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Chat log from R7 of 2020: Hawthorn vs Melbourne

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Melbourne, R7 of 2020

bhg26: Have Titch, Day and Gawn
CozzieCan: Mitchell Sicily & hopefully Bennell if plays good
Dead_Ned: Robbie Gray!
bhg26: and Viney
Ooost: Gawn, Bennel and Day
Dead_Ned: Need Titch to go large
BestCoast: Gawn, Oliver, Whingehard, and Bennell fire up leads
BestCoast: Lads*
bhg26: Projected to get 2262 now
pcaman2003: And here we are again. Who wins?
Donzoes: Would be nice if Gawn does a Pittonett
BestCoast: Pca hopefully Hawkers
Gotigres: Went Pitto to Gawn this week so very happy at the moment
bhg26: Ill be surprised if your mob doesnt win pcaman
pcaman2003: Viney,Titch and Petracca
CozzieCan: Hawks by 36 points I reckon
Apachecats: Any Blues in the room? Probably headed for the bar.
BestCoast: Donzoes be better if Gawn does an English
pcaman2003: Gotigres. Smart move. Will be doing that this week
Apachecats: Went hawks 27.
Donzoes: plz no
BestCoast: Apache be very salty beer with the tears flowing in it
Apachecats: Thats pretty good bhg ,you must have dodged a few bullets.
MercAm: Tipped the Dees here, think could be a good game though, hopeffuly as good as the last one
Apachecats: Just adopted a dog.
Lodgy: Mcevoy with the preemptive head tape
pcaman2003: Well,hopefully we put up a better effort this week
Silz90: i’m still working but I need a few beers after the result ๐Ÿ™
casey22: Could do a lot worse than adopt a dog
pcaman2003: @Apache. Was its name Pittonet?
Apachecats: That is an excellent suggestion PCA.
Donzoes: brayshaw 15+, U123.5 points and Isaac Smith goal in this one
Dead_Ned: Gawn to Pittonet this week is my best trade all season. Even though i missed Simpson
frenzy: nice dog apache
Bezzina: @pcaman, we look 10x better with a smaller team
CozzieCan: Sicily dog you gun
CozzieCan: Bennell imagine a ton from him today !! Wowza
Raspel31: You traded Gawn for Pittonet Dead? Brilliant.
pcaman2003: Bezzina. Yep! Had been playing way too tall for my liking
Apachecats: It was on m)nty’s last pop up frenzy ,was just kidding.
Gotigres: Gawn to Pitto doesn’t sound that great Dead-Ned
NickR9: good ned
Apachecats: They reckon record year for finger injuries .
Dead_Ned: @gotigres. My bad i meant Pitto to Gawn
Dead_Ned: Good Nick
frenzy: yeah, but i like him, a nice dog
Raspel31: Strangely enough I think we picked that Dead
BestCoast: Dead_Ned thank God for that I was going to recommend a padded cell
Apachecats: I’m saving up and borrowing a bit to go Pitto to English .to reverse my big blunder.
Gotigres: That’s better Dead-Ned. So did I.
pcaman2003: @DeadNed. Hahaha! That had em going.
cmperrfect: Can Max better English double ton?
Avarax: pitto to goldstein for me next week
scboy123: when u accidently take Neale’s 80 VC as Captain. a week to forget yet again
Apachecats: TO’Brien extremely lame in the near fore.
pcaman2003: Move it Titch and Tracca
Apachecats: been that sort of year scboy.
Raspel31: This is not generally good tactics scboy unless, like frenzy ypu’re sleeping off a hangover.
bhg26: Come on Titch, Day and Viney
CozzieCan: Titch getting tagged or what
pcaman2003: Apache. He’s been lame for a few years.
bhg26: There you go viney
Apachecats: Looks like Viney going to have a good one.
pcaman2003: Thank you Jack
StuL: Whats with the music? Are we NRL now?
frenzy: need big boy to get smashed, and cegs back next week
CozzieCan: @Stul least play something decent lol
NickR9: anyone one have bailey williams from the dogs
Dead_Ned: Gawn already 3 intercept marks
cmperrfect: Any1 bring Day in this week after his good first game?
StuL: Not 15 has changed this week too. No doubt from the kick to Schultz
Dead_Ned: nice cheeky pod @NickR9
pcaman2003: Titch not tagge,but not getting it either. Bit of a worry that.
BigChief: WTF is the umpire smoking? Holding Brisbane???
Raspel31: Tough call but Fyfe to Gawn next week- Fyfe a fitness yo-yo.
NickR9: ye boi
StuL: I think they have two cds. Best of ACDC and Bon Jovi
bhg26: Gawn 39, Viney 35, then Mitchell 7 and Day 4
FlyinRyan2: gawn already passed pitt
StuL: Viney turning into a keeper.
