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Chat log from R12 of 2020: St Kilda vs Essendon

Chat log for St Kilda vs Essendon, R12 of 2020

missmagic: late changes?afl website useless today,in other game here wasnt updated(ins and outs)either till the first bounce
missmagic: late changes?afl website useless today,in other game here wasnt updated(ins and outs)either till the first bounce
missmagic: at least for this game gresham/zaharakis etc are off the lists
boxy36: Only got Clark, Bytel and Draper in this one – so just after a saints win!
boxy36: Only Clark, Bytel and Draper in this one
Poliyagon: Got Ridley, Butler and Steele!
heppelitis: witches hats
scboy123: Butler, Parish and Ridley for me
MercAm: Only Draper and Bytel (Bench) for me
casey22: Optus prize winner hack again m0nty
Cottees: do something steele
Napper: Got Shiel, Bytel, Steel and Ridley
heppelitis: benny hill show
Ash777: Got Steele n ridley this game.
pcaman2003: Muppet for!
Raspel31: I actually met Benny Hill a few times hepp- true- but this is indeed funnier.
amigaman: I don’t know Bruce. Why don’t you tell us moron
DrSeuss: Draper and Bytel – only rookies on field – hopefully they can do a little something
Yelse: what is steele doing ffs
CamT: What did Steele get his 8 points for ?
hinsch: King starts like this every week probably finish with 50 points
Cottees: legit traded steele in last week and has gone to shit
Ash777: oof cd still having problems
pcaman2003: Yelse. Not sure. 11 points but not sure why.
TheLegend6: Statistics not updating FYI
Apachecats: Yeah casey I’m getting the trlsta hack again ,only get it on fanfooty m0nty.
BigChief: Stats are stuffed. Take no notice of them.
Apachecats: *telstra
FlyinRyan2: oi are all your scores from the dogs v crows on supercoach messed up?
zadolinnyj: Can’t be right @yelse. Seen a clear kick and handball
Lawls: CD supposedly crashed so scores aren’t right.
Bluebagg11: HUGE problems with CD. Anyone checked your scores in the SC app? Lol
Water: Apache NTP winner anounced yet?
Thomas1234: Why are the sc points from last game stuffed
Cottees: scores are screwed in app too
NavyMan: yup they used the half scores.. how amusing
heppelitis: my old man loved that show…mum not so much
Raspel31: I was headed for 2800 and just had 500 points stripped?
pjw1234: had to pick between hill and bytel to replace ess smith. went bytel fingers crossed
circle52: Really screwed check your upodated SC scores and projections
navy_blues: think stats in last game are in half so dbl the score be bout right
FlyinRyan2: are they going to revert it back ?
BigChief: SC scores may be correct, but stats are stuffed.
Apachecats: nah water we have technical problems ,hoping it is soon
MercAm: They’ll fix it, eventually
Poliyagon: on the sc app bont has 99 and smith has 75.
Water: ok
Poliyagon: plot twist, before it was broken and these scores are after being fixed!
tdarian: my page goes to some “wideband” thing randomly when i’m on this site – does any1 else get this?
Apachecats: Water you will go close ,just waiting.
FlyinRyan2: stats on afl site are correct it is just supercoach thats stuffed
Raspel31: Strangely, very strangely- and I would like to think differently. Don’t believe we have two finals contebders here.
pcaman2003: Even SC sustains an injury
boxy36: Apache think my 117 should be fairly close too!
kascadev8: bulldogs game scores points?
Poliyagon: are the stats for this game right?
Apachecats: yes boxy ,in it up to your ears.
casey22: Optus prize winner hack again m0nty
boxy36: Great to see St Kilda finally utilising the run of Hill – his delivery inside 50 is so handy
hinsch: IInet hack for me
Ash777: mckernan really needs to be dropped.
MONEY TALK: Ross back to his old form surely
Raspel31: Well, I am a moron. I kept King out of family loyalt the son of an ex lover’s cousin. Go lad.y
NewFreoFan: Get on your bike Steele
heppelitis: they are stealing our FF coins as we sit here
Apachecats: m0nty needs to check his Nortons account.
Water: -11 oh my that must be close to a record
hinsch: The SC site is using the half time scores as well I hope they are anyway
amigaman: CD working now. Be nice if they fixed Dogs vs Crows
kascadev8: anyone have mckernan?
