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Chat log from R12 of 2020: Richmond vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Richmond vs Gold Coast, R12 of 2020

Woodie22: Evening all.
Woodie22: Hope everyone is well.
Woodie22: Does everyone use their mobile for here?
Woodie22: No late changes gentleman.
Apachecats: Evening Woodie22.
Woodie22: Hey Apache
wadaramus: I use my laptop.
Mustardish: evening lads. laptop here
Woodie22: Mobile here
Froggy: Hows the rank looking Dave?
Mustardish: still get pop ups on both
amigaman: PC here, no pop-ups
Apachecats: Last game for 3 days .Don’t know what I’ll do with myself.
Water: evening fellas
Kidult: No Pop ups if you use the right stuff and I mainly use my Laptop unless I’m in bed ill track on phone
pcaman2003: Hi gents! Poor Sicily. A time for grieving
Corr_Dad: If you download the ad blocker extension on google chrome no ads
pcaman2003: Got Dusty ,Greeny and Rank ,
amigaman: @Cor_Dad Sshhhhhh
Poliyagon: I need Greenwood to get 128 or I cant make my league finals!!!
Water: im up by 255 and my opponent has dusty and weller, will i hold on?
Poliyagon: what are my odds u reckon?
Foxman69: Got Dusty and my captain Conroy looking like it will be a big night
Apachecats: you are safe Water.
bhg26: 2355 with Rankine and Greenwood to go
Foxman69: Should do @water but can see him scoring big tonight
Apachecats: 6/4 poly
Water: idk i feel like dusty is going to go big
Foxman69: yeah not a great start 3 early touches
SC-STAR–: 2287 with martin still to go
kascadev8: im looking at a 2189 now 🙁 aarts dusty short left. need to trade Sicily next week 🙁
Breezey: Get pinged for taking a Mark. Harsh
Tangent: That’s an awful call!
SC-STAR–: you should water
amigaman: Didn’t take the umps long
Yelse: dusty 7 SC from 5
Water: budarick ton tonight calling it
Breezey: Good start from Pickett
GobChuck: keeping a sly eye on jack at 305k tonight
Poliyagon: anyone know how long sam simpson and mcpherson will be out?
thommoae: Get decent odds on that call Water.
DrSeuss: Greenwood has quickly become disappointing over the last few weeks – need him to pick it back up -get back to clearances
kascadev8: argh ive got aarts onfield and some muppet gave away a free to rob his kick. ffs
pcaman2003: Didn’t take long for Greeny to get a good stint on the bench,
heppelitis: not great for aarts there. not great for me too.
Social: Would love a Buda ton
GobChuck: 2114 with Dusty Lukosius Aarts Rankine to go, hope to nab 2450
dipstick: Hopefully Hoof scores low now I don’t need him
ajconodie: Far out Ray, you aren’t part of the game.
kascadev8: gone from a good scoring weak to a poor one very quickly, not happy
Kidult: Wonder if Balta would have the leap to get to King’s highest marking point
StuL: A lot traded Buda and Pickett so they will smash it
DamoBurner: reckon flanders is worth trading in this week?
Bezzina: Short mate wakey wakey, games started
StuL: Flan ders! Flan ders! Flanders! Haha made you look.
hinsch: I need Greenwood Rankine and Pickett to get 236 total
DamoBurner: low score last week flanders will beast 2nite
ajconodie: I need 188 from Greenwood.
DrSeuss: Greenwood needs to remember how to tackle – has been falling off them the last few weeks
pcaman2003: Twice now Cotchin grabbed Greeny without the ball. Where’s the free umps?
TheLegend6: Bolton is so good
kascadev8: dusty lets go
Poliyagon: dont leave me heartbroken greenwood get moving!
Gotigres: a huge 18 points combined from my 3 players
DrSeuss: Not sure if Dusty is on the bench or just not involved….
Froggy: Ever since someone said they think dusty is going huge, he hasnt scored
MrWalrus: No kidding legend, lock him away
Tangent: Need Aarts to get 57. I’m shitting myself.