NewFreoFan: Ump got the wrong script BigChief
BOMBRBLITZ: Great Stuff Viney. Pull ya finger out Wingard!
bhg26: Geeeeeez Viney and Gawn
spdysaint: stuff you viney,traded him out two weeks ago
pcaman2003: @FlyinRyan. That’s right! Rub the salt in a bit more.
CozzieCan: Gawn 100 by half time ๐Ÿ˜
bhg26: Can my hawks players lift please
breakonthr: This game will make or break me in SC this year
BestCoast: Whingehard the ultimate down hill skier
DrSeuss: Glad I fielded Bennell instead of Pickett this week. Also – Titch – LIFT
Raspel31: My mummy says Hawthorn are not a very good team.
Donzoes: oh wow viney, nice stuff
FlyinRyan2: @pcaman i have pitt so not happy either
pcaman2003: Things are crook when Frawley is top scoring for us.
Grimes Jr: still definitely of the belief that gawn overall is the better ruckman than grundy
Gotigres: OMG Gawn and Viney. Great scoring. Keep it up.
bhg26: tell your mob to lift pcaman
CamT: How many people thought they’d wait just one more week for Pittonet -> Grundy ?
pcaman2003: @Raspel. You should listen to your mum. She sounds wise.
CamT: * Gawn
CamT: 8 Gawn
CozzieCan: @CamT , Pittonet to Gawn .. to late now
Dead_Ned: Need Viney and Sicily to slow down. Gawn keep going and Titch DO SOMETHING
vartic: Rowell injury a blessing for me, used the cash he made to go Pitto->Gawn and kept Viney instead of my earlier plans
Raspel31: CamT- was ready this week but lost Heeney and Fyfe. Nextweek- pleeeeez?
Donzoes: still going to pitto to gawn, regardless
StuL: Im not that starved if stimulation i need constant noise ffs. Quiet is better
Bezzina: Took Gawn over Grundy, bring it home
pcaman2003: bhg26. Don’t think they know how to any more.
pcaman2003: Good one ump. Noticed 1 throw out of about 10 so far. Why bother?
woodduck: Hey Breakonthru…2cnd not too bad. Mitchell? Smith? What did you do?
StuL: Add titch to the banned list. His peak is passed already
NickR9: gawn has ruined my season
Apachecats: Lost a yard after the broken leg Stul
pcaman2003: Titch saving his tank for 2nd half.
CozzieCan: Titch looks out of form so many pastries
Apachecats: OK gents (and ladies if any) time for nearest the pin on Gawn , Apache goes 165.
Donzoes: 142 for me
breakonthr: Hey mate i ended up down grading green tosimpson and upgrading sturt to whitfield..should of gone rankine damn it
bhg26: 176 Apache
BestCoast: Apache Gawn 181
Raspel31: Early days but rather like Day in defence for the Hawks. Looks more intelligent than most Hawthorn players.
Dead_Ned: @apche 175
BigChief: @Apache 147 for me.
Bezzina: Titch and Wingard to ruin my weekend
woodduck: good choices. Especially Whitfield. Simpson on field.! Maybe tough w/e but keep at it ๐Ÿ™‚
frenzy: 152 apache
bhg26: Dee’s look awesome
pcaman2003: Bye Hawks!
Dead_Ned: OMG is Petracca actually playing well not in the first qtr!
BigChief: @Raspel agreed, but that would not be hard. Look who else is there.
woodduck: I reckon you will need reserves over the next four weeks.
Raspel31: Lol BigChief.
Apachecats: Last call for nearest the pin on Gawn.
pcaman2003: We’re getting eaten alive. Painful to watch this rabble.
CozzieCan: Bennell on fire
Badgerbadg: May as well give the dees the flag now
Raspel31: Okay, I have the leader’s guernsey after 87 for Neale yesterday. 153 for Gawn.
BestCoast: Bennell couple of more please
StuL: 125 max. Lowball
pcaman2003: Clarkos game plan has been pulled apart. No plan B.
Bezzina: might turn off this game at this rate
bhg26: Come on Titch and day ffs
CozzieCan: Hawks choking haha wtf
Badgerbadg: Give it to the dees under mercy rule
BigChief: Stay down Mitchell.
StuL: Gawns score keeps going up down and nowhere. He’s had it though
Gotigres: 162 for Gawn
Raspel31: I have a sneaky feeling that the Hawks will lose this- call me prescient if you wish.
VodkaHawk: Hopefully Smith and Worp can push to 15 disposals
pcaman2003: Another great game Strats. We should have more like you.
Apachecats: Sure you’re not Rasputin Rasp?
BestCoast: Carn Hawks you are spoiling the Dees plans for the snow
Raspel31: I prefer Yoda Apache- but yes, I have insight.