Poliyagon: as if my opp has king and I’ve got steele.
SC-STAR–: Can somene explain why it says 99 points for bont even though he scored lik 190
BigGryan: problems with cd, i think its either halved the scores or used ht scores
MONEY TALK: champion data died sc-star
kascadev8: @SC-STAR i think its showing points just prior to halftime aha
navy_blues: just dbl the scores
SC-STAR–: BigGryan will they get fixed ?
hokkien34: Yeah I thought it had reverted back to ht scores
Thomas1234: How long before scores go “normal”
SC-STAR–: Kas bont had 118 at halftime thats why I was confused
CamT: McGrath on fire with minus 16 metres gained. Sums up modern footy.
m0nty: The scores from teh Dogs Crows game are now final.
Ash777: scores back to normal now for dogs crows game
heppelitis: Sc scores still not working correct here…McKernan should be at least minus twenty
SC-STAR–: They just got fixed
Crave: You’re an idiot CamT
kascadev8: yeh haha, star its dropped my projected from 2300 to 2100 aha, makes me look dumb
MONEY TALK: scores r up for dogs game, bont 199
amigaman: Cheers m0nty
BigChief: Macrae 118
Bezzina: Cmon Ridley and Draper, don’t ruin my weekend
boxy36: Big game from bazlenka – glad my rational side won out and I didn’t trade him
CamT: That sums up modern footy Crave. Get the ball and your first option is go sideways or backwards.
pcaman2003: Smith smashed Laird. My hurt!
Raspel31: So BigChief- the diffential is now 15. Did you understand Circle’s and my point?
tdarian: why rest players when this is a must win game? ess is just a bit avg when it comes to strategy
Apachecats: Nearest the Pin results .Macrae 118.
Apachecats: Equal first boxy36 on 117 and Tangent on 119 ,well done both first time winners.
srj2409: Diff between choosing Macrae captain and Neale captain if you have both is 18 points. Year 3 maths.
Ash777: Essendon’s game plan sux.
boxy36: Ayyy about time I got close with one! Cheers Apache
Apachecats: 3rd was FinlaySON on 121 ,just missed a hat trick.
kascadev8: ridley is on the bench from the blood rule, havent seen him come back on
Raspel31: Thanks srj- couldn’t be bothered working it out again but point made.
tdarian: thats if u have both @srj2409. its double if you have one only
Grimes Jr: sorry for trading in ridley
srj2409: Ahhh Neale 134 and Macrae 118 so it’s 16 points net difference in Captain choice
BigChief: @Raspel yes but I will still take the +15.
Bluebagg11: Srj lol. 16 points champ
Apachecats: New NTP game before half time .
Gandhi: Of course the week my opponent has hill is the week they are going to give him many cheap touches
feralmong: lets do mckernan for NTP Apache. should be fun.
scboy123: Damn Dan started so well then slipped over and hasnt touched it since
FinlaySON: shattering Apache, I am on fire though!
pcaman2003: Are the scores wrong again? Steele on 36?
Apachecats: hahaha feral
FLAG: pedal faster Minty
Dogs5416: Stats froze again 🙁
Raspel31: Where have you been Adele?. People were so worried. Go Steele. Tackle. Supercoach has destroyed loyalty and our souls.
Apachecats: you are definitely the form horse FinlaySON>
m0nty: not me this time
boxy36: I’d love Bytel to get a bit of a touch! Or even to get more TOG – been sitting on the pine way too much
feralmong: #not me
pcaman2003: Hi Charlotte. Keeping a bit quieter after last game disaster.
boxy36: CD has cooked it today by the sounds of it!
kascadev8: good money coming from draper as an R3 gonna be happy with that, need a good nicnat score too
piro: who farted? #notme
srj2409: Ahhhh yes Macca finished on 118. He was 116 last I checked. So yes, net diff for choosing Macca C over Neale is 16
Apachecats: Nearest the Pin is on M.King .Apache goes 89.
pcaman2003: @piro. I bet it was.
boxy36: @kasca same situation here – just need Draper to keep making money at this point
SC-STAR–: week in week out turn up to watch this rubbish
Cottees: 72 for King
beerent11: Gee Rowell was a serious outlier among rookies this year. Look at the rest of them .
pcaman2003: King 73 for me
feralmong: 75 apache
Haydo: Apache 72 for King
FinlaySON: I’ll take 77 Apache
boxy36: @Apache I’ll say 101
Bart Man: I’ll take king for 97 @apache
Poliyagon: Max king 78
bhg26: 84 Apache please
BigChief: 70 for M. King Apache.
kascadev8: 90 for king please
piro: CD still hungover from last night
SC-STAR–: 99 Apache
Raspel31: Apache- he only ever touches the ball to score a goal. So I’ll go 73.
