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Chat log from R7 of 2020: Fremantle vs West Coast

Chat log for Fremantle vs West Coast, R7 of 2020

BestCoast: Go you might Eagles big win boys
boxy36: BC agreed, as long as Hill goes big
LuvIt74: Arvo/Evening to all depending if your in WA or not… What do you guys think the average will be this round?
boxy36: @LuvIt74 not sure, but undoubtedly way above what I score
Dead_Ned: Need Bewley to ton up
Lawls: I keep missing people’s answer to my question lol, take aarts or go King?
Dead_Ned: King
Avarax: @lawls i would probably lock aarts. but 53 is gettable for king
Avarax: he’s done it 23 times already this year
Gotigres: I have the same question Lawls
Apachecats: King ,only just.
feralmong: need nicnat to not go too huge
Lawls: Yeah tempted to go King
BigChief: King v Adel he should beat Aarts score.
Ooost: King 100 percent
frenzy: should go 2300 this week Luvit, I’m only a plodder
BestCoast: Apache looks like I got the bacon CTP
BestCoast: Hill do your best to get a good score
LuvIt74: im on 1907 with Gaff, Hurn, Laird & king to play. Predicted to score 2258
Apachecats: yeah well done BC ,raspel will get the Tshirt to you ,hope it fits.
NewFreoFan: Love a derby, hope it’s a good game
BestCoast: Cheers Apache and Raspel
Pies20: King is hard work dt but apparently know one plays that this site sorry @laws and @gotiges
BestCoast: NewFreoFan all the best
NewFreoFan: You too BC
Dead_Ned: freo fans booing Gaff
ajconodie: Freo for the upset.
amigaman: Cd should start Darcy on -3. Happens every game
BigChief: Pretty obvious why though @Dead_Ned.
BestCoast: Gaff big boy he can handle it
breakonthr: For interest sake what are are everyones SC scores ATM?
NickR9: gaff better 140+
Apachecats: You don’t forget a poleaxing very quickly.
circle52: Gaff, Yeo and Walters this game
pedsz: 2045 with Serong, Laird and King
DrSeuss: Telly good, Brayshaw good, Walters get a little more involved pls
Donzoes: 1956 w/ Walters, Doedee and Hill to go
beerent11: Sonny! How good
BigChief: Hahahaha muppet for Taberner.
circle52: On 1757 and Laird and McAsay to also come tomorrow
NewFreoFan: Oh Tabs why
poolboybob: Oh boy that’s a massive muppet
breakonthr: thanks just trying towork how iam going 2200 with bewly and doedee to come sitting #2 after last round
NewFreoFan: Time for redemption Tabs
Stu7: Come on Tucker
NewFreoFan: That wasn’t redemption
BigChief: Cmon m0nty that deserves the muppet icon surely.
spdysaint: I’m 2140 with hill and max king
Donzoes: need brayshaw for 20 and cerra for 15
DrSeuss: Where is Walters playing? Mid or Forward mostly?
poolboybob: Eagles getting smashed by Craberner
NewFreoFan: Walters rotating around
beerent11: West coast defenders happy to be home
Stu7: Where is Tucker playing? Off the ground?
Pies20: does anyone play dt??haha
NewFreoFan: Tucker’s a downhill skiier, wait for the pressure to die down before he gets involved
ajconodie: Hurn actually doing something today. Must have been home sick.
Pies20: would like to know
DrSeuss: Cheers @NewFreo
Stu7: Pies20 yes I do I hate it I’m only playing to appease some friends
Pies20: cheers @stu7
Pies20: each to there own
StuL: Brayshaw could be massive with fyfe out. Should have started him.
Stu7: Tucker is on the move 3
Pies20: not that I should say this but would rather scores go stat’s than get points for a great kick or goal just saying
rupertmarn: Gaff is overated
beerent11: Picked up Sheppard a few rounds ago for about 430k has been pretty good pick up
original: @StuL many did and traded him quickly lol
NewFreoFan: Throws a good right hook though rupertmarn
Dead_Ned: I need Laird and Bewley to get more than Serong and 174 🙁
original: Need nicnat to go large 120ish plz
Dead_Ned: @Pies20 then play AFL Fantasy
Stu7: Hoping Tucker get to 10 by half time 🙏
Pies20: back in the day this site was 50 50 dt supercoch now us dteamers out numberd bigtime i do @dic*-hea#
BestCoast: StuL wish I had the luxury to have Brayshaw on the bench
Rab360: need Nic nat kept quiet
BigChief: Another 1 to add to the ignore list.
Apachecats: Pies people have dropped off DT big time -its very basic and lacks sophistication.SC much better game.
heppelitis: @pies20. I found DT to be horrendous
Crave: SC not perfect but so much better than DT
BestCoast: Carn down Pies20 having a crack at everyone ya lemon
thommoae: I play Dt and I’m super duper sophistimacated!
heppelitis: Rookies dont get enough minutes time to score to go up in value. SC at least 3300 points
pcaman2003: @BC. Last game and this one now. Needs to move on I think.