GobChuck: Lukosius +2 vs Greenwood for me cash league, powering my pants
goat_19: short, pickett and greenwood for me in this
Slicendyce: Kept Simpson and traded Pickett fml
Slicendyce: Greenwood going at 20% lol nice
bhg26: Go Greenwood and Rankine, keep it up
DrSeuss: Thats it Greenwood – the one time you tackle its around the neck. Get involved ffs
Thomas1234: ffs greeny
Poliyagon: great greenwood is headed for 44 points
MrWalrus: Be nice if all games were this good to watch
kascadev8: budarick got more then my 3 richmond players combined
Tangent: Hahahaha what is that bounce?! Go suns!
StuL: Dusty and greeny ffs
GobChuck: Greenwood forgotten to tackle the past few games?
Water: thinking about going yeo to bolton, sound good?
Breezey: What are we all gunna do from tonight until Friday. Seriously long time to wait for a game these days.
pcaman2003: Greeny,Dusty and Rank off to a shower start.
DrSeuss: Greeny fumbling everything and giving away frees – keep it up champ. Dusty not much better
bhg26: Greeny and Rankine stopping me from getting 2500
MrWalrus: 2 teams playing hard attacking footy is so much better than what normally gets dished up
CozzieCan: @Pca I have the same 3 .. need 300 at least
GobChuck: Got Yeo and Sicily, got to Angus Brayshaw and Lloyd, or Williams and a better mid? got no rookies on field
pcaman2003: @Breezey. That means I have to start talking to the missus again.
heppelitis: who was the knucklehead that gave away a free that stopped aarts having a shot?
MrWalrus: Not silly water, Bolton big POD and been pretty awesome
pcaman2003: Cozzie. .Not looking too likely now.
88360: Raithan, that pizza arrived yet?
Kidult: haha at this rate Cavarra looks like he will outscore Dusty
DrSeuss: I have Cavarra and Max King on my bench with Walters, Greenwood and Dusty looking to score less than them both…
pcaman2003: Greeny lost his contact lenses and can’t see the ball.
Tangent: Why does T.Lynch have the asterix next to his name? He hasn’t scored yet!
Raspel31: Hmm- Budarick and Pickett- both destined for the slaughteryard rill Gawn went missing. Hmm?
goat_19: traded anderson to fyfe this week… anderson to ton
TigerNut04: Bolton is a gum
TigerNut04: Bolton is a gun
dipstick: Flanders might be on Simpson next week
Poliyagon: greenwood gets the award for touching the ball the most without getting a disposal off
SC-STAR–: Anyone know if mcpherson or simpson playing next week or should I trade out
Bezzina: Go Suns!
TigerNut04: That feeling when you VC Grundy 148 and put the C on Brander. But he’s a late in…
GobChuck: greeny lays eggs a LOT with the ball wowee, so many times he gets it but no disposals
DrSeuss: Dusty at Full Foward – this should end well. Greeny tackling at least
Cabri44: Bolton a gun player but average for SC
blonde0na: Simpson did a hammy, you’d think he spends atleast a week or so on the sidelines. No idea about Mcpherson
Kidult: I can see Lukosuis as Seagull in the making once Suns improve a lil more
Kidult: especially once Hanley and Harbrow are gone
TigerNut04: Bolton is improving with each game. He’s sitting at F5 for me
SC-STAR–: Cheers Blonde I might just hold on trades till friday since no games between know and then.
Breezey: Lukosius in getting the ball. Hardly Seagull material
pcaman2003: Greeny getting his tackling mojo back. Relief!
GobChuck: think Lukosius was the cheapest keeper this year overall – top 20 ave in the end for position
Gotigres: Oh no TigerNut
SneakySC: Aarts and Rankine this game :))))
pjw1234: pickett to yeo trade working a treat — not
Ash777: cant wait to see who the first tiger is to give away a 50 hehe
kascadev8: any chance of dusty turning up? at least 1 of my tigs players (short) has come out to play
pcaman2003: Greeny should be on 4 tackles.
