Chat log from R7 of 2020: Richmond vs North Melbourne

BigChief: Zurhaar out, Ben McKay in
amigaman: Howdy @BigChief
frenzy: c’mon roos
wadaramus: Come on Dustbin.
Pies20: traded out Taylor this week for rankine hopefully he doesn’t junk
BigChief: Gday @amiga. Hows things?
Stu7: Come on Pickett
Baldfrog: Carn Roos
Pies20: With you wada need dusty tonight
amigaman: Good thanks mate, and you
CozzieCan: Dusty please ton , your killing me
CozzieCan: Simpkin rolled ankle.. f this season
pcaman2003: Simpson hurt already, What next?
DrSeuss: Simpkin with a free against and an injury – great start
Baldfrog: Raspel I’m comin for you lol
pcaman2003: Meant Simpkin. Carn Pickett. Need you and Aarts to have a good one.
poolboybob: Dusty tagged, as if he hasn’t been useless enough recently
bhg26: There you go pcaman
sMiles: I would love a good innings from Picket and Aarts today
CozzieCan: To all of those who traded pickett.. oops
DrSeuss: Haha of course I put CTaylor and Pickett on the bench this week
casey22: I reckon a group of us FF regulars should form up a league to keep each other honest & get some real banter going
twinpeaks: Simpkin coming back on, physio gave all clear
beerent11: How bad is the simpkin injury?
Arminius: simpkin good to go nice
bhg26: Sounds fun casey
wadaramus: Don’t crow too early Cozzie.
scboy123: Dusty for 200 please and thanks
rupertmarn: Pickett will ton up
Stu7: Gooooooo Pickett you good thang
casey22: Sure sort out the experts
Jontdawg: Started Pickett over Bennell, budurick and McHenry looking good so far
DropCox: Eh….Pickett became Doedee so not worried
Stu7: I hope so rupertmarn
BestCoast: Dustbin & Pickett get amongst it boys
Apachecats: Simpkin back on tg
pcaman2003: Gr8 that Simpkin good to go.
beerent11: Got 4 more upgrades then dusty goes.
beerent11: Counting chickens early guys
amigaman: Haha still have Pickett but left on the pine
Stu7: I nearly bought Simpkin this week instead I bought Macrae – dodges a 9mm
pcaman2003: Onya Dusty. More of those thanks.
CozzieCan: Booyeah dusty , more like that big boy
TheLegend6: Not sure about that being 50 but ill take it
Pies20: wow that wasn’t a 50m penalty but take that go dusty
Stu7: Dodged
Baldfrog: That 50 really harsh on Norf
beerent11: Have we been past the centre yet?
BestCoast: Simpkin is he up and about ?
Switcheyes: To many cry baby’s in here for banter
CozzieCan: Flower house from kanagas lift boys
Baldfrog: Shouldn’t Chol have a yellow stripe?
Avarax: Only 50 cause dusty had the ball. hasnt been called in 3 years
MercAm: wait what the he is back on the field
CozzieCan: Ziebell getting his hamstring assessed down in the rooms .
CozzieCan: Simpkin rolled ankle off for 9 minutes , got strapped & looks okay now
StuL: Im guessing Simpkin will be hampered.
BestCoast: Cheers Cozziecan
circle52: Ziebell confirmed out for the game. Red Cross
Stu7: Come on Pickett wake up
DrSeuss: Simpkin looks ok – North just using the ball terribly and rushed.
pcaman2003: C’mon Aarty farty. Let’s get scoring
LuvIt74: did most trade pickett out?
poolboybob: More like Jake Farts
CozzieCan: Thanks for confirming @Circle
Avarax: i kept pickett, but have him on bench
wadaramus: Not me LuvIt, had other contenders for cannon fodder.
Lynch_MOB: nah i didnt, pickett still has a very low b/e and knew he’s come back in the team
DrSeuss: Kept Pickett – but he is having his best game on my bench
bhg26: Traded Pickett ages ago
Stu7: Avarax same here but I’m going to play a non player so I get his score on the bench
heppelitis: Nah Pickett stuck on my bench mind F#@king me once again
rupertmarn: I’ve got Pickett on field.He plays midfield it was an easy choice.
GOD: Still hope for a win this year Adelaide!
jbjimmyjb: i have pickett on field, but also aarts and simpkin…
Grimes Jr: pickett on my field. yes pls
wadaramus: On field for me, maybe a reflection of my shit team.
furphy : Good to see Devon Smith finally scoring well!