Poliyagon: wtf did McKernan do?
Grimes Jr: 67 for king
ajconodie: @Apache – Will we ever know his true score? I’ll go 74
Ash777: Marshall is going to double ton at this rate.
Raspel31: Trying to ram that into thick heads is not easy srj.
Napper: Someone tell me how the hell Parish is 48 but 15 for dt that is crazy
Poliyagon: No Devon no Bombers?
pcaman2003: Charlotte. See you’re sticking with me on the scores again. Hope there’s 2 shirts again
Water: Ill go 106 for king please apache
Gotigres: 112 for King
MONEY TALK: napper stats r glitched on sc is working
heppelitis: some ess players dt not working napper
Moona: 81 for king
Napper: 67 for king
feralmong: clearly the stats are not kosher.
Raspel31: Not much happened this quarter. Did you pay your electricity bill M0nty?
FlyinRyan2: is the time frozen?
Raspel31: Water- you are so polite.
Breezey: 81 Sorry taken by Moona. Make it 79
Apachecats: Haydo missed your one for NTP ,
BigChief: Shiel has 14 disp and stats say 9, so yeah there is errors.
Catatafish: CD and the AFL stats are fucking cooked
SC-STAR–: Points are frozen
tdarian: ridler is putting in a stinker. great
Avarax: 80 for king
circle52: 78 for King
Avarax: 80 for king please
kascadev8: i forgot what i said for king probs 90
88360: 72 for king please
Apachecats: yes 90 kasca
scboy123: King 94 if possible
NewFreoFan: 109 for King
Raspel31: I have loved staring at an unmoving screen for 20 minutes. Think I’ve hynotized myself.
kascadev8: ah thanks apache
Apachecats: If any one sees Haydo ,I missed his guess before it disappeared off the bottom.
SC-STAR–: can someone tell me what ridley,draper,shiel, king and bytel are on
Haydo: it was 78 I believe Apache
Sugartits: I reckon battles 120 plus already
BigChief: @SC-STAR nope as there is issues with scores today.
Haydo: Actually 72 sorry it saved the message for me
Apachecats: thanks Haydo.78
Catatafish: Haven’t these nongs fixed it yet? Christ..
Apachecats: ok 72 haydo.
Mutters: Lift everyone!!!!!!!
SC-STAR–: ok thanks for that big chief
Raspel31: Haydo- piss off. I went 73. Rather a static game this eh what?
MrWalrus: 113 for King, thank you kind sir.
kascadev8: whats wrong with the points today?
Haydo: Haha raspel, pretty sure I got mine in before you though just went off the screen too quickly
bagger2217: what’s up with the Don’s scores?
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
Nuffman: I know we’re playing bad today… but surely
beerent11: Ridley going well
beerent11: Must’ve all been clangers
scboy123: Yes Darcy Parish get that big 1
Rathain84: Hi All. Has the points lotto ended yet?
Catatafish: Must be AFL budget cuts
SC-STAR–: love shiel on 14 posi 1 sc ik its a joke calm down
Avarax: parish stiffed
pjw1234: 84 for king please
Avarax: 15 possies, but 18 clangers
kascadev8: lets go mcgrath and ridles. up to you now boys- funny this is an old message.. relying on them once again smh
Ash777: give mckernan the spud or something
tdarian: saad is a weapon
Apachecats: NTP closed 27 entries ,range 67 to 109
bhg26: Eventful round for FanFooty, FinlaySon winning NTP twice in a row, spuds having their say, SC and Fantasy crashing
CozzieCan: On ya Saad , bloody oath
StuL: Use Herald Sun. I wish Fantasy had stuck sometimes
DrSeuss: Bytel for a few more touches this half would be ideal
StuL: Useless
MrWalrus: I believe I had 113 Apache
boxy36: St Kilda fwd half pressure has all but disappeared in the last few weeks
boxy36: That’s relative to what it started the season as btw
Poliyagon: can’t beleive this from steele
kascadev8: ridley only on 35? has to be wrong doesnt it?