Poliyagon: greenwood please get to 60 at HT
TheLegend6: @Ash my bets on Stack haha
DrSeuss: Greeny building at least. Dusty just pushing people over – get the ball you flog
Raspel31: We must not judge Dusty. His has not been an easy life. Do something twathead!
blonde0na: @pcaman agree, feel like they missed one on richmond RFF by the boundary line before
Apachecats: Water ,I think you can relax.
pcaman2003: blondeONa. That’s the one I was referring to. A definite tackle,no doubt.
DrSeuss: @blonde – they might not pay that one though as Richmond technically retained possession. Great tackle though
Cabri44: Touk Miller has made himself very fantasy relevant
StuL: Dusty going as well as his tigers
Yelse: badly need rankine and martin to lift.. desperately and greenwood to slow down
kascadev8: is kane lambert a look? seems to be going well
Catatafish: Come on Rankine, work your magic. Daddy needs the $$$
Water: you nerves slowly easing as the game goes on apache
pcaman2003: @Raspel .Haha! Double entendre.
Water: yeah*
TigerNut04: This is reminiscent of the time Karmichael Hunt in 2012. GC Win
SC-STAR–: kas might be a point chase
Breezey: Anderson will be making serious dollars if he keeps this up
pcaman2003: Rank and Dusty doing their magic for me.
goat_19: of course the week i trade anderson
Raspel31: When you have both Rankine and Georgiades- you know you are fully in
TigerNut04: We all know the Tigers run teams off their legs in the second half
Catatafish: Anderson adding to 2020 collage of ‘Fuck off’ for me. Bit late for a breakout…
TigerNut04: These shorter quarters advantage every team except Richmond
DrSeuss: Up off the bench Greenwood
Kidult: Lets go Suns help out my team!
Apachecats: Ok guys Nearest the Pin time .Tonights victim is Dusty .Apache goes 82.
goat_19: whats with all the flower and shower here haha
pcaman2003: Gr8 half Rank. You’re fired!
Cabri44: 100 please Apache
MrWalrus: Loving this game, score not reflecting how open & flowing it is, ball pinging all over the joint
Foxman69: 105 Apache
GobChuck: 105 for Dusty – he’s somehow gone up 30 points in the past 3 minutes
bhg26: 87 Apache
Yelse: 131 for me @ apachecats
SC-STAR–: @Apache 96
kascadev8: 85 for dusty please
Slicendyce: I’ll go 114. Big second half
Thomas1234: When is our submission due apache?
Foxman69: 105 is mine
goat_19: first time for me, i’ll go 123
MrWalrus: I’ve got rankine & Aarts in this :/
Slicendyce: Rank only just on track to hit his BE
FinlaySON: Apache 78 for the spud please
DrSeuss: Damn that was a short quarter – Greenwood picked up then just chilled on the pine
Gotigres: Great half Aarts and Rankine.
circle52: 112 for Dusty
Bluebagg11: 101 please Apache
goat_19: 111* sorry
pjw1234: 121 for dustry thanks
JohnHoward: dusty 35 points from 4 nothing disposals
Raspel31: Tough one Apache. 113.
jspiri789: 92 for dusty
Catatafish: Can someone wake Rankine the fuck up?
TigerNut04: It’s sad how the AFL has gone against tradition with the shorter quarters
Water: Ill go 98 for martin please apache
DrSeuss: Dusty with 114
Bart Man: Apache 92 for dusty thanks
Kidult: 111 for me
Gotigres: 118 for Dusty
Dexter21: 113 for me Apache please!
Tangent: 99 for me @Apache
Dexter21: Oops make it 121 just saw raspel!
LeGoat1996: 104 for me ty
TigerNut04: Like the look of Flanders. He’s built like a brick s#*^house. Future SC pig. Stupid sexy Flanders
Thomas1234: @apache 97 please
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
royboy16: how happy am I to have Noah Anderson as POD
royboy16: 96 – just double now
Ash777: dusty 88
BigChief: 124 for Martin. (he is a CD fav). cmon m0nty this is attempt 5
DrSeuss: Greenwood tackle added for those watching 😉
Water: tigernut the shortened quarters are only for this year as of having to play games through the week
Phasir: 102 please apache
MrWalrus: Ill take 113 of the best thanks
Ash777: you can see where sicily snaps his acl in the replay.
pcaman2003: Thanks Seuss. o they should’ve too.I was feeling ripped off a while.