BestCoast: Luvit74 still have Pickett had to much other worries
Baldfrog: Nah God we want to be shite like you for 20years
Avarax: @stu7 I have already looped simpson, and no other non-players to loop for pickett :/
CozzieCan: Pickett is in my mid-8 since round 1
furphy : Good to see Devon Smith finally scoring welll
wadaramus: Or my shrewd coachmanship 🙂
LuvIt74: Seems like most kept the Pickett fence, I got him on also
BestCoast: GOD who is your many captains this week
furphy : Didn’t mean to send that twice, whoops
Stu7: Bugger @ Avarax
casey22: Have pickit on my benches
wadaramus: Surely Tim English BestCoast?!
BigChief: @furphy you think 71 is a good score for someone like Devon Smith?
BestCoast: Norfs bagels at quarter time
LuvIt74: Only traded in Simpson and Rankine like everyone else this week
Baldfrog: Could’ve been alot worse Chief
BestCoast: WADA definitely English until Gawn double tons
wadaramus: Double bagels!
Gotigres: Pickett is my playing E with Shiels captain.
furphy : 26 in the first quarter 😉
LuvIt74: God would have had English as his C surely
BigChief: @Bladfrog I agree, but still not a good score imo
DrSeuss: Simpkin starting on the bench – great
BigChief: Sorry I meant Baldfrog. Apologies mate.
wadaramus: GOD has super user powers to pick and choose the big C as the round progresses!
Jackwatt$: Aarts just followed through! No I don’t mean his kicking technique, he actually just laid a turd all over my team
Kidult: I like Bonar as the 3rd tall Defender
circle52: and back in the rooms agaim Dr
Fatbar5tad: Simpkin down in the rooms now
twinpeaks: Simpkin down in the rooms
casey22: Like the aspca ad
jbjimmyjb: simpkin is gonna be done for the game
Baldfrog: Simpkin stuffedby the looks
Gotigres: Simpkin back down in the rooms
Avarax: simpkin gettig ankle reassessed
scboy123: Simpkin in the rooms, interesting one for simpkin owners
Baldfrog: Didn’t even notice Chief all good
jbjimmyjb: caddy done
heppelitis: dropping like flies
Gotigres: Caddy hamstring
wadaramus: Caddy Hack..
Avarax: would north ever consider dropping brown? he’s been poor all year
Snarfy: I’m drownin’ in tagged premiums, injuries and suspensions! HELP!!!
Ash777: this season is killing players
Kidult: probably the 100th syndemosis injury of 2020
heppelitis: dropping likAart might be last man standing and get 100 yet
heppelitis: oops
Fatbar5tad: Must kick this Aarts
Chelskiman: Aarts! You gotta kick those!
Gotigres: Aarts can’t kick
Baldfrog: Snarfy call Fan footys SC depression line
BestCoast: Going down like tinnies in a dust storm
wadaramus: m0nty will take the call Baldfrog!
Ash777: Brown doesn’t the help from larkey anymore.
Snarfy: Lost 5 players last week and could only field 20 this week!
Dead_Ned: @avarax it’s not his fault, we aren’t giving him any chaces
heppelitis: Wends been around this year?
Baldfrog: Hahaha Wada
bones351: Bloody Aarts should have had 2 easy goals and a nice SC score. Disgraceful.
Bezzina: Surely supercoach gives us 3 trades like fantasy
Baldfrog: No Hep haven’t seen her
original: Just beat budarick for me aarts
BestCoast: Snarfy poor stuff drink consume them repeat
Donzoes: Will Norf score a goal today, not watching
bones351: Can’t put the blame on Brown. Isn’t going that way much and when it does it’s not to his favor.
BestCoast: Stiff*
twinpeaks: Simpkin coming back on <3
Baldfrog: Think Norf want our no.1 pick
MrWalrus: Soooooo, how good are the tiges looking?
scboy123: god damn simpkin coming back
Grimes Jr: great switch of play from marlon
Fatbar5tad: They’ve broken Cunners and zeibell, now it’s Simpkins turn. About to come back on?
tolerant16: Bring out the witches hats
Dead_Ned: any news on the number 1 draft pick this year. let’s hope he’s almost as good as Rowell
Danstar: FukIn Simpkin.
