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Chat log from R7 of 2020: Carlton vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Carlton vs Port Adelaide, R7 of 2020

BestCoast: Cripps, Doc & Williamson get your skates on lads
Dead_Ned: who wins: 52 + Titch, Bewley and Laird VS Petracca, Sicily and Serong. (SC)
missmagic: the 52 etc easily
BestCoast: Dead_Ned if all perform 52+ but anything can happen
CozzieCan: Need Pittonet to get his b/e today , cmon big boy
BigChief: I think the Petracca team wins.
BestCoast: Afternoon BigChief
BigChief: Blues any chance today? I am tipping port by 4 goals.
BigChief: Gday BestCoast
BestCoast: Blues need to get out of the blocks early to have a chance
CozzieCan: If blues defence keep C.Dixon quiet , blues a real chance
amigaman: Afternoon Gents
CozzieCan: Cripps a possible tag on him today
pcaman2003: Need Pittonet to score well for extra cash to trade up to Gawn this week.
BestCoast: Afternoon amigaman
CozzieCan: Same pca although English is looking really good
MercAm: @pcaman got him as well, do you think it may be better to trade up to English / Goldstein though, they r much cheaper…
Silz90: super slow start again. ive got cripps, doc and willo in this one
CozzieCan: @Merc English for sure with low b/e after his 202
Raspel31: I hope you’re all wearing masks.
CozzieCan: @Silz got doc & Cripps also hopefully big game
pcaman2003: @Mercam. Cheaper yes, but don’t score as big consistantly.
bhg26: fair dinkum game of footy
BigChief: If I had the cash I would take Gawn every day of the week.
MercAm: Tbh think im probs gonna trade up to goldstein, think gawn is too expensive
BestCoast: Gawn & Grundy always my first picks
Raspel31: Brought in Simpkin for Heeney- brilliant move. Next week Rankine- you may want to offload him now
BigChief: Now this is football. Great game so far.
MercAm: Dam this looks like this is actually gonna be a good game
MercAm: Also I legit think that Carlton is the best at doing end-end conversion
BestCoast: Game on
DrSeuss: Damn seems Pittonet is getting owned. Time to offload it seems. Also let’s go Doch
snake_p: great game BigChief, I just wish Dal Santo would shut up
Raspel31: Go Carlton- cough, splutter.
pcaman2003: Ladhams towelling up Pittonet already.
boxy36: Come on lift Cripps
bhg26: Awesome start to this game
boxy36: and Doc need a big score
Silz90: Jack is just a great kick of the footy! love him
BestCoast: Big night last night Raspel ?
pcaman2003: DrSeuss. Pittonet is gonna bleed cash now so it’s time tio dump.
Raspel31: You might say that BestCoast- I couldn’t possibly comment.
DrSeuss: That’s the plan for this week @pca. Bye Bye Pitt
BestCoast: Category 5 Hangover Raspel
boxy36: Since when can you follow your man THROUGH the mark? Surely that’s a 50?
BestCoast: What is everyone’s predicted scores this week SC
Raspel31: Mine goes up to 11 BestCoast. Yep, Pittonet- you have served your need.
BigChief: @boxy you always have been able to follow your opponent though the mark.
bhg26: Round about 2270 BestCoast after i loophole Curtis Taylor
feralmong: just under 2200 atm
boxy36: BC honestly never seen it not be 50 – always thought you couldn’t cross the mark at all
rupertmarn: Pitiful Pittonet
MercAm: 2422 rn. legit all my players are doing well, just need pit and doc to lift lol
boxy36: @BestCoast projected 2150 with Gawn to play as captain
Raspel31: If I add on Docherty’s 6 and Pittonet’s 3- maybe 800?
BigChief: @boxy if your opponent runs through the mark you can also. It has never been paid.
jfitty: Pitt > Goldy this week.. Geez
BigChief: But if they run behind and you run though yes it’s 50
MrWalrus: How good is this game!
BestCoast: Only 1 cure for category 11 Long Island Ice Tea
rupertmarn: Might trade Dochurty for a quick $450,000
Ooost: Cripps 😀
zadolinnyj: why is that not a kick to seaton?