Social: 110 if its not gone
Raspel31: Cloud hovering over Anderson- may be suspended for failing an English test.
pcaman2003: 101 for Dusty please Apache. If taken,I’ll go 104
creek: 119 still available ? Cheers
Apachecats: both taken pca ,but we allow mutiples now that we get so many.given you 101 ok.
88360: 102 please Apache
Woodie22: 103 plz. Not sure if other guess came up
Apachecats: Woodie 103 ok.
Avarax: 123 for dusty please
Avarax: 123 please apache
DamoBurner: @apache 121 please
Bluebagg11: I’ve already got 101 PCA
SadBlueBoi: Hey guys, long time lurker, finally made an account. Been watching so much footy in lockdown
Apachecats: multiples are OK bluebagger.
Apachecats: Welcome sadblue boi.
Bluebagg11: Greenwood went up while I was wasn’t looking! Woohoo
pcaman2003: Bluebagg11. That’s okay. We’ll share the date with Charlize Theron,okay?
Poliyagon: need a 80 point half from greenwood pls!
TigerNut04: GC will win. This is pussy football. 16 minute Quarters. Is this the new soccer?
Bluebagg11: Cool Apache!!
bhg26: Just need Greenwood and Rankine to combine for 145 to get 2500
Cabri44: Aarts has a breakeven of 23. Hmmmm.
Apachecats: 38 entries ,range 78 to 131.
Bluebagg11: Sounds good PCA! She’s so cute in Monster
DrSeuss: Anderson having the game of his life – Rankine doing the opposite
amigaman: That umpire must be blind
Apachecats: Closed now.
Gotigres: Don’t think he will reach it Cabri
kascadev8: aarts on 7 come on move
Slicendyce: How can they pin Rankine for that and not award HTB a minute ago
Cabri44: He might struggle Gotigres. I still have him
pcaman2003: @Blubagg11. Interesting role for her. I’d still take her
Breezey: Cue the Breenwood supporters after missing that
Raspel31: Can I claim the prize now Apache as I’m off to watch my belly fluff grow? M ore entertaining.
amigaman: Can somebody please shoot these umpires
Breezey: Greenwood even.
SadBlueBoi: Thought I would try and loophole woodcock from first week and then Smith didn’t play and I end up with 21 onfield…
DrSeuss: How do you miss that Greeny?
Poliyagon: greeny u fuck
pcaman2003: Greeny’s disposal is really shower.
Thomas1234: omfg greenwood
Apachecats: That would make me sad too.
Poliyagon: pls get to 100 this quarter greeny i’ve been feeling sick all day for u
GobChuck: cmon CD surely that’s effective to Luko aha, gained a good 70m
Gotigres: So do I Cabri. Trying to think of a cheap player to replace him.
Bluebagg11: Greenwood should be 80 right now
DrSeuss: Can we all take back our NTP guesses for Martin?
TigerNut04: Time for Dusty to kick a goal or two
pcaman2003: Where r u Dusty? Come in!
Badgerbadg: Is aarts snoozing?
Apachecats: Locked in Doc ,sorry.
Cabri44: Taken 2.5 quarters for 3 players to get 80 I need to win. Poor
Badgerbadg: Aarts woke up
Cabri44: @Gotigres. I have a few more troublesome ones as well.
Bart Man: Ahh I see Razor Ray has his Richmond jumper on again tonight
Apachecats: Pretty happy with my 82 though.
DrSeuss: Haha I know Apache – was being sarcastic as Dusty is being so ridiculously CRAP
TigerNut04: Dusty doesn’t need to star tonight. He’s already the best player in the history of the game
JohnHoward: wow, they counted that little shove in the back by dusty as a tackle #bias
DrSeuss: @Tigernut – Obviously Troll is Obvious 😉
TigerNut04: Full stop
Ash777: good joke tigernut.
