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Chat log from R7 of 2020: Sydney vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Sydney vs Gold Coast, R7 of 2020

Ooost: Have the C on Gould this week, no late changes all good.
BestCoast: Hopefully not a soccer score game
scboy123: I went with Mills and my opponent has seagull lloyd so thisll be interesting. also didnt go rankine this week so fck
Ooost: I’m also in the Seagul vs Mills situation, but I own the seagul in this case.
boxy36: Brought in Greenwood this week… wish me luck
Yelse: everyone picked up rankine??
yablettt: Florence to go big boys
bhg26: Already had Rankine Yelse … on my bench
Ooost: I did
BestCoast: Ton up Rankine
Apachecats: already had him yelse ,so I picked up the other 2 obvious ones and cash.
PowerBug: I’ve jumped on Callum Mills, keen for this to backfire spectacularly
bhg26: Did the same Apache
scboy123: Im praying to god going simpson over rankine doesnt backfire spectacularly. also ready for donuts from mills lol
boxy36: @yelse anyone who didn’t is crazy
Apachecats: Hay and Simpson bhg ,happy so far.
TheLegend6: Aliir forward
pcaman2003: C’mon Rankine and give me a double ton.
Apachecats: Elijah will be interesting -big wraps.
CozzieCan: Loving the gc uniform thought it was West Coast at first lol
Apachecats: Almost happy hour BC.
NewFreoFan: I really forgot that Harbrow existed
Haydo: Lets go Rankine looking for 300+
Ooost: I’ve got a bucket of chips for Lloyd
Raspel31: Okay, Dunkley, howe, stewart, Rowell, Heeney, Fyfe etc are mere details. We welcome you back with open arms Budarick.
scboy123: kill me now. the regret is already felt
CozzieCan: Rankine the next Rowell .. sexy
Gotigres: Rankine is the Goal Wizard!
Dead_Ned: Rankine has done it again. Best first 4 goals in AFL history
Ooost: Rankine 😀
feralmong: Snags on, scotch on, rankine in and Townsend out. ISO not so bad
CniglioSsn: lets have a great game witts, counter english for me
poolboybob: Rankine x-factor, just do it now
BestCoast: Happy Hours Apache
feralmong: And ff and Spotify playin my list. Great day
CniglioSsn: also stodart, do our street proud!
Raspel31: Good move feral- but for injuries my cunning plan.
Jontdawg: So Apache you won NTP Neale scaled up to 87! Haha
Apachecats: Just letting a red breathe now BC -Curtis Heritage 2016 shiraz from McLaren Vale.
Raspel31: No- I had 87 Jont- the shirt is mine- all mine.
nick2397: Come on Seagull
feralmong: Woot jont double points
BestCoast: wonder if Lloyd likes crinkle cuts
Apachecats: 87! That puts Raspel in the hole exactly on 87 ,well done Raspel, frenzy will get that shirt to you ASAP.
boxy36: Come on Greenwood, be the contested beast I know you can be
Apachecats: sorry Imeant GoTigres is getting it dry cleaned for you.
circle52: Blow the slow internet sucesfully traded Brander to Mills – but then time expired to put him on field. So not even e
BestCoast: Sticking to the Gin again this weekend bottle of Isle of Harris with some infused tonics
Raspel31: Lol Apache- I am in ecstasy.
CozzieCan: GC look positive in this game , think they are a genuine chance here
DrSeuss: Nice 4 minute burst from Noah
heppelitis: Miller on my radar for next week
Gotigres: I pass the shirt onto you Raspel already dry cleaned.
circle52: Also part my fault as I thoiught game started at 4:40
feralmong: We need images chat Monty
Raspel31: I will treat it with the same respect as my ex wife Gotigres. Many thanks.
pcaman2003: Keep going Greeny and Rankine
cmperrfect: chicken salt @bestcoast?
frenzy: M0nty could use the old sub jacket
cmperrfect: Mills starting Iike last week
Arminius: come on budarick ya spud
boxy36: Lets go Greeny, keep those cps coming!
BestCoast: Masahiro Okinawa Gin Recipe 01 is the next bottle in the que
nick2397: Budda the wonder player, i sometimes wonder if he is a player
feralmong: Snags are done steaks are on now
Raspel31: Such words occurred to me Arminius but you nailed it.
DrSeuss: Get Lloyd back on the ground ffs
Apachecats: sounds more like a Saki BC
pcaman2003: Opponent has Budarick and McPherson. I’ve got Greeny and Rankine. Nice start.
nick2397: Only reason many coaches still have Budarick is due to various injuries and demotions!
Apachecats: I had to field Budarick this week because of Sheil.
feralmong: Rankine passes townsends score – winning
BestCoast: Sakatini gin and sake martini
Raspel31: Budarick a sleeping gun pcaman- he just hasn’t woken up yet. Lloyd strangely quiet?