Pies20: how bc?you have had plenty to say today have i commented on your smack nup
Apachecats: lol Thommo
heppelitis: I dont mind it normally but its hard this year
NewFreoFan: Settle down Pies20
BigChief: Okay guys lets not feed the obvious troll in the room.
Avarax: you’re the only one in here being aggressive pies.
BestCoast: Is it Pies20 or Criesplenty
m0nty: back on the game please
Gandhi: Come on Darcy Trucker, all those wheels but not enough movement
Pies20: Haha troll been on this site just as long as you chief can’t i have a say?
Switcheyes: Hurns blue balls are certainly gone
BestCoast: Horn a good price for maybe a look now he is back home
Silz90: Look at Tucker. I’m.glad you’re going to cost me my multi ffs
heppelitis: I think they exist. I get tired when I walk up them…any chance of getting a kick Hill?
MinXz: pies you’re clearly doing it just to antagonise people so if you just want to be a flog don’t type in chat
BestCoast: Hurn*
Pies20: is it best coast or wank$most? Good come back mate
Collywoble: Of course its the pies fan being the flog!
pcaman2003: @Switcheyes. They sure have gone. He’s left a couple of hairs behind.
Grimes Jr: get going hill
Collywoble: @Pies20 You absolute flog
BestCoast: Pies20 when I look at you and your family tree it’s probably a cactus full of pricks
frenzy: spoke too soon beerent, your man shepperd aint done squat since
Grimes Jr: haha collingwood = flog club
RenoMan: calm down we’re all footy nuffies here haha let’s enjoy the footy guys
beerent11: Would want two weeks of good scores I reckon bestcoast. Then jump on.
casey22: Im guessing an angry 14 year old
Collywoble: @BestCoast Family tree would all be in jail
Dead_Ned: bewley has been robbed of about 3 tackles
beerent11: Normally how it goes frenzy
Breezey: So many insults and not much sophistication
exatekk: Grow up you lot
BestCoast: Carn Eagles get a shake on
Beast_Mode: brayshaw heading to prem status at this rate
MinXz: just ignore him, he’s just salty because he can’t chew food due to his lack of teeth
Stu7: Ring the siren a Tucker’s on 14
DrSeuss: Don’t stop now Telly
heppelitis: Chat was more interesting in the seniors room in the last game
Switcheyes: A visit from the wife was exactly what a few of the older west coast players needed
Breezey: Never heard that one before. @ Minxs
pcaman2003: @Heppelitis. You beat me to it.
StuL: This is rubbish. We need Kelly now
Pies20: Me neither @breezey enjoy the game fellas and comforting each other
heppelitis: with their 20 something GFs lol
BigChief: If the GF is in WA here is your premiership team.
frenzy: is he alive beerent, poke him again
thommoae: How do you ring a siren, Stu?
casey22: Need Gaff to outscore Gaff/Hill in SC: usually would!
wadaramus: there is some advantage to a team playing GF in home state?
casey22: Sorry, Hurn/Hill
BigChief: Ummm @Casey Gaff to outscore Gaff?
pcaman2003: They should’ve retired Hill. He looks way out of his depth.
FLAG: cmon hill, need 140sc to win my matchup
Badgerbadg: Hills supercoach is elite
fonzie: can someone tell the highest ever price for a player
BigChief: @wada of course there is, just more of an advantage for WCE.
Badgerbadg: Freo aren’t really that bad tbh, even without Natalie
NewFreoFan: We’d be a lot better if we weren’t missing 3 key defenders
wadaramus: Why more advantage in WA compared to Vic?
pcaman2003: @fonzie. Think it was J Brown at over 800k
beerent11: @frenzy bought him in coz he was getting hurns points. Now hurns taking them back in Perth.
amigaman: Hello?
Badgerbadg: J brown in his day was the stuff of legends
Baldfrog: Cause Chief supports a Vic team Wada
fonzie: cheers
Breezey: I think more teams have played at the G more regularly than in WA probably
wadaramus: Yep, fair call Breezey, but then most Interstate teams only get one game a year at the G.
wadaramus: Our conversations continue to centre around inequity.
Kidult: Bloody Gawn is 781k now with 120 BE might just bypass him and go English trial run for 2021 or Goldy
wadaramus: This can never be cancelled out while there is a 50 year contract at the G.
pcaman2003: Was hoping to get Gawn in,but that price is too much for me. Goldy or English now.
wadaramus: The Superbowl is always at a neutral ground.
NewFreoFan: Freo gets like 2 games a year at the G
amigaman: Unfortunately this is just one of the AFL stuff ups. It’s not a game, just a business
StuL: Any chance a Gawn brownlow? Or are mids etched in blood?
NewFreoFan: Only if the umps get shown SC scores after the game StuL
wadaramus: Let’s hope it is a top 5 of ruckmen for the Midfielder Medal this year!
