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Chat log from R12 of 2020: West Coast vs Hawthorn

Chat log for West Coast vs Hawthorn, R12 of 2020

Woodie22: Can confirm Gath playing Rath lol
Woodie22: Gaff
kascadev8: u sure this time? xD
Rathain84: What about Titch?
Woodie22: Lol yes Kasca
bhg26: Nic Nat, Day and Titch, can you confirm they are playing Woodie?
Woodie22: Spoke to my spies Rath and Titch is playing lol
Woodie22: Jesus bhg26 you’re asking a lot of me lol
bhg26: Are they playing or not Woodie?
CozzieCan: Cmon Titch , Sicily & nicnat !!
Woodie22: Note to self no late change jokes no more lol
BigChief: I heard Brereton and Tuck playing for Hawks
Woodie22: Bug as far as I’m aware just Yeo out
Thomas1234: Got the same as u @cozzie
CozzieCan: @Thomas Gawn into nicnat ?
Pies20: @woodie change job’s set up a first goal scoring comp or something haha
bhg26: Whats your source BigChief?
BigChief: Only Gaff for me in this 1.
Foxman69: Come on Hurn pull your finger out or youll be gone soon
kascadev8: i went gawn into nicnat. so got shuey nicnat day sicily in this, looking for some comeback for a bad week
boxy36: Nic Nat, Titch, and Shuey in this one for me
BigChief: @bhg Clarkson let it slip 😛
Thomas1234: @cozzie yeah you?
Rathain84: late mail: afl to make Crows remove reference to “Pride of South Australia” from team song
Nuffman: brought Ridley in for Noble this week… inspired decision
88360: Raithan still can’t believe sc is your priority now. Lol
BigChief: Damn Jiath has some pace
Woodie22: Pies2O I should hey. I’ll go Allen.first goal
Rathain84: I only play DT. SC too hard for me
Pies20: Also heard @rath power warm up song to delete tear us apart to will tear us a new1
zadolinnyj: Port are adding a thanks to there tarps as well i believe @rathian
88360: Well still shouldn’t be your priority. Only like sc because scores are bigger
Rathain84: lol good one Pies
Pies20: What’s your dt proj @rath?
Rathain84: Pizza delivery is my priority atm
Rathain84: can someone explain the tarps thing. I tried googling it but nothing came up
HugeHead: is it stupid to downgrade grundy for Nic Nat cause of the Collingwood bye, or is it worth it
thesilentl: Shuey vs 110 in my h2h…going to be close
zadolinnyj: Port could not get people to games so covered seats with massive tarps
BigChief: Tarps try to get the crowd to sit closer to make it look like more there
Rathain84: so it a ploy and not to protect the seats?
Apachecats: Nearest the Pin results.King 99 after scaling.
kascadev8: shuey went from 22 to 12 lol my players love to do that this week
Apachecats: Well done SC-STAT on your 1st win ,a hole in one on 99.
NewFreoFan: Damn it Kelly, first you don’t come to Freo, now you’re being quiet when I need you
Apachecats: equal second were boxy36 on 101 and Bart Man on 97 ,well done to everyone.
88360: Apache do you track everyone’s wins?
Apachecats: yes 88360 ,if you win 3 times you get life membership and win 5 for hall of Fame.
boxy36: geez I’m on today haha equal 1st, then equal 2nd
Woodie22: Gotta make 87. I’ve got Martin greenwood and Miller. Opp has Sicily, wingard, rankine. Am I any chance lol?,
zadolinnyj: Good work boxy
88360: How many have I won. Lol
Foxman69: Hurn liking this
Ash777: mcgovern back means hurn going to go back to his best.
Foxman69: Imagine his score if hawthorn had a shot
Pies20: Arts named who ever that affects
DrSeuss: Get a touch Telly
Apachecats: Still a maiden 88360
kascadev8: @Pies yeh that helps me, puts me projected to over 2200 again, struggling this week
Kidult: Cmon Gaff all those disposals and doin nothing with them…
SC-STAR–: you have won woodie depending on sicily
SC-STAR–: Apache who won kings score
Cottees: I just went from 2500 prof to 2300 and my opponent went from 2150 to 2317 lol
CozzieCan: Sicily rage trade
kascadev8: need sicily to get a move on tho, 100% tog for 2 screw ups and still on 1 point. not good
DrSeuss: @kidult at least he is touching it. TKelly with 1 freaking touch.