Raspel31: Grey Goose for me Best.
cmperrfect: Blakey looks like Beaker from The Muppets
circle52: Lloyd will seagull in the last quarter Raspel so no worries
BestCoast: Grey goose is one of my staple Vodkas I like Bellvudere and Crystal Skull as well
CozzieCan: Greenwood 60 tog , is he injured !?
frenzy: lol cmp, yep
NewFreoFan: Sydney need to do something about Ellis
Ooost: Lloyd just got some chips then
Raspel31: He already is Circle and Best, you a man of taste.
boxy36: @CozzieCan I was just thinking the same thing. Seems very low – he’s been good otherwise
scboy123: already wanna rage quit supercoach from this game alone my god
pcaman2003: @Raspel. More like a lazy sleeping dog that doesn’t want to wake up.
Raspel31: Yep pcaman- I didn’t exactly want him on the pitch.
BestCoast: Carn Rankine kick a lazy 6 snags
bhg26: One of our better quarters for the year, which now that i type it out doesn’t say much
pcaman2003: @CozzieCan. Sometime has lo0w TOG 1st half, then more time 2nd half. Will go big today,guaranteed,unless gets injured.
CozzieCan: Cheers @pca very observant, fingers crossed 130
frenzy: hmmm better quarters, i remember them
Donk: Why is Rankine’s number 37 on here? He’s 22.
pcaman2003: @Donk. Not sure,but he’ll pay back in spades.
Gotigres: So glad I have Budarick on field
Ooost: E on Budarick, everyone better play lol
boxy36: @gotigres its marginally better than a donut
Raspel31: Gotigres- shh. We have to keep this gem all to ourselves- under the radar and a gun.
BOMBRBLITZ: good week to get rid of Budarick for Rankine
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Budarick morte likely in front of the firing squad. lol!
LuvIt74: In my forward I have the emergency on both Cameron who didn’t play and T Berry do I get berry’s score?
cmperrfect: Buderick for anyone @Bombr
Arminius: had to play budarick because no brown, green or mcinerny playing
Raspel31: Yep Luvit.
LuvIt74: I fielded Georgies in case he’s a late inclusion but if not ill get berrys score…
CozzieCan: Good to see Rankine not spudding it , thank god
Migz: i had to get rid of starcevich or buda. chose starc. oops
LuvIt74: Cheers Raspel
boxy36: same @Migz – either way one was going to lose me money
CozzieCan: @Migz same problem except when buda .. don’t want to many gc players .. Greenwood & now Rankine is enough
Raspel31: Should have done it with my backline Luvit- then I’d pick up Noble’s 62. More fool I
CozzieCan: Greenwood such a gun , he’s really stepped up since Adelaide as a leader . Great to see
LuvIt74: I could have taken Nobel’s 62 but I rolled the dice and put Starcevich on missed out on 11 points
DrSeuss: Lloyd and Noah’s TOG needs to increase
pcaman2003: @CozzieCan. He sure has stepped up. Very glad I had hm from the start.
CozzieCan: Wise move @pca , he was roughly 400k ? Think I got him round 3
Raspel31: Don’t give up on Budarick yet- an outside chance for The Brownlow?
zadolinnyj: Florent awful
BRAZZERS: anderson been a lot better with rowell in the team
Gotigres: Same with me Luvit. Will be handy if a late out.
pcaman2003: @CozzieCan. Never thought he had a fair go at Crows.Now he has his opportunity to shine
Chelskiman: Agree, Brazzers. As always your insight is so far beyond anyone else in the chat.
scboy123: Mills been eh, ben king been held every contest, and rankine going crazy. perfect storm of dogshite
Raspel31: Ah, listening to Midnight Oil- a good half time break.
pcaman2003: Nice choice Raspel.
pcaman2003: @ROaspel. Listening to the misses saying Jim Beam and Heart failure don’t marry well.
Raspel31: lol pcaman- been there.
MoreMidTim: Greenwood SC score seem a little bit low for 10 touches, 8 contested, no clangers & 6 tackles.
TheLegend6: Barely seen Florent, what role is he playing?
Raspel31: Goodnight chaps- off to do something vaguely illegal. Fare well lads x
CozzieCan: Greenwood to ton before 4qtr time
boxy36: @cozzie the man’s a beast 10 cp and 6 clearances early in the 3rd is crazy
frenzy: and only 500k, boxy
beerent11: Budarick breakeven is 54.
Pies20: geez you are old @raspel couldn’t think of anything worse
DrSeuss: Lloyd spending way too much time on the bench tonight
Pies20: enjoy your 30 seconds @raspel haha if it work’s still
Raspel31: She’s Swedish Pies and I am a shallow man.
boxy36: @frenzy I know, got him in this week – glad I did!
pcaman2003: Move along Izak and reach your BE.
Pies20: Euro connection @rasp good luck
BestCoast: Raspel you have the right to remain silent anything you say
pcaman2003: Meant proj.not BE.