Ooost: Bennells score is pleasing so far.
circle52: My post of Gawn 147 cot showing yet so reposting,
circle52: sStill only 68% TOG Ooosr. What will he sxte with 80%
Apachecats: no worries circle you’re in ,closed now though.
bhg26: Gawn is exactly half of my guess
BigChief: @circle you matched my Gawn score ๐Ÿ™‚
Bezzina: Canโ€™t believe i have to watch another half of this football game
Apachecats: true circle ,you can have 146 or 148.
rupertmarn: The last two games have cost me 100’s of points
bhg26: Gawn and Viney are making up for Titch and Day right now
rupertmarn: Next week it’s Greenwood & Gawn in Rozee and Pittonet out
BigChief: Must be nice to have unlimited money to make those trades.
frenzy: blimey Angus has come back to earth with a thud
circle52: will take 148 Sorry
Apachecats: done deal circle.
Apachecats: one handed passes obviously OK this year.
Nuffman: I have 1mil in the bank.. and still have Heeney and Duncan to deal with…
BigChief: @Apache that depends on the jumper you wear.
StuL: No doing a stkilda dees
bones351: Will get Gawn in for Pitto this week too.
StuL: Feeling better about not banking grundy
Nuffman: @BigChief: Pies are allowed to Rugby pass, I’ve learnt
FlyinRyan2: whats day’s efficiency must be shocking
Ooost: Sicily or Sympkin for me… Not sure which though.
cmperrfect: Maxy putting on a clinic
Grimes Jr: Gawn captain could just win me the unwinable
Apachecats: did you C on Gawn Stul?
amigaman: Wish this game would finish. Looking forward to the western derby
MightyDyl: Petracca dominating once again
bones351: Brander or Sturt to Treloar the other trade
DrSeuss: Bennell and Titch to get a touch would be great
BigChief: Brilliant game Mitchell. Love it.
jbjimmyjb: I brought in Titch this week, sorry guys
Donzoes: good shout for Treloar bones
bhg26: you are not forgiven jbjimmyjb
cmperrfect: Bennell had a touch this qtr?
StuL: Yep c gawn
feralmong: nice viney and gawn.
softwhitee: these are the viney quarters that scare me
cmperrfect: Why the fk so Hawks continue kicking it on Gawns head?
Apachecats: Happy with my 165 on Gawn at this stage.
spdysaint: thank the lord Viney has slowed, I dont think I would have been able to take a huge score from him
feralmong: my 2200 got Pittonet’ed.
BigChief: Thanks Jimmy you have helped me win league match.
MercAm: Bennell doesnt want to touch it this quarter now
BestCoast: Carn Gawn couple of goals champ
pcaman2003: @MerCam. That’s not true. He has his hand on it.
Dead_Ned: Do something Titch
bhg26: Didnt like Hawthorn before, Titch is really making me hate them now
feralmong: 300k in the bank it will be Pitt to Grundy.
DrSeuss: Marlion laughing at me from my bench as Bennell struggles to get a touch
Apachecats: Who has his hand on it?
StuL: Come on Viney. Still need a ton
lairdniqqa: if hawks kick more goals they might win this
pcaman2003: All I can say is the Hawks have fallen in to the abyss
feralmong: melbourne and bomber should play again for double points.
BigChief: And it’s great to see @pcaman.
Avarax: bennell scoring 50+ is a win. hes a low price rookie.
Lawls: Would you take Aarts score of 53 I think it was, or put King on field?
BestCoast: Twitch is the sort of player that can go 160 150 180 in three weeks might be on the cheap soon
Avarax: every game this chat always expects 100+ from rookies. give them a break…..
feralmong: long time up tho pca. 4 flags. 1 bad year.
Apachecats: Bennell was a rookie 8 years ago.
Bezzina: Hawks midfield destroyed
sMiles: I expect 150 from Bennell…
Dead_Ned: I have Titch unique in both my leauges, and my opponents both have Sicily unique ๐Ÿ™
Avarax: his price indicates hes a rookie
bhg26: Day deserves to be on more
feralmong: a veteran of recovery does not make a premo.
spdysaint: have gawn, oliver, sicily…..and mitchell
lairdniqqa: hi guys rory laird here how much do u reckon i’ll score tomorrow
BestCoast: Need 45 from Gawn last Quarter
Silz90: Not watching the game but how is day going?
BestCoast: Bennell not a cash cow he is a calf
MrWalrus: Oliver’s SC seems a little stingy, been doing all the hard work
bhg26: Days been very good Silz, should be at least 60
Apachecats: Going super Silz ,really like Day.
goblues1: Need a big last quarter from titch
lairdniqqa: Silz90 he has 14 touches 84% TOG and is on 51 supercoach
frenzy: hahaha laird
feralmong: u better ton up laird or I will destroy you.
feralmong: we know where you live. somewhere in SA. lol
lairdniqqa: will do mate I’ll tell m crouch to share the ball a bit
Apachecats: Is that really you Laird?