Raspel31: Perhaps the most inane comment anyone has ever posted TigerNut.
kascadev8: jayden short very nice, at least 1 of my players wants to stand up and help me
zoomba23: Lynch is such a grub
GobChuck: Lukosius mark and effective kick – 3 points. Dusty shove in back, 3 points. h u h
pcaman2003: Seuss. Just remove the Tiger from the name.
circle52: Gee Tigers got some rub of the green from umps in last 5 minutes
Bluebagg11: Really need Short to stop and Greenw to go!!
Crave: Scary thing is, I’m not 100% sure TigerNut is trolling or not, some Tiger fans are that delusional
Bart Man: @crave I’m pretty sure all tiger fans are delusional
TigerNut04: 2 Norm smith, dual premiership player, 1 brownlow. Delusional. Y’all wished you’d drafted Dusty
CozzieCan: Pickett to Fyfe looking good
pcaman2003: @Crave. Next he’ll be spewing out that they’re favourite for the flag.
hokkien34: Do we get 2 SC trades at the end of the round?
Arminius: cope harder boys
beerent11: Reiwoldt 302k last two scores in the 70’s and the 90’s plus this. Sneaky loophole/ f6?
TheLegend6: Lukosius is a handy player
kascadev8: dusty is average. isnt consistent at all, yeh he’s got a few medals, but so does broad, and he is average
Raspel31: Don’t share my cunning plan Cozzie.
GobChuck: Dusty is a very good clutch time player, just never flicks his switch enough when it’s not a big game
TigerNut04: Poor Melbourne. Trengove, Scully
TheLegend6: @Kas Dusty one of the modern greats, everyone can agree to that surely?
Bluebagg11: kascade haha bit of respect mate. He’s a gun.
Phasir: Mitch Duncan, Fyfe, Brad Sheppard, Cunnington… All better than Martin
MrWalrus: Best ever, nah but dusty is a 100% legit superstar & your kidding yourself to think otherwise
Raspel31: Alright if we just call you Nutter- Tiger?
Phasir: Also, Martin got gifted his accolades by the AFL who wanted a feelgood richmond story
Breezey: Took me awhile but I’ve decided he’s definitely a troll of the highest order.
TigerNut04: It’s not Dusty’s fault all the richmond players beat him to the ball in the last 3 years
CozzieCan: @Raspel great minds think a like .. yours is stuck in the gutter waiting for a happy ending hahaha
Phasir: Even Petracca is better than Martin. Martin is the poor man’s Dangerfield
Dexter21: Gold Coast to win by a point!
pjw1234: dusty has the superstar quality that most who have it is on and off. with him is more often on than most
Arminius: Never seen so many rustled jimmies over one comment, dusty really is king
Breezey: I agree with Superstar player @Walrus but he’s not even the best Tiger ever. A man called KB went alright.
MrWalrus: Love the anti Richmond crew, Fyfe as good though that’s fair
Dexter21: I think anyone would be happy to have dusty in their team!
CozzieCan: @Phasir surely taking the piss? Duncan better than dusty ? Please Dusty shits all over him
DrSeuss: Dusty is a great player – when he plays hard. Too often he just plays lazy and disinterested though.
MrWalrus: Phasir have you ever seen a game of footy, hilarious
TigerNut04: 1 4 million a season….He’s average some say?
dipstick: Martins only had 1 good year really. Did nothing last or nothing this year.
Phasir: If I had to draft one of them, I’d take the one who’s not a dropkick druggy
CozzieCan: Still 800 sc to come , Dusty will ton
scboy123: Is Dusty a superstar? yeah. Is he best in the league ? no
satch7: Most people in the Afl scene believe Dusty is the best there is but a few posters on fanfooty think they know better
Phasir: People thinking Dustin Martin is going to go down in history better than Swanny or Ablett? Looneys
MontyJnr: Dusty is on the Jimmy Bartel tier of players
Phasir: Band wagoners everywhere lol
Breezey: @Satch. He said best ever. Hardly. Top class troll getting the responses he was after.