Raspel31: You are a man of culture BestCoast. Yes please.
boxy36: All good Chief, I mustn’t have been watching properly then
BestCoast: MercAm 2400+ style lord nice one I’m around 2200
CozzieCan: Rupert trade Doch ?? What
Silz90: how many people brought in doc after his huge score. super disappointing last 3 weeks
frenzy: lol rupert
Dead_Ned: how on earth did Docherty get 185 a few weeks ago…
spdysaint: What is up with doc, should I be trading him out
BestCoast: Rapsel i would bring them out every 5 minutes until you look like passing out then every 10 mins
CozzieCan: I’ve had Doch since round 2 or 3
FlyinRyan2: dunno if we can afford to trade doch out
BestCoast: Doc needs viagra eye drops to have a good hard look at himself
CozzieCan: Doch to drop -41k this week ouch
Raspel31: I;d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotomy. Docherty will come good.
zadolinnyj: i’m on track for 2400 but need doc and cripps to play well
frenzy: Cripps can get his BE today, been shower of late
rupertmarn: I think Dochurty has a role change to a lockdown defender
CozzieCan: Love betts back at Carlton , smart move
DrSeuss: Might have to trade Pittonet to Ladhams at this rate 😂. How long is Lycett out?
rupertmarn: It’s a pathetic effort from Pittonet, a harsh call but he’ll have to live with that-MB
DrSeuss: Doc definitely had an actual defensive role last week – less free roaming
RenoMan: Why did I trade Cripps for Simpkin smh
Dead_Ned: Can Setterfield and Kennedy change boots, keep thinking they are Crippa
a1trader: Would love to see Pittonet under 40 for the day!
softwhitee: not the brightest move Reno aha
CozzieCan: Reno why would you trade Cripps for Simpkin ? Lol your crazy
Dead_Ned: Huddo with the good old commentators curse
pcaman2003: Pittonet’s score just rocketed into the stratosphere then.
Raspel31: That begs disbelief Reno- I’m trading guns as they’re injured- not a bad game or two.
Pokerface: What’s up doc
RenoMan: Cripps hasn’t been god this yr and Simpkin has been very consistent
RenoMan: Showerhouse move now that I look at it
Fatbar5tad: Could you trade out Doc next week?
bhg26: Shouldnt really every trade premos
BestCoast: Reno sideways trading in this climate is suicide
boxy36: Doc playing deep is hurting me here
Pokerface: might trade Neale after yesterday’s performance.
CozzieCan: @pokerface hahaha surely taking the piss
softwhitee: ahahaha poker
PowerBug: Sam Mayes wears 32 not 34 m0nty
bhg26: Dixon should have kicked 5 goals by now
Raspel31: Under new trade laws I’m trading Neale for 3 players to cover the mayhem that approaches.
softwhitee: as a non neale owner I loved his score
pcaman2003: Newnes was a good pick up for the Blues.🙄
bhg26: If Simpkin isnt out for long, Starcevich to Simpkin could be amazing for me
Raspel31: We all share your excitement bhg26.
jfitty: Mayes is 32 not 34
BestCoast: 900k in the kitty I’m shopping this week after double down last week
Dead_Ned: Mayes number 32 or 34??
pcaman2003: You’re a disgrace Pitto. Go back to Box Hill Haks.
jbjimmyjb: simpkin won’t miss any weeks, he looked fine by the end of last night
spdysaint: Raspel what are the new trade laws?
Raspel31: My mum says Pittonet is a lovely chap pcaman.
Dead_Ned: @jfitty, smart minds think alike
bhg26: If Simpkin could play the rest of the game, his price will go down, which i like
CozzieCan: Lmao @pca couldn’t agree more haha
pcaman2003: @Raspel.Maybe he is,but a shocker of a player. I’m an old man and could do better.
Dead_Ned: Rozee looks hurt
BestCoast: Pitto ice ice baby
bhg26: Was just about to type that BestCoast
BigChief: How does Newnes get a game? He is useless.
Raspel31: Yep- he gone pcaman.