Dead_Ned: Need Titch to do a Docherty
Silz90: Thanks fellas.
feralmong: seriously tho chances are someone on here plays or is ex.
BestCoast: Lairdniqqa tell the Crouch brothers to stop butchering the ball
sMiles: 167 for you Laird
Yelse: need titch to get to 20 possies geez comnnn
BestCoast: Spud Whingehard
pcaman2003: Geez I miss Mitchell,Hodge ,Sewell and Lewis
feralmong: need viney to go bigger than the Mafia
lairdniqqa: 167? add 100 to that chief
BigChief: I never said anything about 167 @laird
feralmong: i’ve had daicos as a mid pricer. time to trade i think.
Apachecats: Reckon you’ll blow everyone out of the water bestCoast.
pcaman2003: Stop kicking to Gawn you peanuts.
Bezzina: me too pcaman
feralmong: you still have 2 of them pca. in one player.
Pies20: get over it pcman want a tissue?
Bezzina: I miss cyril in our forward line
pcaman2003: @Pies20. Yes please!
feralmong: pca tigers not far from roo, cotch, dusty, edwards, houli gone.
BestCoast: Don’t put the mocker on me Apache lol
Pies20: this site ain’t got to get anyone sympathy geez wrong site for that
feralmong: we can afford Rowell then.
Bezzina: Pies mate, just conversation
BigChief: I miss Quinlan, Wilson, Conlan and Boyd.
Pies20: what’s everyone looking at in dt rdt this week?
pcaman2003: @BigChief. Good list of talent.
Legix: need another 3 touches from Issac Smith for my multi
BestCoast: BigChief no Roos and Barwick Alexander and Murray
Silz90: C’mon titch please junk it up
Pies20: Yeah poor convo though @beez you want to hear other’s sulking doubt it
BigChief: @Apache your 165 not looking too good now LOL
BigChief: @BestCoast of course, but only wanted to name 4 LOL
Bezzina: @pies20 Bad weekend? Brighten up
Apachecats: yeah big chief conceding.
bhg26: How is Day only on 58?
feralmong: getting pissed, sleeping in and not moving C from neale to gawn is taunting me now.
Yelse: come mitchel get to 20 possies not asking for much
Apachecats: Wish someone would adopt Syrup the black dog.
feralmong: laterz all dinner on.
BigChief: @bhg the 4 muppets hurt him.
Pies20: not all @bez stop sooking we 1 and having a good week ff what’s wrong with you?
Yelse: need to get petracca into my team
Dead_Ned: the game is ruining my round. one of my opponents has Sic and Tracc the other has Sic and Viney. And I have Titch unique
jbjimmyjb: Very poor quarter from Oliver
SwaggyP: How on earth has day only managed 3 points from his last 4 touches?!?
bhg26: Day still has 19 touches and 8 marks, that should be more than 59
StuL: Maxy!
Bezzina: I canโ€™t even understand what youโ€™re attempting to say, sorry buddy @pies
cmperrfect: Awesome career Silk, but time to hang the boots up and give your spot to a kid
MinXz: days score is bullshit should be on about 80
BestCoast: BigChief wish the Roy Boys were still with us
BigChief: @BestCoast always in my heart mate.
Ooost: Shuey out, excellent news for Yeo
Migz: low CP. No tackles and 4 clangers will all contribute to days medium score
bhg26: Day has been robbed
LuvIt74: Glad I chose Gawn as my C
Apachecats: see what scaling does
BigChief: Great win Dees
frenzy: toDays not his Day
LuvIt74: If I had of chosen Grund as my VC I would have taken his 140+ for sure. But had my VC on Neale
Apachecats: NTP goes to BestCoast on 181 ,2nd was bhg26 on 176.Well done.Raspel will get the Tshirt up to you BC.
rupertmarn: Gawn scored 140 odd more points than Pittonet
Pies20: @bez you are a Muppet we ain’t here to hear you hawk supporter’s sook understand now?
frenzy: surely Ceg’s is back in, thanx bigboy
BigChief: Who was the guy who was against Truck and Sicily with a 52 pt lead? I think you are in trouble.
Bezzina: righto bud, so many people got involved in your DT convo lol
BigChief: I would have swapped gun and star @m0nty
bhg26: Day scoring 62 is criminal
pcaman2003: Chill out Pies20. Not sooking,only reminiscing. No need to bate people.
Avarax: I’d be a bitter angry person if i supported the pies too.

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