Avarax: dangerfield is better
TheLegend6: Mabior Chol is better than Dusty
DrSeuss: @Satch – who are these most people?
pjw1234: all the talk means of cause he will have 10 touches and 2 goals this 1/4
dipstick: Baaaa hahaha. Dusty best there is? He’s not even best in the league. Maybe top 10 at the moment but not in history.
TigerNut04: You guys are idiots. Look at all the score involvements and I50 he gets
zoomba23: Dusty is one of the best players this century, no doubt. Below Danger, Pendles, Buddy and definitely GAJ tho
Raspel31: Exactly Breezey- let’s let it lie rather than feed Nutter.
Arminius: imagine thinking any 2 time premiership, 2x norm smith and 1x brownlow medalist wouldn’t go down in history….
MrWalrus: Phasir, Swanny nowhere near the player and a bigger druggy and dropkick, clealy you’re the troll
TigerNut04: Who else has won the brownlow, premiership and norm smith in a year? No one
LeGoat1996: His above Danger.
Phasir: Swan, GAJ, Buddy, Goodes, Pendles, Beams, Goldy, Grundy, Gawn, NicNat, Priddis, Judd, the list goes on and on
Phasir: Richmond fangirls really do love them some Dusty don’t they
TigerNut04: 667 disposals, 32 goals, 144 clearances, 434 kicks, 233 Handballs
BumSniff: No shit he’ll go down in history. Just not as the best
Raspel31: Tiger loop brigade out in numbers now. Let’s move on.
Gotigres: Will be amazed if you get to 50 Aarts
amigaman: Better than triple brownlow medalists. Nope!
pcaman2003: Tigernut. He didn’t win a premiership,but his team did.
MrWalrus: No one is correct tigernut, Leigh Matthews called it the greatest individual season ever
satch7: Dusty, Fyfe, Danger, Buddy and Gaj all in a league of their own
Phasir: If you believe Martin deserved the accolades he received in 2017 you’re a peanut lol, he got gifted 3/4.
Phasir: Only thing Martin “deserved” 2017 was his premiership medal, and that was because Adelaide are garbo
Cabri44: Given the choice, most would take Fyfe over Dusty
BumSniff: Dusty’s too inconsistent to be the best
kano: Phasir for the burger
beerent11: Fair dinkum this is the kind of bullshit that’s put me off this forum
zoomba23: Phasir lmao Dusty is definitely better than Priddis. And Goldy. And Beams.
BumSniff: Houli for norm smith
Phasir: I’d take Cunnington over Martin any day
Jukesy: Logged in just to say that if you think Dusty will even be close to the best player of this century alone you’re a nuffy
pcaman2003: Rankine you muppet.
Phasir: Hardwick is the best coach over the last 5 years though, he deserves far more credit than Martin
Gotigres: Rankine effort pathetic
MrWalrus: Phasir, are you ok buddy? You’re saying some weird things & I’m a little concerned
Phasir: Goldy has been better over his career than Martin, just didn’t get gifted a flag run
satch7: Brad sheppard deserved the brownlow in 2017 am I right Phasir?
Arminius: whatever peptides
TigerNut04: You guys are absolute boneheaded. He’s 29. He’s done his duty won two flags off his own back for his club
Raspel31: Enough. Matin is Soartacus- can we move on pleez?
BumSniff: The GOAT is Ty Vickery
Jukesy: Imagine taking a shot at somebody’s club because your opinion is objectively bad 🙂
BigChief: Martin best? Hahaha nice joke. There is at least 10 players I would take over him.
Phasir: @satch Titch did. Clearly
TheLegend6: Bunch of snowflakes in here lmao
DrSeuss: Sorry that I suggested you were a Troll TigerNut – didn’t realise you actually believed it. My apologies.
pcaman2003: Tigernut. Doesn’t say much for the rest of the team if he’s winning off his own back. Delusional plus man.
kano: No champ. Dustin Martin did. Clearly.
TigerNut04: Name them chief
Bart Man: Ellis is closer to another premiership than any other richmond player
Jukesy: Dusty: one great season, a few good seasons. Nowhere near the caliber of even Fyfe let alone Judd and Ablett and co.