BigChief: @pcamna well get out there and show us.
spdysaint: Big chief, I have no clue. Didn’t miss a game at saints either
Dead_Ned: Mayes making me happy about not getting Simpson
Silz90: dam i got pitto in draft. getting smashed today
BestCoast: Bhg26 Ben Cousins favorite song
bhg26: Ha ha
CozzieCan: Doc very low tog ??
pcaman2003: BC Hahahaha!
bhg26: He’s had so much of it Cozzie, he needs a bit of a rest
pcaman2003: Lots of comedians in here today. Needed a good laugh too.
Beast_Mode: doc is a 2nd half junktime specialist
pcaman2003: Loved the one about Crippa to Simpkin. Good belly laugh.
rupertmarn: Thanks for ruining my round Pittonet, Rozee and Docherty
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off out of my team Rosey.
CozzieCan: Rozee best rookie I had last year with duursma. This year no good
Fatbar5tad: Rosey wins the 2020 Isaac Heeney SC pricktease award. Cunt.
Dead_Ned: @Cozzie didn’t you get Walsh?
CozzieCan: @ned already had Cripps & Newman from Carlton think I was to late to jump on him in the end
RenoMan: pcman glad to provide some entertinment haha. shower house year
tommy10: Soft as butter Rozee
softwhitee: opp has the pitt, rough day
bhg26: where’s everyone ranked this year?
CozzieCan: Don’t like to many players from the same club
Dead_Ned: @cozzie fair enough
BestCoast: Whole Lotta Rozee
pcaman2003: 5997 and climbing with a bullet
pcaman2003: BC. What a gr8 song. Loved the live version at Donnington.
bhg26: Anyone top 1000?
BigChief: Rozee back on ground. Maybe got a jab
BestCoast: Pca great version Donnington Rocks
Raspel31: Well, that was a nice nano nap. Who’s playing again?
Nuffman: signed in to just add that seeing AC/DC the last couple of times there were here were best days of my life
Avarax: started the round 2100ish bhg
BestCoast: BigCief he needs more than a jab needs an uppercut
CozzieCan: Pitto 50 point qtr coming up
BestCoast: BigChief*
bhg26: Wow, never seen the ball hit the top of the post, thanks Rozee!
pcaman2003: @Cozzie. More like-50 pt qtr.. Useless spud!
BestCoast: Huffman seen them about 15 times all time favorites
BestCoast: Nuffman* sorry mate
pcaman2003: BC Saw the original band in the 70’s with Bon. Awesome days.
bhg26: Good typing form BC
CozzieCan: @pca minus 1 so far pitto lmao
BestCoast: BestCoast is a little molly the monk today
Nuffman: Best Coast: unfortunately… I’m a bit two young to have seen them *that* often… but by golly, super jealous
Nuffman: @pcaman: *salivates*
DrSeuss: Is Doc playing on someone specifically today?
Gandhi: That mark from Walsh was amazing
Silz90: I can’t stand the new htb rule? so hard to adjudicate
bhg26: Umpiring has been much better today
BestCoast: Pca how old are you
Raspel31: Pttonet on the march- a point every 5 minutes- gun.
Avarax: pittonet in 22% of teams, and all my opponents. won’t cost me anything
pcaman2003: BC. OLd,old and getting much older with Pittonet in my team
Raspel31: BestCoast- it is already established that I am the oldt and most venerable. I am Spartacus. Leave pcaman alone.
MercAm: Come on, need Marshall to kick a goal and Doc 20+, what you guys think, is it possible?
BestCoast: I would have you covered in the age bracket
CozzieCan: Doch pitto Cripps … hello wake the fuck up
amigaman: Not so sure Raspel
frenzy: before man on the moon
Apachecats: Reckon Gandhi has to be the oldest.
circle52: I may have you all covered in the age bracket
BestCoast: Year the pound changed to the dollar
pcaman2003: I was around when Jesus played for Jeruselum
bhg26: Sounds like im the youngest by a long way
amigaman: Enough bragging. I’m 69
MinXz: nice
pcaman2003: Amigaman. You’re just a puppy then.