BigChief: For that to happen Baldfrog you will need to win 2 or more games.
Baldfrog: Walrus Norfs best midfield duo out
Baldfrog: No hope Chief lol
Ash777: gotta trade de goey out this week already.
feralmong: Ahh bald same tigers. Prestia and cotch
Gotigres: Mahony making my team proud
Avarax: #1 draft pick this year reported to be daicos. and he’s better than his brother at pies
Ash777: This years no.1 pick is Jamarra or 1 of the key defenders being talked about.
JCal66: No Daicos is next year, this year the talk is Ugle-Hagen who is a dogs NGA
Gotigres: SHiggins sc score lol
pcaman2003: Simpkin moving okay,but not getting the ball.
Stu7: Pickett dissapointing
Snarfy: Simpkin back on! “Praise the Lord,” but not the GOD from Carlton.
jbjimmyjb: how is grimes on report for that
Fatbar5tad: Nothing to worry about there Jimmy
casey22: a week for Grimes
Baldfrog: Must be another angle we haven’t seen jimmy
TheLegend6: We give away too many cheap free kicks
SilverLion: Bolton sure is having a lot of CBAs from the forward pocket
wadaramus: Dustbin taking the 2nd quarter off.
Grimes Jr: haha, typical essendon supporter. lol
Beast_Mode: lol nothing in it, only a flog would hink he’ll get suspended
Stu7: wadaramus – with Pickett
CozzieCan: Simpkin & Pickett to ton plz
Stu7: Whoops I eat my words he’s leapt to 70 at half time 😂
BigChief: If anything a fine at the very worst. But who knows what the MRO will do.
Kidult: bloody hell 70 to Pickett for nothing
wadaramus: Late flurry for Picket Stu7 🙂
jbjimmyjb: Simpkin will still get to 70 as long as he plays out the game, we leak points to oppo mids
Gotigres: Doubt Dusty will reach 80sc
Ash777: sry your dad is a grub grimes jr
Baldfrog: CD have pickett obviously
StuL: Most thrown out report i have ever seen.
Grimes Jr: a grub who is well spoken and owns a winery, hmmmmmm
BestCoast: Nothing wrong with Grimes more players should have a bit of mongrel in them instead of been soft co$ks
Baldfrog: Grapes in the backyard isnt a winery Grimes
SilverLion: (that was my way of saying update his symbol m0nty)
Kidult: Martin would more likely get 1 week then grimes
feralmong: His arm slide up woods arm at pace. Nothing will happen
rupertmarn: Pickett is elite, we knew that after his first game.
SilverLion: Martin, get suspended? Gotta be taking the piss
Baldfrog: Thought his elbow accidentally caught him
casey22: Sorry, he only hit him in the head with a raised elbow! Nothing to see here!!!!!
Baldfrog: Didn’t know you dropped elite players Rupert?
SilverLion: One good game doesn’t make a player elite Rupert, he’s been a spud all year prior to tonight
BestCoast: Pickett isn’t elite he is like 40 WCE and Freo would of picked him up years ago if he was any good
feralmong: Hit his arm first and it slid up. Def nothing to see. Wasn’t intentional.
Ash777: norf are staying at a caravan park? talk about shinboning it 😛
frenzy: Geezus Ziebell is flowering useless
BestCoast: Played for South Freo for like 23 years before his fairytale
Grimes Jr: baldfrog. mount macedon winery. hmmmmmmm
rupertmarn: Pickett got dropped because he played his first games 6 and 3 months apart on wet grounds at night.
BestCoast: Ash777 in tents
Baldfrog: He’s getting old Frenzy and his kamikaze play doesn’t yell longevity
BigChief: @Baldfrog Matt Crouch says hi btw LOL
Kidult: Pickett got into alot of trouble off field that is why they didnt pick him earlier
rupertmarn: Continuity and wet grounds didnt suit him i mean
SilverLion: He got dropped coz he was shower Rupert, don’t piss on us and tell us its raining
BestCoast: Pickett islike a ta♤pon in for one week out for 3l
Baldfrog: Chief?
frenzy: come to think of it, Ziebs has always been flowering useless
Kidult: 3 years improsenment in the 6 years he was a criminal 15-21 years old
BigChief: Matt Crouch is elite and he was dropped a few weeks ago.