LeGoat1996: Shoutout Pickett for turning it around this qtr
LuvIt74: Dusty great as a FWD though
Raspel31: Nutter is a troll- don’t feed him.
TigerNut04: Fyfe…did he win a flag? What’s a wasted talent
LuvIt74: if Fyfe was Fwd/Mid he’d be everyones #1 forward
BumSniff: Howis the GOAT playing worse than Greenwood
Cabri44: @Gotigres. Aarts not awful now
JohnHoward: how tf is arts on 49, what a joke
TheLegend6: @Raspel all you’re doing is feeding him, take your own advice m8
Phasir: Maybe if the finals weren’t always rigged to a big Vic team they may have, Nutso
pcaman2003: Gotta love Tiger fans. Deluded but faithful.
Jukesy: @pcaman2003 can’t blame them, they only started watching footy in 2017
Foxman69: Hodge, Mitchell, Lewis Ablett, Franklin, N.Riewoldt, Judd, Cousins, Voss, Buckley, goodes Martin would be lucky to be in
StuL: Buda holding on to those two touches like a best mate
cwall66: Happy with lukosius
Apachecats: Best player ever seems to have completely stopped.
BigChief: Fyfe, Pendlebury, Josh Kelly, Cripps, Neale, Gawn, Grundy, Macrae, Walters, Danger want more?
TigerNut04: Judd? Did he bring a flag to Carlton no?
amigaman: Damn Budarick is a tease
satch7: Don’t remember a whole town getting a ‘sheed cut’ when the Eagles won the flag..
BigChief: And that is just current players.
Spifflicat: Brereton, Dunstall, Carey, Ablett, Ablett, buddy, Hird, Daisy Williams, Voss, Lappin, Black, Icould go on
pcaman2003: C’mon GC and make these spuds look second rate. They struggle to even beat you.
BigChief: Martin is not even the best Rich player.
MrWalrus: It’s ok tigernut, your not the troll mate, maybe a little misguided butnot kidding yourself anything like some others he
Jukesy: Dusty isn’t good enough to even polish Judd’s boots
DamoBurner: Went miller up to Fyfe this week to finish midfield, probably ragrets?
TheLegend6: @Pcaman you struggle to beat anyone these days
Ash777: Dusty has nothing on Richard Tambling
Raspel31: My great aunt’s grandaughter’s 2nd cousin gave birth to twins 10 years ago.
Tangent: Lynch is such a fucking idiot
TigerNut04: You’re first three are Fyfe pendlebury Kelly… only one of those is a premiership player. Get a grip on yourself
amigaman: Filth from Lynch
satch7: inb4 ‘freo haven’t even won a flag’.. idc
Bart Man: Lynch kicks the cheapest goals in the comp
Nuffman: logged in to say that interstate teams have won 12/30 premierships in AFL era. that’s a very good strike rate..
BumSniff: Dusty could get 130s from here out and i still wouldnt pick him next season for SC
kascadev8: told my mum to trade in lukosious as i traded in maynard… cos she couldnt afford maynard. ive screwed myself here
Nuffman: interstate teams also won 10/15 within the first 15 years of the afl era also.. so cry me a river
BumSniff: Premierships show nothing about a players ability if their team is horseshit
MrWalrus: Pendlebury, please! Smooth, consistent but barely above journeyman
pcaman2003: The Legend. That’s true,but I wasn’t doing the bragging on here though.
LeGoat1996: If Martin remains Mid/Fwd his a lock every year.
BigChief: Yet another troll added to the ignore list.
TigerNut04: You may as well hope on Simpkn bumsniff. Not much at North
Jukesy: Pendles has been consistently very good for a decade. Dusty has one great year and a couple good years.
TigerNut04: Dangleberry is too old
Raspel31: What’s your mum’s number kasca?
TheLegend6: @Pcaman and apart from one bloke neither are we
satch7: which team does Monty barrack for?
Phasir: Next 10 years grand final at Optus. If you think that’s unfair have a long hard look at the deal served up currently
BumSniff: Do you think Dusty in his prime would have been able to carry the Suns to a premiership?