MONEY TALK: i think cd is still behind
Apachecats: yes Walrus 113.Range should be 67 -113.
Pies20: Missed it any chance of a late entry who is it?
biggs2dujj: 2nd game blues for Bytel. Will be dropped after this
Pies20: plus this site running slow
Pies20: no advantage
Apachecats: Sorry Pies20 its closed.
m0nty: This site is not the problem.
Napper: Traded in Steele last week probably my best trade
MrWalrus: Thanks, appreciate the effort 🙂
Pies20: Hey hey @monty not blaming you at all
pcaman2003: Steele without a tackle has to be a first.
Rathain84: Yes, Steele is looking a little rusty
kascadev8: wanna get rid of butler now, hasnt done much for scores in the last month except that 1 game
boxy36: Come on Clark, need to beat Daniel in this one!
Ash777: dons need a rebuild.
Pies20: all good @Apache im shower at it anyway a dt kid picking sc scores
Gotigres: It’s called football Bytel
Rathain84: You get it? Steele… rusty…
SC-STAR–: If I made a league next year for everyone in fanfooty who would join
CamT: Brander in for West Coast
Apachecats: In a rare good move I went Butler to Petracca for this round.
DrSeuss: WTF is Bytel doing? Certainly obvious what he isn’t doing – touching the ball? Tackling?
Apachecats: There will be one on the next game pies20 ,have a crack in that one.
Water: Yes Sc STar this is my first full season of knowing what i am doing and next yr id like to be in a good comp ill join
bhg26: Yeo is out for Brander
Rathain84: Forget about it
kascadev8: might go butler to simpkin, sideways but simp at least scores
SC-STAR–: To easy Water
HugeHead: absolutely shocking week for me, glad its not finals yet
Napper: Great Yeo is out my week couldn’t get any better
CozzieCan: Highest score in SuperCoach this week for me if all goes well .. proj 2450 , on 1800 with 7 to go
Beast_Mode: lol
nogoalo: is ridley score correct?
Migz: hahah how fucking bad is that stay strong vic AD. fark i hate TV
Pies20: My opponent played brander thought is was for the loop maybe he’s from the west?
Avarax: trade up your rookies kasca. you were saying you would be stuck with them, move them on first’
kascadev8: oh yeh fair aha, this is so hard haha
Napper: Gawn, Smith and Yeo out now what a week wow
Woodie22: Is this site plus the AFL site playing up boys?
pjw1234: great traded pickett for yeo, should have waited
boxy36: Lets goooo Clark keep truckin
MONEY TALK: not this site its champion data
kascadev8: for the same reason u said rivers was in ya goose
Avarax: no woodie. this site is fine
Pies20: Write it off take a nap @napper can only get next week mate
boxy36: Bytel in traffic looks comfortable – I just wish he’d kick it more
boxy36: Or at all…
HugeHead: what’s everyone think of jones to bring in, I’ve thought about it but I’m not sure its worth it
Rathain84: lol Hi Woodie!
Woodie22: Ok no avarax wouldn’t refresh on my end.
bhg26: Could have been on 2600 if Brayshaw, Walters and Simpson hit their projections, projected 2484
kascadev8: mckernan still on -10 wow
Pies20: Woodie think every where is struggling
Pies20: better
Avarax: many better players hugehead
Woodie22: No late changes Rath lol
Woodie22: No late charge
Franksy: Is ridley’s DT-SC always this bad?
Napper: Only good thing this week was trading in Shiel
Woodie22: Seems better now Pies20 unlike my SC team
Breezey: Seriously as if all ya players would hit their projections
Ooost: Is Yeo out?
SC-STAR–: No Franksy
kascadev8: @Franksy no, teammates dont wanna give him the ball, and he was off for a bit with the blood rule
FLAG: yeo out, brander in
Avarax: yeo is out yes. injured
bhg26: Yes Ooost, for Brander
Donzoes: I think so Ooost
Ooost: Serong E, I’ll still win.