Raspel31: My uncle is Gilgamesh from Ur- just saying.
Gandhi: Lol Apache, good guess
BestCoast: Amigaman Chinese banquet two can chew
circle52: beat me by a year amigaman
Apachecats: Gunna cost me a bit to turn Pittonet into English.
frenzy: 66 bestcoast
bhg26: Jesus vs Pontius Pilate was the greatest rivalry ever pcaman
heppelitis: GOD has you all covered…he created adam and eve apparently and had Higgens Capt
BestCoast: Clickety click 66 frenzy
amigaman: Just flushing them out pcaman
MinXz: hahaha i feel like a baby i’m only 17
Raspel31: Well, cut me off at the knees and call me tripod- I’m a relative spring chicken.
pcaman2003: bhg26. I remember that. Jesus lost that one
CozzieCan: @Hepp had English captain for 202 sc lol where ya been
bhg26: How did you react when Judas left Jerusalem to play for Pontius pcaman
bhg26: Same MinXz, 17 next week
LMartos: Carlton playing way to attacking for Docherty to get his cheap touches as a spare
Arminius: Cripps and Doch shower again
Apachecats: 1954 a very good year -Doggies won the flag.
heppelitis: lol its a blur..I cannot remeber that game…wiped from memory
pcaman2003: Bloody traitor.
amigaman: Cough up pcaman
frenzy: you’re still showering green MinX
BestCoast: Children please behave and respect your elders
DrSeuss: Houston, Doc and Pitt – all going great.
Raspel31: I’m 58 but my girlfriend is 32 so we average early forties.
jbjimmyjb: m0nty Williamson needs a bandaid for re-hurting ankle in Q3
nick2397: Shocking match for SC this one so far
BestCoast: Raspel I’m like Peter Pan the boy that never grew up
Donzoes: Cheers Pitto, Doch and Cripps. Cheers.
amigaman: In keeper league I have Setterfield, Butters & Mayes 🙂
Dead_Ned: does Mayes have good job security? if so welcome to my team
pcaman2003: Amigaman. Year of the Coronation
nick2397: Don’t worry about Cripps though, he’ll get the usual 50 SC in last quarter
Raspel31: I didn’t say she had teeth BestCoast.
goblues1: Houston gone back to doing nothing I see
CozzieCan: @Ned Mayes a rookie or ?
jbjimmyjb: if cripps goes sub-100 today he’ll be sub-500k in 2 weeks
amigaman: Hahaha you lose. Do I win something 🙂
pcaman2003: I’m selling a dog with fleas (Pitto). Any takers?
Dead_Ned: @cozzie 213k mid
bhg26: Mayes is a 213k mid Cozzie
pcaman2003: @Amiga. Yes! My respect.
nick2397: @pacman try the wet market in Wuhan
Raspel31: Every week I say my worst SC score ever- what a barrel of laughs this year is.
CozzieCan: Cheers lads
Ooost: Westoff 😀
amigaman: All good pcaman. Just fun
circle52: But somehow we keep coming back Raspel – The Barrell must be getting close to empty,
BestCoast: Raspel you got me by 4 years in the age but I have you 9 years on the chick 23
pcaman2003: nick2397. Gooid point. Hadn’t considered that. Give the m a different virus.
Raspel31: At least we finally have a competitive game.
CozzieCan: Thanks Doch & pitto round ruined
nick2397: Come on Doc, big finish required!
softwhitee: cant be too upset when 60 percent of the comp has doch, not ideal tho
CozzieCan: Pitto like a scarecrow around the ball literally..
Silz90: imagine doc kicks winning goal 😛
Raspel31: Mine’s due for a trade in BestCoast- back to you next week. You’re good at changing nappies?
MightyDyl: Cmon crippa
pcaman2003: I think I sniff a draw coming on.
bhg26: Not really too fussed about Doc, everyone has him, feel for anyone who has Pittonet instead of Gawn
bhg26: Who said Newnes wasnt a good pick up for Carlton?
Raspel31: Thank you for your heart felt sympathy bhg26.