Baldfrog: Oh sorry then Frenzy
Ash777: ziebell is like maxwell
pcaman2003: BC., I’ll pay that one.
rupertmarn: Pickett to score 140 and kick 3 goals
Baldfrog: When did I say Matt Crouch was elite?
SilverLion: Imagine thinking matt Crouch is elite
BigChief: @Baldfrog you didn’t but I think he is.
rupertmarn: Bad move to trade Pickett SilverLion
Baldfrog: Grimes wine any good?
Tig-Train: Matt crouch is useless… only gets it so much because his brother passes to him
casey22: Bestcoast: brilliant, haven’t laughed do much for ages
BestCoast: rupertmarn I hope so
pcaman2003: Crouch is elite,as a butcher.
SilverLion: I didn’t trade him Rupert lmao, he’s on the ground for me
Baldfrog: Think he is too slow to be elite myself Chief
BigChief: Crouch is elite compared to Pickett that’s for sure @SL
SilverLion: Doesn’t change the fact that’s hes been shit all year prior to tonight
pcaman2003: How bad is Norf when Pickett,Bolton and Castagna arfe oppos best players?
Baldfrog: Life is dark when I’m agreeing with Tig train
BestCoast: Crouch Brothers cut price Butchers
Baldfrog: I think Matt Will go at seasons end and I’ll pack his bags
pcaman2003: Nice name for a butcher shop. Crouch & Crouch
Ash777: matt crouch used to be A grade without brad.
TheLegend6: I like Matt Crouch but nothing more than a good player
Kidult: I Would love Sloaney to get to a new club and have a fairytale finish
BigChief: @Baldfrog I think both Crouch’s will be gone.
Baldfrog: What like Eddie Betts?
wadaramus: Lift Dustbin you overpriced fucking hack!
Baldfrog: *Kidult
wadaramus: You’re a total lazy mofo!
TheLegend6: Geez how brave was that
BestCoast: Kidult he will end up at the Geelong FC retirement village
Kidult: Nah Betts was stupid in going to Carlton haha
Tig-Train: Ouchh
Baldfrog: Lol BC with Jenkins
DrSeuss: Damn – Hayden got smashed – hope he is ok
Kidult: Richmond probably the best place and fit for him but would need to play for marbles
DrSeuss: Time to get off the bench Simpkin
pcaman2003: Catch up Simpkin. Trust me to get you in this week.
Baldfrog: That’s the problem kidult they both over value themselves
Ash777: that crows has killed their players.
Ash777: the camp I mean
wadaramus: Nice freebie Dusty.
feralmong: with rance gone and maybe houli retires we have a lot of cap.
BestCoast: Would love the Crows to get up and running again we have had a good rivalry over the years
Gotigres: Doing well Mahony with a huge 13 points
Baldfrog: Haven’t seen the news Ash
wadaramus: The management that presided over the Crows post 2017 GF should be ashamed.
rupertmarn: Who would you bring in out of Greenwood, Walters, Martin or Simpkin?
wadaramus: Come clean and give the club a chance to move on!
Baldfrog: Agree Wada
wadaramus: Greenwood rupertman!
Ash777: walters or martin
Beast_Mode: lol darce said hand job lmaoo
Baldfrog: BC we haven’t bottomed out in nearly 30years so is due
feralmong: yep wada, show all the cards and start the next hand.
Apachecats: Walters has been really consistant rupert ,but he’s probably overdue to whack someone.
pcaman2003: Greenwood
Baldfrog: Wada they need to go to
wadaramus: Fucken oath Baldfrog, they have reduced the club to a rabble!
Silz90: Hypothetically if pickett scored 100 this week and next week. Would you consider bringing him back in?
Baldfrog: Same with sicily Apache
Bezzina: is simpson still moving?
Apachecats: Well overdue there Baldfrog.
BestCoast: Baldfrog don’t totally buy that you are a big club badly managed 2ith bitterness
Baldfrog: No silz
Ash777: this game is over.
feralmong: i have him silz, but i wouldn’t bring in. with cotch and maybe edwards to come back.
DrSeuss: Simpson still on – Norf getting very little ball
wadaramus: The camp was a fucking shit pit.
VodkaHawk: Goody gonna get to 15?