Breezey: That will do me. Someone bagging Pendles. Barely above journeyman he says.
kascadev8: relax raspel
TigerNut04: The Suns won’t do t
Jukesy: @satch7 Hawthorn iirc
Tangent: How much does the AFL love Martin.
TigerNut04: The sun’s won’t win a premiership, they’ll merge with Norf
pcaman2003: satch7 The Hawks
BigChief: @satch m0nty is a Hawks man
bhg26: Has his own set of rules Tangent
Ash777: Ban the troll.
pcaman2003: TheLegend. Don’t have any issue with you,just the other silly twat.
satch7: respect for the hawks team. Star players got paid unders to stick together
BumSniff: If the Suns got Dusty over Ablett they would’ve gone 4 in a row
kascadev8: tom lynch has to be the worst key fwd in the game behind ben brown right now, only kicks cheapies and acts like an idiot
Tangent: @bhg26 Tell me about it…
TigerNut04: Am I being a twat?
Badgerbadg: Has anyone ever met Monty?
Tangent: These strikes off ball (like the one lynch did) they never get penalised. Hawkins the main suspect.
TheLegend6: Balta beaten King tonight
Apachecats: scaling will be small ,a point or 2.
CozzieCan: @Badger yeah mate mOnty runs gentlemen’s clubs all over ..
pcaman2003: At least we get a break to get thoughts together for next round. Good luck everyone.
The Hawker: Hope Collins give Lynch a huge knock
wadaramus: m0nty is an enigma.
satch7: gg’s tiges. Good effort suns though, definitely on the up
Breezey: Thankfully the games over and the twat troll can get back on his medication.
MrWalrus: Seriously, dude had an opinion, far from the stupidest ive seen here & he got attacked, not sure he’s the bad guy here
DrSeuss: Agreed Kasca – Tom Lynch is a douche – more arrogant than Dusty and JRoo – hard to do.
bhg26: 2497 pre scaling
hinsch: apache I only need 6 points with 3 players
BigChief: @Legend Balta a better player 🙂
TigerNut04: All the dii
Ash777: 1 more point off dusty pls thanks cd
Raspel31: M0nty is the Wizard Of Oz- he only exists online.
Tangent: Martin is such an amazing player! Should get 3 votes this game!
Apachecats: got someone on 88 and 2 on 92 ,between them I think.
Jukesy: Can’t expect to not get any blowback from having such a bad opinion. Dusty not even top 20 this century
pcaman2003: Wada. Better than an Enema I suppose.
kascadev8: hope lynch gets suspended, collins would destroy him in a 1v1 fight
TigerNut04: All these idiots who think Dustin Martin isn’t the greatest player they need to have a good look at themselves in the mi
MrWalrus: Dusty easily top 20 this century and no reason to full on attack a bloke
wadaramus: Much better pcaman!
Woodie22: Tigernut, he isn’t, and I barrack for the Tigers. You nuffie
Tangent: How can one be so delusional?
MrWalrus: Not helping himself though to be fair
TigerNut04: Who has more stiff ark tackles than Martin?
TigerNut04: Who has more stiff arm tackles than Martin?
Thomas1234: what did we all score this week?
Tangent: I would love to see someone snap his arm right off.
Jukesy: Will name 20 players this century better than Martin on the FF discord if asked
TigerNut04: 20 possies tonight in a team without Houli and Edwards. In a shortened game
TigerNut04: Man am I dei
TigerNut04: Man am I deial
kascadev8: dusty high fend offs almost every time but never gets called. danger cant do that
TigerNut04: You’re a bunch of schoolkids. Pfft. Pathetic.
Tangent: Take your bullshit elsewhere.
Woodie22: TigerNut flower off, you’re Muppet.
bhg26: So does Macrae having 40 touches with Bont, Bailey Smith, Dunkley and Libba in the same team make him the goat?
TigerNut04: Learn to play the game. Adelaide may as well trade off Laird and the crouch bros
TigerNut04: Crack a woodie22. Learn to crack one woodie first you tool
bhg26: Think its past your bedtime TigerNut because someones cranky
Woodie22: You have terrible insults.
TigerNut04: Macrae who? Good player that’s about ir

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