Migz: umm. am i getting wooshed. rankings BE is -62
Migz: oop yeh his proj haha
beerent11: Izak moves like a young Andrew McLeod. Do well to be half as good.
casey22: Dermie’s created a new rule!!!! (again)
pcaman2003: @It’s okay Migz. My blooper.
casey22: I reckon Dermie would have been the worst coach of all time
BOMBRBLITZ: Rank reminds me more like Akermanis
pcaman2003: @Casey22. Dermie’s a knob.
frenzy: Weller has been good, GCS sold the farm to get their man
RooBoyStu: Don’t stop Parker
Donzoes: Just need one more King goal to win $175
Ooost: LLoyd starting to pick up the chips
StuL: Never going to get seagull cheap it seems
pcaman2003: Keep going Hugh,but move along Izak.
CozzieCan: Lloyd , greenwood & Rankine in this one .. keep going boys!!
RooBoyStu: Lloyd same hairstyle as Rankine
GOD: did you accidentally put the C on Budarick?
original: Flower off seagull Lloyd
spdysaint: same cozzie, they are smashing it
Dead_Ned: Rankine holding the ball, Intercept mark and goal in the last minute
Migz: why hasnt rankine been playing? Has he only just got over an injury or what.
Breezey: Serious star this Rankine.
RooBoyStu: Flower off Greenwood
pcaman2003: My beautiful boy!
Pies20: Anderson the silent assassin keeps making $
VodkaHawk: Come on Rowbutt, get to 15
poolboybob: Nah Migz the Suns best 22 was just too loaded
Stu7: Come on you dudd Dawson
GOD: No:19 is waiting for u Izak!
Ooost: Rankine 😀
pcaman2003: Looking at 2300+. How’s everyone else looking?
beerent11: Was injured all last year migz
RooBoyStu: Big last qtr Parker need 140+
Pies20: Rankine crazy just then
beerent11: Can’t believe ranking is only in 17% of teams
boxy36: @pca nowhere near as good as you. – 2050 after Neale and Haynes’ game today
Yelse: Just need Ben king to score one more goal to win my same game multiiiii
Donzoes: Approx 2200 for me as it stands
Dogs5416: Sportsbet must regret paying Rowell rising star. Rankine going crazy. Rowell win win 2021
poolboybob: Suns could actually get good if half their side doesn’t bolt for Vic in 2 years
pcaman2003: @Boxy36.Haynes hurt me too,but fortunately others making up for it.
Hadouken: 1 more possie for weller and im set 🙂 go sports!
bhg26: Round 2300 as well pcaman
NewFreoFan: Rankine is from Adelaide isn’t he?
boxy36: @pca maynard and Baz Smith hurt me too
Bezzina: @pacman looking at 2250 if Gawn goes big
pcaman2003: @bhg26. Good one! You had a good week last week too,yeah?
Stu7: Is Dawson cutting the oranges.
pcaman2003: Go Bezzina! Hopefully you’ll score even more.
pcaman2003: Love Greeny. He works so damn hard. Has gonads.
bhg26: Top 2% for the round, 290th overall
original: Play budarick or aarts? 45 my limit?
RooBoyStu: Rankine looks a cross between Gastev and Akermanis. If he was a dog it would be Gasmanis
Hadouken: wow, weller still hasnt got the 1 possie i need. dont do this…..
beerent11: Goin back a ways there rooboy. Like it.
Bezzina: Take the punt on Arts
DropCox: Akev
RooBoyStu: Beerent11 giving away my age lol
bhg26: Dermott is really starting to make me dislike Rankine, which i dont want
RooBoyStu: Come on Parker need you most pts in sc in this game
cmperrfect: 1 large chips, J Lloyd
CozzieCan: Cmon Lloyd move your ass mate
beerent11: Bringing back the bears. Too.
pcaman2003: @bhg26. Don’t listen to Dermie,cos he’s an absolute fruit.
Hadouken: come on weller jeeeeeeeez
Stu7: Aarts
Fatbar5tad: Snawson. Gets to 71, stops.
wadaramus: Get some chips Lloyd!
RooBoyStu: Gastev also played at the Eagles
Kidult: Warners P Plate game aswell btw
bhg26: Ill try pcaman, but its going to take some effort
beerent11: Yep. East freo boy I think.
beerent11: Nope west Perth.
frenzy: you’re up Dawson’s creek fatbar5tad
Donzoes: need a king goal to win th ebet, so he goes to bench for the rest of the game
Kidult: Zurhaar out for McKay
Fatbar5tad: Second highest score by Snawson
cmperrfect: Nice Parker
Ooost: 120 for lloyd full seagull game 😀
beerent11: Rankine should get close to his projected now
pcaman2003: I need another ton please Izak.
frenzy: Tigers will make a mess, Kidult
Bezzina: Rankine is a gun wow
Fatbar5tad: Come on Rank. Ton up mate.
Bezzina: and thank you anderson
jbjimmyjb: rankine will ton up with scaling
Ooost: 120 please Lloyd get those chips! Cheap posessions!
Fatbar5tad: Snawson 91. That’s ok Stu7!
CozzieCan: Wow greenwood , bloody oath
boxy36: Huge by Greenwood, solid second game by Rankine
pcaman2003: Greenwood more than 100 over his BE. Nice price hike coming,.
MercAm: Ya gotta love rankine

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