry play
BigChief: De Koning could win if he gets nom too.
GobChuck: Mozzie to average 2.5 goals a game and win rising star
NewFreoFan: Yeah I’m keeping a close eye on my Serong cash out price, plenty of contenders
valkorum: With Rowell out, its all Serongs
Moona: de koning been good tonight – has potential. not just a tall ruckmen, has reasonable ball skills
Gotigres: Martin not too far off his breakeven
pcaman2003: Looks like they missed a tackle and HB from Greeny from 5 mins ago.Wake up CD
DrSeuss: Great Greenwood going to finish the game on the bench…
Woodie22: Greenwood’s score is ok though.
pjw1234: anderson and king have played 4 extra games over serong
pcaman2003: @Woodie. Except he’s had 5 HB’s and 12 tackles.
BigChief: This should have been 10+ goal win.
Silz90: Thanks Ellis first time u went under 15 all year.
DrSeuss: SC for Greenwood is great – AF not so much though. Wonder how many have scored an SC 100 with 0 marks
kascadev8: big difference between ando last week and this week
ElstyBoy: rankine dead on his BE, gonna have to trade next week
beerent11: Ha jack martin scored 18 last game 148 breakeven and got there.
BigChief: Cmon Doc 7 more points LOL
Woodie22: Three tons plus Doc is not bad I guess. I’ll take that score pcaman. Not greedy.
CozzieCan: What’s up Doch .. no love from CD
Woodie22: Scaling was done quick
BigChief: Well shit My opp scored well with Martin, Murphy and Setters 🙁
88360: Doc 5 more points in scaling please
Apachecats: Nearest the Pin results.
Apachecats: Docherty 84 .1st was Xyrca on 85 ,well done on your 1st NTP.
Stu7: I said 84 but couldn’t get in
CozzieCan: Jones 8 Possies for 88 Sc ?? Gtfo what a joke
Bluebagg11: Take Crippa’s 125 or go Neale? Help me!!!!
Apachecats: 2nd GroupOne on 86 and 3rd Elsty Boy on 87.Well done all who had a go.
Trindacut: Go Neale
Apachecats: Lineball that one BB
Stu7: Neale
Stu7: Apachecats how does NTP work as I tried entering 84 at least a dozen times but it would not load
Trindacut: Neale has been a gun all year
ElstyBoy: Neale
Billy777: i am taking cripps score think steele will go to neale
Stu7: Neale only 1 sub 100 score all year
Billy777: points in the bank for me
Billy777: unless neale or macrae gets a 150+ you are really not hurt that much
GroupOne: Thanks
Billy777: and grundy and goldy may nullify each other, that is of course if grundy plays
Apachecats: That was bad luck Stu7 ,feel your pain but I can only record what comes up on the screen.,I don’t know why some posts
Apachecats: *don’t come up ,maybe too much traffic.
Woodie22: Stu7 you just simply type it in. Always find here chat can play up.
Stu7: Thanks Apachecats
Stu7: Hey Woodie22 yeah I typed in at least 12 times bu
Stu7: But would not come up
Stu7: Hey Woodie22 yeah I typed it in at least 12 times but would not come up
Stu7: All good thanks guys 😎
Billy777: neale avg against saints is only 87 and last year scored 79
Woodie22: Unlucky bud

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