VodkaHawk: *Goldy
BestCoast: Hopefully the Crows can sort it out and get back to where they belong
Baldfrog: Jobs for they boys BC which has run it’s course and pure footy people needed now
original: Do something aarts
pcaman2003: Is Aarts the orange boy this week?
Kidult: Derek moves and runs exactly like Pickett but he is left footer I keep gettin them mixed up
feralmong: you’d bring in rankine if you haven’t yet.
jbjimmyjb: Egg-Smith is our new Houli
Baldfrog: Wada if Jenkins didn’t keep dribbling stuff to revive his media career would help to
BestCoast: Big clubs like the Crows and us should always be run by high flying corporate people. Losing Dean Bailey was big
feralmong: Eggs moves quite nicely. will take Houli’s spot when he’s had enough
jbjimmyjb: my kayo stream is shitting itself, buffering every 2 seconds
Baldfrog: Yeah I didn’t feral but may have to
wadaramus: Josh was honest. The Crows weren’t.
wadaramus: What bugs me the most is losing so many good players.
TheLegend6: Jack Higgins probably leads our BnF to this point
wadaramus: Right now, I couldn’t give a fuck about the Crows.
BestCoast: Wada atoxit
feralmong: bubble of the year baldfrog
wadaramus: I have been a season ticket holder since 92, week in week out.
pcaman2003: Try rebooting the App Jimmyjb
BestCoast: Wada a toxic environment causes that
DrSeuss: Simpkin moved to half forward for some reason now ugh
wadaramus: They can shove it up their fat rats clackers.
wadaramus: Toxic as fuck BestCoast!
VodkaHawk: Need 15 from Goldy for $850
Kidult: Brown moves the ball too much in his run up now
Baldfrog: I’m more pi$$ed that we didn’t try for Rankine or Rozee
feralmong: sloane for jack graham wada? u need that hard player.
Baldfrog: Go Vodka
TheLegend6: Should be fine Vodka
feralmong: oh shit sloane 30. forget it.
Baldfrog: Na Sloaney is the heart of the club
wadaramus: Fucken oath Baldfrog, our trading/recruiting is soft as butter.
TheLegend6: Feral i wouldn’t make that swap in a million years
BestCoast: We went through it with all that drug scandal. Crows will be back mark my words
wadaramus: We recruited mcCasey who looked so chuffed to be coming to West Lakes!
CozzieCan: @mOnty witches hats coming up ?
feralmong: chol might just be coming good. 23 years.
pcaman2003: I’m pretty sure now that Aarts has gone home. Another useless rookie.
feralmong: thelegend i wouldn’t either. i thought sloane was younger.
wadaramus: Sorry BestCoast, we are a decade away from recovering.
GOD: North need to go on one of those mind bending camps the Crows use!
VodkaHawk: I’m not very confident at all
jbjimmyjb: wada fischer is a good player, just needs time to develop like most key positions do
wadaramus: Why GOD, to go backwards?!
Baldfrog: GOD you seem to forget you barrack for the handbaggers
Ash777: is higgins going to double ton too?
CaptainWho: Hey Monty, can we have a hangman icon for anyone that takes a specky?
wadaramus: Still, this is a pretty shit came of footy.
pcaman2003: @GOD. Looking at the scores,I think they’ve already been
BestCoast: Wada load up on SANFL young crew instead of Vics that want to leave you can turn it around in 2-3 years
wadaramus: Watching every other channel on foxtel, but blogging with you guys 🙂
feralmong: or a coat hangar
feralmong: north a sneaky chance here.
wadaramus: Agree BestCoast, but those in power at the Corws have a different point of view.
Grimes Jr: norf are a joke now. reckon they will finish third last above crows and swans
Dead_Ned: north need to learn how to hit a target
CaptainWho: Just something, so that chat gets filled up when one happens
Kidult: Crows really should have grabbed Partington last year
BestCoast: Look funny when someone has 150+ at 3 quarter time in a team that’s getting raped
MrWalrus: Good old 2 goals Chol
nick2397: Knife icon for Polec
TheLegend6: I need a goal from Shaun Higgins but i doubt it way the games going
Baldfrog: Oh and walrus I checked my SC ranking
VodkaHawk: 3 more
Baldfrog: Last week was 56k for the round lol but only ranked 9700. So am excited
Badgerbadg: Was always suspect about Simpkin
jbjimmyjb: Vodka it’s looking pretty good
original: Cmon aarts. A goal to seal the victory
VodkaHawk: Oooh, 1 more Goldy
Stu7: Come on Pickett up!