Kidult: Got rid of Sicily this week =)
Ooost: I went from 2498 to 2345 :/ less with Yeo gone
kascadev8: @Ooost better then me hahah, 2408 to 2240 if i add aarts projected. terrible
Foxman69: Good Hurn keep it up
kascadev8: happy with nicnat and shuey so far, very good start, thats what i like to see, please keep it up
Apachecats: You must have missed it SC-STAR. You won it with a glorious hole in one .Well done!on your 1st win.
pcaman2003: Good Sicily,keep it down boy. But c’mon Hawks
bhg26: Went from 2462 at the start of the round to 2475
BigGryan: come on sic need u to pick up
Yelse: is sicily playing fwd?
Rathain84: pizza came before the baby. winning!
boxy36: @Kid who did you bring in for Sic?
kascadev8: @Rathain84 were u have a bet on which was quicker?
Rathain84: No I was just hungry
pcaman2003: bhg26. Gr8 scoring!
pcaman2003: Was looking to do well,but Simpson,McPherson and Haynes low score cruelled it a bit.
Water: if yeo hadve played i couldve reached 2500
Rathain84: Hope we play this Hawks side next week
kascadev8: if sicily keeps this up ill be under 2000 shortly :/
Poliyagon: if sicily doesn’t score well i will be mad af. opponent had yeo so need to get ahead
bhg26: Could have gone huge, like 2600 if Simpson, Walters and Brayshaw didnt score so low
pcaman2003: Rathain84. Wouldn’t you rather play a competitive side. Flogging blow ins is easy .
Beast_Mode: coulda woulda shoulda
Bluebagg11: Need Titch and NiCNat to stay under 100 each!! Any chance??
bhg26: Bont and Baz saved my round
Poliyagon: where is sicily playing?
Woodie22: I could go 2600 every week bhg if my whole team played well lol
kascadev8: my team has been awful this week, not ranked overly high but for a team placed 14,814 you’d think itd be better rn
NewFreoFan: Kelly you flog
beerent11: Watch how often hurn kicks it to sheppard
Gelly: i could’ve got a huge score if i was playing supercoach this year
boxy36: Come on Shuey, ton up in this one please!
DrSeuss: How often is Kelly standing open and they miss him – get involved ffs
Rathain84: Need a little confidence boost to keep our McClelland Trophy hopes alive
Thomas1234: @cozzie nic nat and mitchell great sicily not so much
pcaman2003: After losing McPherson, was looking at getting Sicily. Getting cold feet quickly.
Rathain84: Leaving for the hospital now. wish me luck
Nuffman: well wishes Rath
bhg26: Good luck Rath! All the best
DrSeuss: Good luck Rath
kascadev8: sicily still on 1 point… only been close to a half hour of footy time and he hasnt moved… gonna need a dusty 200 now
Apachecats: Best wishes Rath .
Beast_Mode: sicily is always a trap
Cottees: ill rage trade sicily to lloyd. watch me
NavyMan: keep up the good work sicilian…
kascadev8: whatd sholl from crows finish on? would rather have played him rn, instead of sticking him at D7
Kidult: 13 disposals for 29 SC haha
BigGryan: downgrading sicily to mcdonald
Grimes Jr: sicily is a trap, but he could score 100 in the second half. he was on 20 at half time before this year and got like 125
Kidult: will need 35 just to ton up
boxy36: Naitanui tap to Shuey is so silky
pcaman2003: My opponent has Sicily and thought I could lose this round. Looking far better now.
Grimes Jr: shuey trade looking a lot better than it did last week
cmperrfect: Ffs Gaff you are a butcher
kascadev8: @Grimes Jr yeh 100% i was thinking the same thing, at least someone performing for me now
Avarax: sicily should be NTP this game. nobody will have any idea where he could land
Woodie22: Pcaman is McPherson injury serious?
beerent11: I traded sic to Stewart two weeks ago and used the cash for two upgrades. Ok so far.
Beast_Mode: MacP has a minor hammy
Grimes Jr: woodie, even if its not, no point holding as his breakeven will be very high
kascadev8: good start last quarter day, good work
Kidult: wow 1 of my opps has Laird, Lloyd, Stewart, Ridley, Docherty, Daniel on field and yet has B. Williams 119 stuck on bench
pcaman2003: woodie22. Not sure yet,waiting for scans
Apachecats: Nearest the pin is on Mitchell .Apache goes 142.
DrSeuss: Come on Telly – join in on the possessions
pcaman2003: WC should win this by over 60 points.
Breezey: Mitchell 133
pcaman2003: Apache. I’ll go 122 for Titch
Thomas1234: @apache-147
Water: Ill go 135 for mitchell please Apache
Raspel31: Oh golly, we back Apache? 133 Mitchell.