Kidult: Only way a ruckman can win it this year is if Neale stops dead
TheLegend6: Neale already probably 5-6 votes ahead of second, gonna be tough for anyone let alone a ruckman from here
Justavrage: Brander a chance to come back into WC team?
Ash777: some vic teams also only get 1 or 2 games at the g too
Breezey: Umpires work out their votes based on the amount of possessions
thiccgucci: hill and serong wtf? get going boys
beerent11: Kidult goldy was well below his be this week so will go down in price again. I’m getting him in for pittonet this week
Ash777: ryan is having a huge game.
beerent11: Go shep
pcaman2003: Hill will be lucky to get 40
Kidult: Yeh probably the smart move but I’m just having fun with it now
Kidult: Goldy hasn’t played either of the big 2 yet and English only has Gawn to come
Breezey: Keep it moving along Yeo.
Avarax: goldy matches up really well against the big 2
Kidult: Gawn got 212 against Goldy 69 last year
Stuart88: Get moving hill & serong
wadaramus: Pushing shit up Hill.
heppelitis: Hill over himself
casey22: Kelly certainly taken over from Gaff
beerent11: With telly
Kidult: Wonder if Brayshaw is worth grabbing at that f6 spot
beerent11: Gawn too expensive more me now. Goldy and spend the rest elsewhere. Sometimes you just miss out.
BigChief: @NewFreoFan why is Blakely not getting game?
Donzoes: could be a good f6 with what is available
NewFreoFan: @BigChief there’s a lot of Freo supporters wondering that too
Breezey: I started Grundy/Jacobs. Now Grundy/NicNat. Much better.
Beast_Mode: gawn/grundy should be the first players picked, comical by some
BigChief: Really thought Blakey would have been a great inside mid this year without Ross the Boss
Kidult: I had Naismith on the bench round 1 and traded out Gawn because of the 121.
Kidult: and needed a loop for Grundys 176 or wateva in round 1
NewFreoFan: Me too BigChief, he must be a flog of a bloke towards coaches or something
poolboybob: Nelson blue moon
Donzoes: The Naismith Ceglar experiment failed unfortuntely
heppelitis: Geez Gaff has done well to play 100% for a running type of player
TheLegend6: I need over 121.5 and looked good until one goal kicked that qtr ffs
Breezey: Blakely will probably find himself at the Suns next season and be a Star
frenzy: dont remind me danzoes
Kidult: Blakely was that kid who left training early and went for surf a few years ago wasn’t he?
Dead_Ned: cmon Bewley get to 75
NewFreoFan: I think so Kidult
Ash777: there’s fine places to surf in perth.
Kidult: No CP to Sheppard is strange
supastarr: Who would be leading the BOG tonight? Tough choice for the medal.
Ash777: actually the best place to surf in aus is margaret river
NewFreoFan: I’d say NicNat
Kidult: probably kennedy with 3.3
frenzy: goodness me Sheppard got motoring
CozzieCan: L.Ryan back in form ?
NewFreoFan: Maybe Lobb if this keeps up
casey22: Going to get rid of Gaff if he continues to play outside
poolboybob: Lobb muppet
NewFreoFan: Maybe not though
TheLegend6: Kelly probably BOG atm
beerent11: Pod frenzy
NewFreoFan: Oh boy, Crabener
Silz90: Cheers Tucker no touches since half time.
Bezzina: hill not doing so flash?
Ash777: gaff has yeo’s old role
frenzy: only the 1 low of 67 beer, nice
NewFreoFan: Kennedy BOG now
StuL: Taberners entry for worst miss in history competition
StuL: Now its done
supastarr: One more for JK and he wins it if not already
spdysaint: Anyone know what price kelly is on sc
Yelse: brayshaw back in form now that he getting TOG
NewFreoFan: Brayshaw has stopped
StuL: Tram effort and 1 free burger vouchers for all
DrSeuss: Telly, Walters and Brayshaw all slowing down
spdysaint: Will brayshaw Lose minutes when Fyfe is back?
StuL: JK bog. Screw the law that a mid has to get it
beerent11: Tap his name spdysaint
Yelse: brayshaw was moved fwd?
beerent11: West coast fans have been committed to the gaff boos
spdysaint: Thanks beer
DrSeuss: How many HTB are they going to miss on Wet Toast??
pcaman2003: Umpires running around with closed eyes.
NewFreoFan: Brayshaw hasn’t touched it since halfway through the 3rd I think
DrSeuss: Yeah Brayshaw moved forward – because the ball has been down there heaps – genius coaching
Kidult: decent save by Gaff
NewFreoFan: Only needed 19 disposals from Brayshaw for my multi, injury to insult
poolboybob: Rock for Sheppard
Silz90: Hill 14 touches. 5 contested. 64% DE. 10 kicks and 3 turnovers.
Yelse: @newfreofan me too so annoyed
frenzy: showerload SC to come
thiccgucci: hopefully my pod luke ryan can scale up nicely
DrSeuss: Chat to your coach FreoFan – why move Brayshaw forward?
Apachecats: they’ll all go up 10%
NewFreoFan: So many questions Seuss

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