Baldfrog: Vodka buying the vodkas after the game?
Kidult: @badger Simpkin is injured so isn’t himself and playing half forward again
VodkaHawk: Lol, sure thing
rupertmarn: apalling from Aarts
Chelskiman: Finally, Aarts! Good on the kid!
BestCoast: Pickett to Marlon
nick2397: Hopefully Simpkin can manage to get to 60-70
casey22: North should do a Cox with Brown
Arminius: o
jbjimmyjb: finally aarts
Grimes Jr: haha there he goes
pcaman2003: Finally Aarts gets a goal. 3more please.
furphy : Star for aarts ty
Ash777: sympkin back in the middle finally
CozzieCan: Go Simpkin you gun !!
Ash777: give pittard the mare
Baldfrog: We could do with Brown
pcaman2003: Anyone seen Pickett this qtr. Can’t find him anywhere.
heppelitis: cant wait for smith to fly and punch a ball out…spoiled egg
original: Cape for aarts
m0nty: nominations for star please
TheLegend6: Higgins star
BestCoast: As John Elliott would say pigs Aarts
Misternick: Star for S. Higgins
feralmong: atlas for higgins
CozzieCan: S.Higgins
BigChief: Higgins Nth Star as no Rich play was standout.
BestCoast: Higgins m0nty
circle52: Higgins Star
Gelly: b brown star
feralmong: don’t think there is a stand out for tiges. just good allround
Grimes Jr: give ben brown the mare
casey22: No stand out for Tigers but Higgins a one man team
Baldfrog: I miss John
Arminius: atlas for higgo
VodkaHawk: Come on Goldy, just 1 more.
MightyDyl: Higgins for 40 disposals?
Stu7: Come on Pickett
CozzieCan: Cmon Simpkin keep going son
Stu7: Cash man
Stu7: Cash man Pickett
Breezey: The game was starless
MightyDyl: Ben McKay did alright
Grimes Jr: vlaustin has been good, so has grimes
Yelse: martin so disappointing this season
Silz90: McKay 4 touches for 75
Badgerbadg: Love how norf are playing a guy named B Scott… really great to see they’ve moved on
Arminius: still 350 points to come wow
BestCoast: Baldfrog no characters these days all sanitized crap
CozzieCan: Cmon Simpkin 70 plz
Stu7: And Smith
feralmong: and only 3 effective silz. that is CD madness right there.
wadaramus: Took the words right out of my mouth Breezey!
Misternick: Unlucky VodkaHawk
Beast_Mode: loooks like taylor has earned himself another week before trading
jbjimmyjb: Vodka is not going to be happy
TheLegend6: X Factor for Bolton
BestCoast: Come on Busty hole you flog
Baldfrog: Yep couldnt agree more BC
jbjimmyjb: Yelse Martin has been carrying a rib issue, he still isnt moving at 100%
Silz90: Hoping Goldstein gets 1 touch
MightyDyl: Who gets the star
Badgerbadg: Jasper pittard looks like a criminal
Gelly: i think egg man has done enough for star
pcaman2003: Onya AArtsy. Strong finish
Gelly: 17 kicks
VodkaHawk: He was on 14 with 11 minutes left :/
MightyDyl: Aarts the vulture
Beast_Mode: any scaling?
VodkaHawk: Ughhh
pcaman2003: At least Pickett should ton up
Hadouken: they didnt count simpkins handball !!
Hadouken: that was 15. my multi….that counted
DrSeuss: Missed a Simpkin handball in there
Ash777: sympkin my only poor score so far this round.
circle52: Think it is done Beast Mode adds to 2297 but maybe further adjustmenmts.
feralmong: good game by eggs. says look at me coach. best 22.
Arminius: hadouken, i saw that, was hardly a handball tbh
Hadouken: if he doesnt get that handball that is nonsense bs
Arminius: take aarts score or throw Max king on the field?
Hadouken: a handball none the less though Arminius.
CozzieCan: Simpkin a hard trade out if injured for a few weeks
feralmong: on track for 2200+ with pickett thanks.
CozzieCan: Nice @ feral well done
wadaramus: Watching Steven Wilson videos, nice 🙂
DrSeuss: Simpkin played through without too much issue – think he should be ok. Although you never know this year

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