The39Steps: @apache, mitchell 137 tks.
StuL: I assume the Eagles are never leaving Perth again?
zadolinnyj: 131 Apache please
Moona: 134 for titch
teachrtony: Thanks Apache, will go 139
Avarax: 114 please apache
CozzieCan: 145 @ Apache for Mitchell
MercAm: 133 Mitchell
MrWalrus: May I please have 129
MercAm: 129 Mitchell
boxy36: I’ll take 155 if available @Apache
Grimes Jr: i’ll say 147 apache
exatekk: 147 apache
MercAm: Ffs 128 Mitchell
Catatafish: Come on Brander.
Phasir: WC don’t play in WA again this year, StuL
navy_blues: 123 mitch plz
bhg26: 143 for Titch
MrWalrus: Unless we get to double up in which case I’d go 142 with you
Apachecats: which one Merc Am?
circle52: 2stuh after next Week eagles reurn to Qld for Rds 14 onwards
Grimes Jr: seriously watch sicily go 85 plus from here
MercAm: @Apa 128 please
Donk: 151 for Mitchell
Thomas1234: Apache 150 please
pedsz: 200 from sicily please
circle52: 126 for Titch
navy_blues: think sicily playing on kennedy
FinlaySON: Titch 138 Apache
Gotigres: 130 for Mitchell
Poliyagon: need sicily to beat will day by 40 to win
Apachecats: Walrus got you on 129 ok?
88360: 117 if it is still going please
HugeHead: Titch 112 if not taken
pjw1234: Mitchell 121 please
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
MrWalrus: Yep, but if you win i change my mind….
Grimes Jr: Ill change from 147 to 149 apache
Ash777: titch 136
Apachecats: Grimes 149 ok
BigChief: Closest to 144 for Mitchell for me Apache
benty691: 132 Apache thanks mate
Apachecats: @bigchief 144
Cabri44: 155 please Apache
Woodie22: 127 Titch if what I said before didn’t come up
SC-STAR–: 134 apache
boxy36: @Cabri already claimed that one!
Pies20: jesus christ the hardest time to get a say is ntp @Apache for the 5th time 127
Apachecats: NTP closed 34 entries.Range 112 to 155
Dexter21: Hi guys just signed up after following the page for years so thought I’d join in on the chat!
Cabri44: Bugger 158 in that case if not too late
Apachecats: Got you Pies just in time.
Water: welcome dexter
Xyrca: what’s wrong the the hawks?
Apachecats: Cabri 158 ok
Pies20: nah surley i didn’t miss again been trying for the last 5mins @Apache
Breezey: That bird next to your name Dexter will get you a run.
Dexter21: 133 for titch
Apachecats: You are very welcome Dexter
Cabri44: Thanks Apache
Kidult: Know a few people who had Brander C wonder if they changed it
Breezey: And then you try and steal my number Dexter.
Pies20: Welcome dex my fellow pies man
Apachecats: your in Dexter ,no more please.
Thomas1234: @apache you have me down for 150 right?
Dexter21: Hahaha breezey think that’s expected lol
The39Steps: Biggest ever muppet for Nash.
Apachecats: Got you Thomas
Pies20: cheers @Apache your game is very successful hard to get a score in everytime geez
pcaman2003: It’s not Glass, Eddie you tool,it was O’Brien.
FLAG: autoglass – o o o o’brien
Dexter21: Hey pies thanks for the welcome! Tried to join in the chat for yesterdays game but had to wait 24hrs for my account
DrSeuss: Damn it Telly – why are you on the bench again – be like Gaff and just dont come off
Xyrca: will josh kennedy outscore the hawks
Catatafish: It’s the yellow thing Brander ffs
boxy36: Come on Shuey, need a big lift from here
Pies20: Get involved @dex it’s good fun few muppets on this site you’ll be ok
Poliyagon: sicily u fucking flog do something
bhg26: Did that muppet last night get banned?
Kidult: No disposals Gaff!!!
Woodie22: What happened last night bhg26?
amigaman: Had Nic Nat since start of season. Starting to really pay now.
Pies20: either that or he’s got a massive hangover @bhg
beerent11: Throw Sicily forward
Dexter21: I definitely will be pies! Follow just about every game usually on here
pcaman2003: bhg26. He hasn’t been sniffing around today,yet.
TeamRMPG: How do you get the team logo?
Apachecats: Hover on your name above andselect options and submit at bottom of page.