Rathain84: I would have been on 3000 by now… if not for 18 of my 22 players
Woodie22: And hello Rath!!
88360: Team name rathain?
Breezey: Spot on Rathain 84
Pies20: Hope arts is playing tomorrow
kascadev8: would think aarts plays surely, if he doesnt then thats a donut…
boxy36: can we go back to best 18 this week? I stupidly fielded Bytel…
Pies20: I call him vanderlay @costanza
NewFreoFan: Just a few more please McGrath
Rathain84: nm just trying to entertain myself. Misses is in labour in the background
Rathain84: I tipped the boomers to get a draw. what a let down
kascadev8: do the dons remember what ridley looks like? could have had the ball 10 more times then he has
Napper: I would love to see Shiel’s score if he played like 87 tog
HugeHead: I’ve got 5 players under 50 so far this week, not good
Apachecats: I read War and Peace for one of mine Rath ,ggod luck!
satch7: Just need 75 from zerk thatcher and dev Smith for 2400 pls
navy_blues: missus in labour? and your on here wonder u aint shot lol
Woodie22: Hugehead I’m feeling that pain
Rathain84: the whole book? shit hope its not that long
NewFreoFan: 4 more McGrath, come on son you can do it
Apachecats: that goal put a few out of business.
kascadev8: dev smith?? he isnt playing @satch7
BigGryan: come on riddles get to 75
Rathain84: hospy sent us home navy, apparently its a lot of doing sweet fuck all for the us fellas
satch7: haha congrats Rathain. Priorities
pcaman2003: Gotta love Steele’s score from 78 to 82 and hasn’t been near it for 5 mins
Apachecats: Cover to cover.
Rathain84: just wish I had better game to watch that these two flog teams
Yelse: all i needed was stetwrt to kick a goal for my multi disrespectful
Woodie22: Well at least Ryder scoring well for me this week.
Beast_Mode: lmao @ Rathain84
LuvIt74: @Rathain84 Are you at least holding the missus’s hand while in labour? Sure hope so…lol
Ash777: How is dons best tall is stewart…
dipstick: @satch , Dev Smith isn’t playing this week boss
NewFreoFan: You’re fine Rath, your hard work was done 9 months ago mate
Rathain84: No. she is shitting kittens and I’m laughing
HugeHead: looks like I’m adding Bytel to my under 50 club
kascadev8: ridley. 18 disposals (4 handballs) 1 behind, 1 clanger and only on 65? how is that possible
Franksy: Surely CD is still cooked
MercAm: @kascadev 0 contested possession just been seagulling
NewFreoFan: No contested kascadev, just little cheapies
Crave: Yeah Ridley shoulh be near Saad & Hurley no idea why he is on 66
satch7: Im aware of that.. cmon zerk
pcaman2003: kascadev. That’s a very good question. Seems out of whack.
Napper: Bloody hell, Steele has got a 2 kicks and a mark and has went from 83 to 82
DrSeuss: As someone who has Draper – damn he has terrible hands – catch a ball big fella
lock98: Too many backwards kicks for Ridley, no points for them
jfitty: No CP for Ridley
Rathain84: More boomer supporters on here than any other team and zero reaction. Lord why me?
BigChief: I am taking no notice of SC scores. With the problems they are prob wrong LOL
Apachecats: decent scale up to come.
Rathain84: Woodie is Gaff playing next game?
kascadev8: oh fair didnt c the contested, but lloyd does that and gets points 🙁 why ridley
teachrtony: Ridley no cont possessions, noo tackles, no clearances. Bruise free.
Pies20: Hopefully the baby doesn’t have a @huge head laugh now @rath but it doesn’t get funnier enjoy the moment life changing
Foxman69: How does king only get 30 less then Naughton?
Woodie22: Rath yes lol
beerent11: Yeo out brander in gaff playing
Napper: Surely Shiel and Steele get scaled up hugely it’s not like I have them in my team…
SC-STAR–: need 26 points of up scaling
Rathain84: Thanks mate. still not far enough along. We have ordered a pizza
Beast_Mode: lol steele has been gifted too many points already
kascadev8: need 80 points of up scaling here :/ what a grim weak, gone from a 2408 projected to a 2284, and now gonna be under 2200
Rathain84: Hey Wooodie, is Titch still playing?
Apachecats: scaling will be 10%

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