CozzieCan: @Bhg I did , most positions coming into this game was 9 . Useless
frenzy: there are no known newnes
Crowls: Pittonet owes me about 80k and 80pts. Had Gawn and simpson then changed it keep Pitt and went. 1w too many
BigChief: @bhg I did and I still say it. Every AFL player should be able to kick that goal.
BestCoast: Raspel at least we are still taking it out for a run
Crowls: would not break my heart to see max have a minor invconvenience this week.
Silz90: cmon willo hit 60 +
BestCoast: Carn Blues
pcaman2003: Westoff only 1 touch. What’s happened to him?
Raspel31: But the clutch not working BestCoast. Who from Pittonet if you can’t afford Gawn. Unless Fyfe still injured.
CozzieCan: Pitto get off the bench you half sucked twisty
DropCox: Ripper game this. C’mon Cripps, let’s get to 90
MinXz: westhoff should retire, disgrace of a footballer
pcaman2003: Pitto my priority trade out this week.
Silz90: umpires are shocking today. but maybe im bias to the blues 🙁
Donzoes: Pitto and Cegalr for mine
CozzieCan: Here comes Doch woohoo
Raspel31: Rankine and Gawn in for me next week. Can anyone lend me $80,000.
BestCoast: Silz90 Carton supporter rule book 101 blame the umpires lol
bhg26: Westhoff actually did something, wow
heppelitis: Pitto. Starch, McLean, Ceg, Fyfe for me
bhg26: No Raspel, I need to get rid of Starcevich
Silz90: I hate blaming the umps. And If we lose I wont be blaming them trust me. It’s just a frustrating game
Gandhi: No one can stop Dixon from marking it at the moment
bhg26: Dad tipped Dixon to kick 4, he’s shattered
Donzoes: sounds like fun hepp
Pies20: Houston huge quarter
circle52: Thank a lot of us are there bhg26 Starceich to go..
Raspel31: Fyfe a nightmare- injured first game for me- then Simpkin- injured= Aaaaaaarrrghhh!
Gandhi: Nevermind, no one has to stop Dixon when he’s looking like that!
BestCoast: Go you Bluebaggers
Ooost: Cripps might get 100 yet
Apachecats: Docherty turning into a junk man ,been watching JLloyd obviously.
Raspel31: Mummy tipped Pittonet to score 100 bhg26.
CozzieCan: Good come back Doch
Dead_Ned: good stuff Docherty. Great qtr
pcaman2003: Pitto should retire and take up Croquet
Raspel31: Go Dochs and Cripps you good things.
bhg26: Dad also needed Port to win for his multi, yikes
Dead_Ned: dear me. How did Marshall miss that!
CozzieCan: Wow port Adelaide 3 chances in 4 minutes
BestCoast: Couple more weeping Willo go Crippa Go Blues
Ooost: Doch the new Seagull?
softwhitee: Port the pretenders yet again
CozzieCan: I can’t watch this kick
pcaman2003: Unbelievable!
kano: robbie fucking gray
Hadouken: feel for the blues then
Donzoes: i look away and doch did something
Dead_Ned: What a game!
amigaman: Yay Power
kano: softwhitee for the burger
BigChief: Carlton blew that with shit defence.
softwhitee: wow i was wrong
Raspel31: Oh no.
Apachecats: Blues fans would be weeping blood ,led all day.
pcaman2003: Softwitte ? They won though.
StuL: Free kick Port
DrSeuss: Heartbreaker.
a1trader: wow
amigaman: Scotch tasting even better now
CozzieCan: @Hado poor last 6 minutes from Carlton
Donzoes: Houston looking interesting again
Beast_Mode: bad luck flogs
BestCoast: Flower Power shower
pcaman2003: Moving on now to watch my Hawks get done again. Masochist!
bhg26: Don’t worry pcaman, you’ll definitely get us next week on my birthday
Dead_Ned: robbie Gray gonna get all the scaling
MercAm: Wow doc well junked up at the end
bhg26: Does the Hawthorn Melbourne game work?
Ooost: Not for me
tommy10: Cheers amigaman
bhg26: Now it works

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