Breezey: Seriously fancy playing someone who has Flyinryan. That’ll deadset do me.
Pies20: missing your filth with repel @pca not haha
Pies20: raspel
StuL: I hate the hawks but flower off eagles. The home eagles and home crowd is sickening
StuL: I played someone who had Naughton. He went berserk
Pies20: keep going day
pcaman2003: @Pies. Will have to start up again just for you.
TeamRMPG: Cheers Apachecats
SC-STAR–: Need help i got a bit a i got about 550k which mid should i get for simpson
DrSeuss: Seriously Tim Kelly with not 1 mark all game – its like his teammates see him and kick the other way
Raspel31: Yes Pies20- my deepest apologies- have been engaging with a woan- new to you- but I’m back now.
SC-STAR–: shockig spelling
Apachecats: You didn’t say you were Eagles.Welcome any way.
Breezey: Bloody hell Naughton would’ve hurt some teams
88360: Raithan pizza arrived yet?
TeamRMPG: Haha, cheers
kascadev8: thank you nicnat you are a beast
StuL: AND Bont. So i got flogged
Apachecats: Get some onewho has already had their bye SC-STAR
Pies20: please nooo why?????
jspiri789: nic nat 160?
Water: Shiel for mine SC STAR with no bye and coming into form and at a discount price
Cabri44: Nicnat’s SC score with 53% efficiency?
kascadev8: never would of thought to put the C on Nicnat, might have to consider it in the future
Pies20: A wuhan where are you posting from @raspel
SC-STAR–: yeah 100% round 16 gonna hurt a lot of teams gonna get a player who has a no bye that week
Raspel31: I can perhaps live with Gawn to Nic Nat and spare cash- but I spent it all on fine Scotch.
Phasir: @Cabri, around 15 HO to advantage, 10 CP, 3 CL, multiple goal assists…
kascadev8: sicily up to 40, expecting a big last quarter buddy, nicnat cant carry me by himself
JohnHoward: when does sc finals start, what round?
bhg26: Spent my cash from the same trade to get Fyfe for Georgiades, equally worth it
Thomas1234: Nic nat just had a 63 point quarter with scaling to come
TeamRMPG: Yeah he did
kascadev8: nic nat has been even better since rob talked smack, absolutely love it
88360: Considering crisp to Lloyd over day to Lloyd, saves cash and crisp still has a bye to come thoughts?
Apachecats: Round 14 for finals JH
Cabri44: @Phasir More considering what it would be if more efficient
GobChuck: rn on 2350 with a quarter of sicily/shuey and then Lukosius……..Yeo late out ruined 2600 chance with Wicks E
kascadev8: dont think i need gawn anymore :/ +200k for a bloke who is a tank right now, hope this continues
Poliyagon: wtf is my luck. I had steele lose to opponents max king, now sicily equal will day. wheres my value
Yelse: Kennedy 4 goals and sheed 15 possies will i get it?
kascadev8: sicily 10 kicks 5 handballs 1 contested 1 clanger and he on 40 haha, how does scoring work?!?!
TeamRMPG: The risk will be if they manage Nic Nat during the 5 games in 18 days
Phasir: @Cabri, and with more than 74% TOG
kascadev8: @TeamRMPG thats where Draper comes in
Raspel31: I like you Day- fine young chap. Very chipper. On the bench today but you stay.
Pies20: Hung on2 brander until last week needed the $
pcaman2003: Sicilly now forward.
Beast_Mode: Sic up forward love it lmao
JRedden: Day loves a +6.
Poliyagon: can’t beleive i’m gonna lose my match up of sicily v day
DrSeuss: Seriously Telly how do you not have 1 mark in a whole freaking game – playing lazy af
bhg26: Keep going Nic Nat, Titch and Day, looking at 2500+ now
m0nty: wish this rain had come two hours earlier
ElstyBoy: Surely Day’s been robbed, cant only be on 60
Pies20: day is my d5 in dteam @rasp that’s how well I’m going but today he’s outscoring the premos
kascadev8: Pies, day is my D6 and beating my D2/3/4 haha
bhg26: Should be at least 75 ElstyBoy
Pies20: haha! @same
ElstyBoy: yeh exactly what i thought @bhg26
DrSeuss: Thats it Kelly back to the bench – take a break – you have earnt it
Ash777: Telly hasn’t played a good game since the bye.
kascadev8: need nicnat and shuey back on, they are making up for sicily right now
BigChief: @Elsty compare Day to Wingard
GobChuck: if shuey could raffle a goal or 3 in junk time aha
DrSeuss: Tell me about it Ash – just running around lazy behind the ball and getting ignored by team mates
bhg26: That grinds my gears BigChief
pcaman2003: Barrass is wearing Sicily,so tough gig now for Sicily owners.
Ash777: I’m giving Telly another week to see what happens.
Raspel31: Let us all hold hands and smile and say to Hawks supporters- sorry. We are all friends. Love the Lord.
DrSeuss: Tempted to go Telly to Shiel – but traded out Bailey Smith last week – so a lil trade shy right now
bhg26: CD must not have Day in their team
Poliyagon: im pissed
kascadev8: why is sicily up forward… put him on a wing or attacking halfback instead
Kidult: Gonna be tight need +88 above projections for Titch, Wingard, Shuey, Gaff and Hurn
ElstyBoy: @bigchief, more CP for Day too, not sure 4 more takles are worth that much
Dredd: Ghee that was silly DrSeuss… was certain to score against the crows. Wasn’t expecting a 150
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Must be time to sing Kumbaya again is it?
BigChief: Tackles are gold compared to marks in SC.
GobChuck: Shuey getting hugely managed by eagles here
Pies20: We already did that today when the bomber’s lost @rasp the lord has enough of footy today
Dredd: I’m gonna have to keep him now and hope that was the game he needed to keep scoring 100s
DrSeuss: @Dredd – yeah forgot to check who he was playing – should have traded Telly obviously
Raspel31: pcaman- will you start us off-I’ll sing harmonies.
kascadev8: did anyone captain nicnat? need shuey on too, nat has almost neutralised the points loss on sicily by himself
BigChief: Also a CP does not always = a disp.
pcaman2003: Don’t have Sicily,but he has helped me to win my Round. Thanks Cicils
DrSeuss: Managing Shuey but Gaff has been on field the entire game except 2 minutes at the end of the first half – unbelievable
Raspel31: I brought in Nic Nat because I felt a greater force behind me- greed.
kascadev8: sicily hurt? oh boy gonna rely on sholl nxt week maybe
Ash777: sicily tombstone
CozzieCan: Sicily injured
Thomas1234: sicily injured
SneakySC: Well I have to trade simpson and sicily this week
ElstyBoy: Sicily doesnt look good
scboy123: Brander a late in? whered this come from. nice lil extra cash
Ash777: probably just a dislocated knee though
CozzieCan: Sicily most traded this week , bummer
StuL: Another trade torched
Crowls: finally a way to get lloyd in,
BigChief: Hopefully Sicily not a serious knee injury.
GobChuck: he’s walking a bit less pained on the boundary rn, hopefully just a bad knock
Pies20: good luck with that @kasca
Cottees: yes i now get a reason to trade sicily lol
pcaman2003: Sicily looks okay. Walked along without a limp to the entrance to the rooms.
TeamRMPG: Sicily will be a please call me when you can strain
Ash777: how long out for a dislocated knee?
DrSeuss: Telly – how TF do you play a whole game without 1 mark – unbelievable
Apachecats: moderate upscale 5%
bhg26: Could have gone Day to Sicily or Georgiades to Fyfe, think i made the right choice choosing the second one
CozzieCan: Sicily doing a Dangerfield struth
StuL: Having dislocated my knee which will never be right. 4 weeks May be
TeamRMPG: Sicily will be a please call me when you PCL strain
scboy123: Do we reckon Brander keeps his spot or goes next week
Apachecats: NTP a raffle ,six of you in the running ,wait for scaling.
kascadev8: rob has created a monster in nicnat. no complaints here
bhg26: No complaints here either kasca
MrWalrus: Depends ash, knee or kneecap? Cartilage damage? Tendons? Bone? 0-104 weeks depending
GobChuck: nicnat in, gonna shunt big O to the fwd line
FinlaySON: am I one Apache?
Woodie22: Won’t be me. I’ll be just off I’d say.
bhg26: 17 points in scaling for Titch surely?
MrWalrus: Had nic nat from R1, “upgraded” to Gawn 4 rounds ago, pretty standard for me this year
Apachecats: reckon you a bit high fs
FinlaySON: grrrr
bhg26: Projected 2531, thank you Nic Nat Titch, and a nice Day score
Apachecats: NTP result.Hole in one to benty691 ,your 1st win well done.
Apachecats: $equal seconds ,zadolinnyj 131 and Raspel ,Breezy and Dexter all on 133.
navy_blues: mitch 132
navy_blues: mitch 132
MrWalrus: Thanks Apache, leave a space on the tropy for Walrus, I’ll get it one day

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